California dreaming

April 28, 2008 -

John Heald

Ever wondered what happened to the Golden Girls?…….well, I am happy to report that they are alive and well and working for American Airlines. The flight was 12 hours long and although I hated every minute of it the Golden Girls were very nice fussing over me the entire time.

So, here I am in Long Beach, California. When I left the UK it was 7 degrees……here it’s 33 degrees which is 90 something. It’s so hot I saw a squirrel holding its nuts with a potholder…….ok…..that’s an old joke but considering it’s 2 am my time and I can hardly see the keys of this raspberry.

So, I am going to bed at 6 pm which will mean I will probably wake up at 2 am local time and be sitting on the toilet thereafter……….I love jet lag.

Mr. Snorter finally went to sleep half way through the flight but not before snorting up two children, three carry ons and one of the Golden Girls.

I am sure California is a stunning place but all I want to see is the back of my eyelids.

I received the script we’ll be using tomorrow as written by USA Network……..I think I will be changing some of the wording to make it a little more natural

That’s it………if I carry on I am worried I will make spalling mastakes and smell teh warts wong.

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