Six Sisters, One Family

November 19, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Morning everyone.

A few days ago a blogger had requested more information about how the six North American companies interact between each other and what programs, if any, were in place to allow guests rewards for sailing on each of our families cruise lines. Well, I decided to ask a wonderful chap who I knew could tell us about our six sisters and how under a very special and deserved title, we are………….one family.

Here therefore is an interview with Mr. Jack Andersen, executive director for the World’s Leading Cruise Lines, the marketing association for Carnival Corporation & plc’s six North American brands.

Mr. Jack Andersen, executive director for the World’s Leading Cruise Lines,
1. Sir, you have been involved in this great industry for some time I understand. Please can you tell us about your distinguished career?

I began as a tour guide in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies for a company called Westours while in college. Afterwards, I was fortunate to join the company full-time as a reservations agent.  Later Westours merged with Holland America Line in Seattle. 

Progressively I advanced through various positions and responsibilities including group sales, inventory management, operations, sales, public relations, and marketing.  In 1999, my wife and I relocated to Miami and I began my role as Executive Director – World’s Leading Cruise Lines for the parent organization, Carnival Corporation & plc.   It has been an extraordinary and rewarding journey with a continually growing and evolving organization.

2. For those readers who have not heard of WLCL please can you tell us what it is all about and what your position within the organization entails?

World’s Leading Cruise Lines is the marketing association and signature for our six North American cruise lines: Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Costa Cruises, and The Yachts of Seabourn.  My role now is to consult and assist our cruise lines with their sales and marketing programs including our VIP – Vacation Interchange Privileges initiative.

3. Now, each line has its own loyalty program and I am asked many times on my blog about inter line loyalty and rewards. Please can you tell us what loyalty programs are in place at this current time?

John, you are correct.  Each cruise line has their own unique guest loyalty program; and they are all quite different.  Our World’s Leading Cruise Lines’ VIP program is the only loyalty initiative in the cruise industry that recognizes and rewards our guests – across our six North American brands.  Each of our lines has committed to offer certain of their own past guest benefits to our valued customers that have sailed on any of our other cruise lines.

4. How would you like to see this reward program grow in the future?

I hope the VIP program will continuously evolve to provide additional recognition and benefits to our guests.  Next, I would like to see a special recognition for guests that have sailed on all six cruise lines.

5. If a guest would like to know more about these rewards and advantages what should they do.

Certainly, they should visit to get an overview of our distinguished cruise lines if they are not already familiar with each brand, and also to learn more about our VIP program.  Because our cruise lines’ past guests offers do change frequently, I would recommend that guests ask their travel agent or the cruise line of interest for their next cruise vacation if there is a currently applicable VIP offer when considering and making their reservations.

6. Each line within the family as we have said has their own identities. Is there though in your mind a common denominator that makes each line the best at what they do.

From the unpretentious fun of Carnival, to the ultra-luxury of the Yachts of Seabourn, I believe what each of lines shares is a passion to please each guest.

7.  Finally, as we are taking about the words “best” and “leading” can you fill in the blanks for your leading and best…………THREE OF EACH PLEASE

John, one of the things that makes life so interesting and exciting is peoples’ individual preferences and tastes.  That is why World’s Leading Cruise Lines is truly unique and extraordinary with six very distinct lines offering different styles and ambiances for our guests.  Having said that, my personal choices are:

WORLDS LEADING CARS:  Maserati, Jaguar, Mercedes
WORLDS LEADING MOVIE ACTORS   Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman
WORLDS LEADING TV SHOWS:  House, 24, 2 and 1/2 Men
WORLDS LEADING NEWSPAPERS Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times
WORLDS LEADING SINGERS:  Al Jarreau, Nat King Cole, Andrea Bocelli

John – thank you for your interest, and all you do for Carnival and our guests.

Thank you so very much Mr. Andersen and I too hope that one day a reward program can be in place for guests who sail with each of the sisters. Are we a family………yes we are ……….do we do enough to help promote and help each other………I don’t know to be honest but I hope that we do and if this blog can help in anyway………..well I will be very happy to oblige…………after all we don’t want you vacationing anywhere else……….except on one of the World’s Leading Cruise Lines…..six sisters and one very proud family.


Your friends
John and Heidi

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