Boxing Day

November 17, 2007 -

John Heald

Nothing has happened………….nothing…………for the first time this year I have nothing to write about.

Good Morning, its 9:45am and I sit here thinking about what to write and honestly this has the potential of becoming the most boring blog in the world……….ever.

Yesterday, I did not leave the apartment. I sat, I watched TV, I cooked myself beans on toast for lunch and had Indian food delivered for dinner. I didn’t speak to anyone except my parents, Alan and Heidi. The phone didn’t ring and even my raspberry e mail machine  thingy was quiet………..the apartment was still……it was like living in a monastery ………. and it was Thursday! So, what therefore can I write about ……….the answer is nothing.

Good night

Your friends

John and Heidi

OK, just kidding. I will answer some questions and comments in a minute but I just though of one subject I wanted to discuss with you………….and that is boxing………….I know……..that surprised you didn’t it…………boxing.

Tonight, I am going out on the town with my mate Danny and we are going to a boxing match. Coming along with us is our friend Frank Bruno. Frank is one of the nicest, funniest and most friendly people I have ever met…………oh yes; he was also Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. He held this title some years ago before eventually losing to one Mike Tyson. Frank is one of our most endearing sports stars and always has time to speak to fans. He cruised with us on the Carnival Liberty and he had a wonderful time.

Anyway, we are off to this boxing match and for me it will be the first time I have ever watched a match live and I am a little unsure if it will be something I will enjoy. We will have ringside seats and although the experience of watching basketball up close and personal was incredible, I am wondering if I will feel the same when I see two men punching the crap out of each other. I will of course let you know how it goes.

OK, let’s do some Q and A starting with the last few from the blog called The Rough and the Smooth. To skip the Q & A, click here.

CHRIS B – Chris. I got the website and it looks great. Please can you tell your nephew that I have asked Chris Prideaux to have a look at the site and he in turn will get in contact with him……….I wish him good luck. Have a wonderful cruise and I look forward to hearing your report when you return. Bon Voyage.
LINDA HERNACKI – Just a quick note to say have a wonderful cruise and I truly hope that the next time you walk up the gangway I will be with you.
CAROL SCHOENBERGER – George Solano is indeed the Cruise Director on the Carnival Imagination. In fact, look out next week for an interview with my mate Miles Willis who is the  Hotel Director onboard and he will be telling us all about the brilliant new innovations following her time in dry dock. Good luck with the packing, have a wonderful cruise and my best to you and Slinky.
TERESA AND PAUL B – Its funny that toilet paper has become a major talking point on this blog……still……..quality paper though as I discovered is very important. I have been watching a lot of television the past few days and unlike America and Canada Carnival has no TV advertising commercial wise here in the UK. I wish we would though, give me a camera and 30 seconds of air time and I truly think I could help persuade my fellow countrymen to try Carnival. I don’t want to take them away from our sisters …P & O, Ocean Village, Princess which are brands they feel comfortable with ………oh no……it’s the people who see the commercials for the “dark side” that I wish would come and try us. …..maybe one day. Anyway, stay warm over there and thanks so much for taking the time to post and for all your kind words.
NOREEN – How wonderful to hear from you and firstly may I say a big thank you for your kind reflections of our cruise together on the Carnival Liberty. I see you recently tried NCL and it was interesting to read that you had mixed feelings about the Freestyle Dining thingy. In a recent survey on the blog thingy I noticed that although it defiantly has some fans that many people prefer as do you having the same dinner companions each and every meal. I have to agree and unless you get some irritating person who talks non-stop with his mouth full and shoots lightly buttered pieces of lobster upon you then I think you are right. I was happy to hear that you are coming HOME and returning to Carnival when you cruise on the Carnival Miracle. I know you will have a wonderful time and I wish I could be there with you. All the best and watch out for low flying pieces of lobster.
JERI GREEN – You know, after everything else that has happened we have forgotten about the awful storm season that happened in 2004. I see though that you experienced the full force of Hurricane Charlie down there in Port Charlotte and that you are still in a recovery mode as you attempt to rebuild. How are things now and please know that we all send you our very best. Maybe you can let us know through another posting what happened and how you and your community are continuing to return the area to its former glory. My best wishes to you and the family.

