It’s Tuesday morning.

John and I went over the plans for the rest of the day after he had his haircut. There is nothing he likes more than having his hair cut…..not. Fussing is not one of his favorite things, so the quicker it gets done the better. The lady in the spa did a nice job, so I am happy (which is most important anyway, right girls?)

It was really busy with guests on tour this morning, their spirits were a bit down as the weather hasn’t been too great the last few days and today it has been raining almost non-stop. The guests came in with raincoats and umbrella’s in hand ready to go and explore Mount Etna, Taormina and, of course, Messina itself. Everything just looks so much nicer if the weather is better…

I have started to throw things in bin liners and separated “garbage” from “let’s give this away.”

Our cabin steward looks scared, every time he opens the door and probably thinks “what does she have in store for me this time?” I will miss our Cabin Steward Wayan, how spoiled you get when someone makes the bed and cleans your cabin every day.

At home it’s a different story, I don’t think I really need to tell you who makes the bed and cleans the house….  :)))

Although, John is very good in taking the garbage out. I think he just does that so he can pretend he is Tony Soprano as he is in “Garbage Management” too…..

A last day at sea tomorrow, then the new Cruise Director Todd comes on board with the new Assistant Cruise Director Noortje.

She is Dutch as well and I worked with her on the Carnival Glory a few years ago when I did a Social Host College for brand new Hosts.

She has done really well and is now an A.C.D. as we call it and has the opportunity to work alongside a great Cruise Director and is off on a new adventure, the Transatlantic Crossing and then back to the sun in the Caribbean. I am a little jealous, the little suntan I had is completely gone.

Wow, while I am writing this it just hit me that I am actually leaving the Carnival Freedom and got a bit emotional there…

Even though a new ship is always a lot of hard work and you don’t have too much private time, it’s still your home and you want the best for it day in day out. I can honestly say that John and I have put our heart and soul in the last few months and I think I can say that the European Season of the Carnival Freedom has been a great success.

When leaving a ship, you leave behind your home of the last months but also your “family” you had around you.

So, a lot of goodbye’s will be done in the next few days and then, oh yeah…… there is the packing…..I suppose I should start.

I need to take the photo’s down, the cards so many of you have sent….our Mum’s postcards off the wall, tidy up the drawers that John “organized” in only a way he can etc. etc.

We have a wooden trunk that goes from ship to ship with us which is great.

The thing is, flying from Italy to the U.K. is tough on the luggage front. Flying Transatlantic you are allowed to have 2 suitcases with you of 32 kg’s each……flying on Easyjet to London it’s ONE PIECE OF HAND LUGGAGE and 1 suitcase of only 20 kg’s…well, they must be having a laugh……but we will be fine, as this time, I sent a few boxes home ahead of time.

It’s just the thinking of “what should stay on board and what do we need at home?” but I think I have it all in my mind now, so the only thing I need to do now is START and stop putting it off.

Before I go though………I would like to say a big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for all your support to this blog and John, your nice postings, your compliments, all the presents and cards we have received over the months and your concern and best wishes for our friend Alan. It has been a lot of typing and reading, but it’s been worth it and I am so proud to have become part of your family.

Before I go and pack……..I would like to also say that my husband has been working so very hard on this blog. He never ever imagined it to be so popular and would ever get to where it is now…….I am very very proud of him and all his dedication, not just to the blog but to his job on board, the way he makes people’s day and the way he makes the crew smile with just one word, he is truly the best at what he does and I am not saying this because I am his wife. He deserves a break and some well deserved rest.

I am off packing now……….yes, I must……I am throwing all John’s old underwear away…he just doesn’t know it yet.

Heidi Heald

Your friend,


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91 Responses to So long, farewell, adieu, aufwiedersehen…..from Heidi

  1. Cathy_NYC says:

    Hi Heidi,

    Wishing you and John a safe journey home.


  2. Tom & Jane says:

    have a very fun VACATION.
    you guys earned it,

    tom and jane

  3. Heidi:

    Enjoy the vacation, enjoy the sunrise and sunset with your husband. As for you thanking us, please we are the one’s that are thanking you for you sharing your husband with us. We would of never experienced so many different things without you two…. Thank you

    Vikki and Mat

  4. Greg Baldasarri says:

    “Before I go and pack……..I would like to also say that my husband has been working so very hard on this blog. He never ever imagined it to be so popular and would ever get to where it is now…….I am very very proud of him and all his dedication, not just to the blog but to his job on board, the way he makes people’s day and the way he makes the crew smile with just one word, he is truly the best at what he does and I am not saying this because I am his wife. He deserves a break and some well deserved rest.”

