Himbeeren Blog Nummer Einz

April 14, 2008 -

John Heald

Many people ask what they did with the Berlin Wall after it was knocked down. Much of it was taken by the people of Germany as souvenirs but it has always been a mystery what happened to the rest………..I have discovered what they did with those big lumps of concrete……..they were sold to the Berlin Hilton Hotel who then made their beds out of them. I have to say that after the beds in Estonia and Russia which were like sleeping on blocks of soft butter the bed in the Hilton was as hard as a wall and I had 6 hours of blissful sleep.

The problem with a soft mattress for me is that during the night Heidi tends to turn over and with me on the other side that’s like rolling down a large hill.

Good morning and hier ist nummer ein of my Himbeeren (raspberry in German) blogs. Once again sorry that I cannot post a regular blog but we started our touring at 8 am and we will not be returning to a hotel at 10 pm and then the last thing I feel like doing is sitting at the computer …….well……actually……..it’s actually the second to last thing I feel like doing but don’t tell Heidi.

Breakfast this morning was fantastic for two reasons. Firstly because they had 10 different types of sausage and because there wasn’t a piece of Herring to be seen. Unfortunately during breakfast I found my self relegated to the hund hause (doghouse in German.) Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and so far this trip I have either had no time for breakfast or it’s been a quick piece of bread and some herring. However, this morning Heidi woke me up at 6:30 am and this gave us an hour to get ready and 30 minutes for breakfast. Heidi has now discovered that on these trips she does not need to look like a Supermodel and therefore an hour was enough to do with whatever she does in the bathroom.

Breakfast was luxurious not because I tried all 10 sausages but because I got to read a newspaper which I do whenever I am at home. So there I am happily munching away on the sausages which apart from the white one which looked and tasted like Polar Bear poo, my head is buried in the Herald and Tribune and I vaguely remember Heidi saying something about getting up to get something else from the buffet……..however I was so engrossed in a story about how weak the dollar was and why that I didn’t see the waitress take Heidi’s plate of bread and cold meat. She returned, found her plate gone and that was me in the hund haus.

Well, the touring has begun with our fabulous hosts and the top tour operators in Germany European Land Excursions. We began the day with the best guide I have met in a long time. His name is Burkhard and never have I met someone with such passion and that passion continues even as he spoke about the darker days of Germany’s history.

We have just been to the Allied War museum and now we are approaching the Brandenberg Gate which I will tell you all about in the next mini blog later today.

Just before I go the Allied War Museum featured aircraft and military equipment from the war. There was a Bren machine gun used by the British fired in anger during the march to retake Germany. There was an American Jeep with a big caliber gun on the back which probably had been used to recapture the city of Berlin by a brave GI. Then there was a French Officers pistol, shining and gleaming and probably never used.

I will write soon

Auf Wiedersehen

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