Memorial Day

April 14, 2008 -

John Heald

Today we saw the Brandenburg Gate where President Kennedy said those immortal words ” Ich bin ein Berliner.” We saw the summer palaces of Alexander 1st and the Sans Souci palace with its gorgeous fountain lined gardens. We visitied the Domed Cathedral and the Cecilienhof Palace where Truman, Stalin and Churchill met after the war to decide the fate of Germany.

However, now as I sit here on the bus for the 3 hour ride to Warnemunde I only have thoughts for the place I jus came from………Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. We walked as the prisoners did up to the huge forboding iron gates that have the feared insignia of the SS on either side and in the middle the words ” Arbeit Macht Frei” which translates to ” work will give you freedom .”……..nothing was further than the truth as this was the place where 50,000 Jews, Russian soldiers and anyone who did not fit Hitler’s “Kampf” died. We listened to the stories from our expert guide about the tortue and we visited the cells and chambers where these acts were carried out. Then there were the stories about the children……..oh the children……I cannot even bring myself to write the words.

I asked yesterday if we should offer this tour and I see from your comments that you all agree we should. I admit to having misgivings but now I am positive we should.

I sit feeling heartbroken and purte unadaltarated anger for what I have seen but I know that we must offer guests a chance to experience what I just did……..and do as I just did and pray for those whom we must never forget.

I will write to say goodnight later.


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