We now move to Questions and Comments from the Blog called an Eggcellent Evening.

DWA 76 – Yep “scary” as you said is a good word. Petrol (Gas) has always been more expensive this side of the pond but its crazy now. I see NCL and others have also added fuel supplements now as well…….typical……….Carnival sets a trend…….others follow………oh well. I am now a major Eggs Benedict fan and although it will be sometime before I get to eat them again I doubt that when I do they will be as good as the Walsley in London…………unless of course I go to a Waffle House. Hope all is well David and many thanks for all you do to support the blog.
LINDSEY B – I am indeed enjoying my time off and as I mentioned above yesterday was the first day in many months when I did …………absolutely nothing. You asked about the Carnival Triumph going into dry dock and getting upgrades etc. I don’t know when this is planned for but let me ask PA 007 who will do some snooping for me and I will let you know as soon as I hear from our Super Spy. Thanks Lindsey and please keep reading the blog thingy.
TAMMIE – Yep, the yelling thing at the restaurant really surprised me. the last time I had seen one like that was in New York which I am told is common. However, in London I was surprised that everyone felt it necessary to make sure that every table knew what they had done that day and who was being unfaithful and with whom…………that by the way was indeed one of the subjects that three ladies were discussing at the table behind me……………if Brandon is reading this………..your wife is having an affair with Rick her personal trainer…………..oops. Meeting Burt Reynolds was fantastic and it seems that he is ageless…………….but not as good looking is George Hamilton. Thanks Tammie and all the best.
SUE GROHOL – Welcome Home Sue and I am so sorry that the mystery of the disappearing suitcase has only just been resolved now your TA cruise is over. I am though happy that having our pre cruise bloggers party helped introduce you to other bloggers whom it seems you befriended for the entire cruise. It was great to meet you and the girls and my only wish is that I could have been there longer with you all. I was humbled and so thankful when I read that you had lit a candle in Florence for Alan ……..whatever you and the other bloggers have been doing is working as he seems to be getting stronger everyday……..again… comes the word thank you…….its a small word but said from the heart. I hope the jet lag you and the girls are suffering has gone and the only known cure is to book another Carnival cruise ASAP. Next time though we have to have the whole cruise together. Heidi will look forward to receiving her gift and we both wish you and the family much happiness.
PEANUTS – I hope the Pistons are doing better than the Heat. I do think however that we are waiting a few weeks to give teams a false sense of security and then make a late and dramatic run all the way to the Championship………….a boy can dream can’t he. Take care Joan and thanks for everything.
BIG ED – Thanks OATTCD and your name badge is ready and waiting…….being of fuller figure I decided not to give you a regular size name badge but instead you will be wearing a sandwich board as you walk around the ship……….one side will have your title the other side will advertise bloggers event……it could be the start of a new career. What do you think?
SOUTHERNDREAMS – Great to hear from you Bonnie and my thanks to Jon for printing the blogs out while you were on the ship. Heidi will be here on Monday and I will start taking photos to add to new blogs as I don’t know how to use the camera and have no clue how to stick them onto an e-mail to slap on the blog. Send our best to Charlie and as always it is great to hear from you.
MIKE L – Are you inviting me for breakfast mate?
SUZANN – Thanks Suzann. You know how much I miss Heidi and we both miss you and Robert very much.
ALAN AND CHRIS – I enjoy most of my food twice; I get that from my Dad. Wish you were here, I had curry last night.
NANETTE – Yep, Hondas are wonderful cars but I guess I was secretly hoping that some mysterious blogger would buy me an Aston Martin. You are correct that getting paid in dollars and living in a country where the money is worth only half is difficult indeed. Maybe one day we will live elsewhere but for now I need to be here. How are the family, how are you? Heidi and I send our kindest regards and we shall see you soon. Muchos hugos en mucho nachos por favor.
