The Sun Will Come Out………on Saturday

February 20, 2008 -

John Heald

Mixed emotions can be described in many ways………….watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your brand new Aston Martin…………………discovering you have a won a $10 million mansion by the sea and then finding out…………it’s in France.

Well, mixed emotion is certainly what I have been feeling this Tuesday after dealing with our friends having to leave so suddenly due to the sudden passing of their daughter. It took a lot of will power to go on TV and host the Morning Show and be funny ………. but……..I did.

During the show a guest rang in and said that he hated the show and that it was disturbing his reading………..unfortunately he preceded the word reading with a word beginning with the letter F and I immediately hung up on him. I believe it to be the guest who wrote a letter which you will see shortly and after his comment I had to apologize to everyone and make sure it was edited out of the re run.

I was going to call the guest to discuss this…………he could have found one of many other spots to read and certainly judging by the dozens of letters and comments I received everyone enjoys the dedication shows. Normally I would take the time to talk to him about this but because of his disregard for everyone by using the F word and because of my sadness for our friends who had to leave the ship so suddenly I was concerned that I may not be myself. Instead of discussing the subject with him I was worried that in my present condition I may use a few choice words myself ……………………………….. Anyway, once I have calmed down a bit I will have a chat with Mr. F.

Its now 3:36 pm. I just finished the Marriage Show and even though I was definitely not on the top of my game it was really funny……………not because of me, of course, but because of the people involved.

Let’s start with Giovanni and Helen Gravoli. They have been married for 62 years and what a couple they are. During our conversation they told me about how when they were first married they could not afford a home of their own so they lived with their parents who were very strict. Well, to avoid any embarrassment they had a code word for when they would sneak off to their room………..the code word was “chicken sandwich.” …………Giovanni would say “Helen, I fancy a chicken sandwich.”……..and that would be the cue for them to ………..ummmmm……………disappear. The funnies t thing was that Helena told me that even today they still use the words “chicken sandwich” for a …………kiss and a cuddle and their 5 children and 9 grandkids have no clue ……………. I then asked them when the last had a chicken sandwich…………Helena laughed and said “last night on Lido Deck .”

Tonight I will be sending them some champagne and of course…………… guessed it……………a plate of chicken sandwiches.

Then there was the young honeymoon lady Elizabeth. I asked for the lady honeymooners to stand up and as they did I noticed each of them had their husbands next to them except Elizabeth. I asked her where he was and she told the audience and I that he was probably in the casino. She looked sad without him and that was my cue to leave the 800 people in the lounge and run (OK, walk) to the Pursers office where I made this page on the PA system. “We have just completed the raffle drawing and the lucky winner of the $1,000 prize is……………..Tyree Lewis………………… have 5 minutes to come to the Victoriana Lounge to claim your prize.”…………………Within three minutes he was there and when he walked in he received a standing ovation from the audience …………. he was reunited with his wife………………and we then had loads of fun on stage. They were both great sports.

Married Couple

My friend and Comedian Al Ernst has been performing on board with me………… are some photos

Al Ernst

Al Ernst

Al Ernst

Al Ernst

Al Ernst

In Your Own Words

In Your Own Words
In Your Own Words

In Your Own Words

In Your Own Words

So, here I sit with an hour to write to you before the Past Guest Receptions start and therefore I had better get on with answering some of the questions you have requested answers for in today’s Q and A session. To skip the Q&A sessions, click here.

