KFC….Kentucky Fried Chaos

March 15, 2008 -

John Heald

When I was at college sports meant two things……….football (soccer), which was played in a park with two coats for goal posts.

The second sport was to see how many girls Alan and I could get to ignore us or worse throw up on us………my mate Alan usually won this particular event…………..unfortunately, not by much.

I have therefore always been fascinated by American College sports. Maybe it’s the sheer size of the events, the huge stadiums and the wild and passionate support that the teams command. We have nothing like this in the U.K. Our biggest college event is the varsity boat race.

This involves a bunch of upper class men from Oxford and Cambridge University with names like Henry Henrison and Siegfried Smyth – Crapperton paddling a canoe up the River Thames. A crowd of polite students placing their strawberries and cream and glass of Pimms on their Louis Vitton table clothes before gently proclaiming words of encouragement such as “Tally Ho” & “Oh, spiffing, we won.”………..that’s University sports in the U.K.

So, as I said University sports in North America fascinate me and tonight I am sorry to say …………they now get on my bloody nerves.

Here is why.

During the Afternoon Show I received a live call from a phone on the Lido Deck and when I answered I very rude young man declared without a hello or good afternoon………….you had better get the Kentucky vs Georgia game today or there may be trouble.

I had no time to answer him because he put the phone down…………..”wow” I said……….how brave…………I am sure right now his friends are giving him a high five for doing such an amazing dare.

Anyway, I thought nothing more about it and moved the show along……………….then this happened.

Ref: 002721369A

Owner: (ELTS) Elitza Stimac

Large group Of Guests Shouting in the Lobby
About 30 guests approached the Desk, stating that he and at least another 200 people were waiting for the Kentucky Game supposedly on CBS, but found out recently that it would not be broadcasted. Guests were chanting and shouting, “We want the game” and swearing and screaming. After 10 minutes Purser received a call back from AV staff advising that the Kentucky Game was not able to be broadcasted. Purser tried to explain the situation to the crowd, but had to call Security to intervene, seeing that the answer was not to their satisfaction. The Cruise Director was called to which John came down to the lobby.

Security attended situation.

So, as requested by the gathering masses I went down to the lobby where I was immediately surrounded by a throng of mini skirt wearing Barbie’s and a various assortment of Ken’s, Beavis’s, Buttheads and one very strange young man who for some alcohol infused reason was wearing his life jacket.

The gang of 30 plus surrounded me and off they went……….some shouting………some swearing and some just trying to look cool. I stood there for at least two minutes and said nothing, letting the Get-A-Long gang have a good old vent. It was only when one lanky streak of a kid called me a very nasty name that I raised my hand and said “ok, that’s enough”……….and raised my hand in the air. Everyone stopped talking……….except Mr. Lanky Streak who I now noticed was so pale he was almost transparent. He was as thin as a stick insect and like the guy earlier in the week he too had been mugged by a Staple Gun………anyway…….Lanky Streak kept talking and kept swearing and I had decided enough was enough. I looked him in the eye……….I wanted to tell him to piss off and go and eat a bowl of pasta…………….but instead I calmly informed him to walk away or the reason I would not listen to all his friends would be him…………..he was going to argue but one very smart Barbie took him by his hand and pulled him away………hopefully in the direction of the dining room.

I had now been joined by two security officers and on each side of me I now had two burly chaps from India and that changed the atmosphere as well.

Now I had their attention I began to explain that we had tried every satellite channel to find the game they wanted to see but unfortunately none of the networks we had which included all the major ones were showing the game……………there was silence for a few moments and then……………….one of the Barbie’s started crying……………..yep………….crying. It was as though someone had pulled the cord in her back and she had become “Sobbing Barbie.”…………….and you know what………….I felt sorry for her……………..I don’t know why………………..maybe it was the big blue eyes looking at me…………..but I actually felt sorry for her.

It was because of ” Sobbing Barbie ” that I tried to do something else for them…………..I called the Internet Café manager and allowed them to use the Internet free of charge to listen to the game on the Internet. When I arranged this and came back to the lobby to tell them this was the best I could do it was met by mostly thanks………..especially from the Barbie’s. However, one young man who was sponsored by Budweiser said the strangest thing to me…………..this is word for word what he said to me in front of the Senior Purser and two officers………………”When I get off this boat I am going to make sure you lose your job……..do you know who I am”………….now, being a bit of sarcastic chap I answered ” Donald Trump……….Henry Kissinger…………..one of the Telly Tubbies”………….but this sarcasm was wasted on him and he carried on with “I am fu%$8ng Rick Partino’s God Son and he will make sure you are fired you beep beep beep beep beep.”

He said this with such venom and such hatred that I immediately realized that our meeting had come to an end and I asked security to escort this angry young man away………………they did.

I then led the remaining twenty something to the Internet Café and once everything was set up I left………….I thought I may get a word of thanks but no………..they were too busy ordering drinks, high fiving and calling each other Dude.

I returned to the cabin and as I sit here and write to you I have to say what a rude and arrogant lot they were. I have no idea who or what Rick Partino is, maybe he owns Kentucky………maybe he is head of the University…………..maybe………well anyway……..whoever you are Rick I have to tell you if that’s your God Son you may want to consider removing yourself from that title or at least giving him a lesson in manners before someone else does…………with a baseball bat.

All this because of a basketball match………….I know there is passion involved and as I said I think that is wonderful. However, to be so rude and to act like some of those kids tonight………well………..I know they were a minority and the majority I am sure are wonderful young people whenever I hear the words University of Kentucky I will think of the rude and arrogant people I met tonight……………….what a shame.

Oh by the way……………..the game was abandoned due to a severe storm…………..so after being called all the names you can imagine by Lifejacket Boy, Mr. Lanky Streak and the godson of Rick Partino…………..the game was never played. Whenever it is played………….I hope Georgia wins by 3000 points.

Lets do some questions and comments.

I wanted to say another big thank you. I know I didn’t say much about the guest who I was laughing and joking with on Sunday and who on Wednesday was taken from us. It was a shock and therefore all the words of sympathy you expressed have helped me and others get through this difficult time.
Anyway, thanks to you all and rather than me reply to every individual vote of sympathy I hope this universal thank you will let you all know how much it is appreciated.

I didn’t have time to take any photos today however here are the letters from the In Their Own Words Section.




Here we go with a very quick Q and A, which today will concentrate, on specific questions.

PEANUTS……………Thanks for asking about Alan, Joan, who I am happy to say is as ugly as ever and doing better every day. Thanks for all your nice words and I will promise very soon to slap on a photo of me and my extremely ugly mate. Hope all is well. Cheers.

