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September 10, 2008 -

John Heald

Doc Manuela Asked:
hmmmmmmmmmmmm……….. I guess doctors are never remembered unless they give biiiiggg injections into hemorrhoids ;-)))
I could not believe the left without visting our comforting hospital on the AIDAbella before you left :-(… time there will be a bill for the missed appointment…….
isch liiieeebe deine blog….
by the way: the Kapitän is Przemyslaw Kurc and
the Entertainment Managerin is Ulrike Homuth….
Greetings to John and Heidi from the AidaBella Doctora ex Carnival

John Says:
Hello Doc
I am so sorry we didnt get to say goodbye especially as I wanted you to have a look at my hemorrhoids……again. It was great to see you and heidi and I miss you very, very much. The AIDABella is beautiful and the guests and crew are so lucky to have you looking after them.
Danke schoen Doc. Ich habe ein reichende arschloch
Dein Freund


Susan Asked:
Love your blog, sorry for the cruisers that no matter what you do for them, they will be miserable.
I have a question, my daughter is due to sail her honeymoon cruise 9/7 from port canaveral to bahamas and mean old ike is brewing. the one and only update on carnival has not updated since 1230pm today (9/4) , will there be more frequent updates posted. Just concerened as if we choose to reschedule flights for family, it will have to be done by sat. am. we understand only the hurricane and God know what the true tract is, just hoping for some word from carnival as to whether or not the ship will cruise to another location , or cruise at all. wouldn’t it be great to have a hurricane zapper on every ship. thanks so much.

John Says:

Hello Susan
Thanks so much for the kind words of support and I am so happy you enjoy the blog thingy. The latest news on your daughters honeymoon cruise is that it is going as planned however I advise you check as much as possible for the latest news. Can y7ou send me their names please?
Thanks again for the kind words and I true wish that a hurricane zapper was at hand
many thanks

Carol Asked:
Hi Stephanie, Please share this article with John. See, he is not alone with wacky passenger requests. It should cheer him. Have a great weekend, Carol

Sea of Wackly Demands

John Says:
Dear carol
Thanks for this great article and it proves that not all the ” interesting guests ” are on my ship
my best to you as always

Barbara Butler Asked:

John please reply.
David, Valentine, and I are going to be on Carnival Freedom’s transatlantic cruise. Since I have had a couple of problems before I thought that I would speak with you. Valentine is my service dog who travels with me everywhere. Unlike the usual service dog you see Valentine is only about 10lbs. I love that Carnival has started using the manufactured paper pellots for her to do her business, however, I do sometimes have quite a time getting it to me. Could you please notify them that Valentine will be on board and we would like the litter in our room upon arrival. We travel with our own box so a box will not be needed. The other thing that I sometimes run into is that not everyone likes to eat with a dog ( although unless we told them that she was there they probably would never know) so any help in this matter would be great. Maybe eveb a table for 2 I mean 3.. LOL
Thanks John I will appreciate any help that you provide, Keep up the good work on the blog we all enjoy it here at home, I was also glad that the doctor said that you were healthy but I;ll bet if you were honest he told you to slow down and relax . I hope that you can find some way to get a little rest. I told David the other night that you need an assistant to handle those crazy complainers that have no hope or desire to be happy.
Smothe waves and sunny days,
Barbara, David, and Valentine

John Says:

Hello Barbara
It will be a pleasure to make sure this happens and I have copied various people to make sure the ship has everything Valentine needs. We will have the ” poopy stuff ” and I have contacted the maitre D to make sure they have a table for three for you 🙂 Please contact me if there is anything else you need.
best regards

Pam Wrote:

I wanted to take a momont to wend you a great big THANK YOU for reffering me to James on our recent cruise on the Liberty My girls truely enjoyed meeting and spending what time we could with James he is an extremely personable young man and we will look forward to traveling with him again next season. I did send him a note at your suggestion and he made sure the girls had a blast. Both He and Karl gave a dedication to them on the morning show that they watched as often as they could they called in that morning and answered the trivia question and was given a disposable camera with pictures of James and Karl to start them off with they used the rest of the pictures all over the boat. I did convince James that they needed to embarass the girls of they could (had to have that little bit of tradition as I always do one thing to turn her red) this James did to even beyond my wildest dreams during the red white and blue contest where they brought the girls up during a points collection event to “find them boyfriends” this consisted of lining guys up to “strut their stuff to the girls” embarrassment came from the fact that these guys were all either under 12 or over 40 Laura (the other mom) and I laughed until we were crying. James however did say that he missed you guys alot. He did get a huge laugh out of the adopted donkey Mrs. S.Nob, we were able to chat a bit here and there through the week and we enjoyed every minute of it. He made sure that the girls felt special. For this We thank you I also wanted to let you know that there is something special for you heading your way from Washington DC. as our way of saying thanks for your direction The only thing that would have mede the week perfect would have been to have you on board with us. I look forward to cruising again with you soon in the near future we are doing one more local cruise next summer but will be taking our first European cruise in the summer of 2010 for my daughters graduation I will doing my best to book that cruise on your ship of moment..I enjoyed spending the last few hours catching up on your blog thingy and am glad to hear the your Doctors visit went well and that you are back safe and sound. I’m sure that Heidi did wonderful job while you were away.. Take care and keep up the good work her are a few pics I thought you would enjoy. Thanks Pam in VA
the pics are of James and I , the three girls with the Liberty in the background and of one of the girls (Kolbie) with james and with Karl
and fun ship freddie on cruise elegant night. Hope you enjoy them..

John Says:
Thank you Pam
Hello everyone, please have a look at the photos of Pam’s daughter Jordan who recently had the time of her life on the Carnival Liberty. if you have any photos you wish to share with us all, please let us know.
cheers and a big hello to Jordan


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