    Amen, Heidi, amen and so many thanks to you for being so supportive of John and his efforts on this venue. I can’t imagine how much of his/your time this has consumed and I, for one, am terribly grateful.

    Finish packing and preparing and try to have a most wonderful vacation.

    Send my ‘howdies’ to John and Roberto!!!




  5. Kevin says:

    Thank you for supporting John in everything he does. I’m sure your the person who keeps him moving everyday. And thank you for a good bye from the freedom blog, but I’m sure this will not be your last one. Best to Alan when you see him. Don’t look for too long you could go blind so I hear. Once again I want to thank you Heidi for just well being you. Looking forward to sailing with you one day soon. Best wishes have a great vacation.

    PS don’t toss his used underwear in a bin, some kid might find them…!!

  6. Board games & Pac Man video games always did it for me on the rainy days.

  7. "BIG" Ed says:

    Heidi, I’m sure the day you walk off the ship you will have your emotions racing. But the tears will be of both kinds. Tears of sorrow for leaving your ship family behide you. But tears of joy to be going home to your land family. When you walk down the gangway look at John I bet he will need a Klenex too.

    As I’ve told John many times it’s YOUR vacation. So if you ever feel you need him more then we do feel free to lock up his computer, blackthingy or any of those things Roberto gave him to contact us. You need your time together more then we need a post from him. Make everyday a Thursday and bring us good news to the BLOGGERS CRUISE. Looking forward to meeting the two of you then.

    Mr. and MRS. “BIG” ED

  8. Paul F. Pietrangelo says:

    Good morning Heidi. It’s you that I really give a great deal of credit to. We as bloggers have taken your husband away from you. You are a fantastic person and I know that Mr. Heald is very proud having a beautiful and strong wife like you. Enjoy your vacation and do rest. Hopefully, we will see you again after your vacation. Last but not least, I wanted to thank you for your blogs and your beautiful photos. I do hope that you have received my gift of a mug, coffee cup and shot glass. Ciao until after the vacation.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  9. Linda Hernacki says:

    Dearest sweet Heidi: You are such a lovely person, I hope and pray I get to meet you someday very soon. I am home recovering from a hospital stay for a Kidney infection which as it turned out is bacterial, so I am on medication and doing fine. I can’t believe the blog has gotten 1 million hits in 6 months! That is unbelievable! Have a fun, relaxing well earned vacation, and hopefully when you come back to your Carnival family you will be well relaxed. Take care of John, as you already do, he is a lucky guy to have you for his wife! God Bless you both, Your friends forever – Linda & Mike P.S. I mailed off a package to Chris Prideaux in Miami last week, hopefully you get it when you get home as there is something in there for Alan too! Let me know when it arrives ok? Love You Guys!

  10. Kathie (Kaperino) says:

    Thanks for giving us a piece of your hearts. We were at home on the Freedom on the June 3rd cruise with your extended family taking such good care of us. that was your last vacation, and John stayed behind because of us out here in cyberspace. i am so glad you will be on vacation soon. Give Alan our best. Special Thanks, Heidi!

    Kathie (Dan and Jeff)

  11. mehyder says:

    Heidi and John,
    Enjoy your time at home. Dale and I had a grand time in September. Work has kept me away from the blog (lots to catch up). John’s dedication has been incredible.
    Many thanks and best wishes.
    Mary Hyder

  12. Susan B says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do one last blog before you leave the ship…I’m sure you have nothing else you need to be doing.

    You should be very proud of John and everything he does…but also the saying, behind every great man is a great woman. I am sure this is the case with you! I’m sure you have lost a lot of time with him because of the blog. Thanks for sharing him with us.
    Keep up taking do a great job! I on the other hand, am good at cutting off people’s heads.
    Have a great time with your mum! Enjoy your vacation! I agree with Kevin…thanks for being you!

    Thank you Hedi,

  13. Hello again, Heidi

    It is always good to see your posts, I wish you and John a wonderful vacation. It is your turn to relax. Alen is in our prayers with you and John.

