Raspberry Blog – Part 3

August 29, 2008 -

John Heald

I hate airplane food and having to pay for it is even worse.

In this case, I just paid $8 for lunch only because I have to take my diabetic pill.
For my money, I got on Styrofoam of ……….ummmmm……..hot. Hot what I have no bloody clue. It could have been tea, coffee or beef soup.

My sandwich was two pieces of bread with on slice of ummmm…….pink in between. The pink was thinner than the paintwork on my old MG car.

I may have lost some weight but the tray table was still having a close relationship with my tummy — but not as close a relationship as the two girls next to me who seriously need to get a room.

As I sit here I realize that nobody has said sorry…….nothing……The captain has told us we were going to be late and that were flying at 25,000 feet and that we could buy on sandwich with a slice of pink in it…..but at no time did he ever apologize…..

If that had been a Carnival captain or cruise director they would have apologized and made sure the guests were happy………In the customer service industry the airlines are as far behind the cruise industry as I would behind Michael Phelps in the 400-meter freestyle.

However, what amazes me even more than the lack of apology is the patience of the passengers. Apart from a few boos from the toilet lady and her friends, everyone just sits here eating their pink sandwiches. Most didn’t blink when the VIPs we were lied to about turned out to be staff.

Is it because in the world we live in the passengers know that if they complain on any airline these days they will be taken away to the island near Cuba and given orange suit to wear?….and I don’t mean any Easy Jet uniform. Or is it that we are so use to things like this we don’t bother anymore? Or is it that passengers know that air travel is unlike the cruise industry where you just have to say “I have a complaint” and you get some champagne and an 80% discount off your next cruise?……..Try that with the airlines……..you get bugger all. Maybe the airlines aren’t so stupid after all.


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