Thanksgiving Day Wishes

November 21, 2007 -

John Heald

£3.50 a liter, ($7) it’s bloody outrageous, have they lost their minds? No, I am not talking about petrol I am in fact taking about …………..water. Heidi (she is home by the way and more about that later) sent me shopping. We had friends coming over for dinner and an hour before they were due to arrive, the flag was raised because she discovered we had……….no sparkling water.

I saw pure panic in her eyes and I was tasked to go and get two-liter bottles of sparkling H20. “Can’t we just give them water from the tap? (forcet, fawcet or however you spell it)………………….her answer was to throw my car keys at me and I began my trek to the supermarket.

Anyway, I have to admit that I have no idea about supermarket prices as Heidi has always been in charge of that stuff but I guess as I was on my own and that I approached the checkout with only two bottles of water I realised what a complete rip off bottled water has become. Stick some fancy Italian or French name on the bottle and it appears that you can charge what you want……….Perrier apparently is French for “I can’t believe you are paying all this money for water you English idiot.”

How can we complain about the cost of petrol when water…………costs more per liter than the black stuff…………………it’s a strange world. So, Good Morning everyone and as usual we start with a two apologies. The first is for not writing a personal blog for a few days but meanwhile I hope you enjoyed the interview with Mr. Jack Andersen whom I think showed that the family of cruise lines ………..come on John lets give them the title they deserve………..The World’s Leading Cruise Lines………that’s better …………….are indeed a family and we will hopefully make sure that for there are benefits in place to benefit those of you who continually cruise on them all.

The second apology is for not answering the questions and comments the last few days. I have read them all and I promise that I will indeed answer ALL of them over this coming weekend and post the answers on Monday………..hope this is OK.

So on Monday morning at 9 am Easy Jet flight number crap1 arrived into Stanstead Airport bearing my wife and 100 or so other poor sods who had to endure the bright orange interior and couldn’t care less service that this wonderful airline provides. I had not seen Heidi for over two weeks and when you are used to spending so much time together as we normally do…….two weeks feels likes a very long time. I couldn’t wait to see her for many reasons and close to the top of the list of those reasons was the fact that I had run out of clean underwear three days ago.

Anyway, she is home now and I am basking in the luxury that is clean underwear. We have visited Alan who continues to do well and day by day I see my best pal getting back to his old self. Yesterday we went to see Mum and dad and generally we have just enjoyed being together again and slowly we are starting to unwind.

Well, it’s Wednesday morning and along with these few words you will also be able to read a brilliant interview with the Hotel Director of the rejuvenated Carnival Imagination. Having read the interview I immediately asked permission to go and sail on her. This permission was granted and on the five-day cruise after the bloggers cruise Heidi and I will embark and see for ourselves this amazing evolutions. These changes will eventually be placed on all the Fantasy class ships and I want to experience these changes for myself.

Now, although I will not be the cruise director and will not be performing maybe some of you may want to come and sail with us. If you do decide to book let me know please and maybe we can arrange a little get together. A Blogger also asked about the Seaside Theatre Big Screen that has now been placed on the Carnival Victory and if there are plans to put them on other ships. The answer is yes, there are indeed plans to do so and I will let you know as and when this is due to happen.

I also want to take the time to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Each of us have a lot to be thankful for and tomorrow many of you will celebrate in your own way with your family around you and I hope you have a wonderful day.

To the readers of this blog who are not from the U.S.A. and who do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day I want to suggest this. Tomorrow, let’s all, wherever we are from sit down at dinner tomorrow night and have a Thanksgiving Dinner. Now, you don’t have to cook turkey, pumpkin pie and all the other bits but whatever you eat maybe we can all just take a few seconds to remember how thankful we should be that we are able to enjoy cruising and that as thousands of you continue to read this blog everyday I am certainly thankful for that.

So, have a happy Holiday and I hope your Celebration changes from a Fantasy to reality and that the pure Ecstasy that is sharing time with family. Then, that Sensation you feel as you remember how fortunate we are to enjoy cruise vacations will further your Imagination and give you Inspiration to come and sail again soon. The Elation of receiving your tickets in the mail will no doubt have you ready to sail to Paradise.

Last night there was a program on the television about the NFL footballer who was involved in the horrible sport of dog fighting. I think his name was Michael Vick and his wife’s name is Tory…………what a shame, that was a man who had it all and it will be a Miracle if he ever returns to his former Glory…………..what a shame…….he could have been a Legend. Yesterday I achieved a personal Triumph and yes, it’s all about underwear. As I had run out of clean pairs I returned to an old stock of briefs. Now, for those just tuning in I reported some months ago that Heidi made me change from briefs to boxers and for months my Spirit has been flagging. However, she gave me permission to return to briefs and my Liberty has been restored. I hated the Freedom that the boxers gave my………….well……… you know and now my Pride has been restored and the fact that Heidi has agreed to this is a Miracle.

It’s nearly time to go as I am driving Heidi to have her hair done. She has used the same hair stylist for some years here in Southend so off we go to see her. I think her name is Val Or something like that.

What a strange blog this has been. we started talking about water and that it Cost A lot to buy and my friends hardly touched it drinking the expensive wine instead. After dinner we watched the movie The Born Directive starring Matt Damon. Anyway his character was called Jason Born and it was great to See Born kung fu his way around Paris and London……..great movie.

Time to stop writing now as I am taking my little Princess shopping to buy a new dress and we will have lunch at our favourite restaurant Nardias. This is a very popular Spanish Tapas restaurant. There is always a queue………..Nardias is worth it. OK, I must go as I have to Pee and Oh, yes, let me finish by saying one more time whether you are in the U.K., Canada Holland America or wherever you may be…………….Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Your Friends
John and Heidi

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