    Best wishes to you both

  14. Heidi,
    We all know that behind every good man is a TERRIFIC woman, and that you are!! All we women know that John would not be who he is without your knowledge, help, guidance, and input in most things that he does. He is a lucky man, but you are also a very lucky woman! You both complement each other very well. I can’t thank you enough for allowing all of us to share in both of your lives! You make everyone’s vacations so special, and sharing your stories and experiences thru the blog enhances all of our lives and helps keep us laughing, crying, and remembering the wonderful times we had while on board. You are both the best that Carnival has to offer!!! I hope you have a quiet, peaceful, relaxing vacation where everyday is a Thursday. Have a safe journey home. Thank you for blogging again before you leave and we will look forward to hearing from you once in a while while you are on holiday! Happy Christmas to you both! All my best, Sheryl

  15. adias.angel says:

    Get home safe Heidi. I hope we will still hear from you even while your at home. 😉 Carla

  16. Melissa says:

    I was a guest on the the freedom for a Med & Greek Isles cruise and had a great time…John’s crazy. I am going on the freedom again in 3 weeks (and will get to see my old, now dear friend, waitress again!!! It will be strange with new cruise directors. Good luck in all your endeavors!

  17. Capt Bill says:


    Take Care of yourself also, and remember behind every great man is ……. well I can’t remember right now but I am sure my wife will remind me later…..
    I look forward to the time when I can sail with both you and John again, I have enjoyed sailing with John the many times that we have crossed paths. I am sure somewhere I might even have a picture of you in my many albums of cruises…
    I have been on 23 in the last 15 years. if I can find one I will be sure to send it on.

    Take care, have a happy vacation, and maybe when you return to teh ship I will able to cruise with you.

    Capt Bill

  18. okteach says:

    Our thanks to the both of you for the hard work you do. It’s obvious you both love people & strive to do your best! Have a good and restful vacation.

  19. Peanuts says:

    Safe trip Heidi and John and thank you so much for this wonderful blog. It has become a part of my day. I look forward to each day’s entry and to read about all the joys, sorrows and tribulations of life on a cruise ship. You’ve become part of my family and I am counting the days until the Bloggers cruise. You both take care have a great, relaxing vacation and give Alan a big hug.


  20. Teresa and Paul B. says:

    Have a wonderful, relaxing vacation and we are very anxious to meet you on our April 12th cruise in the Caribbean, heard you and John were possibly going to be there. If not, someday we will meet!

    Take care of yourself and John. Sounds like he needs to be on “accident watch”. HA!

    Teresa and Paul

  21. crowngolfer says:

    The Wade family offer all the best to you both. we will never forget our first cruise last august and much of that is down to the efforts of joh to keep us royally entertained throughout the cruise.
    Have a good break and hope all turns out well for Alan.

  22. Capt Chuck says:

    Heidi and John,

    Sorry John had to deal with angry seat savers, and really glad you two get a chance to get away for a little while. I hope you have a great time.

    As hard as John works on the blog, he couldn’t do it without your great support Heidi. He may not remember to thank you often enough for that support (he is a man after all), but I’m sure he really does appreciate it.

    Tell Alan his bloggy friends are thinking about him.

  23. DC in SD says:

    Wishing you both well-deserved rest, relaxation and time to laugh, snooze, enjoy. I hope you know how very much you contribute to a guest’s enjoyment of an already awesome trip… A LOT!!
    Take care you two! Dorthe

  24. M@ & RT says:

    Hey girl,

    Why don’t you ‘strike a pose’ in front of the ship.

    I see that must be your ‘back up jacket’ ?


    M@ & RT

  25. Greg Baldasarri says:


    It looks as though my original message vanished in the ether so I’ll give it another shot…

    “Before I go and pack……..I would like to also say that my husband has been working so very hard on this blog. He never ever imagined it to be so popular and would ever get to where it is now…….I am very very proud of him and all his dedication, not just to the blog but to his job on board, the way he makes people’s day and the way he makes the crew smile with just one word, he is truly the best at what he does and I am not saying this because I am his wife. He deserves a break and some well deserved rest.”

    Amen, Heidi, amen… You have no idea how much John’s efforts (and by default, Roberto’s) are appreciated. You, dear Heidi, deserve special praise for being so generous with your support of John’s efforts here. The incredible amount of time that the blog takes from his already heavily tasked schedule, and more importantly from you, makes this thingy all the more special.

    Thank you for your contributions and patience during this wonderful undertaking.

    Go, pack, get home and enjoy your time on vacation. Make John behave, if you can.

    Much love and thanks.