ROBIN IN NEW YORK – hello Robin. Yes, we did seem to lose each other on the Carnival Imagination and my apologies for that. I look forward to getting the photo of us which I will add to our scrapbook………..or Heidi will. I hope you enjoyed that cruise as much as we did and thank you so much for your continuing support of the blog. Cheers and my best to Batman.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Excellent point Paul and one we can look at immediately. Good idea that the bathrooms have grab handles in case of sudden movement of the vessel and I thank you for being so kind to bring it to my attention. I have sent your comment on above. I hope you are well and, as always, Heidi and I send our warmest possible regards to you both.
JAKE SILVERBERG – hello Jake and thanks for your kind words and I cannot believe they showed me on the Queen Victoria…………wow, I am lucky. You asked about the Cruise Director on the Carnival Victory for your March cruise. He will be a young man called Malcolm who goes by the name Malcolm in the Middle. He is very talented and very funny and I think you and your family will really enjoy his friendly style. The Carnival Victory looks great and the addition of the new big screen at Carnival’s Seaside Theatre has made a huge difference to the feel of Lido Deck. You must take the time to watch a movie under the stars. I hope this helps and I wish you a great cruise. Please write soon and lets us know about your experience.
GREG BALDASOCKI – You will be happy to know that a new sock is on its way to you as our carpet damaged yours. I use the term new although it is used but it will be new to you of course…………….its brown and has had one careful owner. Enjoy mate.
JILL ANDRESS – You finally have my attention and I am so sorry that I have not answered your questions before. I was sorry read that your last cruise was interrupted by your husband’s chest pains and was so happy to hear that following triple bypass surgery he is doing so very well. I then read about your Dad. I, like many others I am sure forget that Breast Cancer can also affect men as well and please send my best to Dad for his successful victory against this awful disease. Please leave me a note when you board at the Information Desk and I look forward to seeing you all soon.
CHAZON – I see that you are very excited about your Carnival Splendor cruise. You asked if I will be blogging during my 18-day European trip to set up the excursions in Europe and the answer is yes………….Internet service permitting. I will be blogging as much as I can and after the trip I will send in more detailed blogs covering our fine Shore Excursion program and the sites not to be missed. So, look out for this in the near future and stay excited as the ship will be brilliant. Cheers.
DANNY – hello mate and yes, there is a printer at our Internet café should you need to print anything out. The aft stairwell is restricted to crew as it leads to sensitive operational areas of the ship…………however the views from Deck 12 aft looking back on the water are amazing. Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers mate.
SUSAN B – I am sure this has been a difficult few days for you after the terrible incident at NIU. Looking after two girls who just managed to escape must take a very special and caring person……we all send you and the students our sympathy and support.
CRUISIN EAGLE – I am glad the information on Grand Turk was useful and now I see you require some on Cabo and Ensenada. Can you believe it ……in all my years at sea I have never sailed from the West Coast………………so…………I have sent this on to the West Coast ships for an answer. Look out for this in the next few days mate and if for some reason I forget send me a gentle nudge in the right direction. I am sure your son and soon to be new daughter in law will have a brilliant Honeymoon on the Carnival Elation and please let me know if I can help……………not with the honeymoon……….I mean the ship. Thanks for reading the blog.
ZYDECOCRUISER – hello Bill. I read your question and realized I may have confused some people when I mentioned my desire to hold a Carnival Road show the night before the 2009 Bloggers cruise. One idea that we are trying to work on is to involve the Port of New Orleans and other partners to produce a show that features a great dinner and the best of Carnival Entertainment. The proceeds of this would go to the charity in question. I agree that New Orleans does have amazing entertainment however I am sure we can bring something new and exciting to the town and all for a great cause. What do you think mate? Looking forward to having you show me the town.
KEVIN AND HEIDI AND BETH – Hello you three. Is Risa Barnes going to be the CD on the Carnival Inspiration when you cruise you ask……………yes she is indeed………….how lucky you are. Hope the ATCOCS stays away. Early symptoms can include singing the Queen Song and our commercial music “You’re my Best Friend “in the shower to severe symptoms such as asking your wife to tickle you under the smokestack and call you Fun Ship Freddy. Stay well and get cruising quick….all 3 of you.
LINDA HERNACKI – Hope you had fun at the flea market with Mike the handy man and it sounds like you have had a very busy week. You asked which CD is taking over from Weeeeeeeeee Jimmy on the Carnival Glory and the answer is a young man called Ryan Fitzgerald. He is one of our up and coming young CDs who is already proving to be very popular with the guests. I will post the Cruise Director schedule before the end of the week I promise. I don’t see a day where we would allow smoking in the dining rooms so no worries there. Please send my best to Mike and I hope you enjoyed your night out at Olive Garden. Thanks for all your wonderful postings and see you soon.
