Rick from MicroLOUD

April 27, 2008 -

John Heald

Heathrow airport should forget about running airports and should instead do children’s parties because the place is run by clowns.

Good morning and here I am once again doing what I hate most……flying. If you are new to the blog and don’t know how much I hate flying …..well……..I would rather go swimming in a lake full of Piranhas with a sirloin steak tied round my thingy than face this 11 hours stuck in a metal tube filled with air as fresh as a Frenchman’s armpits.

Heathrow needs help and I highly suggest that when you depart from this airport that you give yourself extra time to check in. The staff needs a trip to one of our ships to see how to organize a line and please …….. please ……. we know we have to take our shoes off at security but you have to provide some chairs for the folks to sit on to put them back on again………I watched a little old man trying to do so………he should have had a seat ………..  oh …….. and by the way………..can we have a separate take your shoes off line for anyone…….from Paris.

I am now in the American Airlines business class lounge waiting for the flight  to be called. Behind me are a group of Americans who all work for Microsoft. One guy called Rick is making sure that everyone knows he works for Microsoft and is talking so loudly everyone is looking at him which is I think exactly what he wants. He is on the phone right now talking about “overwhelming Yahoo” and his voice is now bellowing as he tells whoever he is on the phone with that he and his team are preparing a “two pronged attack”…………as I am I…….prong one will be shoving his Nokia up his bottom and prong two will be shoving one of my socks in his mouth.

I wish Heidi was here with me. I hate flying but I hate flying alone even more.

Ok, it’s nearly boarding time so I will switch off.

Look out for another mini blog soon ……….Rick is still on the phone talking louder than ever……whoever he is talking to may have problems hearing Rick in a moment as reception is about to become crap.

Can you hear me now?

See you in LA
Your friend

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