KBISOK………….hello Karl. I have had many people who have cruised say to me that they miss reading about the blog when they are onboard. Now, obviously you can go to the Internet café and log on but your idea of a print out of the blog is something I have been meaning to do but never have. So, I hereby ask that if any guest who is onboard with me and wants to read the blog thingy leaves me a note at the Information desk and I will send copies to your cabin. I will also start placing laminated copies in the library as well. I hope this is something you will enjoy and thanks Karl for the reminder. See you in July. Cheers.

GACRUISER…………I wanted to pass my sympathies to you at the loss of your friend this week. To lose a friend at just 39 is a tragedy and we are thinking of you and the family she left behind.

VICKI………..I am indeed disembarking the ship on the 22nd but I will be around all day until the ship leaves so maybe I will get to see you. I certainly hope so. Have a great week and a safe journey to the vessel. Cheers.

MYRA BUSHNELL………..You asked if a guest passing away onboard was unusual. Well, certainly it is not something that happens every week but if you look at the industry as a whole……….maybe in fact it does………I don’t know. Sometimes it happens so unexpectedly though as this week it just shocks you so much. Anyway, thanks for your kind words of sympathy Myra.

You asked if the Carnival Splendor was completed yet. Well, she is on schedule and as we speak undergoing sea trials. Once the sea trials are complete she will return to the shipyard where the outfitting will continue. I will be showing you some photos very soon of our new lady. Thanks Myra and I wish you much luck on your weight loss program. Cheers.

DOROTHY SKI…………Thanks for reading the blog thingy all this time and congratulations on making your first ever posting. I am keeping all three of my chins up but I am really looking forward to Mr. Bell leaving town. It is always nice to hear from bloggers who have never posted before and I am very glad you did. My best to you and the family.

TERRY DUNNING……………Hello Mate. I will most likely be with you on the carnival Splendor when you cruise. I will be home for the holiday season but by the time you sail I will be back. I really did as you said ” want to let Mr. Stabilizer have it ” but I have found that sometimes kindness works better than a swift kick in the pants…………not always………….just sometimes. Anyway, thanks for the great words mate and I am glad that you appreciate my daily musings here on the blog thingy. Many thanks and best regards to you and the family.

PETER AND SHANNAN…………….You are correct. There were two medical emergencies during your February 23rd cruise. One involved a gentlemen whom we returned to St.Thomas in the middle of the night to disembark and another when we arrived in Miami early to get to hospital. I am sorry to tell you that one of the guests passed away the following day but the gentlemen we disembarked in St. Thomas is doing very well indeed. The medical staff saved his life…………and thanks to them and the Captain D’Aita for his quick assistance he is now doing so much better.

Thanks for thinking of me and I hope it will not be long before we are all cruising together soon. Until then please keep reading the blog thingy. Cheers.

DMINX……………A ferret cam………now that’s something I would pay to see. I can’t wait! Cheers.

MARK TWAIN AND A HALF…………….The joke was well-needed mate………….many thanks for sharing a smile. Cheers.

RUTH JAMISON………….It should not be too difficult to print out copies of the blogs for guests onboard. Maybe if there hundreds of blog readers than we can place copies in the Library for guests to read at their leisure. Anyway, I will find a way for you all to see what I am writing about the week you are onboard. Thanks Ruth and I hope you have a great weekend. Cheers.

OLD YEOMAN………….what a wonderful story about Chicho the Italian Chief Boson. I know him well and he is still with us……..still fishing……….still smoking those Italian Toscana cigars and still one of the great Carnival characters. I am sure he made quite an impression on your Dad and I hope you have many other stories like the one you told us today to share with us all. Thanks for doing so and thank you for the kind words as well. I hope you sail with me soon so we can chat about the old days in person. My best to you and the family.

JAKE SILVERBERG………..hello mate. Gerry Goodspeed is what we call a ” fly on entertainer.” This means that he will fly to one ship, do his show and then fly to another ship. It is a busy life but this way so many different guests get to see his show. Thanks Jake and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

BETH…………….I hope you have had some luck with airfare Beth since you’re last posting as that three day cruise to Amsterdam will be very special. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

KAREN TESSIER……….Nice to hear from you again. I can tell you that your cruise director for your Carnival Elation cruise will be Stuart Dunn. He is a big strapping lad from Australia and I know you will have a great time with him. As for your Carnival Conquest cruise in September I can’t say just yet who the CD will be. However, if you remind me a month or so before you sail I will be able to let you know. Once again thanks for the posting and I hope you continue to read the blog thingy whenever you can. Cheers.

CHERI,………………Will Carnival have any concerns on your husband getting a Fun Ship Freddy tattoo on his arm you asked…………absolutely not…………….are you serious and if he does we must have photos please. Keep us informed and send your husband our best…………Fun Ship Freddy says hi as well………..he is real………..honest.

LUCINDA MILLER……….You asked how young a baby can be before they are allowed to sail. Last month I remember we had a young baby of just six months sail…………on his own………..ok………with his parents. So the answer is, 6 months.

So, if indeed you are to raise your grand child then you may of course bring he/she along. It sounds like the next few months may be a challenge so I hope the blog brings you a little fun now and then and if there is anything else I can do for you I remain at your service. Cheers.

JIM…………….Who would play Heidi you asked on our Blog TV idea………….after much careful consideration I have decided that the part of my wife would be played by Heidi herself….she is unique. However, if the TV company wanted me to play myself then Heidi should be played by Jessica Simpson, Uma Thurman or the Miller Light twins.

Thanks Jim and hope all is well.

CRUISINSUE……….I am embarrassed to tell you that the Port Of Miami charge…………….$20 per day for parking cars and bikes in the secure Port of Miami car lot………………….that’s $140 for a seven day cruise. You may want to investigate one of the off pier parking lots opposite the port which maybe cheaper. Let me see what I can find out. My best to you and the family.

FLIP FLOP CRUISE QUEEN…………Still no news on Maria. I know she finished her surgery last week but to date I have heard nothing. Lets hope and pray that she is doing well. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything and thank you as always for your kindness.

RAY MCTEAGUE…………..I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Deb for that wonderful posting. I know you have written in some time so I wanted to take this chance to send our best regards to you and to say how nice it was to hear from you. Please write soon and I will try and rest …………….sometime this year. Cheers mate.

NJOYNDRIDE………………What a beautiful posting and your love of life and cruising was obvious for all to see. I see you met Storming Norman in your travels and also celebrated many special family moments together. I am so glad that after all this time you decided to post and I hope you will do so many more times. Thanks for all the kind words and I will indeed have a Milky Bar and a Curly Wurly when I get home in your honour. My best to you and all the family.

