Raspberry Before Bedtime

October 20, 2008 -

John Heald

Well here I am at the hotel which is conveniently located next to the office. I have a meeting tomorrow at noon and will spend the morning blogging to all of you.

The worst thing about jet lag is that right now its 11 pm back home and my body is telling me to bugger off to bed. Actually, that’s not the worst thing……..the worst thing is the underwear I have been wearing for the last 10 hours which have taken on a life of their own. They just checked themselves in, ordered room service and are apparently going to South Beach tonight

I miss writing a “normal” blog and will do so tomorrow.

Here then is Jaime’s latest Dear John letter.

October 19, 2008

Dear John,

Firstly, thank you for letting me part of your blog =) I myself have been a reader since I found out I was coming to the Splendor, and now I am starting to feel like part of the bloggers family, since I already know and love many of the people who make comments. I look forward to keeping you all informed about shipboard life. Now for the daily breakdown of events here on board:

The day began with an early morning session of general knowledge trivia; the guests that attended were absolutely lovely. We were all laughing and having a good time and that helps me to remember why I love my job. It is great to work in a place where people are trying to enjoy themselves. Now this euphoric feeling was slightly disrupted when passed by the shore excursion desk. A gentlemen tried to turn his reservation slip into me. I told him he needed to give it to the shore ex staff because the people waiting in line may be trying to book the same tour, and they have been waiting a long time. This man responded by storming by me and throwing the piece of paper on the desk. Some people have absolutely no clue sometimes! He cut in front of about 20 people, and they did not seem happy. As I proceeded upstairs to go to my next activity I met a lovely group of guests that restored my faith in humanity. Karen and her family are regular bloggers. Karen informed me that her she left her husband at home and she was here to cause trouble. No, just kidding, her husband did stay behind, but she misses him very much and she knows he is going to be reading the blog. Now Dave, I want to tell you that your wife was sitting next to an extremely intelligent, distinguished, good looking gentlemen, but do not fret, it was her father! After Scattegories I headed down to encourage Jen at her most challenging travel talk – about Marmaris, Izmir, and Istanbul. John, you will be proud to know that she did a fantastic job. I love her energy and enthusiasm (I do not know anyone else like that ::wink:::.) As a result of her talk several guests were trying to change their tours to the ones she recommended. Before the travel talk had concluded, Charlene, our groups coordinator called me to tell me she had a large group sailing who was really looking forward to sailing with John. She asked me to come talk to the group because since John was not here… I was the closest thing. Now, I know that I may be one of John’s minions but I in no way can fill John’s shoes, pants, or any other article of clothing for that matter. In fact, while heading down to speak with the group I was wishing that she did not preface my appearance by saying someone comparable was coming to speak with them. Unless these guests were quite thick, they would most definitely not mistake me for John… mostly because I am much better looking. Well, I did have a chance to look like him once.. but the truck stopped (that was TEASING not bullying by the way, and he gives as good as he gets, don’t worry!) Anyway, the group function turned out great. The group was wonderful and we established a special sign (which I can not share with you because I promised I wouldn’t), so that when we pass each other we will know we are comrades.

In other thrilling entertainment staff news: some crew member decided it would be funny to draw a big rabbit, two chickens and one mouse eating corn on our bean bag toss game. I am not sure why exactly, but I thought it was quite funny. The rest of the afternoon was filled with pool games, musical theater trivia and cruise elegant night preparations. The first of three incredible production shows has just completed, the newest cast member assimilated into the cast flawlessly. Now, the formal evening celebration will commence….

Karen and her family at one of the morning activities

Jen at her first tough travel talk, doing a marvelous job!

Lido Deck mid-day on our Beautiful day at sea.=

The ridiculous Bean bag toss

The most recent senior officers on the Carnival Splendor

The Captain (even though he said I couldn’t send this, hopefully he wont see it, or else I am fired)

Thank you again,
Have a great day =)

Your friend

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