Goodbye Germany and Alaska, Hello Amsterdam

April 15, 2008 -

John Heald

Well, it’s time for bed. It is 11:00 pm and we have a full day of inspections and then a flight tomorrow night to Amsterdam.

Here is Bubba’s last blog and please join me in thanking him for sharing in his adventures.
I am off to sleep in my German bed and for the first time in many years and thanks to the sausages I have as the Germans say ” KANNNICHTSCHEISSEN “………it’s prunes for breakfast for me.

Here’s Bubba:

Alaska Fam 2008 – The last day

Well we had a beautiful day yesterday, but today would be far from that. The rain came and didn’t stop. They say they have three kinds of rain in Alaska, down, up and side to side. The wind was really strong today as well. The weather conditions the way they were made it tough to even get the camera out without getting soaked. Boy did we get wet at times.

The places that we visited today were a lot more of things that we have already seen along the way. A lot of folks will ask why do you have so many tours doing the same thing. The answer is to try and provide more seats for the amount of people who would like to go. Many tours up here, the tour operator is only allowed to bring so many people with them, either because of restrictions of seating capacity, or because their permits with the forestry department will only allow them to bring so many people with them. So if you come on a cruise, and you find that one tour is sold out that you would like to do, you probably can find a similar tour in another port or maybe even in the same port.

We went on another jet boat tour in the morning. Followed by a visit to totem bite. Saw some more totems there and another clan house. We met with the Ketchikan Zip line operators and more guys who catch crab. It felt a little redundant, but you got to go out and check them all when you are on these fam trips. All of the folks we met today were excited to show us their wears, but I think we were all running on fumes. Could have been the night out with the Lumberjacks from the night before. But we did give them all a good looking and pressed on.

One stop we made today which is different from any other port tour that we have looked at are the people who run the Motorcycle Ride Tour. For those of you who like to ride, or like to try and ride through every state, here’s your chance to cruise around Alaska. The tour is a guided caravan style motorcycle tour. They use Harley Davidson’s and they drive over 50 miles during a four hour tour. Making a few stops along the way. Those of you who “live to ride, and ride to live” may want to look this one up while you are here. Of course being that there was a monsoon outside and the fact that none of us in the party had a license to drive a motor cycle, we just checked out the garage and saw their gear and talked about the tour with the operator. If you ride and your other half does not, they can do a ride along ticket as well.

Here’s some random pics that I did not post earlier…..

Downtown Juneau

The helicopter fleet

James eyes up a bison…..

Ivana Mountie eyes me up….oh yeah!

Inside the floatplane.

Checking out the fishing boats.

This has been an amazing experience, and I will be sad to go tomorrow morning…yes tomorrow I will be back down south to San Diego where the Carnival Spirit awaits, and Cruise Director Shawn Bussey will be very annoyed if I don’t show up, so I guess I gotta go. But I leave here with an army of memories that will last a life time. The best part is that I won’t have to wait long to return. In just about 4 ½ weeks the Alaska season will officially begin. What am I doing in the meantime?

Well the first week I am on board I will spend doing a hand over with Shawn. I will have the chance to get settled in and learn the in’s and out of the Spirit, then after that week, on April 20th I will officially take over as CD as we will begin our first cruise to Hawaii. Then we do a 2nd Hawaii cruise and end up in Vancouver. There’s lots of more adventure to be found in the 50th state, before I return to the Last Frontier of the 49th. I am very glad to have been a part of the blog for the last 2 weeks. I want to thank my good friend John for letting me be a part. You for reading, telling friends and making the blog site stronger. To all of the fantastic tour operators for hosting us. Linda from Holland America. Kari, Christy, Funk, from the Discover Alaska Tour Team…John from Sitka Tours. My travel partners Kat, Grant, James & Ross for putting up with my dark sense of humor on the bus and keeping the gas in the van to a minimum. To Chris Prideaux & Robert Blythman from CCL head office for choosing me to be a part of this. And any one else I came into contact with that I have not mentioned your name as the walk off music has already started to play I say “thank you very much.”

So long and safe travels…see you out there on the open sea. If you are cruising on the spirit between now and Oct. 27. 2008 I will see you there.

Time for some smothered, covered and chunked…

Chris aka Bubba Roberts

Your friends
Johann and Heiderline

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