That’s all for now. There were many comments I did not reply to but on the next posting I will reply to them all once again.

So, another cruise is over. When I look back at this week it’s easy to think that maybe the cruise was not so good but this would be wrong. Overall I think it was excellent.

Yes, there were one or two incidents involving some of our younger guests but they were minimal. The weather was beautiful all week and every guest I spoke to told me they had enjoyed the cruise so very much.

I met some great people…………Al Gaylord who saved the world during WW2……………….Allen Young who had lost a limb but not his sense of humor and love of life……………..I also met a lady who left us mid cruise……………and although it has been a great week full of fun and sun……………..the one thing I shall remember always from this voyage is how precious life is. This cruise therefore is dedicated to a special lady…………….who I will never forget.


Your friends

John and Heidi


Georgia beat Kentucky tonight…………..I have nothing else to say………………except…………woohoo !

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70 Responses to KFC….Kentucky Fried Chaos

  1. vicki says:

    Would love to see you again on the 22 – I know you will be busy—we hope to be there by 11am (if we survive driving in Miami)

    What’s a good place to say hi and bye lol.

    Heard from Robert tonight- said they had a great cruise !

  2. Paula Baker says:

    John and Heidi,

    That special lady is looking from the wonderful heavens above and is with you more than you know. She is still cruising. Peace be with her and her family.

    Love Paula and Nelson Baker
    See you soon!!

  3. Linda Hernacki says:

    Hi John: Now I am really confused, you put a P.S. on the end of your blog that Kentucky got beat by Georgia, but I thought they didn’t play? You had said the game was called off?? I can’t believe how rude those people were to you, and as far as the God Son of whoever the heck Rick Partino is, he is just a JERK that has to USE other people to fight his battles, he indeed is a weakling. You are on the other hand a GENTLEMAN in handling the situation as you did! Hope Mr. Bells leaves you before weeks end! Please respond John: Where will you be after you vacation cruise next week? What ship will you be on? Back to Freedom, on to get ready for the new Splendor? Where? PLEASE REPLY! Thanks! Linda & Mike (Mr. Handyman)

  4. Peggy says:

    Dear John,
    I am so sorry to hear about how disrespectful those college kids were to you. Rick Pitino was Kentucky’s basketball coach for many years. Left to go to the NBA (Celtics), but went back to college level (Memphis). Anyway, I can’t imagine how disgusted he would be to hear his name thrown around by those idiots. I don’t know how such a positive person like yourself deals with people like that. Carnival passengers are so lucky that you do! I just sent you a big hug….hang in there mate.
    My family of 5 (me,DH, kids 9,11,12)will be boarding the Freedom on the 22nd. I would love to meet you if you are going to be milling around the ship that day. We’re the Christensens. Husband is a family practice doc….says he’ll talk to you about Mr. Bells if you want. (I personally think he will disembark from you when you disembark for a little r & r.) Anyway, if I spot you, I’m going to have to say “hi”…….hope you don’t mind.
    Have a wonderful last week on board!

  5. well john i have never heard of rick partino either and i googled him and got almost nothing, just something about a heckler in a comedy show, didn’t make any sense to me. sorry for the problems you had but very glad georgia won! woo hoo!

    i just booked the valor for the 13th of april. charlie said he wanted to go on just one more before we leave florida the 1st of may. again – woo hoo!

    best to heidi, alan, steph, and roberto, and you of course mate. hoping mr bell leaves soon…

    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie

  6. Flip Flop Cruise Queen says:

    John, Here you go again, showing us your kind, compasionate side–the one that we all know, love, and admire you for. I am sure that Carnival’s special angel is looking down on all who sail on her to keep everyone, even the out of line, spring breakers, safe from harm. However, once they get home and give the bar bills to their parents, she is off the hook! You find good in almost everything that comes your way–thank you for your positive outlook on life!! Sheryl

  7. InMN253 says:

    I thought about you today when I was at a stop light behind a car with PETA bumper stickers. Your patience with people is truly amazing!

  8. Jake Silverberg says:

    Wow , That is a somthing I would like to call behind the scenes!
    He is very talented hopfull my family will see him, And this is my fathers first cruise since the CARNIVALE in 1970 somthing Which he wants to reunitw whith carnival again and have the FUN experiance.
    My dad even knows how the name Fun ship was started.
    My dad isnt in to cruises like I am , but he loves them ,or loved the CARNIVALE so I convinced him to go on the Victory for spring break , and I look forward to meeting MALCOLM.
    thank you so much for that fact!

    from , JAKE S. ( :

  9. Terri910 says:

    I googled the name Rick Partino to see who it might be that someone thought he could have you fired…!

    I wonder if that young man wasn’t the Godson of Rick Pitino, head basketball coach at the University of Louisville. Perhaps his mistook the idea that this made him a BMOC for something other than “Big Man On Campus” and instead “Big Man On Carnival”!??

    Your blog entries during this “Spring Break” week serve to highlight why Larry and I now avoid cruising during this time of year. Did that one time, years ago — never again!! While I am sure you are correct that the majority are fine young people, it is the very vocal (and inconsiderate) minority that can ruin a cruise for everyone else — or at least put a damper on it.

    Thanks for all you do!


  10. Jim [jleq] says:

    FYI: Rick Patino [the godfather of that “kind/sweet young man”] is a basketball coach. Formerly coach at Kentucky [now at Louisvillr]

  11. rickakaseanconnerylookalike says:

    Hey John….
    So sorry to hear about Mr. Ass%&$@.. Rick Partino…. ( no relation to the first name… thank god…) What a bunch of no class cruisers…& i’m putting it litely… did i just say that…?
    BTW…is Kentucky having a seminar…. of how to raise their kids…? ( no offence to Kentucky… the blue grass state… )
    Dam…. Have to say…. A pub load of Parisians, have more class then that Friggen dipstick from Kentucky…( btw dipstick….. hope you read my blog….)
    Now that i’ve vented…( the wiff is tellin me to cool down…) You know…….. i have a hard time John….. tryin to grasp the attitude of a few Mr. Budheads & al…. that they don’t have an once of politeness, or intelligence.. ( scratch politeness )… for the guests/ship crew around them… The wiff said to me………. Enuff said…she’s right!!!
    Tell ya…… peeps like that REALLY get my dander up….
    Anywhoooo……….. The idea of having Chefs onboard for the Feb 2009 BC…. sounds great… I have to say… Kevin sounds like a great candidate..
    Hey Kev……… e-mail me your favorite recipe. TIA…
    John….. your off next week mate…….. We won’t see you on the 29th cruise…… Dam…. Enjoy the break with Heidi, & PLEEEEEZE….. get sum rest mate…
    God Bless ….
    get rid of Mr. B……….. Richard
    Montreal, Canada

  12. Daron says:

    Hi John,

    I have really enjoyed your blog over the last month or so. I am going to be on the Carnival Freedom on April 5th. I really hope the spring breakers will be gone by then! Keep up the good work on the blog!