  26. Francis says:

    Enjoy your holiday, see you on Splendor, 13th July 2008 =)

  27. Arnold & Elizabeth Tucker says:

    Hallo Heidi
    What a wonderful Post and beautiful picture of you and the ship!
    It takes 2 special people like you and John to do what you do so well.
    To endure the good, the bad, the ugly, and smile through it all. I look forward to each day’s entry and to read about all the joys, sorrows and tribulations of life on a cruise ship. It has become a daily reading. Thank you for sharing yourself and John so unselfishly with us.
    Have a wonderful vacation, enjoy your holidays, read a book, see your friends and family, most of all relax,
    Till we meet again
    Arnold & Elizabeth Tucker

  28. Mark says:

    Heidi and John,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading John’s blog thingy over the last few months. It has become sort of a ritual to check up on the Freedom’s adventures with a fantastic cruise director and his incomparable wife. Not only did readers get an interesting and entertaining new perspective of life on a cruise ship, but Carnival got a hugely positive conduit to reach the cruising populous….. Aston Martin in the future…….??????

    I sincerely hope you enjoy your much deserved vacation!

  29. Dave and Melanie Myers says:

    Heidi – enjoy your much deserved time off with your husband. We look forward to meeting you both in January.

  30. catmama044 says:

    It’s great to get one last blog thingy from Heidi. Thanks to both of you for all you do on board, as well as for all you do to support this blog.

    Have a safe and happy journey home. Rest, relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

    Give our best to Alan and his family. We will all continue to pray for him.

    Lori (and Tom)
    aka Catmama044

  31. Lisa and Elaine says:

    Thank you so much for posting one more blog before your much needed and deserved vacation. Can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you and John do to keep this blog thingy going.
    Until we meet in 88 days..enjoy..

  32. Jayneen Casbarro says:

    GOD BLESS, You are both truely amazing people.
    Have a blast on vacation…. It is always sad to leave your old home; but it is just as exciting moving into your new home. Thats why we call them memories. They are always waiting to be made. Your family “Freedom” will always be just a click away, just as the family and friends on this “Blog thingy” are just a click away.

  33. the Bears, Barb & Carl says:


    Thank you so much for taking the time from your hectic life to say a few words to all of us bloggers. You have been so kind to share your husband with us. I think I speak for all of us bloggers when I say, we have appreciated John and yourself so very much. The blog has been a bright spot in our day for so many of us.

    Please, enjoy your time at home with John and your families. The time will pass so quickly, and then we will see you on the bloggers cruise… until then, be happy and well, and enjoy your time off!

    Bear hugs to you and John!

    PS… Thanks for the picture too. You are beautiful as always!

  34. DWA76 says:

    Hi Heidi,
    I just want to add my 2 cents and thank you for being so wonderful. I know it seems that John can be a handful but I like so many others can’t wait to see what John has to say everyday. Its hard to believe we’ve been following this blog religiously for the past several months.
    Travel safely and I look forward to speaking with you once you get back.
    We appreciate everything that you do!

  35. Ruth Jamison says:

    It was great to read your blog. Yes, this is a difficult time for the two of you as you prepare to leave the Freedom. The luggage issue…..yikes…that always causes me to freak. I am not good at limiting how much I take on trips.
    In the “good old days” daughter and I would have one suitcase with nothing but shoes! It was quite a feat as we loaded up the car for our annual trip to Miami! You were smart to send things home ahead of time.
    We will miss reading the daily blog! It has been a stablizing factor in our crazy lives. I am anxious,however, for the two of you to get some much deserved rest. Please let us hear from you occasionally so we will know how things are going!
    Heidi, as the time approaches for you to leave, make good use of the delete button. I told John this week, I am constantly telling my hubby to just delete!
    Take care and please remember our thoughts and prayers are with the two of you and Alan!

  36. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    Thank you so much for sharing John with us.
    Although, I have come to think of the Freedom as having co-Cruise Directors. Whenever John’s name comes to mind, your name is right there as well!!

    Safe travels and I hope we have the pleasure to meeting one day.

  37. nanette says:

    Thank You!!!! For everything…
    Have a great vacation. I hope you are going to be with John on January 14 so I will see you then. Please take care!! Give Alan a hug from all of us, we will keep praying. God bless you!

  38. Sue Grohol says:

    Thank you, Heidi, for your contributions to this blog thingy and for taking such good care of John. You and John will be missed on the TA, but hopefully we will be able to share a few minutes on Sunday before you fly away for your much deserved vacation.

    Sue (and Jennifer and Karen)

  39. Rikki Boyce says:

    Take care of yourselves and each other. That’s what it’s all about.


