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October 8, 2008 -

John Heald

Danny Asked:
John, Please Reply before Nov 1
Dose Carnival have A1 stake sauce onboard? or do I need to pack a few bottles and hope they make past custom in Rome .

John Says:
no smuggling required mate. We have unlimited supplies here.


Chris Asked:

Dear John, We were on the Carnival Splendor last week. It is Tuesday now, and I was just wondering about the new guests who are at our dining room table this week. I feel like someone is sitting in my chair. We were in the Black Pearl Dining Room, early seating, table 165 with Melvin as our waiter. Are they being good to Melvin? He was the best we had ever had in 13 Carnival cruises. Also, I enjoyed your Morning Show on the ship and watching all the videos that were played. I miss being there, it had turned into home seeing we were on board for 12 days. One more thing, I never did get an authentic Cannelloni while in Sicily and I did hear you had received many. I feel like I missed out on something. I was going to write you while on the ship to see if you could share one of yours, but never got to it and now the time is passed. Would you have shared one if I had asked? Thanks for a great cruise, Chris

John Says:
Hello Chris
I now feel guilty that I did not get you a Canoli………bugger. It does feel strange I am sure thinking someone is in your bed and eating at your table. I sent your kind regards to Melvin who was thrilled.
Next time you sail I promise you a Canoli.

John & Susan from Frisco, Tx Said:
Dear John & Heidi….
Susan and I have never met you but we are proud to call you friends! We are so happy for the two of you! A child is a wonderful blessing!
John…I have another suggestion, maybe you could have a town hall while the bloggers cruise is going on. I’m sure all of us would love to hear from not only you but other Carnival Senior Management! Talk about an opportunity! They could get a first hand review! They could ask questions and get suggestions from people that really care! Of course I’m sure you are quite capable of handling those chores and relaying them! It’s just always good to see the big wigs (including yourself). By the way….we would love for Heidi to be there! See if you can’t get her excited to come. I’m sure someone could hold a great baby shower for her!
Just a thought!
As always we can’t wait for Feb!
John & Susan from Frisco, Tx.

John Says:
Hello John and Susan
The town hall meeting is indeed going to be something we do both on the bloggers cruise and around the fleet. Comments and suggestions on what our guests want to see on the cruise line they love the most is so very important and I intend to make sure their opinions are not just heard but acted on.
Thanks so much for the sincere words for Heidi and I and as you said, even though we have never met I also consider us friends.

Sharon Asked:
Dear John and Heidi,
For those of us who might want to send something for the little baby, what address would we send it to? I would not want a package going from ship to ship..the baby could be a year old before the package arrived at the correct
Any names picked out yet?
Best wishes,

John Says:
Hello Sharon
I am so touched by you asking if you can send something to us. Honestly, there is no need however I will be posting an address soon so you can send us a card and we can send one back.
Thank you again and my best regards to you and your family
John and Heidi


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