  13. Jetskier says:

    Tell the lovely young lady with the green hair that she just has an early start on the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Also that she wont have to worry about anyone pinching her for not having green on.

    Hopefully someone in the hair salon can help her out. Or you might have found a use for your Dolly Parton wig.


  14. Lee Rayburn says:

    Well you must know by now that Kentucky did get beat. The game was played Sat noonish. But it’s how they got beat that was the best of all. 10 sec left, Kentucky was up by 2. The fans were mouthing off to the Georgia fans, Kentucky just knew they had won. Well all of a sudden the Ga player fakes out the Ky player shoots and drains the 3. You should have seen the air come out of Ky. It was like popping a kids balloon, or in terms you’d get, walking back to the pier only to realize your ship had sailed without you…. It was great. Only problem is my Tennessee team got beat today by Arkansas. At least wwith all the Arkansas cheerleaders in 1 place they did have 1 full set of teeth. The refs had trouble keeping the Ark cheerleaders from grazing in the grass though.
    Take care and have a good week with the new group.

  15. John H says:

    Well John, not only did Kentucky get beat, but most of the Kentucky fans who came to Atlanta to see them play did not get to see them. As someone said earlier, the game was postponed last night because a tornado hit the Georgia Dome where the game was scheduled to be played. The game was re-scheduled to noon today and was played at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum on the Georgia Tech campus. The Coliseum is much smaller than the Georgia Dome, so only the player’s families, the press, and a very small number of fans for each school were allowed in to see the game. All of the other Kentucky fans who had tickets and who had traveled to Atlanta to see the game had to watch it on TV instead of getting to see it in person. This just kills me to say this since I am a Georgia Tech graduate, but for your sake I am glad Georgia beat Kentucky.

  16. robert says:

    come on john tell the story about the person calling you with the green hair and then someone called in and said put ketcup on it my wife was cracking up on that one….when you said what is she a hot dog lol that is one for the books,

    yes kentucky did lose a heart breaker to georgia on saturday they played a morning game and now georgia is playing again on saturday night against miss state, never heard of a college basketball doubleheader like i said earlier i been following college basketball for years and Kentucky love their cats, basketball is number #1 in their world, overall the 250 sr from Kentucky acted like adults and had a great cruise, they loved you John

  17. PC says:

    too funny that the godson still throws the name out there to get a Kentucky game, when his godfather has been coaching another univeristy for I don’t know… SEVEN YEARS AGO…

    thankful that the Bulldogs won in OT

    Just imagine, this was just conference tournaments, the real games start next week.

    Love the blog, read it everyday. Getting married on the Valor on May 21, in St Thomas. we got engaged on the Valor a year ago on our first cruise and are now ‘carnival for life’… what can we say, Canadians are loyal folk

    “go anybody playing Kentucky”

  18. Princess Elaine says:

    I may be able to explain the passion behind the basketball game.
    Ya see, Kentucky and Georgia are in the Southeastern Conference, also known as the SEC. From the title I am sure you can tell all of the teams are in the South. The folks in the south take their college sports VERY seriously. I unfortunately am one of those. The Kentucky Wildcats used to be a powerhouse in basketball in the SEC…that is until the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GATORS dominated the conference (not this year, that title now falls to Tennessee, ugh) I digress. Given all this, it is still UNEXCUSABLE for this type of behavior. Therefore, I feel I must apologize for this “child” on behalf on the SEC.
    Knowing the personality and outward appearance of Rick Pitino, I would imagine he too would be embarrassed by his “alleged” G-dson.
    So, you begin your last week on the Freedom before vaca. Feeling a little nostalgic?
    Could we get a Heidi blog before vaca?
    Again, I’m sorry for our fan’s behavior…we’re not all like that.
    Princess Elaine, the quiet and single

  19. Dan B says:

    My favorite response to the blustery “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??” challenge is to start shouting in an equally loud voice “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS? HE SEEMS TO HAVE FORGOTTEN.”

  20. Luis & Maria Torres says:


    Sorry to hear about the loss of a passenger. God needed her and called her regardless of where she was. She left us but at peace and now she is watching all of us from above. We all know we are on a journey but only God knows when that journey ends. So we live life each day as if its our last. As for your problem children, it took a lot of courage from you, me I would have called in the Coast Guard (if I could of course). Hope and pray your next cruise (journey) is uneventful. You and Heidi take care. Here is a website I hope you have a chance to visit. “Happy St Patrick’s Day”

    Traditional Irish Blessing – E-Water


    Luis & Maria Torres

  21. Alex G. says:


    I am deeply saddened to hear about the guest who passed away mid-cruise. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

    A friend of mine recently lost her mother due to cancer. She put up a great fight and lived a lot longer than doctors predicted. She was such a warm, loving person and everyone who knew would say the same thing. Moments like this remind us of how great life is and how fragile it can be. She is deeply missed by all of us.

    As for those college students, such madness they have caused in that lobby. For a second, I thought they were planning to take over. I don’t blame many of you for not wanting to cruise around this time of the year. I wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t even go shopping on Friday nights because they would invade the malls along with the worst group of people…… high school students… I went to watch a movie once, one Friday night, and there was so much distraction that I couldn’t even focus on the movie. Never again, would I see a movie on Friday night!

    Well, thank goodness for security showing up immediately. Love the sarcasm! I hope this next week goes well for you guys.

    Have a great weekend, John & Heidi!

    Alex G.

  22. Kathy Kroll says:

    Walk The Plank !

    I think those idiots should be tossed off the ship at the next port ! They ruin the trip for everybody in ear-shot, particularly in this day and age with all the security problems. There’s no room for that BS ! Same thing with the two that thought they were in “show biz’ and crawled up on stage. They endanger the performers. I know from experience!
    Throw them in the Brig !! ARgggggggg !

    Kathy and Paul

  23. John from Arkansas says:

    Another job well done! I don’t know how you manage to keep your cool when you have to deal with rude people. There are special stars in heaven for you my friend! We are counting the days until Bloggers Cruise 2! Big Ed and his Evil Crew and planning daily to see how we can top our January trip. Our best to you and Heidi.

