Mama Mia….Sacre Bleu…It's Only A Game

June 15, 2008 -

John Heald

It’s been a tough day and as I write to you at 5:30 pm I feel very tired.

My exhaustion has nothing to do with work but with the fact that the work has been done in temperatures of 80 degrees plus inside an iron box with no bloody air conditioning.

This is normal procedure for a new ship as everything has to be tested including the air flow system. However, why couldn’t the engineers at Fincantieri have watched the Weather Channel where they would have seen that yesterday it was 15 degrees with showers forecast and that today it would be 300 degrees in the shade?

Goodness knows what it must be like for the rest of the crew who have real jobs like working in the galley. What about the engineers themselves………………….well, actually it’s their fault so………..who cares?!

Nope…………that would have been to easy, so here we are working in the office and I am sure it would be cooler if we had been working in the Gobi desert wearing fur coats…………….fake ones, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Vegetarian.

When I get hot I get moody and grumpy, especially when I stand up after two hours at the desk and find half my bottom is still stuck to the leather chair.

Anyway, I had a meeting with some of the staff today and I asked them how they were all managing in the heat, one of the staff replied “I am so exhausted no — it’s like, “whatever.”

For this staff member and many more of her generation “like whatever” are very popular words.
The food in the staff dining room is “like, whatever.” Her Ex Boyfriend is “like whatever.” The photos I showed her of the Seabourn Odyssey’s cabins are “like whatever.”………………Mysteriously, though, Justin Trousersnake is “like, so cool. “

I’m sure younger people you know speak the same way.

Where did this and other words come from, some exclusively blonde valley in California? Well, the problem with using that as an excuse is the staff member in question is from a place called Thunder Bay in Canada.

This is not the end of the world because eventually she will grow out of it in much the same way that you and I at some point stopped describing Pink Floyd as “far out” and Gerry Cahill on a surf board as “groovy.”

However, even more annoying than the Marcia Brady overtones is this young lady’s and millions of others like her who have lost the ability to write and this is thanks to my mate the mobile phone.
I received a text from someone a few weeks ago that had the word “today” spelt with a 2 and the word “great” had an 8 in it.

Now our days are filled with distractions. You’ve got to locate a signal for your Raspberry, download some hipping and hopping music onto your Eye Pod and still find time to work, cook, clean the house and slaughter a few Zombies on the PlayStation. Speed writing is therefore a damn good idea I guess. So maybe I should consider writing my blog in mobile phone/speed writing style…………….would you understand …………….let’s try.

“2day I wnt 2 c the dctr who sd my sug r was gr8 and I shld not be scared bout my loose #2s”. What part of that can you not understand? A language without vowels ……………you don’t like the idea…………..”like, whatever.”

This week is a big week as tomorrow I visit the Costa Concordia and then on Tuesday I will have breaking news about The Carnival Dream. Now, this news comes straight from PA 007 who has promised me the details on the ship’s exciting itinerary first thing on Tuesday morning. I will therefore do my best to get this posted as early as possible so you can all hear the great news.

I also have some brilliant interviews to look forward to including Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel and continuing with our recent international theme some hot news from Down Under.
The following week I will be concentrating on the captain and crew here on the Carnival Splendor and will be introducing you to many behind the scenes.

Now, once we sail and things calm down a bit I shall return to the old style of answering many or all of your comments and questions. I remind you once again that should you need help and assistance to please write to me via the blog and mark the comment “Stephanie, Please Have John Reply.”

I have one here from Stephanie Martin that somehow ended up as a Spam message. I will reply to you today Stephanie and sorry for the delay. Meanwhile I continue to read each and every comment and a special huge thank you to you all and an even bigger one to those who take the time every day to write…………thank you.

The month of May produced 156,678 slaps and this month we already have close to 100,000. The blog continues to grow and a portion of this comes from our sister companies as we start to link each others thingies to our own blogs. I have a thank you being written in Italian ready for tomorrow.

The wooden dance floor in the lobby covered

Circle “C”

Circle “C”

Circle “C”

Circle “C”

The Black Pearl Restaurant

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