KUKI – Funny, I was just talking about you with Al Ernst who is he will be contacting you regarding some Cruisemates videos. I will not be the CD on the trans-Atlantic crossing in April mate however there is an excellent chance I will join is Spain so we can see each other and I can meet your group. It would be very nice to extend the Bloggers 2009 cruise to the 4-day and that idea has certainly given me something to think about. Please pass on my kind regards to all your readers and see you soon mate…….9 days of you and Big Ed………..I may need medication.
LYNN AND MIKE SAGARA – Welcome home from the Bloggers cruise and I am so glad you took the time to write. I wanted to start by answering your questions on the debarkation system. Yes, we have made some huge improvements but judging by your comments we need to make more. I have already sent the comments to the Tour Operator in Miami we use to take you on the Everglades tour. I will follow up on this but for now please except my sincere apologies………….We will investigate and make sure this never happens again. I think not being the Cruise Director for the next bloggers cruise is the right choice. You are right, we were exhausted afterwards but also I really felt guilty that I did not spend enough quality time with all of you…………..that will change for the next one. It was wonderful to have you onboard and thank you so much for taking the time to write. See you soon and our best to the both of you.
RAYMOND KRYGIER – Why you ask is the Carnival Destiny dropping La Romana from her itinerary………..answer………I have no idea. However, I promise that I will find out for you and have already emailed the people who decide these things. I have to say I was very disappointed to hear that you had written letters to Carnival asking why and have yet to receive a response…………..I will also raise the flag about this as well. Please stand by and I promise to get back to you soon. I will assure you though that although you may be disappointed in not going to La Romana that you will love all the remaining ports and the Carnival Destiny herself. Please keep reading the blog and you will find your answer soon. Cheers.
MATT – How wonderful an idea. Let’s stay in touch and if our dates match we can indeed make a sugar-free gathering happen. Cheers mate.
KERSPLOTT – Who will be the Captain of the Carnival Splendor?………….Well you asked a great question and here is the answer…………..Captain Giorgio Pagano. He is one of our longest-serving and most experienced Captains and a true gentlemen. I will be interviewing him soon so you can all meet this great man. Glad to see you are still enjoying the blog and our best to you and the family.
ERIN – It seems like just yesterday that you were calling into the morning show to tell me a knock knock joke. I just asked the Audio Visual manager if he had the videos from last week but I am sad to say the master copies have now been erased ……….I am so sorry. I am glad though that you have found this blog and I hope this keeps you going until your next cruise. It was so much fun having you onboard and as requested I have passed on your thanks and admiration for your Stateroom Steward Heru. Keep reading the blog and hope to see you soon.
EVA B – Sorry once again that your question has yet to be answered ………..let’s rectify that right now. It’s easy to answer as I have no information on the Carnival Splendor tours just yet. However, I will be in Europe in April and will return with all the top recommendations…………… will be worth the wait I promise. Hope you are well and see you very soon.
LUCKY COP – Your appointment for a 7:30 am hair thingy has been confirmed with the Head Stylist. That’s one thing less to worry about and if you anything else I will be happy to be your wedding coordinator. I am at your service.
PEANUTS – Will there be a Supper Club on the new Carnival Fantasy you ask?………..No, I am sorry………there just is not room. I really wish there was but never mind the new Evolutions Of Fun will have you enjoying the best cruise ever. Please let me know if you have any other questions and all the best until then.
ROBERT / SUSAN V – Thanks for the excellent posting. I wanted to concentrate on the segment where you requested that Carnival could have a place for Cruise Critic members to meet up on the first day of the cruise. This can be done easily…………and right now. If any Cruise Critic group is sailing on any Carnival ship and you all want to meet all you have to do is ask. If it’s a group of 40, 400 or just 4………….let me know. Give me two weeks notice and I will confirm the time and place for you. All you have to do is ask me. I suggest you post this on the boards and make sure your editor and my friend Carolyn sees this so she is in the loop. I hope this helps. Cheers.
MYRA BUSHNELL – It’s simple……….book the cruise and let’s have fun together.
PRINCESS ELAINE – Hello Princess. You asked if the Bloggers cruise would be right after the dry dock whereupon the ship will receive her Evolutions of Fun. The answer is no as I understand the drydock period ends in October. Hope this helps and see you next year.
LAMBKNUCKLES – as a karaoke fan I think you will find having it under the stars on the big screen very special indeed. Thanks for the wonderful posting and kind regards from us both.
GIRLDOC – That is a great question…………………we all miss Costa Maya and the devastation caused by Hurricane Dean was huge. I am checking with Terry Thornton in our office for the latest news and will let you know as soon as he gets back to me. I am glad you are still laughing and hope that continued for a long time.
MARGIE TRACY – I was astonished to read your posting and the timing of it is fate I am sure. Please except my deepest sympathies at the loss of your daughter in a tragic car accident in 2003. Here I am 6 years later, having had a family bereaved of their beloved child in similar circumstances. I hope they find the same strength you did and the fact that cruising with Carnival has helped in providing some of that inner strength is wonderful to hear. I truly hope that we meet some day and thank you for your comments which have made things just a little be easier for me personally…………..thank you.

