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July 17, 2008 -

John Heald

Good Evening.

Let’s start with some photos of Berlin taken by Lauren and Jamie.

Berlin Wall

Near the place where the books were burned

Nice Architecture

Holocaust Memorial

Where Michael Jackson held his baby over the railing

Near the American Embassy

Checkpoint Charlie

Brandenburg Gate

Division between East and West Germany where people were shot and memorialized


Don’t remember, but still a cool picture!

A few months ago I posted a blog which contained some photos of the Queen Mary 2 in Hamburg, Germany. These photos showed thousands of people standing by the dockside hoping to catch a glimpse of the incomparable ocean liner.

Well, it seems that the love of ships extends across the country from the big city of Hamburg to the tiny former East German province of Rostock and the small town of Warnemunde.

The fun started last night with The Rostock Brass Band playing a two-hour concert on the Lido Deck. They were brilliant and their “oompah sounds” had everyone clapping along. One of the players was so old he needed a walker to get around and I couldn’t believe it when this 80 something year old man parked his walker, slowly sat down and picked up a huge Euphonium and played his heart out…………….fantastic.

While he and the band played some German drinking music the F&B department had conjured up a huge German buffet and the local Rostock beer company had provided us with kegs of their finest brew and this all provided the guests with a wonderful party.

Then, as we prepared to sail at 11 pm we were treated to the sight of hundreds of local people standing on the quayside waving and screaming as though they had all been offered a free cruise.

So, there they were, jumping up and down waving and showing their obvious delight at the fact that Carnival had come to call. We were then treated to lots of horn blowing, whistling and fireworks…………..as you will see now on a few videos. Sorry for the quality, I am on a $700 million dollar ship and I have a $50 video camera.

Hope you enjoy them.

Following this amazing reception which we never received in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Turkey, Greece or France (that could be my fault) I would like to proclaim that from now on……………… “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

Yes, I know this actually means “I am a doughnut” as a Berliner is a big pastry dougnuty type of thing……….. but it gets my point across perfectly well. And my point is this

Over the years I have said some unkind things about the Sausage Eaters, but from now on, and until I change my mind, the teasing will stop. So sit back, take a cold bottle of Beck’s out of the refrigerator, and let’s have a mince through some of the Fatherland’s achievements over the years.

Das Boot was a much better submarine film than Morning Departure, in which Richard Attenborough’s upper lip momentarily unstiffened for no discernible reason or Crimson Tide and Hunt for Red October…….. In fact, Das Boot is probably one of the best films ever made.

What about comedy? It’s often said that the Germans don’t have a sense of humour, but look at it this way. They may laugh at desperately unfunny stuff such as Benny Hill but who made it in the first place………….the Brits………….mmmmm…….is there a sublime message there? Then we have music. Quite apart from Haydn, Handel, Brahms, Beethoven and Bach, can you think of a better pop tune than Nena’s 99 Red Balloons?

You can’t forget about that legendary German rock band, The Scorpions. Then there is David Hasselhoff ……..he of Baywatch and the talking car thingy. ………..The Hoff as he is known is a major celebrity in Germany and maybe its time we started appreciating his talents………………or not.

Other things that the Germans gave the world include contact lenses, the globe, the printing press, x-rays, the telescope and Levi Strauss; and chemistry lessons would have been a lot less fun were it not for the Bunsen burner.

What else? Well, it was Frank Whittle who invented the jet engine, there’s no doubt about that, but the Luftwaffe had jets in its planes long before the USA and the UK.

Similarly, the Americans and the Russians spent most of the 1960s fighting to gain supremacy over one another in space, but both were using German scientists and German rockets.

Got a Range Rover? That’s German these days and so is the new Mini, the new Bentley, the new Rolls-Royce, the new Bugatti, the new Lamborghini and all new Chryslers.

Germans are brilliant at every sport except cricket, for instance, and that ice thing where big chested women do the vacuuming in front of a kettle as it slides across the ice.

I should also like at this point to explain that if I walked into my bedroom tonight and both Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss were holding signs that said “Get It Here”…….I would tell Kate to bugger off.

Then there is AIDA. This cruise line is as big as it gets in Germany and the people are fiercely loyal to the brand. The fact that they welcomed us as they did means so much to all of us here at Carnival.
And that’s why today…………………… I am a doughnut.

Sorry the blog is a little short today, we are at sea and it’s a busy one. Back to normal tomorrow

Your friends
Doughnut and Heidi

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