Raspberry Blog- Part 2

May 29, 2008 -

John Heald

So here we are flying at 35,00 feet. Our Easy Jet Captain just told us that he was expecting bad weather over Germany but I don’t believe him. I generally find that weather forecasts are written by J.K. Rowling and if you want to know what the weather is, look out the window.

However, Captain Easy was correct and indeed there is lots of turbulence as we fly over the Belgium/German border. The plane is bouncing around like a kangaroo with giant springs on his feet. There is a special look of concern on the group of 30+ schoolchildren. They are dressed very smart in purple and black uniforms and are obviously on a school trip……………to Naples.

Wow! Things have changed. This group of school teens is taking a trip to see Vesuvius and Pompeii. When I was at school we took a trip to the local museum to see a piece of fossilized dinosaur poo.

We are staying at the Hotel Vesuvius which has wonderful views of the volcano. I have never stayed their before but Tony Soprano has as this was featured in an episode when the New Jersey boss went to the old country.

Yesterday, I spoke to the cast of dancers and singers who will be performing in our great shows on the Carnival Splendor. They have been rehearsing in Miami and fly to Italy on Sunday. The technicians and scenery designers are already there and very slowly more and more crew is beginning to arrive. Of course, the Captain and Chief Engineer and their departments have been in Genoa for some time and have played a big role in the start of the ship’s life.

None of the crew will be able to stay on board until 14 June so till then, Heidi and I will work on schedules and Capers from an office in the shipyard and from our hotel.

Yesterday, there was a huge fuel protest by thousands of truck drivers. They are complaining about the price of fuel here in the U.K. I know gas is expensive in North America but here in Europe it is double the price.

The problem is a large percentage of the cost is government tax and Gordon Brown and the government have to do something. It costs $140 to fill up my polar bear-killing, iceberg-melting Range Rover, so you can imagine how expensive it is for a truck driver.

So, until the government does something about this I have a suggestion………..and those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now.

I suggest that each gas station has a TV placed above each gas pump. On the TV’s there should be a selection of pornographic movies playing so while you are filling up your car or truck with gas you can see that someone else is getting scr%¤&d as well as you….

I am definitely a grumpy old man.

OK, time to go as we are staring our descent into Bella Napoli……oh, by the way…….one of the Nuns is ……and I swear this is true……wearing a pair of crocs……you know those shoes with holes in them……..that’s’ one trendy nun. The other nuns tried wearing them but couldn’t get into the habit.

Part 3 coming soon


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