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April 10, 2008 -

John Heald

That’s’ it……….I am never flying again unless I have a private plane piloted by a naked Uma Thurman with in flight food served cooked onboard by Gordon Ramsey and served by George Hamilton wearing a Chanel swim suit.

Good evening…I am writing this blog at 7 pm from my raspberry thingy from Estonia International Airport although that it has no right in calling itself that.
We arrived at 3:45pm and checked our luggage in for a flight to Riga Latvia and then a connection to St. Petersburg. Within three minutes of Air Estonia taking our luggage Mrs. Estonia announced over a PA system bought at Toys R Us that due to technical problems the flight was canceled. This was a shock to me and to Salma who had just sent my Samsonite down the conveyor belt which was probably powered by two donkeys on speed.

So, now me and the group are waiting for our suitcases from the abyss and then we have to check into a flight back to Helsinki and then a connection to St Petersburg. However, that flight leaves in 1 hour and 30 minutes and I have no intention of leaving this airport without it.

Estonia Air have been nothing but rude and unhelpful……..they keep shrugging their shoulders and I think the 50 plus people who are waiting for their luggage to return are about to move the employees closer to God.

I will update you ASAP

Estonia Air has as much right to call themselves an Airline as I have to call myself an expert on gym equipment

Double bugger


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