    John and Anna from Arkansas

    p.s. Lee from Tennessee…..our game for the SEC Championship starts tomorrow at 2:30. What time does Tennessee play tomorrow…oops sorry….I forgot you caught a early flight home……

  24. Those kids need a lesson n manners!!! OY VEY!

    I wish I had known about the medal/$10 thing. I would have put my karaoke award (yes, I was soooooo good I got a medal…Frankly, it should have gone to the audience for surviving my solo!) under my pillow for $10 to put toward dinner at the swanky place on the Panorama deck (Sun King Restaurant)… darn… missed that!

    Here’s to a better group this go-around!

  25. Tom Burke says:

    Re. the Boat Race: I don’t know how long you’ve been away from the UK but these days there have been allegations of ringers – i.e. semi-pro oarsmen whose academic credentials may be a little low. I’m shocked that our Ancient Institutions allow these goings-on!

    In slightly-less recent times, Hugh Laurie (yes, House, Bertie Wooster, The Prince of Wales, etc, etc) was a Cambridge rowing blue in 1980, when they lost by 5 feet. He also got a Third (3rd class degree). Apparently he only took up the acting lark because he had to give up rowing through illness.

    Please keep writing your excellent blog.

  26. thebloggerfkamissingthesmokefreeparadise says:

    John –

    In many ways, I too can not fathom the fanaticism exhibited by so many for not only college sports, but sports in general. The behavior of your “Group of 30” (sounds like a chinese leadership team) was reprehensible, but not that unusual.

    I am surprised that you are able to handle these type of people with such civility. Here in the US, there is a company that offers an enormous number of seminars – one of which is “Dealing with Difficult People”. I have actually taken this course, because I generally want to tell the individual(s) to boff off. Clearly, they need to hire you for your expertise on this subject.

    As always, smooth seas and quiet guests


  27. GregB says:


    I hope that I was never as rude and obnoxious when I was in college as these ‘gentlemen’ were. What a horrible showing for a great school. Shame on them.

    At least they’re gone. Let’s hope that this weeks batch of college revelers will have a little more respect for those around them and understand that it’s not just THEIR vacation but 3000 other peoples vacation as well.

    Overall, it sounds like it was a lovely, if eventful, cruise.

    Please pass along my howdies to the most lovely Heidi, the Famous Roberto and the amazing MOB; Stephanie!!!



  28. Kathleen (Bucket Lady) says:


    I read your letters every day and enjoy each and every one of them.
    The way you handled those kids was amazing and it is no wonder you are the CD with patience and a big heart to match.
    Take care good friend and I hope you get some releif soon from your Mr. Bells thingy.


  29. Jeri Green says:

    John, How can you continue to be polite and reasonable and try to help such idiots? Having been an educator for 33 years I know most kids are well brought up but it takes only a few to ruin everything for others. (That’s one reason we retired early.) I hope someone forwards your blog to officials at the Univ. of Ky. Maybe something can be done to improve the behavior of the spring breakers – but I doubt it. Hang in there, one more week should end the season. You do a marvelous job and somehow help even those who deserve to be spanked and sent to bed. Had the acupuncture yet? Jeri

  30. Michelle says:

    Hi John,

    Sorry about you encounter with that rude young jerk, but you handled it quite well. Too bad you couldn’t have him escorted off the ship. Now that would have been funny. Hope this week goes smooth for you. Hope things aren’t that bad when we sail on March 22nd. Glad you will still be on the ship that day would love to say hello to you and Heidi.

    Michelle & Tom

  31. PeterAndShannan says:


    Thank you so much for the update on the two medical emergencies from the Feb. 23 sailing. I’m sorry to hear about the guest who needed medical care in Miami, but also relieved to hear that the man who went to the hospital in St. Thomas is doing well. We were in room 1265, and I had been up that night in our room when we got to St. Thomas, and saw him being put into the ambulance. I was very impressed with the way the one lady from the crew cared for the woman whom I’m going to assume was the man’s wife, while they were outside waiting for the paramedics to bring him out. It must have been a difficult situation, yet everyone was ready to help the patient and his family, in their own ways.

    I will pass on the news to my husband. Keep up your great work with the difficult passengers. You were able to show them who the real man was in the situation, no matter who’s related to or known by whom in the sports world. 🙂


  32. jeanette says:

    Well, John,,,,,,it takes all kinds to make this crazy world we live in go round. After reading your letter, I think I could come up with some choice words for that bunch of holligans. Maybe some you and I both have never heard. You know,,,,kind of make them up as we go along? I assure you, from the sounds of it, that is NOT the first time those “kids” have made asses of themselves and it probably won’t be the last. Life goes on,,,,,don’t waste your energy on people like that and for sure,,,,,none of them deserve the space you printed your letter on,,,,,,,,,,

    I speak from experience that years ago I would have argued with anyone about anything (mostly nothing). After a while, I got so exhausted staying angry all the time I knew I had to change my ways or I would find myself ALONE with nobody to argue with. That’s where the “bucket list” comes in. I realized adding love, family, adventure, friendship, laughter and a little bit of craziness to your diet was far more rewarding and satisfying than feeding off of anger. Besides, who wants to be in the company of an angry old b@#&*?

    Anyway,,,,hoping your coming along with your Hells Bells thingy. Think of you often and hope each new day greets you with love and friendship.

    (Bucket List Lady)

  33. Cruisin' Brian says:

    Regarding the Godson:

    I would have billed the internet time to his folio. When he questioned the charge, simply state: “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??? ” Of course for the last laugh, just list the charge as BEER. He would never know!!

    I hope my cruise next week doesn’ t have that age group on board. You told me 890 “minors”—hopefully that will negate the 18-25 year olds!!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  34. retirementman says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Heald. I just don’t understandhow young people today expect everything to be given to them. What ever happen to respect? Could I please see the game on the TV? Thank you for telling us the reason why we can’t we the game. Their language especially to a person like you whose trying your best to make their cruise most important I just don’t understand. Maybe their parents and grandparents brought them up like this, or they were given far to much when they were young or maybe they just don’t give a care. It confuses me because what are we going to have in our future? When I read your blog, My heart started to race, anger came upon me and I wasn’t even there. How were you able to control yourself in the face of all the negativity thrown upon you? You are a very strong man who is able to deal with such stupidity with young people who should be treating you with resspect. I admire you tremendously. I think I might just have popped one of those hooligans in their nose and enjoyed it immensly. I’m afraid that our world is in bad shape but in reality they are really a few compared with the many great young people that shine for us. The strength that you show my friend teaches the young how to handle themselves under
    duress especially you not feeling that well. That is why I really admire you. Thank you for being who you are. Ciao my friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  35. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    Pitino was in Memphis but he is now the head coach of the University of Louisville (which is still in the State of Kentucky)…..but different than the University of Kentucky.

