Coming to America

October 31, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Morning

This will be the world’s shortest blog……….ever. It is 4:30 am and I am about to drive to Heathrow for my 4 days of meetings and hopefully a basketball game ……. playing ………. not watching……..just in case you wondered………although none of you did, of course. Heidi is flying to Holland for time with her Mum.

I wanted though to say a big thank you on behalf of Alan whom I saw yesterday. He looks tired but has the most positive attitude you could ever imagine which was enhanced further by the numerous get well cards and messages I delivered from all of you out there…..I will be home for his next operation and will be there to help him as much as I can.

So, off to the airport and hopefully British Airways will be more Easy than the Easy airline I flew on Monday.

I will write a full blog ASAP tonight after arrival and I saw that we need a photo of the Captain of the Queen Victoria and Roberto and Vance are going to have one slapped on.

That’s all for now — time to drive to Heathrow in my French car

More later

Good morning

Your friends

John and Heidi

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