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April 15, 2008 -

John Heald

In the UK we are proud to have the worst train system in Europe. If your train is supposed to leave at 10:27 am you will be lucky if it leaves at 11:27 am if it leaves at all. It will therefore come as no surprise that the German train system is the best in Europe. If a train is scheduled to leave at 10:27 am it will leave at 10:27 am and if you arrive at the platform at 10:27 will find the train has buggered off and you will be in the scheisse..

Guten Morgen once again. The facts about German trains were explained to us by Ian the owner of our brilliant tour operator this morning as we discussed the operation of moving 2500 guests from the vessel onto the trains that leave for our excursions to Berlin and I am happy with how this will be done. While in Warnemunde we were at the pier and saw the preparation for the naming ceremony of the beautifully named Aida Bella. There were young cadets from the German Coastguard going through their paces and the huge marquee that has been erected for the event. The ship will be christened by the Supermodel Eva Padberg from Germany. It is obvious how proud the people of Warnemunde are to have the Aida Bella home port in their town. This is especially evident with locals flying the German flags from their houses and on all the cars. The last time this happened was when Germany hosted the 2006 World Cup (soccer) and Germany reached the semi finals……they lost by the way. However, that World Cup which by the way was the most watched sporting event in the world was hailed as the best organized and friendly championship ever. This was due to the German people who embraced the world with their passion and joy. The fact that this is happening here for the arrival of a Cruise Vessel shows you the reputation and respect Aida Cruise Lines has in their home country.

Oh yes, something to look forward to, I have an interview to post with the Master of the Aida Bella so look out for that very soon.

Oh, by the way, no news on Carnival Splendor’s Godmother yet and at this point I am considering going to see Roberto Cavali and asking him to make me a dress and I will smash the bottle myself. Seriously, plans are nearly complete and PA 007 is hanging out by the photo copy machine and will let me know who it will be asap.

Well the day started early with breakfast at 7:00 am and today we have as I said seen the port and are now on our way to see an old steam train that will take guests through the countryside and then we are off to the old town of Rostock.

One thing I have noticed about the Germans these last two days……everyone……..I mean everyone…….is wearing those shoes called Crocs. Honestly, everywhere I look young and old are wearing them and I cannot understand this fashion craze. They are shoes with holes in them……….however there is one thing above all else that annoys me about this country and it is actually the only thing……but it is truly annoying…………and that’s the TV. Whereas in Estonia, Finland, Denmark and yes…….even Russia the imported programs are shown in English with local subtitles in Germany the imported programs are shown with dubbed voices in German. This of course looks ridiculous. While in Berlin I watched a re-run of The A Team with Mr. T dubbed by a German trying to imitate his voice and of course it wasn’t even close. It was BA’s body with a German Pee Wee Herman doing the voice.

However the worst example was this morning. As I was waiting for Heidi to get ready as usual I turned on the TV to Channel WDR which shows old American programs all day. There, on my TV was The Dukes Of Hazard and the beautiful Catherine Bach resplendent in her small denim shorts. She is supposed to have a sexy southern accent which the producer had tried their best to copy…….in German and it was absolutely hilarious. ……..Wo is das Moonshine ya ‘all………..and …….just when I thought my sides would burst along came a German Boss Hog complete with his cigar and white suit and hat yet for some strange reason his body had been taken over by Arnold Schwarzeneger………….Dummkopf Duke Boys……..wo ist mein Polizei Kommisar Roscoe P. Coltraneschmidt.

Oh by the way, the number one TV star in Germany is………David Hasselhof.

Ok, time to get off the bus. Again, sorry for the multiple short raspberry blogs but I will try to send photos tonight. I will write again this afternoon

Auf Wiedersehen

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