  40. Longin2cruise says:

    Thanks for taking time to blog! Both you & John are great & I hope you have the best vacation ever.

  41. Kathy Kroll says:

    A Needed Rest !

    It was very nice meeting you in May on our Greece/Turkey cruise onboard the Freedom. Hope you have a well deserved vacation and we’ll see you
    in July on the Inaugural Cruise of the Splendor!

    Kathy and Lee

  42. ahoys says:


    We hope that packing will be swift and relatively painless. We know you’ll miss your home at the Carnival Freedom, but another ship needs you. Enjoy your time off. We’ve truly enjoyed getting to know you and John, and wish you all the best.

    Kathy and Dave

  43. The Johnston4 says:

    Heidi & John,

    Thanks for making our summer aboard the Carnival Freedom the best trip we have had to date. You made us laugh and spoiled us with gifts. I wish you all the best Heidi, enjoy the next phase of your life. John, keep smilling, you are wonderful!
    We will always remember you with fond memories and hope to see you on another Carnival cruise in the future!
    Ken,Linda, Chloe, Trevor(the best of the Johnston4) Johnston

  44. Myra Bushnell says:

    Dear Heidi,

    Have a wonderful, relaxing vacation. (Maybe you two should try a cruise sometime???!!!) It’s been such fun peeking into your lives with it’s crazy passengers and beautiful sunsets and exotic ports. Thanks for sharing…your husband and your time. Give my best wishes to Alan and his family. It’s good to hear he’s at home now. I’m sure seeing you and John will provide that little boost he needs to get him “out of the woods.”

    Take good care of each other!


  45. Julia Barnes says:

    Congratulations to both of you. You truly are a wonderful pair. What a great support you are to each other. Not everyone can live and work with their partner on a 24/7 basis it takes a great deal of love and patience!! Have a really great holiday/break and please pass on our best wishes and thoughts to Alan and his family, we look forward to meeting you both next May hopefully on the Freedom.

  46. SewingNut says:

    Thanks for sharing your man with the bloggers from across the world. I, for one, was so glad to have tapped into the information before flying across the pond from Canada for my cruise. You deserve a holiday… a long holiday. Have a safe journey and enjoy the time with each other (when it happens). John: watch out for those carry on luggage restrictions in London – brutal. Make sure your purse goes into your suitcase (heehee).

  47. Karen R. says:

    Dear Heidi,
    Thank you for the good bye before you go on vacation. Have a wonderful, relaxing time! We appreciate how you have shared John with us all these months. Especially, thank you for letting him share parts of your life you would have rather not been made public. Just think…they have only been shared with one million of your closest friends! You are quite a woman. Take some time at least once to blog and let us know what you are up to while you are home.

  48. Leasa says:

    Sweet Sweet Heidi,

    Thanks so much for sharing your life and husband with us. Have a wonderful vacation and get lots of rest. I hope to meat you someday. My best to Alan and family. Love you guys.


  49. Richard Green says:

    John –

    Will you still be with the Freedom on 10 Nov?

    Wife and I are thinking about a short getaway.

  50. lisa k says:


    Wishing you and John a safe journey. You both deserve many thanks for all the joy you’ve brought all of us bloggers. You’ve been a real trouper to share John with us and to allow him to share personal parts of your lives.

    We look forward to meeting you on the blogger’s cruise. Hope that you get all the rest and relaxation you both deserve before the fun begins.

    Enjoy and be safe!

  51. tracy says:

    hi heidi hope u and john have a good vacation. its funny where do u go on a vacation when ur all over the world lol.hope some day to cruise with u and john like i said have to wait till my 2 yr old is 5 he didnt like the ship much or camp carnival. tc

  52. KirstenL says:

    I have just found your website… TY… It’s GREAT!!! A new chapter with insightful musing each day. I am yet a newbie at cruising, heading out on my third cruise Feb 08, and have found Carnival is my choice! Hope packing went smoothly and your continued travelling is uneventful and relaxing!!


  53. Kuki says:

    Heidi & John,

    Hope you both have a great vacation. After 9 months on the ship, and the added job of blogging to keep us all entertained, you two surely deserve it!!!

    No doubt John will feel good about being there for Allen, though sure that will be hard to.

    You two have such a delightful way of looking at things, and coping with “life”, no doubt it will all be good. And, like everyone, I thank you for sharing pieces of that life here with us.

    Sorry we’ll miss you with our CruiseMates Thanksgiving group , but we’ll enjoy and try and give some Todd some trouble. LOL (cruised with Todd before, and he’s quite good too – even if he’s not John.. lol).

