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October 13, 2008 -

John Heald

Melissa Asked:
Do you have any idea when Carnival will announce their 2010 cruise itineraries? Anxious to start making plans!

John Says:
Hello Melissa,

I understand that the itineraries for 2010 will be released some time in December this year.
I am as excited to hear about them as you are and as soon as I know more I promise to pass them on.
Thank you for reading the blog thingy,



Peg Asked:
I hope now that it is a new day, things have calmed down and the pax that complain all the time have finally decided they did have a great cruise and are sorry they complained so much, yea like that is going to happen.
Well, the market is up her in the US, but it has only been open for 27 minutes.
Great pictures, I really hope to go to Istanbul one day. But then there are so many places I really want to go.
Keep smiling John, my best to Heidi. When do the two of you get off the ship, today? BTW, please tell us how the pax that had to be taken off the ship is, doing OK?

John Says:
Hello Peg,

Thanks for the words of support. You will be happy to know that the guest who we took off the ship in Istanbul who needed urgent medical attention is in a stable condition in hospital.
This is thanks to our great medical staff on board.
I hope the market stays in the up position, hope to see you again soon.
Your friend,

Jetskier Asked:
John, please respond.
Can you give the reason why Carnival pulled the fruit punch drink from the Lido buffet for breakfast? There are reports on Cruise Critic that this has happened on several ships within the past two weeks.
My daughters love the fruit punch for breakfast.

John Says:
Hello Dave,

I have just checked with the Food and Beverage Manager who informed me that we did stop service of the fruit punch fleet wide, although it was never served at breakfast just lunch and dinner.
The reason we stopped this, is the sugar content was very high and it also left a stain on the teeth.
We now have a new supplier and fruit punch is now being served at lunch time again.
Could you please put this on Cruise Critic for me?
Many thanks for your continuing support for the blog.

Your friend,

msqpon – Jo Myerly Asked:
Hi John, Dave and I are sailing BTB on the Splendor 11/17 and 11/21. Could you find out some information about the 11/21 sailing. Will there be formal nights? Which nights? Thanksgiving will be on a sea day. Will it be a dress up meal? I am trying to figure out what I need to bring. Please help. Thanks.

John Says:
Hello Jo,

The Elegant Nights are on the 22nd and on the 27th, Thanksgiving will indeed be on an Elegant night.
I wish I could be there with you and Heidi and I send you our warmest regards.


The Imperial Potentate of the High Order of the Rumpy-Pumpies Asked:
I have great difficulty having sympathy for a man whose beautiful wife forces him to have rumpy-pumpy on command and complains about it.
Face it, John – you are Wally Cox to Heidi’s Grace Kelly. How someone with your physique could attract someone of her beauty remains beyond comprehension.
Man up, gringo, and stop giving us loving (as in rumpy-pumpy active) husbands a bad name.
He whose child is 26 years old and still living at home (aka MTSFPBLFTTNSFCF)

John Says:
Hello John,

All I can say is, I hope my child is still living at home when he is 26.
I have a feeling I am going to be very overprotective.
Thursdays will never be the same.

Your friend

Judy b Asked:
Mr Heald, I really enjoy reading your blog. My concern is that after several stories of rude and sometimes dangerous behavior of some guests, there does not seem to be a policy of how to deal with them. What if there had to be a ship evacuation? After reading how ineffectively you have gotten certain groups to comply, I fear a time when it be imperative for them to folow directions. I think this matter needs to be addressed and not in a politically correct manner. It seems that you are letting the behavior of a few overwhelm the enjoyment of everyone to enjoy their trip.

John Says:

Thank you for your concern. I can understand how you feel and this cruise has been very unusual.
There is nothing any cruise line can do when basic regard for other human beings is so ignored.
In a real emergency or when needed, we of course would take effective steps.
However, in this case it is just common courtesy that the minority of guests are lacking.
All the guests have had a wonderful time. Most laugh it off yet there are one of two who find the rudeness of others upsetting. Such is life.

I am so happy you enjoy reading the blog I hope it will be for a long time to come.

All the best,

Princess Elaine Asked:
Thank you for sharing yours and Heidi’s story with all of us. This is what endears us to you most. I know the two of you will make great parents. And when your son/daughter gets older, he or she can read your blogs and realize how much he or she was truly wanted.
PLEASE REPLY-I don’t remember if you told us yet or not, but will your mate Alan be joining us on the Blogger’s Cruise? I have been looking forward to meeting him for a long time.
Love to you and Heidi.
Princess Elaine, the quiet and STILL single

John Says:
Hello Princess Elaine,

Thank you, I am not sure if I will still be blogging when the thingy is old enough to read but maybe, who knows? It will certainly be a wonderful memory for everyone.
The good news is, Alan will be joining me for the Bloggers cruise and he is very excited to meet you all.
Thank you Princess for you continuing friendship.

