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September 5, 2008 -

John Heald

blingbling Asked:

John – Please reply- regarding upcoming 11 Sept sailing – this for Kat’s expertise –
DH asks if he will be able to connect to his corporate network via their VPN on the Splendor wireless system? If so, will Kat be able to assist him in configuring his laptop to do so?
Thank you.

John and Kat Say:

 I have inquired with Alex the Internet Cafe Manager and yes, this service is offered by the Internet Cafe. Please have the guest see Alex so he can advise on a time plan and assist with the VPN connection if need be.

Best regards,
Peg Dunbar Asked:

I hope that you have enjoyed your very limited day off John. It must have been nice to see your Mum and Dad, even if for a bit.
I can only imagine how much you had to not just burst our laughing at your airport stories. Nothing ever happens to me when I fly, it is very boring. I go through security, and even though it does take longer as I have had both my knees replaced, nothing ever funny happens or in your case frustrating/funny/awkward. You right, you can not make this stuff up.
Keep smiling John, you truly are one in a million.
John please I really need you TO RESPOND URGENT.
I really need to know if you can help me put together a Meet and Greet for Cruise on our September 11th cruise on the Splendor. We were hoping for Saturday the 13th, the first sea day at 1:00pm. We would love a room/space/anything that is quite so we can visit and meet each other. I will leave you a note at the Pursers desk on the 11th as a reminder of this message, but if you could let me know now that my request is possible. I remember once on your blog that you said you were so sorry that you missed some of the CC as you did not know they were on board. One of the posters on our CC Roll Call (her and her husband are on a B2B, starting with the new sailing now) has a gift for you and Heidi and we would love to have Stephenie join us also. It would mean so much to have you, Heidi and Stephenie with us. You will make this cruise the trip of a lifetime for all of us. Please respond and let me know that this is possible. Thank you for all you do, I truly appreciate that you take the time to let us know what is going on your cruises.

John Says:

Hello Peg
Thanks for the kind wishes. I did enjoy my half a day off. Its always wonderful to see Mum and Dad. I think some people must think my airport stories are made up but they really are not… just seems that every time I fly, something happens. As far as the meet and greet is concerned consider it done. It will be in the Capers on the first sea day afternoon marked in today at a glance as CRUISE CRITIC MEET. Of course we will be there if we can. So, yes, please leave me a note at the Pursers Office on the first day and I will go ahead and block a lounge for you all. I will post this as I have had some other CC members ask.
My best to you, have a safe journey here.

Linda (Mom of DJ) Asked:
Could I please trouble you to forward this to John.
John and Heidi really like Melvin. We all cruised together on the Imagination back in January.
If John has not heard yet, I know he and Heidi will be thrilled for Melvin.
I was just about to check with John to see if he had heard anything when I got this email from Melvin.
THANKS for this and ALL the WONDERFUL things you do!!!

Linda (Mom fo DJ)

John Says:
Thanks so much Linda
Yes, we had a celebration here onboard for Melvin who is obviously going through mixed emotions at the moment. Happiness at the birth of his son and sadness that due to visa regulations in his wife’s home country he is not able to see her at the moment. We have him in constant contact with her and we are all looking after him. I hope all is well with you and as always thanks so much for your kindness.

Best regards to you and all your family
Rupak Said:
Hi Stephanie,
Please say a big THANK YOU to Mr. John Heald on my behalf. I greatly appreciate his reply. I just wanted to know what kind of personal insurance can I buy in future to cover such situations. Overall, I think his reply has made me comfortable and I hope we have a great trip. I think that seperates others from Carnival. Your professionalism and regards towards your customers is highly rated in my mind.

Thanks again,

John Says:
Dear Rupak
You are more than welcome and I remain at your service
Ruth Asked:
Stephanie & John
Have been trying to book my shore excursions for the 28TH and 29Th of October, remember we are on the back to back cruises.
I can book the Highlights of Rome/Regular Visit To Vatican Museum on the 28Th, but they won’t let me book ANY tours for the 29Th – they say nothing is offered from the ship to Rome and back to the ship HELP. the shore excursion department is asking me to ask you to give me a list of what you will be offering on the 29Th for those who are doing the back to back, as of right now they have nothing to offer.Would love to be able to do the Rome at its Best on the 29Th, even if it was an abbreviated tour.

Thanks in advance for all your help
Ruth and Jim

John Says:
The 29th is embarkation day and we do not sell tours on line for the home ports. The tours can only be booked on board at our desk. The same goes for Dover or any other home port.

As soon as they come on board, we will be able to accommodate any requests they might have.



Hi Everyone,

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