    But I look foward to seeing you two again on the Bloggers cruise, and then a short wait after that and we’ll be on the crossing back to Europe with you in the spring.

    Best regards, and be well!

  54. Erin says:

    We were on the 9 day inaugural Freedom cruise back in March. It was such a wonderful time!! Reading your blog everyday has been SO nice, as it keeps the memories alive and allows me to continue to live vicariously through your stories…it almost feels as if my vacation has continued this whole time! It is sad to see the season winding down and to think about the beautiful Freedom departing the Mediterranean!
    But I wish you both a relaxing and enjoyable vacation…and thanks again for all of the joy you have provided through this blog!

  55. CruisinSue says:

    I hope you and John have a wonderful vacation. I agree that you should spend your time together, with Alan and family. Lock up his computer, phone and everything it takes to make your time off special.
    I enjoyed meeting and talking with the both of you on our Med cruise earlier this month. I hope that soon we can cruise with you again, especially since the pictures we took together didn’t come out. (I guess Stephanie isn’t a photographer he he)
    You two take care on one another and give my best to Alan. I am hoping for a speedy recovery. Most of all, enjoy your time together. I know that leaving the Freedom will feel like leaving home again, but you will be back and stronger when you return. Take care and have a wonderful vacation!!

  56. Heidi, we hope you have a great time at home and we look forward to seeing you in Aug. on the Splendor. Take care of John and give him a little sympathy if he happens to cut his finger, again. ha ha!

    Jennifer and Danny

  57. Nico R says:

    I wish you a safe journey home!

    Hope to meet you on the Splendor in July!

    -Nico R

  58. Kathy of the HavinsNest says:

    Godspeed and enjoy the vacation.


  59. Robin in New York says:


    Hope you and John have a wonderful, restful vacation. You obviously both put so much energy into making your cruises, and this blog, what they are. You deserve the break. It must be very strange for you to leave the ship after having been on it for so long. After sailing so many days in a row, more or less, will either of you still “feel the ship moving” when you disembark, and for how long? I used to get that until I continued taking my Bonine for a couple of days and my body readjusted. In any event, have a bloody good time on your break! (see, I do learn something from the Brits, even though I’m a New Yorker, born and bred).

  60. lv2cruise says:


    Thank you for your willingness to share your adventures with all of us. Travel safe and I hope you and John can have a wonderful and relaxing time at home and that Alan is soon on the road to recovery.

  61. lookingforwardtothenearlysmokefreecarnivalfreedom says:

    Heidi –

    There really are no words to express the disappointment that arises from the fact that the Healds will not be on board our transatlantic cruise – I fully support your collective decision to be at Alan’s side. It is the right thing for you to do, but that does not stop me from being disappointed.

    Just so you know, I had plans on enlisting you in pulling innumerable practical jokes on your husband. Now, I will have to enlist Noortje’s help in pulling some practical jokes on Todd 😉

    Although it will only briefly lighten my life, please be sure that that beautiful smile is present for the bloggers get together on Sunday. Mrs. Missingthesmokefreeparadise and I have a surprise for the two of you.

    Your friend and family member,


  62. kiciaski says:

    Hello Heidi,

    Thanks for a last blog from the Freedom. You both really deserve this vacation to be together and to visit with your families and friends. I’m sure the time will go by to0 fast so enjoy every minute.

    See you on the Splendor if not before in Miami.

    Linda & George

  63. mageb says:

    We are thanking you and hoping we can see you as the blog continues. You add to our days indeed. Have a great vacation and trip home.

  64. If I recall correctly, John might be flying somewhere (Miami?) on Halloween.

    I think he should go in costume – perhaps wearing an Alan disguise. Might be better if he did not put the mask on until AFTER he clears security.

  65. Tom Burke says:

    Heidi: re ‘1 20 kg bag per person’ luggage allowance – I feel your pain! I’ve done this a few times myself, UK to Rome, to join cruises with, ahem, Another Cruise Line that does formal nights (which we enjoy). However we certainly don’t enjoy trying to pack 3 formal nights’ worth of finery into 20 kgs, as well as ordinary clothes, for a 10 night cruise. Here’s a tip for the future – British Airways’ allowance within Europe is 23 kgs, and you’d be surprised how much difference that extra 3 kgs makes!
    Many thanks to you and John for the excellent blog.

