It seems that in the last two days I have spoken about my bottom a lot and tonight is no exception.

I have just sat on a motor coach for 3 hours straight without adding the 9 hours I had previously done today already. Therefore, right now my bottom is totally numb and you comb it with a porcupine and I wouldn’t feel a thing. We have just arrived in Warnemunde following an exhausting and emotional day and here I am at the Neptune Hotel. I had good intentions of sending loads of photos tonight but I have just discovered that there is no wireless service here and instead I have to go and get something called a “cable” from reception and use a “dial up service.”

Now, you are all my great friends and I care about each and everyone who takes the time to look at my thingy……..however, tonight after 9 straight days of traveling the thought of having to take an elevator I can only just fit in to ask Jurgen for a bloody cable is just too much.

Therefore I shall use my raspberry which seems to work everywhere to say goodnight. Tomorrow we explore more of Germany and sample the brilliant tours we have for you. We start at 8 am so as it’s already midnight here I shall take my numb bottom, chapped thigh and swollen ankle to bed…….but first its time to return the 11 sausages I had for breakfast to the land that came from.

One more thing, all though today was a day of high emotion I must tell you what happened at the Brandenburg Gate? This remarkable place was busy with people like us taking photos from the West and former East side of this huge structure.

As I was talking to the guide I saw a big group of 30-something people taking photos……not of the Gate where Presidents Regan and Kennedy gave famous speeches but of the Avalon Hotel……everyone was flashing away yet I could not see anyone or anything special. I asked the guide why this was happening and he told me that the group were taking photos of the balcony where Michael Jackson apparently held his new baby over a balcony………”It’s as popular as taking photos of the Brandenburg” said our guide…… very sad I thought.

On that note its time for me to Beat It and hopefully I will be rested enough to produce another Thriller of a blog tomorrow and please Don’t Stop Until You Get Enough of them.


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