Deal or Deal

March 25, 2008 -

John Heald

I have been told by my wife and super spy PA 007 that I am a cruel man. Both have said that I must stop teasing you about my meeting last Saturday.

Oh, OK then. Last week I received an email from someone via someone else via someone else’s friend who had sent an email via a person through a carrier pigeon………… doesn’t matter, I received an email. This email told me that someone who has a very respected name in the film and TV industry thought the blog may………….and I say may…………have the potential to be a TV situation comedy.


I read the email…………………..and fainted. After regaining consciousness I read it again and I could not believe my eyes. Actually I couldn’t believe my eye as the other was still under the influence of Monsieur Bell.

This Saturday it became a step closer to reality when I was visited by a very important man called Jeff who works with other important people called Jerry, Simon and many others.

I showed Jeff around the ship and as it was his first time on a major cruise line he was truly impressed with the operation and the facilities.

Over a lunch of spicy Indian food Jeff and I discussed the fact that hundreds of thousands of people cruise every year and a comedy based on a cruise ship would be something that so many people could associate themselves with………..he agreed.

Let’s see what happens, I am just incredibly chuffed just to have got this far and beyond thankful to the mystery man who made this happen.

So, there you have it. As soon as I know anything else I will let you know and sorry for teasing you before.  

Now it’s in the hands of TV type people. Will they turn my little thingy into something big……………….Heidi has hoped that will happen for years.


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John and Heidi

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