I will never forget my first experience of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. This cold taste of heaven had yet to be popular in the UK and when someone told me that it was simply the best I was tempted to say no thanks, I will stick to what I know and head to the Haagen Dazs stand.

However, thanks to the persistence of my friend I tried something called “Chunky Monkey” ……and fell instantly head over heals in love. Unfortunately my Chunky Monkey days are over however I had tried something new and I was so happy I did.

Many of you will be unfamiliar with P&O cruises and for those from North America who may have read something about them then you probably dismissed the idea of cruising with them preferring to stay with what you know……that’s understandable ……however I am here to tell you that after my visit to the Ventura today I have discovered another Chunky Monkey and I later I will be urging you all to try it.

Good afternoon. I am at our hotel writing on my raspberry quickly before Heidi and I go for a walk, hold hands and have a romantic dinner. I have just returned from a wonderful day on the Ventura and tomorrow once home I will tell you all about our day and how impressed I was with the ship. Please excuse me not writing today but if I tried to get my lap top dancer computer out Heidi would no doubt Ram it up my A drive. So, tomorrow I will provide you all with a special Ventura blog………and special is one of the words I will be using a lot.

Tomorrow morning we will drive home and after I have posted the blog and photos we will have dinner with my friends Danny and Nadia. Danny is a real character and a regular contributor my facespace book thingy so if you want a brit friend on facespace book then write to Danny and tell him he I sent you………oh by the way, Danny is a professional boxer and will be fighting for the European middleweight championship next month……..I could take him.

I see some of you were asking where I am taking Heidi on Monday for holiday. Well, I did consider going to Spain but that would have involved flying. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but I hate flying and would rather have I love Paris tattooed on my bottom.

So, we are off to a small country hotel on Monday for four days of total relaxation. The hotel has a spa, a pool and most importantly wireless internet so expect daily blogs as always.

Have a look at the new carnival.com web site. A lot of people have worked very hard to make this site the best in the business and thanks to them for keeping my blog on the front page.

So, time for a walk before dinner. I look forward to writing my Ventura blog tomorrow. She is a gorgeous ship and talking of gorgeous ships today a few miles from where Ventura was docked was her Majesty Queen Victoria and docked next to her was a something of the seas.

Heidi and I drove over and even though this was a new something of the seas…….but all eyes were on Queen Victoria.

This left me feeling sorry for the same old thing of the seas Captain. Docking his ship next to Queen Victoria must have been like buying one of those Japanese sports cars, polishing it and adding a new stereo and loads of spoilers and sticky out things. You then invite all your friends over to look at it and then just as they start to do so some bugger turns up in a Bentley GTC……..and they bugger off to stand and admire a touch of class.


John and Heidi

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