Hat’ll Be The Day

October 24, 2007 -

John Heald

Good afternoon everyone and as I begin this short blog I feel a little sad. This will be my penultimate blog thingy before vacation begins. We are sailing between Messina and Barcelona and today, although a little cool the sun has shined down on our guests and after the rain in Messina …………….they deserve it.

As I said, I am a little sad especially as we hit a million readers yesterday and here I am ready to write one more blog after this one………………..I feel like I am letting everyone down.

Let me just tell you my plans for the next few days.

After disembarking the guests on tours Heidi will start the packing. Todd (the new Cruise Director) will be arriving at noon and as soon as he is onboard we will need to start our planning meetings for the crossing. I also have the usual shows and events etc as well as packing my stuff and then watch Heidi come and empty the case saying that it has not been packed properly.

After three hours on the bridge organizing the tendering ashore of guests Todd and I will continue to prepare the Carnival Capers and schedules for the crossing. This will also be the day when Todd and I meet about the ports of call for the crossing……….Livorno, Malaga and Funchal. He will not have visited these ports for some time so it is my responsibility to make sure that he knows everything so he will be comfortable presenting his travel talks.

It will I am sure, feel very strange to watch him host the Welcome Aboard Presentation. I will get to see this before I host our bloggers party and then jump on the red eye back home.

So, a lot of work awaits me and I will make sure that I write at least one more blog before I leave which by the way will include dates for you all to log up and read my vacation blog thingies.

Here are some last photos that I wanted to share with you starting with the Island Of Capri.

1. The island of Capri

1. The island of Capri

2. Inside the Famous Blue Grotto

2. Inside the Famous Blue Grotto

3. Messina

3. Messina

4. The Church at Portovenere – the 2nd oldest in Italy.

4. The Church at Portovenere - the 2nd oldest in Italy.

Here are today’s letters from the In Their Own Words Section.

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

Interesting letter about Freestyle Dining wasn’t it? I had mentioned this in my Morning Show as a guest had written in saying how much they missed the Freestyle dining choice of another cruise line. I then received many letters stating how much they disliked the “anytime dining” experience.

As you know in a few days I will be sitting in (on the back row) of a very important meeting hosted and attended by the top management from Carnival. Now, I have no idea if during our discussions the Anytime Dining subject will come up…………please don’t worry………….I am not saying it will ………….. however, I need everyone………….actually I need as many as possible to simply answer this question. Now, for those who have no idea what this is let me explain. Anytime Dining means exactly that……..during dinner you can go at anytime you like and eat. This means though that you will have a different waiter and different table companions every meal.

Bearing this in mind my I ask everyone……………especially those who don’t regularly post to answer this question with a simple Yes Or No………..there is no need to answer as to why unless of course……….you want to.


I need you all to know that this little blog thingy has become many things over the past six months and now the people at Carnival want to hear their guests’ opinions and suggestions and what better sounding board than this blog thingy with its thousands of daily readers.

Just before I go I need to share something with you all that has caused Heidi and I to have a few words of disagreement…………the subject that has caused all the trouble………………………..A HAT.

Yep, a hat.

We received our invitation to attend the inaugural ceremony of the soon to be famous Queen Victoria………….something that I am really looking forward to sharing with you all via the blog. Anyway, the invitation states the following ……………”the ceremony dress attire is business formal and will be held outdoors……….ladies to wear hats.”

Now, having read this I have been having fun with a friend of mine who is also invited to the ceremony and we have been e-mailing each other about her difficulties in finding “the right hat.” She has been shopping at the top stores in New York and has yet to find the right thingy to put on her head.

Now, the fact our friend who is one of the most charming and beautiful ladies I know cannot find a hat in New York has left Heidi terror-stricken.

What, says my wife are the chances of finding a hat in a small town in the U.K. if one cannot be found in the shopping capital of the world?

Heidi is now beside herself with worry thinking she will look out of place and that people will laugh at her if the hat she wears is the wrong type of headgear. She contacted our friend who suggested………………she goes to Harrods in London…………..Harrods, the most over priced extravagant shop in London, perhaps the world. OH, yipeeeeeeeeeee………let’s buy something that costs the same as an Aston Martin and will be worn once and then shoved to the back of the cupboard to spend its life there alongside my old pairs of white underwear and my Duran Duran album.

Now, I told Heidi that there was more chance of me walking onto a another cruise ship and scaling the stupid climbing wall naked singing “Carnival’s Got the Fun” or marrying Fatima and her plastic tube from hell then she has of spending hundreds of pounds on a bloody hat.

Now, this statement was met with my immediate relegation to the doghouse and something about having a close encounter with my wife’s high heel shoe.

Why…………….I asked with the most sympathetic voice I could muster …………. not easy when a 4-inch heel is about to make contact with your pride and joy.

Heidi’s answer is based upon the royalty who are attending. What if………says my wife……….Prince Charles and Camilla see that I don’t have a hat on or it’s the wrong style?

I pictured the Royal Couple’s Bentley driving up to the red carpet…………the ship’s Captain, Ms Carol Marlow and Mr. Micky Arison are there ready to shake the royal hands and as they step out of the car Camilla looks at Charlie in horror and says “One is getting back into the vehicle, there is a young lady on the back row next to the jolly plump man and she has no hat…….let us return to the palace.”

I said this to Heidi and shortly thereafter the promised meeting with my wife’s shoe happened and I have been talking like Pee Wee Herman ever since.

So, I guess we will be shopping for a hat……………and a new dress and a formal dress for the evening thingy and the shoes and the bag and the etc etc etc……………The reality is we will be sitting on the back row and will if we are lucky just catch a glimpse of the Royal Ears.


Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.