A Special Message

March 19, 2008 -

John Heald

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share a very special message left by a member of the Kimmett family on the blog.   

Dear John,

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Kimmett family to personally thank you and your blog readers for the incredible support we received from all of you in the days following our precious Lindsay’s passing. The messages and condolences from around the world were most comforting to all of us. Special thanks to Julia Barnes for her quotation from Henry Scott Holland which was particularly poignant, so much so that we had it read during Lindsay’s memorial service. Hundreds of your readers took the time to console us – you have truly created a global community John – one we are blessed to be part of. Also, please forward special thanks to the purser’s office staff who showed such compassion and efficiency in helping us make contact with family and friends in Cochrane and aiding our disembarkation in Cozumel for our journey home. Since our arrival home our community of family and friends have embraced us with their loving arms and shared the burden of our despair. The finality of Lindsay’s loss is overwhelming and we continue to lean on our family and friends for their support and they continue to provide. Lindsay was a truly remarkable woman and we miss her tremendously. We have created a memorial website to honor our special angel – http://www.lindsaykimmett.com – in hopes of carrying on her legacy. As her medical school dean stated in his eulogy – Lindsay’s story needs to be told. If more people are touched by her life and message then the world will be a better place. Once again thank you John, until we meet again, Kelly, Dianne, Taylor, and Reid Kimmett

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