KATHY KROLL – Yep, Burt is alive and well and actually looking very good indeed. He was friendly and shook my hand and seemed interested in hearing about my job. You must have met many famous people when you worked in Vegas……… you have any favourites? Great to hear from you again Kathy.
BRUNO AND JOANNE – Welcome home to you both and I can picture your Thanksgiving table now. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie, spotted dick and your solid gold plastic trophy. I may come round for dinner…….can I have a leg please? I am so happy to hear you had such a wonderful time and please don’t let it be too long before we see you again. Happy Thanksgiving.
NICO R – Yep, petrol is unbelievable and to think I want to drive an Aston or a Bentley! Looks like it’s the bus for me. Hope all is well mate.
AMOR AND LOU – I am really happy to hear you liked Todd so much. He is a great guy and has all the attributes to be the best CD Carnival has ever had. Lost luggage continues to be a major concern to travelers in this day and age as you discovered yourselves but don’t worry I am sure the dance instructors never noticed. I am sorry I could not be with you………..maybe next time. All the best until then.
CANUCK CRUISER – PA 007 is on the case and although pretty secret I am asking our very own 007 to see if he/she can tell us the schedule of upgrades and refits due to be carried out in the next few years……..come on lets all sing the bond theme to encourage PA 007………der de de der der de de de der de de de der. Thanks for all the kind words and I am indeed enjoying my time off immensely. I hope all is well and go Cowboys.
LFTTNSFCF – Jon, this title is no good anymore now you have returned from the TA cruise on the Carnival Freedom. I therefore bestow upon you your new blogger name.
ISMTSFPBLTCFALFTTNCCTTWJ – I STILL MISS THE SMOKE FREE PARADISE BUT LOVED THE CARNIVAL FREEDOM AND LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT CARNIVAL CRUISE THIS TIME WITH JOHN. How’s about that then! Best to Mrs. ISMTSFPBLTCFALFTTNCCTTWJ and all your comment on the brilliant Vatican tour is indeed well noted. Hope your back is ok. Cheers mate.
LAUREN – UMMMMMMM……..yes. However if I look like Burt Reynolds when I am 109 I will be happy. Hope you are happy and thanks for the fun posting.
KEVIN – There you are mate. I had wondered where you had been. I new you would enjoy seeing the menu and the restaurant really was fantastic. My friends The Bentleys are coming to London soon and I hope that I can take them there to say thank you for taking me to the restaurant in South Beach. Thanks for the tips on cooking Eggs Benedict and when the Mrs. gets home I hope I can persuade her to try making them for me. Wish you were here though…………can you open a restaurant in London ……….Gordon Ramsey could do with some competition. Thanks again mate, enjoy the Aston and think of me when you start her up.

OK, have to stop there and will continue with questions and comments from KATHIE, INEZ, CLINTON, KAREN, SAM LLOYD (HI SAM) PAULA, GLORIA, DON AND CAROLYN, CAROL, RAY AND SHARON next time.

Tonight I will be at the boxing match which by the way includes something called Celebrity Boxing. This is when two celebrities (I wont name them because they are only famous here in the UK) but they are fighting each other for charity. The event will be shown live on television because it is part of BBC television’s CHILDREN IN NEED TELETHON. I understand you have a similar one in America with Jerry Lewis and tonight the entire evening’s programs are produced to raise money for children all over the world. I will be donating some money this evening and I hope millions of others do as well.  At the beginning of the blog I used the word nothing………well the children who we will try and help tonight really understand the word nothing and I hope by the end of the evening that nothing has been changed to …………something.

So, time to go and get ready for the Celebrity Boxing  Match. Even though it is for a great cause these two “personalities ” are apparently taking this very seriously and will be looking to knock the other out.  This leads me to think that we should maybe  incorporate this into our industry and have various  executives take on each other in the ring………for  charity of course.  Here then is the lineup for the cruise industries first ever charity boxing match


Seconds out………..round one


Your friends

John and Heidi

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