The Queen is in Her Castle

May 1, 2008 -

John Heald

She is home and as we speak she is puffing up the cushions and having a bit of a tidy but so far…….I have not received a bollocking and remain free of the doghouse.

Heidi flew home on Easy Jet so it will come as no surprise that her flight was delayed by 40 minutes…….maybe there was a cow on the line.

While it is common place to see the Police with guns in most countries I still cannot get used to seeing them here armed to the teeth.

Today at Stanstead Airport the police were out in force with at least a dozen carrying Heckler and Koch machine guns and wearing full body armor. This I think was due to an El Al flight which had just landed and I watched the men of the Jewish Faith in their long black coats and big hats being escorted by Robocop and his friends…….what a sad world.

Heidi is still buzzing with happiness after the birthday wishes you all sent and the brilliant poem Myra wrote. So, as you all set the bar higher than Britney Spears on a Saturday night it was with some nerves that I gave Heidi her birthday gift……….a new suit by some Italian with a vowel at the end of his name. Its cream in colour and costs the same as a helicopter.

I took a huge risk with the size but luckily the fact that I checked the size of something else she had just bought and success is mine…..I have a happy wife and an unhappy bank manager.

Yesterday I sent you photos of the Carnival Splendor cast who have been chosen to be the performers on our new flag ship. Here then are a few photos of the cast rehearsing in the Miami studio.

So, tomorrow at 7.00am Heidi and I will drive to Southampton which will take about three hours and cost about £1 million pounds in petrol. However, I am excited to see the Ventura. Heidi and I are staying in a hotel tomorrow night and I will send a quick blog tomorrow and a full report over the weekend.

Today I have been in discussion with the folks in the office about the Bloggers cruise.

We now have pretty much decided on the charity we are going to work with and we have hotels that have offered us group booking discounts and conference facilities. We will compile everything and once that’s done I will let you know what we are doing.

So, hopefully the house is tidy enough and my contribution to Georgio’s bank balance will keep me out of the doghouse for weeks to come………..who am I kidding……..there’s more chance of Keith Richards winning People Magazines most handsome man of the year award.

It’s great to have her home and she brought her friend the magic stick with her…………oh joy

Your friends

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