On that note I have to stop. Tomorrow I will start answering questions from the blog called I LOVE K MART. I am really behind and apologize as I always seem to be doing these days in not answering each and every comment. I read each one though and they continue to provide me with so much positive energy so please keep them coming.

Oh, look at this. Here is the answer hot off the presses from my friend and our Vice President of Marketing Planning Terry Thornton regarding Costa Maya.

We are monitoring the progress of the reconstruction efforts in Costa Maya and it appears that the work is going according to their plan. They are estimating to be ready for calls sometime in the fourth quarter of 2008. We have the Carnival Glory currently scheduled to return to Costa Maya in December, 2008. We don’t have any other ships currently scheduled for Costa Maya.

Thanks Terry.

One of the best “behind the scenes” blogs I have ever read is . The pre life of a cruise ship is often secretive and unknown but not now. If you love ships then you must pay this site a visit and learn about sea trials and the mooring winches and all the latest news ……………… also ………….. see great photos of the cabins as they take shape. The Eurodam is going to be a spectacular new addition for Holland America Line so make sure you all click on the link thingy and have a sneak peek inside.

Now, some of you have discovered that there is a golf convention during the time we were considering holding a pre-Bloggers cruise function in New Orleans and some of you are concerned about hotel space, I have asked my friends in the office for their help to expedite proceedings to see if we can book hotel space. I promise to get back to you with this information as soon as I have it. I really want this pre cruise plan to work and it seems many of you do too.

Last week I had a mate sailing. His name is Steve Read and he is the Cruise Travel Writer for a publication called “The Sun.” which many of you may know is the most read newspaper in the U.K. Steve lives and breathes ships and cruising and was here to write an article about the Carnival Freedom. I thought I would take this opportunity to interview him and allow him to share his experiences with you…………………Here then are his words.

Steve Read with me

1. When did your love of all things cruising start? Back in 1971, aged 14, I went abroad for the first time, for a school cruise on a tiny ship called the SS Uganda. The itinerary was very similar to what most cruise ships do these days in the Mediterranean – Naples, Florence and Pisa, Rome, Athens, Santorini and Venice. The ports were fabulous (they still are), but I also loved the ship. So much so, that all through school I intended to become a captain. I would be the first kid awake (long before the Masters-At-Arms burst into the dormitory shouting “Feet on the deck!”), outside to watch them sending the lines ashore or lowering the lifeboats for use as tenders. I’d watch the wind and the currents and try to guess what the captain would do next to bring the ship safely alongside.

But at the age of 17 I had a day’s work experience on my local newspaper in Warwickshire and I loved that, too. So I became a reporter, eventually moving from the smallest daily paper in England to the biggest daily in the world, The Sun.

I thought nothing more about the sea until 1999 when I went on a press freebie on the Airtours ship Sunbird. (Your readers might remember her as Royal Caribbean’s Song of America. She’s now called Thomson Destiny). As soon as I put one foot on the gangway, I thought: “Darn it, THAT’S what I meant to do!”

I started writing cruise stories for The Sun straight away. As time went on and cruising has become more popular, writing about it has taken up more and more of my time, so nowadays it’s my full-time job.

Incidentally, there was another 14-year-old kid on that school cruise, called Alistair Clark. I never met him at the time, but he also fell in love with the sea on the SS Uganda. He stuck with it, and he’s going to be the first captain of P&O Cruises’ new flagship Ventura which launches in April. He’s had my life!

2. You currently write for the UK’s biggest selling newspaper. Can you tell us a little about what you daily routine involves and how you decide what to write about?

I spend about two weeks of every month on ships – either on a cruise, or visiting ships for a day while they’re in port, or at the shipyard while they’re being built. There’s something special about seeing a huge ship like Carnival Splendor out of the water, being able to jump up and touch the massive bronze propellers and peer through the bow thrusters.

I have a weekly column in The Sun (it’s still the only national paper to have a regular cruise column) and there is always plenty of “good” cruise news about – new ships, new itineraries, the latest onboard attractions. It’s a hectic time for all the cruise lines and they’ve all got something to say.

The trouble is, “good” news rarely makes it into the main part of the paper. People still want to read “bad” news – so for example, if a ship gets the norovirus (I love the description of that – “projectile vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea” sounds like the morning after a night in my local curry restaurant) it makes the headlines even though the illness is more common on land. By law, ships have to report any outbreaks – but land establishments, like hotels, don’t. If they did, there would be stories every day – and then it wouldn’t be news, it would just be “something completely usual happened again today, yawn…”.

