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October 7, 2008 -

John Heald

Eva Asked:
Congrats to both you and Heidi with this wonderful news. I love the way you just slipped it in at the end of your blog!!! Talk of dropping a bombshell and running…. You will make great parents and your new adventures will be fitting in nicely with the timing of the arrival.
Harold and I have booked the Western Europe for September 6 from Dover to Rome on the Liberty, will you be the CD??? I really hope you will just let Stephanie know so she can put it in the questions and answers when she next posts. If you’ll be there then we shall have to congratulate you in person.
Best wishes once again.
Eva B

John Says:
Hello Eva,

I will indeed be with you in September and will be able to show you pictures of the baby.
I will confirm my schedule to everyone soon and I look forward to meeting you both on that wonderful Mediterranean adventure.



Kuki Asked:
Just saw this Press Release :
>>>Carnival Creates New “Fun Ship Experience” Department
Carnival Cruise Lines has created a new department focusing solely on developing innovative new on-board “product opportunities” and enhancing existing aspects of the “Fun Ship” vacation experience<<<
Guess we now know the top secret project you’re joining. Sound like it should be very interesting and fun. Congrats again!

John Says:
Hello Mate
Yep, I have been asked to assist with this project and it is indeed an honor. I am also going to be involved in some things for the blog as I travel around the fleet. Cant wait to see you and hope you and Mrs. Kuki.
Annette Asked:
I absolutly love your blog. I look forward to reading it every day.
I am going on the Victory Southern carribean cruise on November 23rd. Can you tell me how many kids are booked on the cruise so far? Is a cruise normally very crowded during a holiday? Since we will be on the cruise during Thanksgiving, will there be a special dinner for the holiday? Is Funship Freddie on all cruises? (My kids love him!)
Thank you for your time on answering my questions and for a wonderful blog that always puts a smile on my face!

John Says:
I am so glad you love the reading the blog each day. its great to know that it is appreciated. There will indeed be a huge Thanksgiving dinner onboard with Turkey and all the trimmings. I don’t know the number of kids sailing yet but I expect it will be quite a lot as this is a very special time for families to come together. Funship Freddie will be there and I know he and all the crew will make this a vacation to remember
Happy Thanksgiving

Bob in Connecticut Asked:
I really enjoy your blogs abd that is coming from someone who is a long time RCCL cruiser who said they would never sail Carnival because of the prior history between the companies. Well, I purchased Carnival stock, booked a 2 week cruise on your sister line Princess and maybe, someday, will consider a cruise on a ship where you are the CD.
Keep blogging.

Bob in CT


John Says:
Hello Bob
Thanks for taking the time to comment mate and as a fellow Carnival stock holder I appreciate you booking 2 wonderful weeks with our sister company Princess. I know you will have a great time. While I am not so sure as to your meaning of ” history between the two companies ” I appreciate that you may be judging us from the past. Today’s Carnival is very different and while I don’t want to go all corporate and stuff I will just say………why not come and give us a try……I think you will be very surprised .
Until then I hope you will continue to read the blog thingy and my best regards to you and your family

Codfish Asked:
I am so glad Carnival has gone the extra mile and given their staff special training to better assist people with disabilities of all types. I do, however, have a suggestion to better help your guests with visual imparments. Would it be possible to make the Capers available in a large print version?
I have just recently talked with my Personal Vacation Planner about special services available for my girlfriend who is visually impaired. He stated that the capers were available in Brail but wasn’t sure if they were available in large print, but in true Carnival “customer first” style, he was going to check and see if they couldn’t have them enlarged for her.
You mentioned in today’s blog that people are living longer. With that, vision loss is becoming one of the most common types of disability. Making the Capers in a large print version is just a small thing Carnival could do to make the crusing experience more enjoyable and more accessable for everyone.
Thanks again for everything you do.
P.S. I just love the term “rumpy pumpy”

John Says:
Hello Codfish,

Great name by the way.
Your suggestion is excellent and I urge anyone who would like this kind of assistance to please request it via the Information Desk on Day 1 of your cruise.
It can easily be done and I appreciate you sharing this great idea.
I hope you keep reading the blog and I will pass this across to the fleet.

All the best,

Patricia Asked:
Dear John and Heidi-
Congratulations!! Please let me make something for the baby. I am an avid cross-stitch embroidery maniac who has just retired and owns more stashed needlework supplies than some shops have! It will help me through the dreary winter if I am stitching some little keepsake for baby Heald. I took inventory this week and discovered I have many many baby items to stitch, and nobody I know is expecting. I can do a bib, nursery sampler for the wall, Christening cap made from a lace hankie, Christmas stocking with baby’s name, hooded towel, or any number of little embroidered thingys if you like. I made absolute hampers of layette items for all my 9 grandchildren. Please reply, Pat

Heidi Says:
Hello Patricia,

This is Heidi here. It’s so lovely of you to offer to make something for our baby.
I remember (from the baby photos) that I had a hooded towel when I was a baby. I would love one of them!! I have already decided that the nursery will be lots of creams and whites so any color would be great.
Thank you once again and John sends his very best regards and says what a wonderful person you are.


DC in SD Asked:
Congratulations on the impending “thingy”! Lovely, lovely news for you and Heidi.
Quick question, would love answer please…will Bubba be CD on the Spirit in January 2009? Will be on ship with friends, starting a year full of celebrations re: turning 65! Thanks John, best to Heidi.

John Says:
Hello DC,

Thanks for the best wishes and yes, indeed Bubba will be the CD for your January cruise.
He is a wonderful chap and I know you will have a fantastic time.
Please keep reading the blog thingy.


lookingforwardtothenearlysmokefreecarnivalfreedom Asked:
John –
There honestly is only one thing you can do to resolve this problem. Get a penthouse suite in the Doghouse Resort for the duration.
Seriously – your life will never, ever be the same again. First, there is the issue of Heidi’s hormones during the pregnancy. Then, there are the changes that come with having a child in the house.
BTW – PLEASE REPLY. Have you made a decision as to whether or not you two want to know the sex of the baby? To me, the answer is no – I would prefer to be suprised, more than anything else, but that is just me.
Now, onto names. There is always Benjamin Bradbury, so you can call him your baby BB.
Or you can name the baby UP, so when s/he is recorded in the register, it will appear as HEALD, UP.
I’ll stop now before I get banned for good.
God bless the baby, Heidi and may he look after you as you muddle your way (as do all males) through the next seven months.
Jon and Kathy

John Says:
Hi Jon and Kathy,

It’s great to hear from you both and Heidi is smiling at the BB suggestion.
We haven decided not to ask if it is a boy or a girl and as long as the thingy is healthy, that is all we pray for.
While I remember, please send me your cabin number for the crossing.

Great to hear from you both.
Your friends,
John and Heidi

Donna Asked:
Are you going to be on all the Baltic Cruises for 2009? My sisters and I are taking the trip on August 25 and we are excited by the though of you as the cruise director. We were on the Med. Cruise in August 2006. Had the best time on the cruise and at all the shows. Can’t wait. We think you are great.

John Says:
Hello Donna,

Well, as you probably have read on today’s blog, my plans have changed a little bit as Heidi and I are going to be parents.
I will be, for sure, on the Carnival Liberty some time in June and for the remainder of the season.
I hope we see each other again soon.

Best Regards,


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