Dear John

October 21, 2008 -

John Heald

Hi Everyone,

Here is the next issue of Jaime’s Dear John Letters. Be on the lookout for a video post from John later this afternoon.

October 20, 2008

Dear John,

Today we are in Marmaris, Turkey and it is an absolutely beautiful day – 75 and sunny. The morning started with tour distributions just like any other. My battle station for this morning was in the elevator lobby. There, it is always an adventure because it is crowded with guests who are lost, confused, hungry, angry or all of the above. Of course, while stationed there I always receive my fair share of amusing questions. This morning some of my favorites included: “How do I get to deck zero?” “If the tour is sold out, can I still get a seat on the bus?” and my favorite “how do I make the elevator come pick me?” I always do my best to help with a smile… After tours were completed this morning, I was the chosen one to stay on board and host activities for the few guests that chose not to get off the ship.

Even though I usually conduct the trivia competitions, this afternoon the guests decided to quiz me on life as a Carnival crew member. I am more than happy to answer personal questions about working on board the newest Carnival ship. The most common questions that I receive are about our living and eating conditions, so I decided to take some pictures of exactly what these aspects of shipboard life are like, so that you can get a better idea.

There are three classifications of crewmembers: Crew, which are Cabin Stewards, Housekeeping Staff, and Bar Staff. Staff, which include departments like Entertainment, Spa, Casino, and Gift Shop. And Officers, which are all the people steering the ship, as well as the Pursers, and heads of some departments. I get to share my cabin with one other person (no crew accommodations have more than two people per cabin). Lauren is my roommate, and I am so lucky to have her. We are very similar in our work and sleep habits and we get along extremely well. She is like an older sister to me, and enjoying my roommate is such a pleasure and relief when you have to spend six months with one another. Lauren and I have bunk beds, I sleep on the top because I like it there and it is easier for me to leap off the top bed, since I am practically a giant (well, I am 5 foot 8). We are very fortunate to have a cabin steward (Basilio!) who makes our beds and cleans our cabin on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we do not get towel animals on our beds every night, but we have both hosted enough towel folding demonstrations to make them ourselves if we so choose. As far as our eating conditions, we eat in a staff dining room that has a salad bar, a hot food line, and waiters who we can order hot meals from such as hamburgers, chicken or pasta.. We have a 30 day rotation for our menu. On port days, when guests are off the ship, staff members are able to occasionally eat at Lido deck and enjoy the same food guests are served for lunch. Pizza is always available for the staff members as well. I have taken some pictures of my friend Brett’s (our light technicians) cabin for you to see… only because Lauren and my room is “decorated” with clothes and papers and I am sure you don’t want to see a room that is messy =).

Tonight, after the shows and the bingos we have more crew activities planned; it is our Crew Halloween Party. Our department is hosting, so I am sure it will be wonderful!

Any more questions just let me know!

The Carnival Splendor docked in Marmaris, Turkey

Right near the Pier in Marmaris

The Staff Mess/Our Food

Brett’s Room

All the best,
Jaime =)

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