There are other stories which will always get into the headlines. Camilla failing to smash the champagne bottle when she launched Queen Victoria actually got more publicity for Cunard than if the bottle had broken. And a ship hitting an iceberg and sinking (I’m thinking of the MV Explorer in December) gives us great “It was just like the Titanic” headlines.

3. Cruısıng it seems is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Do you think that the average British person has a different perspective on cruising than our friends from North America?

Remember – we Brits started off cruising over 100 years ago, with liners running between England and America and down to our other colonies of India, South Africa and Australia. The word “posh” comes from “Port Out, Starboard Home” – choosing a cabin on the shady side of the ship to avoid having the sun heating up your cabin in the mornings, before air conditioning.

They were grand voyages – like Cunard re-creates today. And even when P&O led the way in holiday cruises out of Southampton, as opposed to line voyages, most people couldn’t afford the fares, nor the amount of time they’d need off work. So cruising for the Brits was really only an option for rich, posh people. And for years, that’s who the cruise lines catered for over here – the over-fed and nearly-dead.

So even though cruise prices have fallen, ships have become more exciting and airfares are affordable (remember, we Brits can be in Venice in two hours by air!), persuading Brits that cruises aren’t stuffy and boring is still the biggest challenge for the industry.

It was different for the Americans. Don’t forget, going from Southampton we usually have to sail through a couple of days of rain before we get to decent weather! When Carnival started in Miami, passengers already had the guaranteed good weather of the Caribbean. So for the Yanks, cruising was all about fun and sunshine from the word go.

It is changing, though. In Europe in general, and Britain in particular, cruising is the fastest-growing holiday choice.

And now that Americans are being forced to get passports (I’ve never understood why it has taken so long – fussing around with driver’s licenses, birth certificates and stuff seems silly when a passport does the lot) they are coming over in increasing numbers, to cruise around the great ports of Italy, France and Greece.

4. Since you started writing about cruise vessels what has been the most striking change you have seen in the industry? The astonishing growth of the UK and European cruise market. We’ve never had so many ships over here.

Who would have thought that Royal Caribbean would have Independence of the Seas based out of Britain for her inaugural season? That P&O would have Ventura – a SuperLiner specially designed for Brits – and another on the way? All the major lines will be represented in Europe this summer.

Did you ever think that not one but TWO Carnival Fun Ships – as American as apple pie – would be over here?

The last time we had so many American ships over here was in the war! 

Just as long as you lot don’t start handing out nylons and running off with our women…

5. You just completed a 7-day cruise on the Carnival Freedom and I was wondering what the highlights for you were

Three things spring to mind immediately.

The Beatles show, on the first or second night. Apart from cruising, my other big passion is West End musicals and that show was every bit as good as Mamma Mia.

A really excellent dinner in the Sun King Supper Club – it was the best steak I’ve ever eaten and the service was impeccable, easily up to the “White Star Service” standards you get on the QE2. And finally, watching you fall on your a*se during the Bedtime Story show! 

6. You were with us for the incomparable naming ceremony of the Carnival Legend. What are your memories of that event and can you remind us of your famous headline thereafter.

Dame Judi Dench performed the ceremony, and the champagne bottle didn’t break – so she smashed it against the side of the ship by hand. The bubbly went all over her, which gave everyone the perfect headline: “Judi Drenched.” Again, 10 times more coverage than if the bottle had broken properly first time. Which, of course, makes you wonder whether… no, surely not…?

7. Can you tell us your top three cruise destinations

No hesitation for the first one – Venice. The most romantic city on earth, timeless beauty, absolutely breath-taking. It’s easy to get round on foot and there are sights you will remember forever. Two things you must do in Venice, especially if your ship is staying in port overnight – have a drink in the Hotel Danieli, just to the right of the Bridge of Sighs, and have a meal in a little restaurant next to the Rialto Bridge.

Second, Barcelona. Take a stroll along Las Ramblas and there are elegant pavement cafes, street performers and great shopping. Especially look for a couple of guys dressed as skeletons on old-fashioned penny-farthing bicycles.

Third, Magen’s Bay at St Thomas. It really is the prettiest beach in the world.

8. You must have met and written about many characters that you have met during your voyages. Are there any that more than others spring to mind that made a great story.

