It’s Tuesday morning.

John and I went over the plans for the rest of the day after he had his haircut. There is nothing he likes more than having his hair cut…..not. Fussing is not one of his favorite things, so the quicker it gets done the better. The lady in the spa did a nice job, so I am happy (which is most important anyway, right girls?)

It was really busy with guests on tour this morning, their spirits were a bit down as the weather hasn’t been too great the last few days and today it has been raining almost non-stop. The guests came in with raincoats and umbrella’s in hand ready to go and explore Mount Etna, Taormina and, of course, Messina itself. Everything just looks so much nicer if the weather is better…

I have started to throw things in bin liners and separated “garbage” from “let’s give this away.”

Our cabin steward looks scared, every time he opens the door and probably thinks “what does she have in store for me this time?” I will miss our Cabin Steward Wayan, how spoiled you get when someone makes the bed and cleans your cabin every day.

At home it’s a different story, I don’t think I really need to tell you who makes the bed and cleans the house….  :)))

Although, John is very good in taking the garbage out. I think he just does that so he can pretend he is Tony Soprano as he is in “Garbage Management” too…..

A last day at sea tomorrow, then the new Cruise Director Todd comes on board with the new Assistant Cruise Director Noortje.

She is Dutch as well and I worked with her on the Carnival Glory a few years ago when I did a Social Host College for brand new Hosts.

She has done really well and is now an A.C.D. as we call it and has the opportunity to work alongside a great Cruise Director and is off on a new adventure, the Transatlantic Crossing and then back to the sun in the Caribbean. I am a little jealous, the little suntan I had is completely gone.

Wow, while I am writing this it just hit me that I am actually leaving the Carnival Freedom and got a bit emotional there…

Even though a new ship is always a lot of hard work and you don’t have too much private time, it’s still your home and you want the best for it day in day out. I can honestly say that John and I have put our heart and soul in the last few months and I think I can say that the European Season of the Carnival Freedom has been a great success.

When leaving a ship, you leave behind your home of the last months but also your “family” you had around you.

So, a lot of goodbye’s will be done in the next few days and then, oh yeah…… there is the packing…..I suppose I should start.

I need to take the photo’s down, the cards so many of you have sent….our Mum’s postcards off the wall, tidy up the drawers that John “organized” in only a way he can etc. etc.

We have a wooden trunk that goes from ship to ship with us which is great.

The thing is, flying from Italy to the U.K. is tough on the luggage front. Flying Transatlantic you are allowed to have 2 suitcases with you of 32 kg’s each……flying on Easyjet to London it’s ONE PIECE OF HAND LUGGAGE and 1 suitcase of only 20 kg’s…well, they must be having a laugh……but we will be fine, as this time, I sent a few boxes home ahead of time.

It’s just the thinking of “what should stay on board and what do we need at home?” but I think I have it all in my mind now, so the only thing I need to do now is START and stop putting it off.

Before I go though………I would like to say a big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for all your support to this blog and John, your nice postings, your compliments, all the presents and cards we have received over the months and your concern and best wishes for our friend Alan. It has been a lot of typing and reading, but it’s been worth it and I am so proud to have become part of your family.

Before I go and pack……..I would like to also say that my husband has been working so very hard on this blog. He never ever imagined it to be so popular and would ever get to where it is now…….I am very very proud of him and all his dedication, not just to the blog but to his job on board, the way he makes people’s day and the way he makes the crew smile with just one word, he is truly the best at what he does and I am not saying this because I am his wife. He deserves a break and some well deserved rest.

I am off packing now……….yes, I must……I am throwing all John’s old underwear away…he just doesn’t know it yet.

Heidi Heald

Your friend,


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