    It is somehow appropriate that this incident should follow a discussion about a time when mother’s raised their sons with the maturity to defend this country at the tender age of 18, not embarrass it.

    Perhaps a copy of this blog will find its way to Coach Pitino’s hands (via V. Tatum) and he can see for himself the pitiful job that his friend has done at raising their child. If Pitino cares anything about the “title” he holds as Godparent to this arrogant punk, he will have a discussion about it with him.

    Reading this experience, only makes me know how blessed I am that my 20 year old knows that if he ever pulled a stunt like that…his 6′ 3″ self would be no match for “his Momma”!!

    And while I have no illusions that my son is perfect, I do know that he is closer to the kind of man that would defend this country than embarrass it. And for that, I am grateful!

  36. Jane says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks for a wonderful blog. You handles those kids wonderfully and I believe you went above and beyond finding the game on the internet for them. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. Life is precious indeed.

    As for the green hair-that used to happen to my blond daughter whenever she went in a chlorinated pool-there are products that easily remove it with one shampoo, I am sure your beauty shops have some as it is quite common.

    Take care and have a wonderful day!

  37. Kevin says:

    Seems my last comment is still awaiting moderation. anyway I would suggest Keel hauling your new shipmates in the grand old sailors tradition. That I’m sure would keep them in line for the rest of the week. Anyway I look forward to your reply to my last comment about celebrity chef’s . Talk to you soon how is Heidi ?


  38. RBGates says:

    Please don’t leave us hanging, John. Were the excellent ladies in the spa/beauty salon able to help the poor girl with the green hair?

  39. BigMike says:

    No comment, Big Mate? I think that when I am working I will ask Carnival for permission to carry a taser, they fix all problems. What if that had developed into a full-on riot? Hey, you want to know something funny, Google “Rick Partino” and the first thing that comes up is a link to this blog, HAHAHA. So much for the tough and famous Rick Partino. Too bad I wasn’t there to help, sounds like the two ‘Burly Indian chaps’ would’ve had their hands full (of idiot).
    Director, Heald Secret Police

  40. Kuki says:

    John – Kentucky is known as the breeding ground for Thoroughbred horses. Perhaps they need to concentrate more on how they breed college students.

    You should have told these “kids” they’d be put off in the next port. I don’t think they’d have ever figured out that the next port was the end of the cruise. They’d just be thinking that everyone getting off behaved as badly as them.

    Sounds like you had 30 great candidates for Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader.


  41. Blanche & Dave says:

    Dear Sir John,
    Wow!! I guess I didn’t realize how behind in the blogs I’ve gotten until today when it has taken me 3+ hours to read them all. Sorry but i’ve been working 16 hour shifts and unlike you, I”m old 🙂
    While reading them, alot of comments come to mind but really all I wanted to do was to say Hi again and its been a while. God bless you with all your patience during spring break season……..we did a cruise during that one year……for the most part it was ok but given the choice, we avoid that time of year now. By the way, have you and Ken given any thought to my whining, begging, pleading request of relocating to the Carnival Spirit on April 20th??? Can’t help myself, still gotta give it a try 🙂
    Thank you for keeping us laughing. Hope to see you again soon.
    Blanche & Dave
    Willie & Anita 🙂

  42. LambKnuckles says:


    What a terrible group to represent their school… How wonderfully you handled it!!! I’m not sure if I would have thought of the internet!! BUT… you did!

    My wishes are that this week is wonderful for you!! That all calms down and you’re back to 100%!

    All my best to you and Heidi, and Roberto and Stephanie,

  43. Rikki Boyce says:

    This cracked me up: Like many of your fans I googled “Rick Portino.” What came up first? Your blog!Hah!

    March Madness is upon us. Make sure you get all the NCAA games or you may have one riot after another. Our Memphis Tigers have spent time in the #1 spot this year and we want it all this time!

    Get this — a furniture store in Memphis ran a promotion one weekend: If Memphis won the NCAA Tourny all the furniture bought that weekend would be free of charge!

    We almost booked a Carnival cruise for this past week, but remembered just in the nick of time that it was spring break. Instead we booked your sister company’s Ryndam for May. That’s when all these hardy party people will be cramming for exams, writing papers, etc. And we’ll be the wild young ones on board (even though in our 50s).

  44. Joko Joan says:

    Dear John:
    I am just amazed at how many people are already chatting about our upcoming cruise in the Cruise Critics’ forum, when we sail on the Splendor, circumnavigating around South America next Jan. ’09.

    We heard that our Cruise Director is supposed to be Todd Wittmar and not too many people think that he can pull off a 50-day trip in light of the fact that he doesn’t do too well in the geography department. He is well-suited to short, party cruises, though. I hope he will be able to get more versed in traditions like that of crossing the Equator, etc.

    Of course the name of ‘John Heald’ has come up many times in both in prayer and on the CC forums, hoping, that by the grace of the powers that might be in Carnival corps’ upper echelon that they would make a change in CD.

    The longest that I’ve been on a cruise, so far, has been of three weeks duration. It was disappointing to find that the first 7 days were repeated – from the shows, to the activities, to the meals . . . all in the exact same order. Can you give us an idea of how Carnival handles longer trips?

    Our 50-day trip, of course, consists of three separate ‘legs.’ I know of some people who, when on back-to-back cruises had to pack up their things and move to another cabin. Can you shed any light on how Carnival handles these situations?

    Our group is attempting to help supply the library with the books we bring aboard for others to swap and then to leave there for future passengers as the libraries usually need a helping hand.

    One more question, if I may: Would you have any idea of about when we might expect to see a listing of tours. Some of us feel the need to ‘sock away’ additional funds, as some can get quite pricey, and just in case we may never pass that way again, would like to enjoy the trip and ‘do’ S. America as much as possible. Thanks for all your help. Keep those stories coming, John! We look forward to the giggles, laughs and guffaws! we enjoy while reading your blogs.

    Be assured that you are in our daily prayers for a rapid return to good health.

  45. Debbie says:

    My husband and I will set sail on Freedom on 3/29. We were so looking forward to cruising with you. Can you tell me about the cruise director who is scheduled for our week?