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  67. Mark says:

    Cheers!!! Have a great Vacation !!! See you in January…your fanclub will be waiting for your safe return !! Hope John gets his sportscar for Christmas and some new thongs…lol Cant wait to see you both in Jan…

    Mark,Amanda and Catie

  68. Julie Gantt says:

    Thank you Heidi and John. Best wishes for a wonderful stress free vacation. Thank you John for taking all our comments to Miami. Take this one to the head hauncho’s as well: GIVE JOHN HEALD A HUGE RAISE, because if he jumps ship to another line, all one million of us would probably go with him. In a post I sent that never made it into print a while back, I suggested all us bloggers sent $1.00 in for the “Aston Martin Fund”. At this rate of bloggers, we could buy John and Heidi matching Martins!

    Have a great vacation and God Bless you!

    Julie Gantt

  69. Nate's mom says:

    Best wishes to both of you as you head off for some well deserved vacation time! Travel safely. Please, while you are home, pass on to Alan that he continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Nate’s Mom…Kim

  70. Gloria says:

    Dearest Heidi, Thank YOU for sharing John and yourself with us. We all love this blog thingy and the wonderful people associated with it. Have a great vacation, hide the computer etc from John when you want to….trust me, we will understand! It will be sad for you leaving the Freedom, but I know that you two will make yourselves equally at home in no time on your next contract. In the meantime, there is family to catch up with! Thanks again for all you both do, Gloria

  71. Suzann says:

    John & Heidi:

    Have a great vacation, the two of you definately deserve it. Thanks for doing the blog, it was great reading it every day. Hope to see the two of you soon.

  72. Carol Schoenberger says:

    Dearest Heidi,

    I still have more than 4 days worth of blogs and comments to get through, but I wanted to respond to you before I do anything else. Thank you for being you and for all that you do to make sure all goes smoothly on the Freedom. I’m sorry I never got the chance to actually meet you, but that will come I am sure. Have a wonderful vacation. I know John will miss you those weeks he is in Miami, but the reunion will be so much sweeter. I hope you get your coat back from Mrs. Weatherchannel. I think you could write your own book about strange happenings on a cruise.

    Again , my very best to you and John, (and I will get to John’s homework assignment later).


  73. Paulette's Mum says:

    John & Heidi – safe journey & hope you make the most of your break. Our best wishes to Alan & his family.

  74. Judy W says:

    Hey John,
    If you happen to meet Judy and John from Clermont, FL (they are fantastic dancers, by the way), please let them know their daughters Judy and Liz want to know why we haven’t heard from them yet!
    Hope they are having a great time despite the weather.

  75. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for sharing John with us. You know the saying “Behind every great man is a GREAT WOMAN”, and you are the greatest. We hope you and John have a wonderful vacation and hopefully every day will be a “Thursday”. We look forward to seeing you in January on the Bloggers Cruise.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Mary and Travis

  76. Dennis K says:

    You guys have a wonderful vacation and a safe trip home. Thank you for the wonderful cruise we had in August. It will be always be remembered by us. Good Luck on the new ship. God keep you both and we hope to cruise with YOU again sometime.

  77. PAULA BAKER says:

    Dear John and Heidi,

    We have been on a ton of cruises, but never before hve we become sooooo attached to the Mr. and Mrs. Cruise Director.

    You made our European cruise on the Freedom very, very special for both of us and we wish you both safe journeys and a wonderful vacation. We hope to see you next year in the Carribbean aboard the Freedom.

    Thanks again for the hand written message from both of you on the picture of the Freedom and the wonderful bottle of champagne that we found in our suite upon returning from dinner on October 10th, our anniversary. You both hold a very special place in our hearts forever.

    Our prayers are with Alan for a speedy recovery.

    Your friends, Paula and Nelson Baker

  78. Mary & Mo says:

    Dear John and Heidi:
    Hope you both have a great vacation, you deserve it. Enjoy the time together.
    We look forward to be you on the blogger’s cruise.
    My best to Alan and his family, we will be praying for his speedy recovery.
    Thank you for all the joy you both provided through this wonderful blog, the same for Roberto & PA007.
    Best regards,
    Mary & Mo

  79. Andreas Goedde says:

    Top 3 things we love:
    1. Fun on board
    2. Great Food in the Supper Club
    3. Chance to go dancing every night

    Top 3 areas for improvement
    1. More flexibility in arrival/departure flights (like we should it cost $150 more just to take a look whether it would be possible to stay in Buenos Aires an extra day after the Splendor arrives. How often do you guys get to visit Buenos Aires?)
    2. Make San Francisco a departure city
    3. Better maintenance of the spa hot tubs (always low on water and luke warm on both the Liberty and the Freedom)
    Dreams about what to see on board
    1. More shopping variety
    2. Dance classes
    3. You need to clone John and Heidi so every ship has them

  80. InMN253 says:


    Thanks for taking the time to give us one last pre-vacation blog. I always enjoy your writing. John’s writing is okay, too. 😉

    I hope you have safe travels and a wonderful vacation. I’m looking forward to meeting you and John on the Bloggers Cruise.