My favourite was an elderly lady passenger on the Saga Rose cruise ship. Saga cruises are only for the over-50s, but this lady was in her 80s – traveling alone, and sipping her vodka by the bar. On the land she would have been stared at, but on a cruise ship she was perfectly safe and comfortable.

She was fascinating – she was there in the Sixties when sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll were invented. She had seen The Beatles in the Cavern Club in Liverpool; she’d seen the Rolling Stones before they were famous.

She leaned towards me and said: “Back in those days, I had an awful lot of….” You can fill in the blank! 

9. Where do you see the industry in the future and what would you like to see.

Cruising is booming – the building yards are almost full, turning out new ships as fast as their little French, Italian and Finnish legs will carry them. As more people turn on to cruising, the industry can only grow.

Cruise ships are now fabulous floating resorts with facilities and attractions (I nearly said “gimmicks”) that people wouldn’t have imagined even 10 years ago. Curly water slides, trapezes and circuses, rock climbing walls, ice rinks, surf simulators, massive spas and gyms, open-air movie screens at sea – a ship is no longer simply a means of getting from A to B, it’s now a destination all by itself.

Mediterranean cruises, especially, are port-heavy because there is so much to see. My worry is that the ports will become overwhelmed. Six or seven massive ships in at Naples, with thousands and thousands of passengers all wanting to visit the brothel in Pompeii on the same day, is a logistical nightmare.

The cruise lines are experts at what they call “passenger flow” – on the ships it means ensuring things like the buffet queues never get too long. Perhaps the lines ought to liaise with some of the top attractions – and with each other – to make sure guests all have a smooth time ashore.

Personally, I’d consider putting an extra day at sea into some of the itineraries and dropping some of the ports (for instance, some ships call at Tunis which is one of the biggest dumps on the planet)

As for extra stuff on the ships, has anyone considered a roller coaster?

One other thing I’d like to see: The TSA staff at Miami Airport being sent on a Carnival crew training program to learn how to be polite, smile and put the passenger first. At the end of a fabulous cruise, the last thing you need is stupid hassle and bad attitude at the airport.

10. I cannot let you go without asking you for a favourite story from your travels.

A great pal of mine is Captain Philip Rentell, now master of the Saga Ruby but at the time master of the Sunbird.

We were in Naples, and there was an American battleship at anchor offshore. Capt Rendell’s passengers didn’t know that he had pre-arranged things with the battleship, so here’s what they saw and heard.

First, he went on the PA: “Ladies and gentlemen, you see that battleship over there? Let’s go and have a closer look. I’ll leave the radio switched through to the speakers, so you can hear what goes on.”

Then he took the great white cruise ship round and round the battleship, two or three times. Passengers lined the rails, taking pictures.

Then the PA crackled again: “Cruise ship Sunbird! Cruise ship Sunbird! This is a United States warship. STATE YOUR INTENTIONS!”

We sailed off at speed – Capt Rentell and his military opposite number on the battleship howling with laughter at their prank, while the passengers cheered their heroic captain for taking on the US Navy.

Thanks mate, great stuff. Steve’s articles can be found on and and his article should appear in the Sun on Saturday.

It has been a long day and I feel quite tired. Still there is work to be done and shows to do and jokes to tell. I then have a meeting with Mr.F and more importantly I will be calling the Kimmitt family to let them know I am here for them and when they have time and feel that they can read the many comments already posted.

I have to tell you about something that I am a little nervous about but ………….. well …………….here goes. Today, at the Marriage Show one of the young ladies I invited on stage surprised the heck out of everyone. She was probably no more than 22 and had just got married. We talked about her proposal which was pretty cool. Her husband had hired a plane to fly over the Grand Canyon and as they flew over a certain area there below were the words “_____ will you marry me?” Now, I have disguised the name only because the following makes me a tad nervous as I said. Anyway, I asked the lady ( as I always do in The Marriage Show ) if she would like to have her husband propose again………….she agreed and up he came her husband……………….a really nice guy…………….very polite and charming and 55 years old…………… least.

While I pretended not to notice the 800 strong audience giggled and we went through the routine of the interview and the going down on one knee and singing a love song. Before this however I asked him what had attracted him to her…………he said her personality ………….and then nudged me and laughed………………….yea……………..I am sure her personality was amazing………………she certainly seemed charming ……….. women would love to think what we look for in a woman is a special kindness and someone who likes a cuddle……………..however…………… this case and judging my the nudge nudge wink wink he just gave me………….the fact that his 22 year old wife had a chest like the Alps probably had something to do with it as well.


Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.