Goodnight from Capri

May 30, 2008 -

John Heald

Capri……..if you have never been you have missed a magical place where the worries of the world are ignored and forgotten. The moment you step onto the island you are embraced by its charm and grace…… wonder poets, artists and movie makers all desire to eternalize Capri on canvass, in word or on film.

I am heading for dinner in a moment but I wanted to share with you all how Capri has charmed me and I have only been here a few hours.

In a few minutes we will meet up with the Packers, the Bees and my old mate and his wife to be an Elvis lover Jen.

It’s hard to explain how relaxing this place is. We are staying at a Bed and Breakfast run by a beautiful goddess called Madam Totti and although there are many 5 star establishments on the Island I doubt any have the warmth that Mrs. T provides……she makes you feel at home…….really at home.

Anyway, sorry to make this short but I am off to dinner and will send a full report tomorrow.
Just wanted to share my joy with you all…… mates.

John and Heidi

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