  46. The Bears - Barb & Carl says:

    Hi John,
    Reading your blog today, made me think back to when Carl introduced me to some of his work associates and friends. And one of them said to me, “You know, you have earned your place in heaven!” I just laughed and hoped I would never have to find out why. Unfortunately, over the past few years, I think I understand that statement now. Someday, I will fill you in over a couple of diet cokes. LOL Anyway, John, I don’t know if I have earned my place in heaven yet or not, but I know that you have. You must have the patience and will power of a Saint! I bet in the back of your mind, you were wishing you had the baseball bat thats hanging in your Dad’s John Heald shrine. How you can keep your temper in check with some of the people you have to put up with is beyond my comprehension. When I was a child my parents told me to treat people the way I wanted to be treated in return. That’s the way I raised my own children and my grandchildren are being taught the same thing. I certainly cannot imagine my children acting like this young people and I think if thier parents knew how they were acting…. well, it’s just a shame you can’t discipline your children the old fashioned way anymore. All it took for me and my kids, was the threat of it. Nobody wanted to deal with the wrath of Dad! Funny thing is looking back…. it was mom who did the disciplining…. In fact I was the one who disiplined my kids too. All it took was a threat.

    Now, after the day you have had, get some rest. Maybe Mr. Bells will soon start packing. I hope so. Try and enjoy the rest of the week!
    Hello to Heidi, Roberto, Steph and all!

  47. Latitude 20 says:

    Go Golden Eagles!

    Marquette University is slated to play Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA playoffs.

    John, I think you’ll be pleased to see that “the game will bring back memories from five years ago, when Dwyane Wade led Marquette to an unlikely upset of Kentucky to go to the Final Four”


  48. DC in SD says:

    Congratulations on your patience with the unruly, disrespectful and rude spring breakers. My friends and I have learned to avoid this time of year for travel on land or sea! The first and most important role model children have are their parents….was this particular batch raised by wolves??? You are to be applauded for the many, many difficult situations you deal with each and every day.

  49. dwa76 says:

    Hi John/Heidi:
    Absolutely amazing is all i can say. The nerve of some people.
    I am very impressed in how you handled yourself. I know that if I was in your position, it would have been extremely difficult to handle it as gracefully as you did.
    I am very sorry about the difficult loss you faced this past week. It is clearly safe to say that you have experienced the whole spectrum of emotions this week.
    Let’s hope this week’s journey is a bit more successful.
    Thanks for another great blog!

  50. An Embarassed Kentuckian says:

    Hi John. We finally got home to a cold and wet Kentucky after sailing with you last week. (and I’m not a UK student) I am very sorry to hear all the bad things that you and many others witnessed from the college students from Kentucky. I can assure you that not all young people from Kentucky act like that. I was very surprised to be reading this blog and see the comments about the “Barbies” and “Mr. Lanky Streak” kids. I certainly hope they think twice about acting so nasty to such a nice organization again. I hope they are all reading this and are really proud of themselves. I admit that I probably wouldn’t have booked had I known there would be so many Spring Breakers but my boyfriend and the husbands of my other friends were visually entertained all week. 🙂 Regardless I’m embarrassed that our state was represented in such a negative way aboard the Freedom. Kentucky was most definitely full of respectful young people last week – since most of the spoiled rich brats were on board with us. I’m just very sorry you were exposed to such nastiness. Please accept this apology from a respectful, polite Kentuckian.

    On another note, I had a great time last week and I really miss your morning show! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it on the Lido deck via the big screen. You were very delightful and I can’t see how you managed to deal with Mr. Bell and still be so funny and entertaining. I laughed sooo hard at Dolly Friday night. Thanks for making our cruise another great vacation for us.

  51. Denny says:

    As a fan of the University of Louisville, which is the University of Kentucky’s much superior rival, I can only tell you that your encounter with the irate Kentucky basketball fans was prety mild compared to the way they act in their own home setting. If you should ever again encounter a hostile group of Kentucky basketball fans..here’s how to handle them.

    Just point in any direction, shout…”Hey, there goes Little Richie!” and they’ll quickly disperse and spend the remainder of the cruise searching for him. (Little Richie is a former beloved Kentucky basketball player who is now the Agriculture Commisioner in Kentucky)

    Keep on smiling, and let your soul shine. It’s better that moonshine. Almost as good as sunshine and damn sure better than the rain.


  52. Kentucky Cruiser says:

    I was on the cruise in the University of Kentucky group and would like to formally apologize for the actions of a good number of the people in our group. I am a very big Kentucky fan and would have done anything to see the game, but the degree some the these people went to try and get it was rediculous and I really wish I would have known what was going on as I would have been very embarrased and would have tried to put an end to it.
    As some have said before, not everybody at the University of Kentucky is like this since there are about 25,000 students here, but it sad that such a small group and give you that opinion of a larger body, and I don’t blame you for be so angry.
    I hope you are feeling better and continue to recover as best you can.
    Thanks for great week last week,
    Kentucky Cruiser

  53. Don says:

    Very interesting to read about the idiot UK fans. Lots of them act that way. One thing you and others who read here should know though — more than likely the kid who said he was Rick Partino’s god son is NO relation whatsoever to Rick Pitino. He is the former coach of UK who now coaches for their hated enemy. And most of them hate him. So how nice to throw “his name” around. After the way UK has treated him the last 7 years I seriously doubt anyone related to him would have any interest in still supporting UK. So consider it an idiot who wanted to sound big and throw an agenda at the same time.

  54. Scott says:

    I am a die hard UK fan and it disappoints me to hear about our fan base like this. So I apologize for them. I think it was very nice of you to at least try to get it on the internet for them. I would have thanked you 10 times if it was me because I do hate missing a game.

  55. Pam & Pete Henry says:

    Since we are Louisvillians (that’s in Kentucky) I felt someone should apologize for those ill-behaved Kentuckians aboard the Liberty. Please be assured that we are not all that ignorant and rude. We are U of K basketball fans, and would certainly have been disappointed, but if you can’t broadcast the game, then you can’t broadcast the game. As for Rick Pitino’s godson (as you probably know by now, he is b-ball coach for Univ. of Louisville) – Mr. Pitino- if no one else has done it yet – needs to kick the stuffing out of him.

  56. Pete and Pam says:

    I mistakenly referred to the “Liberty” rather than the
    Freedom when apologizing for the group that behaved so badly re:the UK/GA game. We are cruising on the Liberty next week. Hopefully, the games we want to see will be available, but, if not, someone here at home will be taping them for us.
    We enjoyed reading your account of the “riot” – it is likely much funnier in written form than when it was actually taking place. By the way, where do these kids get the $ for a cruise? We are senior citizens and just now enjoying the “fruits of our labors”!

