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November 15, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Evening everyone and as I have 40 minutes before my football game starts on TV I thought I would answer some of the questions and comments from the blog called The Rough and the Smooth. Lets get going.

PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Hello Paul and how wonderful to hear from you sir. First of all our sincere and greatful thanks for the gift that you sent us. We received the mail from Chris Prideaux yesterday (some of it anyway) and personal replies will be winging their way to each and every person who took their precious time to send us thoughts and gifts. Thank you for asking about Alan whom grows stronger each and every day ……….he has a long way to go but my mate is a true inspiration and his life values are a shinning example to us all. Please remind me again when and where you are cruising and I hope this blog thingy finds you and the family well and please know we send you all our warmest regards as always. See you soon…………..I truly hope that comes true.
GREG BALDASARRI – The sofa is still haunting me. The stain has been treated to more chemicals than Brittney Spears and although the stain has gone the stain has faded it has left a large dark circle on the brushed leather……..D Day is on Monday when the Eagle will land. Thank you mate for all the kind words and I am glad the addition of the Big Screen has been met with such great applause. Shortly, I will be interviewing someone from the Carnival Imagination as we discuss the recent refit. Thanks as always and thanks for mention the Heat who are playing The Supersonics tonight, I predict a 88 – 96 Heat win. Hope all is well and our finest wishes to you and the family mate.JOHN AND SUE IN FRSICO – I wanted to wish you a fantastic cruise on the Carnival Miracle. Can you post your sailing date and cabin to Roberto please. Cheers guys and have you seen my heart, I left it somewhere?
GIRLDOC – Of course………..what an idiot I am. I had totally forgotten the Carnival Splendor’s South American adventure. How the heck can we have a bloggers cruise in February…………answer we can not. Therefore, it will be in April or May…….sorry I scared you………..I need a doctor! Thanks for proving how thick I am and hope all is well. Cheers.
KATHIE – The sofa is stained and I ruined her favorite pan. There is underwear on the bathroom floor and a pile of washing the size of Everest waiting…….roses and Cartier me thinks……….I will advise you if indeed I sleep with the dogs on Monday. Thanks for the support Kathie and hope you are well.
RIKKI BOYCE – I am glad you experienced one of the very few guests who are never happy and answered his comments in such a cheerful and positive way….thanks for the support. People like that are I think only happy when they are ………..well………….unhappy and although they are a tiny minority they are usually the ones who speak the loudest………apart from the French. I am so glad you had a wonderful time on the Carnival Freedom and once again I am so sorry I could not be with you…..hopefully next time. All the best mate.
NICO R – Just a quick note to say thanks for the posting and I my comment about the climbing wall is another nail in the “I can never work for RCI” coffin……………….am I bothered though? Cheers Nico…………….wish that was my name it’s so cool and doesn’t mean toilet.
ROBIN IN NEW YORK – Wow, as a toilet paper connoisseur I never new that in America you cannot buy coloured paper. Here you can get Blue, White, Brown, Red and Pink although one of those colours is of course redundant. Strange world. Here I am typing this blog thingy at 7:00pm at night overlooking the Thames to someone I have never met in New York and we are talking about toilet paper………..strange world isn’t it.
THE CHADS – Yep, the world of cruising has stretched its tenticles (had to be careful there) the world over. I am sure the pessimists amongst you must have thought I was writing a work of fiction when I said my neighbours had been on a cruise……….but it is true and once again the world gets smaller. Thank you for mentioning all the Veterans …..sentiments that I echo. Hope you are all well and my best to the many Chads.
JO MYERLY – Before the couch Jo, let me refer you the earlier comments I made about my fopar with the 2009 Bloggers Cruise which will now be in April or May………….silly me. Thanks for the supportive suggestions for the couch. The leather is brushed and I guess the wine being cheap didn’t help. It is as good as it is going to get but I am sure the lady of the house will demand professional help……….bugger. How is Dave? I hope you are both doing well and as always I thank you both for your continuing friendship.
BIG ED – The wine was something from the great wine producing country of Spain and cost £4. I am looking forward to having dinner with you and all the bloggers, here is the confirmed menue. APPETIZER…….HAGIS IN A MAJONG SAUCE MAIN COURSE – TOAD IN THE HOLE WITH FATIMA PIPING DESERT………CHOCOLATE MELTING SPOTTED DICK
See you soon mate.
PEANUTS – Obviously you wrote your posting before the Miami Heat’s glorious win of the Knicks and by the time you read this they will have beaten the Supersonics as well. Roberto will be sending you your trophy and medallion………display it proudly. Thanks again and please keep reading the blog thingy.
LINDA MUM OF DJ – Hello Mum and hello DJ. How kind of DJ to think of us and the floods that were forecast to hit this area but thankful never did. You are raising a wonderful son and I know you are very proud of him. I truly hope I will get to meet him very soon. Please send DJ my best and please write soon.
MIKE L – Hello Big Mike, how are you. Yes, I though my neighbours were going to say they liked the ship with the baron climbing wall but of course they are Princess fans. I have since told my neighbours I work as an underwear model and you know what………I don’t think they believed me. Thanks mate and hope you are doing well. Cheers.
KUKI  – Hello old friend. How are you. So, very soon you and the gang will be on the Carnival Freedom. Is there anything I can arrange for you before you go. Please send me your cabin number will you. I wish I could be there especially as the cabin toilet paper is so soft. However, as you said, your group will have a fantastic time with Todd and the crew. Have fun and please send us your reports as always. Heidi and I send our best to you and Mrs Kuki.
LV2CRUISE – How long does it take not to feel the sway of the ocean you ask? Well, living on land does not affect me that way but I still find myself thinking of little things like not putting anything to close to the edge of the shelves incase the apartment rocks and it falls off.  I am sure I will be in and out of the doghouse many more times before the Bloggers Cruise where I look forward to seeing you all. Thanks again for your great posting and hope you are well. Cheers.
