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October 13, 2008 -

News From Steph

Pam Says:
my question is does carnival carry Diet Dr. Pepper because that is all I drink …. please let me know as we sail in 56 days….

John Says:
Hello Pam
Sorry – no Diet Dr.Pepper. We have all Coke products though. I love Diet Dr P as well.
Let me know if there is anything else you need to know


Sharon Asked:
Hi John,
My husband and I were on the Splendor last week, and are still feeling withdrawls. We never found out what happened to the Rossi’s. They were the honeymoon couple we left behind in Venice… The were suppose to rejoin the ship in Messina. Did the Salmon’s make it off the ship????

John Says:
Hello Sharon
I hope you had a wonderful time and I am sure the withdrawal symptoms will last some time to come. The Rossi’s did make it back onboard but unfortunately they were a little upset at each other so my plans to have fun with them really were not appropriate. The Salmons have left the building.
Hope we see you again soon. What was your favorite port?
My best to you and the family

Dori Asked:
I am a former travel agency manager (retired) from the Los Angeles, California area, my first cruise was on Carnival, and I fell in love with the line, the kindness of their employees, plus the general cruising style. We have completed over twenty cruises since our first cruise with Carnival, on many different lines. I did notice that for a time Carnival was unfairly put down in comparison to other cruise companies, but not any longer!
We are planning on “The Cruise of Our Lifetime” which will depart on October 17th (cabin #)from Rome and continue on the transatlantic cruise on October 29th. We hope to be able to meet you and your lovely wife. You have made all of our months of waiting until the cruise “come alive” with your fantastic blog. You have no idea of how you have brightened our day with your humor and great attitude.
My husband and I are very hard of hearing and it is difficult to be at a table with other guests when you cannot hear what they are saying. Is there a chance that you might be able to help us reserve a table for two.
Thank you for your fabulous blog.

John Says:
I am so sorry I am not going to be here for your dream cruise. I have been called away by Carnival and Heidi has to go home and have her very first scan. Please don’t worry about the table. I have asked my friend Ken the maitre D to assist in your booking and I am sure he will look after you and give you a table as requested.
Please except my apologies that I will not be with you and please also except my thanks for you so kind words.
Have a wonderful cruise and enjoy your table for 2

Tim Asked:
You can EASILY tell which people are on the “Dingbat of the Seas” on the pier. Just look for the ones with their snooty little noses up in the air!!!!! Oh, and their pockets will be empty because of all they”extras” they have to pay for onboard……..
By the way, a little marketing idea for each of the ships…..Since Carnival has won some very coveted awards from various travel magazines/organizations for their Cuisine in the Main Dining Room (amongst others) these past couple of years, I would suggest some sort of “display” for these awards outside each dining room (or other strategic locations). Toot your own horn a bit and let, in particular, the first time Carnival Cruisers take that info home with them. (I used to do a bit of Marketing in my day, and that just struck me as something that might pay off.) Got to go pack for our cruise on the Glory this coming weekend….so would be interested in your thoughts. Reply if you have time….Regards ….Tim

John Says:
What a great idea. I have forwarded this to Ken the Maitre D……….I will make sure you get all the credit. I love the ” empty pockets ” line.


Jim Asked:
Since I’ll be on the Freedom’s transatlantic crossing, I just got my absentee ballot for the United States Presidential election. If I “write in” our name, will that be OK with you.
I just want to make sure you’ll accept the demotion from Cruise Director to President

John Says:
It will be an honour and my first law will be that everyone has to smile for a whole week and take a cruise. Have a wonderful time and wish I was there with you.

Cheryl Asked:

John please respond Oh John, You are a wonderful husband and will be a great Dad. I love listening to your stories. I called the vacation planner and will be booking onto the bloggers cruise in February, ( I have to let my husband know that is what he will be doing!LOL) This will be our third time on Fantasy and each time it has been changed I LOVE THE PICS!! Can not wait!! John, if we can only do the bloggers cruise and not the Habitat ( WHICH I WISH I COULD) because of time restraints, is that OK? I would love to do it all with you and the bloggers but just can’t. Thanks in advance for responding, Cheryl Please give Heidi and thingy our love, Mike and Cheryl

John Says:
Dear Cheryl
The fact that you are joining us on the Bloggers cruise is just wonderful. Don’t worry about not coming ahead of time I am just excited that you have decided to sail.
see you soon and best to you and the family

Jeri Asked:

Please reply. I read your blog every day and I still can’t decide if you will be on the Splendor for the short cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale on Nov. 17th. I’m sure we’ll enjoy seeing the ship but hoped that you would be the CD. Jeri

John Says:
Hello Jeri
I thank you for being a faithful blog thingy reader. Unfortunately I will not be able to join you on the 17th as I will be on my way back to the UK. I hope you have a wonderful time and if there is anything I can do for you please let me know
best regards

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