Something louder than Rick from Microloud

April 27, 2008 -

John Heald

Just once I would like to write “I am on the flight, everything is OK and nothing abnormal has happened.” ……….but I cannot. There seems more chance of going to Nassau and not having someone ask you if you want your hair braided than me having nothing to report.

We took off an hour ago……on time…….and here I am in my nice business class seat, I just ordered a chicken something for lunch and so far we have been turbulence free. I have my noise reduction headphones on and while I write to you I am listening to the Jazz and Smooth channel.

However even as Nina Simone sings that her baby just cares for her and nobody else I can hear just one thing…….the man in the seat next to me who every 5 minutes is making the most disgusting sounds with his nose as he blows back all his snot and boogers so violently that if I held a Hummer under his nose that would probably get sucked up as well.

I have a partition next to me but his nose is ruining Nina’s singing and probably taking in all the good air from the plane.

I have no idea where he is from but I bet his name is Pierre or Jean Claude. I have my seat belt on ……I have no wish to get sucked up with La Boogers


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