MARK TWAIN AND A HALF – Thanks mate for the leather advice. The sofa is a light brown brushed leather and I did use a mild bleach which seems to have worked the stain away. Now though there is a big circle which may as well read ” John did this put him in the doghouse immediately.” I am still hoping Alan can come on the Bloggers cruise but I have to be honest and say the chances are slim as traveling 9 hours on a plane may not be what the doctor recommends………hope springs eternal though. Thanks again and as always it is so good to read your postings.
SOUTHERNDREAMS – They you are. Welcome home and most importantly, how do you feel after your 26 day adventure? I hope you and Charlie are well and how wonderful to hear you had such a great time. Let us know what you enjoyed and any comments you may have. Welcome Home to you both.
DWA76 – Hello mate and well done to your Cowboys. Do you think they can go all the way and win the World Superbowl thingy? More importantly is a big thank you for your continued thoughts for Alan and your kind words for Heidi and I. I will mail you some Porridge. Cheers mate.
NANETTE – Hello Nani. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and I also know how the rest of your family must be depending on your strength and family values. Heidi and I will see you soon and I am excited to see this special Christmas Card. Mucho Hugos.
TOM AND JANE – Have fun on the Sensation and it looks like the favorite for the 2009 Bloggers cruise will be on the Carnival Inspiration in the spring. I will of course confirm everything asap. Bon voyage and tell us all about your cruise when you return.
LONGIN2CRUISE – Congratulations on booking that fabulous Spa cabin for the Carnival Splendor’s TA cruise and yes…………we will be there god willing with you. We will have a lot of fun, that’s of course if we can get you out of that amazing cabin you booked. See you soon.
SHELLYP – Thanks so much for thinking of me. I will unwind more when Heidi returns but I will find time to blog as much as I can. Thanks again for the kind words and Heidi and I send you our warmest regards.
DON AND LAURA – Thank you also for mentioning all the Veterans who we owe so much. I am sorry I cannot be with you in December and I hope to announce something very special for the Bloggers cruise in 09 and some other great news very soon. Have a wonderful time and I hope you and Don enjoy some memories that will be everlasting.
KAZ – Ask Norman Smith for my number and tell Helen I am coming for tea. When do you do your world cruise on the Queen Victoria Kazzie? Please send my best to all the Ferdinands and hope to see you soon.
JULIA BARNES – I had no idea that they made a chocolate version of Ready Brek……..however I would think the chocolate version may be a wee bit high in sugar for me. I am also a lover of Galaxy and I also have a friend who was born in the UK but has lived in America most of her life who loves dark chocolate Bounty Bars. I send her some all the time for which I receive randon bollockings as she says I am not helping her figure…………the fact that she could appear on the cover of any fashion and beauty magazine is by the way but I carry on sending them to her because its fun to see her get mad at me. I miss chocolate especially my all time favorite Curly Wurlies…….I wonder what my American and Canadian bloggers make of that? Thanks for the posting Julia and go and enjoy some chocolate heaven.
KRISTEN L – A very funny posting especially the toilet paper advice which I have noted. How wonderful that you are taking Mum on a cruise and to celebrate her 84th birthday…………you are a very special daughter for doing that and looking after her so well. While I cannot promise you any Chinese New Year celebrations I can tell you that there will be Mardi Gras parties onboard and you and Mum therefore will have such a brilliant time. We will provide the beads and I am sure Mum will have a birthday she will never forget. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and wishes of kindness and I promise I will stop thinking about Catherine Zeta Jones………..OK…….I have stopped……….right……….I didn’t think of her for 1 minute but admit I have started again. See you soon and my best to Mum.
TERRY DUNNING – Yep, here I am blogging again and sorry for the next few weeks when there may be a few days when I rest the fingers and the brain a bit. I will be on the Carnival Splendor on your cruise and had forgotten about that when I was considering the 2009 Bloggers cruise……….sorry I scared you. So, see you then and most importantly thanks again for thinking of Alan who is getting better every day. See you next year and please keep reading the blog thingy until then.
SHERYL PELTON – Very funny, I loved the “End” reference. Alan continues to do great and his positive outlook has amazed me so much. I pop and see him every day and even Alan is now calling me Florence……….joy. Heidi would love a dog, a German Shepherd to be exact but with all our traveling it would not be fair to the dog although at least two times a week I would have someone to sleep with. Thanks so much for being such a faithful blogger and our warmest wishes to you and the family.
CINDY 56 – Your posting was great to read but I want to concentrate on the fact that you are considering coming on the Bloggers cruise but so far you would be cruising alone. Well, maybe you will have nobody in the cabin with you but if there is one cruise you will not be alone on it will be the Bloggers Cruise…………have a think about that and I am sure there will many words of support coming your way…….right bloggers? Hope to hear from you soon and please let me know if I can persuade you gently to come with us. All the best.
MIKE BENSON – Great to hear from you Mike and glad the blog has you laughing. Hope you continue to chuckle and drop us a line every now and then. Cheers mate.
MICELLE MANN – Hello Michelle. Can you send Roberto your phone number please and put the kettle on. See you soon.
BILLYJO – Yes Bill, I will indeed be on the Carnival Freedom in February and March 2008, it would be an honour to sail with you again……..hint hint. Thanks for all the kind words and I hope truly we do see each other again very soon.

Well, that’s all folks and I will continue with replies to Chris, Linda,Carol, Teresa and Paul, Noreen and Jerri tomorrow.

OH, I can’t find spell check on my Yahoo thing which is what I am using so please forgive the mamy spalling misteaks ti blag haz.


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