For the Kimmitt family

February 19, 2008 -

John Heald

On Sunday night I met the most wonderful family at the Captain’s party. They are readers of the blog and we stood and chatted and took photos. There was Mum and Dad, the kids and Grandma who was celebrating her 80th birthday with us. They are the Kimmett Family and last night when I returned from the show I had this hastily written letter waiting for me.



There are times when I think we live in such a cruel world and tonight is one of those times. I never got to say goodbye to them or offer them support and sympathy and it feels quite ridiculous that as I was watching our Big Easy show, smiling and laughing with guests this family were packing their bags to leave in Cozumel, fly home to arrange a funeral for their 26-year-old daughter.

This blog has had 1.6 million readers and achieved so much, however, nothing has been as amazing as the community spirit that you all have created. This morning, these members of your community need your help. They wake up every morning and read the blog, they laugh with you and they share your love of Carnival Cruise Lines and cruising. Today though, they need your thoughts and prayers and I know I can say without fear or trepidation that through this humble blog they will without doubt receive these in abundance.

I will be calling the family later today.

My heartfelt thanks to you all


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