Raspberry Blog part 3

April 10, 2008 -

John Heald

I just went through security which was manned by someone who made me take off my shoes. Now considering I have been walking since 8 am up and down the hills of Tallinn my feet smell like Gerard Deperdeaux’s refrigerator………….cheese topped with extra cheese.

So, there I was bending over trying to take off my mountain shoes which Heidi made me buy……..there was not much air down there as I bent over and once removed the smell of Brie filled the air…….and once the brave Admiral was happy my shoes contained nothing but the smell of Paris he waved me through………and just for good measure I released the smell of Elk from the other end.

Here I sit waiting for Estonia Air to call our flight……..if I walk on the plane and the cockpit door is open as usual before take off and I see the instrument panel all blinking 12 like me DVD player has for years……..I wouldn’t be surprised.

I am about to tuck into my dinner which is a delightful thing called a chicken and berrcan sandwich….and that’s exactly how it is spelt on the wrapper.

Will write when and if we land. If we don’t I bequeath all my underwear to PA 007 and my socks to the Museum of Modern Art in France

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