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May 26, 2008 -

John Heald

So here I am blogging on my raspberry from the city of Manchester. Heidi and I drove up here this morning in torrential rain to see some friends. Heidi has forbidden me from sending a full blog thingy today as it’s a bank holiday here and she says I have to have a day off from blogging………so………..here I am in the Hotel Lowery in our room, sitting on the toilet. I told Heidi her chicken stir fry was playing havoc with my insides and I may be longer than usual……..and sneaking my raspberry in with me here I am ……..writing to you all making sure I grunt and groan as usual so she does not get suspicious.

I have very little time today so I want to use what time I have to say thank you. As you will see in a moment our humble blog thingy has been honoured by another major publication, the Miami Herald.  The article gives much praise about the community that you have all created here and I want to make sure I share all the praise with every single person who has clicked their mouse thingy on johnhealdsblog.com.

Also, behind the scenes are many people you know and some you do not who without their support this blog would not be where it is today…….I thank them all.

So, here is the article and a special thank you to Big Ed, Roger Blum and Suzanne and Robert Schneider for their so very kind words.

Miami Herald article: click here

I will return to normal blogging tomorrow and now time to flush and hope Heidi does not come straight into the bathroom as for once it doesn’t smell like Paris…….and that is bound to make her suspicious

Your friends
John and Heidi

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