Best Wishes,
John and Heidi

Donna Asked:
John Please Reply,
Hi John and Heidi,
We have cruised with you several times on the Triumph and you are the best. We just arrived home from the Mexican Riviera on the Pride. It is a beautiful ship, but without you it wasn’t as much fun.
Our daughter picked us up at the Atlanta airport and gave me a gift of a baby hat to announce her pregnancy( A HUGE surprise) and then as I was catching up on your blogs I found that you are also with child or a thingy as you put it. My daughter is due June 15th so I will feel as though I am having 2 new grandchildren next year. Congratulations and all the best to you both and of course best of health to the little CD.
PS..Why don’t they have nightlights in the bathrooms.. I hate getting blinded during a night run to the potty!! Please suggest this to Joe Farkus.
How do we find out how many cruises we have taken? I am almost positive it is 10 as our first was on Carnivale.., but I don’t know if it counts.

John Says:
Hello Donna,

Ahhh the nightlight in the bathroom. I so agree with you on that one.
That full blinding light for the 2:00am pee is terrifying. I will bring this up in our meetings next month.
Please email Stephanie with your past guest number and name and she will let you know how many cruises you have taken.
I hope it is enough for your Platinum benefits.
Congratulations Grandma and I wish you and your family much joy and happiness.

Your friends,
John and Heidi

Timothy Asked:
John, can you tell me the name of the Captain of the Carnival Destiny. We are booked for the cruise leaving Miami on Dec. 11, 2008. I’m a retired United Airlines Captain and always enjoy meeting the skipper on our cruises and swapping captain stories. Thanks much, Tim Gallagher

John Says:
Hello Captain,

The Master of the Carnival Destiny is Giuseppe Giusa.
He is a wonderful man and I know he will take great pleasure in meeting you.
Why not drop him a note at the Information Desk upon arrival.

Have a wonderful cruise.


DJsMommie Asked:
John Please Reply***
On our cruise critic roll call for the Liberty next week 10/18 people are starting to get a little scared because of the delay out of dry dock for the Fantasy
Please assure us all is on schedule
We wish you were joining us

John Says:
Hello DJs Mom,

I just checked with the office and everything is on schedule.
I know you will have a wonderful time and I also wish I could be with you.

Please let me know when you get back how it was.

Your friends,
John and Heidi

John Friedman Asked:
John – Please reply – I might have missed something, but you said you were going to get back to us about the Jehovah’s Witness and her prayer meeting. I’m glad you were there to handle things since this lady was so naive as to think the world should be only as she thinks. But, at issue is whether or not some efforts should be made for religious services on cruises that go over a weekend, for those of us who are part of a community of worshippers and do not want to miss that.
Also, have you been thinking about the Panama Canal cruise, as a passenger???
Mary and I are so happy for you and Hiedi and your “Thingy.” God’s richest blessings to you two – or is it three now?

John Says:
Hello John,

I did make an announcement for the guests of this religion to meet and I felt very sorry for her as no one else showed up.
We have to do better as a company to provide Catholic, Jewish and Interdenominational services for our guests and this is on my list of things to do next month.
Thank you for your blessings. Heidi and I count ours each and every day.

Your friend,

Frances Asked:
John, I’m sorry that your lunch was interrupted, and wonder how Heidi would have felt if you’d asked for Kadin Gobegi for dessert – it’s delightful little pistachio pastries which translate as “Ladies’ Navels”. Perhaps it’s just as well you’re diabetic!

Could Stephanie please answer this question …

Stephanie, we know that people don’t usually want to receive mail when they’re on a cruise, but as we are planning to do the three back-to-back Splendor cruises around South America in 2009 (which add up to a total of seven weeks on board), we wonder if there’s any way we can have mail sent to us at different ports? If so, how should it be addresssed?

Stephanie Says:
Hi Frances,

Sadly, I’m afraid not. Here is some additional information about sending mail while abroad:

Postcards can be mailed each day when the ship is in port. Due to customs regulations, any type of mail other than postcards cannot be mailed from the ship; of course, letters and packages can be mailed from a local post office in the ports-of-call.
The postal regulations of the various ports require that the postcards be stamped with a local stamp only (no U.S. postage). The Purser’s Information Desk sells local stamps.
There is a mailbox located at the Purser’s Information Desk; one side is for postcards with “Foreign Stamps”; these postcards will be mailed when the ship docks at the appropriate port-of-call. The other side is for postcards with “U.S Stamps”; these postcards will be mailed from a U.S port only or when the ship returns to the U.S embarkation city, whichever comes first.


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