  57. Aaron Thomas says:


    As a lifelong University of Kentucky basketball fan and an alumnus of the University, I would like to apologize on behalf of the Barbies, Beavis’, Buttheads, and Kens. To say that we here in Kentucky are passionate about our basketball is, well, a bit of an understatement. However, all the passion in the world cannot excuse these particular fan’s reactions. Rest assured, we are not all like these people.

    Rick “Partino” is actually (as others have pointed out) Rick “Pitino”. He coached our basketball team from 1989 to 1997, winning a national championship in the process. He left for the professional basketball team the Boston Celtics for four years, and then returned to the state of Kentucky to coach our hated rivals, the University of Louisville Cardinals. I doubt that butt-head was Pitino’s godson…

    Anyway, please don’t think ill of our State, University, or basketball team because of these rude fools…

    But if at all possible, try to increase your satellite coverage…as you found out, we UK fans are a wee bit insane about our basketball…

  58. Leon Cummins says:

    Dear John,
    I was sad to read the actions of the UK fans. As a die hard UK fan that also go’s to excessive lengths to not miss a game and understand their devotion.
    However I don’t understand the way you and your crew were treated.
    I am a nobody, just another rabid wildcat fan who would like to appologize for their behavior, and regret that you will remember us that way due to their actions. Sorry for trouble they caused and hope that tho you will remember it that you dont judge us all by their actions.

    Leon F Cummins

  59. B. King says:

    I am a Kentucky fan and I found this story to be absolutely hilarious. Those people don’t represent our university, but I could definitely see how that would happen. Kentucky fans also booed that night at the dome when the game was cancelled due to a tornado. Never mind the fact it ripped downtown Atlanta in half. UK fans = passion.

  60. Don Hobbs says:

    Dear John,
    I am an allumnus of the University of Kentucky.
    I am very saddened and disappointed to read of the trouble you had last weekend with the students. I hope you will see in the future that all of us do not act like that and our children will not be raised to act like that either. Thank you for standing strong and thinking quickly in a bad situation.
    Don Hobbs

  61. Kentuckian says:

    Dear John,

    I also was on the Carnival Freedom last week. I was a spring break student from the University of Kentucky but was not with the huge group of students that were causing problems. I was actually embarrassed to admit to being from the University of Kentucky last week when asked by other cruisers where I was from. I again want to apologize for the behavior of my fellow kentuckians. When I read your blog I was appalled by the way you were treated, and was rather distraught by the lack of respect for authority by people in the my age group. When I found out that a large group of Kentucky students were going on the Freedom I wanted to change by trip from the beginning. Furthermore, I have been a Carnival Cruiser in the past and loved my experience but I’m sad to say that a group of students from my own school actually put a damper on my trip this year. However, in the mornings when they were hungover in bed I had a wonderful trip and would cruise with Carnival again!!

  62. N.S. says:


    I can assure you that those rude UK students who you had the misfortune of encountering are not representative of the vast majority of the UK student body. Like any other major university or college, however, you will have those few rotten apples floating around your campus..that is, the University of Kentucky has not cornered the market on obnoxious students (I attended both UK & Clemson University, and as a member of both schools’ rugby teams, I traveled to and partied at about every SEC & ACC school there is…and I can assure you that I’ve seen equally repulsive mobs of fans on many campuses).

    That said, however, as a University of Kentucky alum, I feel the need to offer you my sincerest apologies on behalf of some of our more spoiled, less cultured youngsters. Please do not feel that they are indicative of our beautiful state or the fine institution that is the University of Kentucky.

    And if they act up in such a despicable manner on your ship again in the future, have them walk the plank.

  63. Richard says:

    Sorry for your encounter with the drunken immature cat fans. After reading this story, I’m embarrassed to be a Kentucky fan. Congratulations to Georgia for their incredible SEC Tournament Championship.
    Go Cats!

  64. Cruiser says:

    John- apologies from all in the Bluegrass for the obnoxious brats you had to tolerate.
    Rick Pitino would be carving that jerk a new a***** if he knew his name was being used in that fashion!
    I have a feeling I know who that guy was,but he is a relative of Coach Petrino (football)- not Rick Pitino (basketball).
    Don’t hold it against us,please.

  65. Hey John! Love the blog, love to hear the side from a seaside employee on the ins-and-outs of ship life.

    You should check out a certain vacation “Critic” site… a whole post is dedicated to a similar mob action on the CQ last week, nothing about a Kentucky fan uprising, though. Email me and I can give you the link.

    Love the blog thingy! Keep up the great work and enjoy that vacation!


  66. STEVE says:

    UK basketball is the best thing in this world

  67. Crimsonelf says:

    Actually that poor behavior is exactly the spirit of many University of Kentucky fans. Sorry you had to bear the brunt of it, fortunately it was only that once. As a fan of their in-state rival University of Louisville, we have to deal with A-holes like that 24/7 – 365/yr. And yes, it was wonderful when Georgia beat them – LOL!

  68. faith04 says:

    Well, I am from the University of Kentucky and I suppose you can call me biased but its a great place. I was not on this cruise and I actually don’t drink. Im not your typical college student. I get called a “mom” a lot. For this reason I completely understand your feelings of being disrespected and it can get annoying when they act like that. But, I don’t think its fair to classify everyone from Kentucky or from the University as a bunch of idiots. They are college kids, on their spring break, and they are drunk. Go visit any other town in Florida and you’ll see a whole beach of drunk college kids acting like idiots and they aren’t all from Kentucky. I went on a cruise for spring break as well and most of the students on that boat were from the University of Florida and they acted like complete idiots as well. Oh and in regards to the previous post, at least we fill up our stadiums and support our team! When UK played UofL there were a total of lets say 10 UofL fans there. Nice support.

  69. Scott says:

    I am a University of Kentucky fan. I apologize for the behavior of the few on here who apparently have given us all a bad name. My wife and I are wanting to cruise soon. Please do not consider all of us to be so rude. We simply aren’t. We are generally a very proud group, with a great tradition that few, if any, can match. On behalf of UK and the state of Kentucky I apologize. And to those of you from other schools who are chiming in saying most UK fans are like this please consider your words wisely. You too have idiots in your fanbase. Not sure if crimsonelf is a Bama fan but if so then that would most definitely be the pot calling the kettle black.

    My wife and I are wanting to schedule a cruise. I just hope if we were to choose this line John wouldn’t judge us too harshly, based on the actions of a few UK drunken students. We are indeed good people who know how to behave and treat others.

    Again, I will apologize for these people. UK and Kentucky are generally a class act all the way. Go Cats!!!

  70. Scott says:

    I see crismsonelf is a Louisville fan. Sorry to say earlier that you were a Bama fan. Louisville isn’t the bastion of class my friend. Take a look around. Hope you all have a good day.

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