  81. Kim says:

    Heidi –

    It was great to read a post from you (it’s been too long!). I hope you and John have a wonderful, relaxing (that’s the key word) vacation! I was terribly sad to leave the Freedom after 12 days, so I can only imagine how hard it would be to leave after so long!

  82. Lance and Ilda says:


    What a heart felt blog. You and John are certainly two of a kind. It takes a special individual to do what the two of you do everyday, day in and day out. Enjoy your MUCH needed and much deserved vacation! NO BLOG, NO COMPUTERS, NO BLACKBERRY, NO PHONES. Unplug, unhook, disconnect and unwind. Thank you so much for the past year of sharing your lives with us. We will see you both on the “Innaugural Blogger’s Cruise in January. Have a safe trip home.


    Lance & Ilda

  83. Luis Torres says:

    You guys enjoy your time off, enjoyed reading about your adventures in your blog and hope Maria and I get to meet you on our 15 December cruise on the Freedom.


  84. Uncle Doug says:

    Behind every great man is an ever better woman. Heidi, I am sure John knows this, now the whole world knows it also.

    Enjoy your vacation, recharge you soul, refresh you relationships at home.

    Drop us a post every once and a while.

  85. Dennis K says:

    LET”S HEAR IT FOR DICK LITTLE ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!! Thanks again…..

  86. Inez says:

    Great Blog Heidi! Have a wonderful vacation!!
    Hope to see you soon


  87. Kim Parker says:

    Your blog was terrific. The pride you both take in your work shows that you have a passion for what you do and that is why you are so wonderful at it.
    Please enjoy your vacation. Relax and enjoy so that you reenergize. Our prayers are w/ Alan and his family…The Parker Family

  88. marij says:

    hallo heidi
    ik ben een beetje te laat maar ik wil jou en joh een heerlijke tijd wensen.
    en jullie nogmaals bedanken dat jullie er voor gezorgt hebben met heel veel andere dat wij een onwijs leuke onvergetelijke vakantie hebben gehad bij jullie aan boord
    groetjesss en een fijne vakantie
    marij van dinter

  89. James Nolan says:

    Good evening Heidi from Iraq,
    Hope that you and John made it home in good shape. I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and I will never forget you telling me before I went on my visit to Grand Ma’s house in Dubronovic to eat some potato salad for you!! It was GREAT!!! I hope that you and John have a Great vacation and enjoy your new ship in July. Both of you are the Greatest at what you do and make a Great couple!!! Hope that you get much rest enjoy your families and have a good time off!!! Well you both take care and I hope to be able to see you both again someday on a cruise! I do not think I will be able to find another cruise director or assistant cruise director like the two of you. I will continue to read this Blog Thingy and enjoy all of the tales from the ships you are on!! God bless you both and take care.


  90. Kurt & Dina Krenzischek says:

    Hello John,
    Just received the latest issue of currents and discovered your blog address. We were on the Freedom during the first week of March 2008. We had also brought our Aunt Erika and her sister Regina from Germany. While it was our fifth cruise on Carnival, it was their first. We all had a wonderful time. Before we departed from the ship we already discussed about our next cruise vacation. We’ve been lucky to have you as cruise director on several of our cruises over the past 5 years. While we have cruised on another line which shall remain nameless, we have turned into Carnival “junkies”. It’s always an exciting adventure from the beginning to the end. The food is superb and the entertainment is absolutely tops!!! Thanks for all your diligence. We sincerely hope that you are feeling better by now. You were taken ill, but despite your handicap you carried on like a real trooper. We appreciate your professionalism. Your love and passion for your job shone at every moment of our cruise. You have our address…would love to hear how you are doing…
    Heidi…..with a name like that perhaps you are German too??? Thanks for your support…..behind every successful man is an even more successful woman. Regards from Baltimore, Maryland and Augsburg, Germany.
    THANK YOU!!!

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