Raspberry Blog – Part 4

August 29, 2008 -

John Heald

It’s a strange old world. One minute you are in Amsterdam debarking guests and making last-minute preparations for Heidi to take charge and the next minute you are back at home in a pleasantly sunny UK.

I just returned from my doctor who gave me a bollocking for not losing enough weight but at the same time a nice pat on the back for maintaining a low sugar level with a six-month average of 5.9. That’s the British scale by the way. I have no idea what that is on the American scale but Doc was happy overall.

So, here I sit in any empty house trying to get some work done and plough through the mail which includes 12 different offers for loans and a letter from the company that supplies our oil noting that prices will rise 23%……might need one of those loans after all.

OK, considering the only thing to eat in the house are some tea bags and a frog which seems to have died on my doormat…..So, as I have no milk for my tea and am not French I shall bugger off to Mum and Dad’s.

Back soon.

Heidi and live 30 minutes or so from my parents. And here I am having just eaten half a cow complemented by Yorkshire pudding, peas, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower ………. tomorrow may not be a good day to be anywhere near me.

Mum and Dad look great and Dad has added photos of the Carnival Splendor and the plaque I was given by the Royal Navy divers who helped us at our naming ceremony. There is also the model of AIDAdiva and seeing it reminded me that I must try and get Dad one of those big models we have at the Carnival offices.

So, I just spoke to Heidi. Her Mum is safely onboard and, apart from the Dutch immigration officers being their normal pedantic selves, the ship has sailed on time and Heidi has breathed a sigh of relief…..I know she won’t be totally comfortable until I get back onboard………I, though, have total confidence in her.

It seems that Tropical Storm Bastard…..sorry, Gustav, has caused many deaths as it charges across the Caribbean and, of course, a lot changes for the Carnival fleet.

I know a lot of bloggers use this as a source of information, so here is the latest news from Vance and Stephanie.

Well, in about an hour after Stephanie has posted this short blog she will post the replies I have written over the last five days to comments marked “urgent please reply.”

So, I am going to watch some football and then go to bed. I have a two-hour drive tomorrow and I need to leave early as I want to be on board by 11 am.

Thanks for allowing me on night off from blogging and hope you have enjoyed the short blogs I have written today.

Your friend

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