Update from John

November 2, 2008 -

News From Steph

Hello Everyone,

You’re probably wondering what’s happening so let me tell you, unfortunately, due to the massive turnout of approx. 7000 people the Philadelphia police force decided it was not safe to break open the pinata. Their concerns were the huge crowd of people swarming towards the pinata to scoop up the free candy. Therefore the police decided to dispurse the crowd and told everyone to leave. This was not exactly what we had hoped for. We are now looking to break open the pinata later today or tomorrow. I would like to send my apologies specifically to all the bloggers who drove from as far as Tennessee, Michigan and beyond. I would also like to say sorry to all of you waiting to see this event online.

Safety as onboard is our primary concern and with this in mind we compiled with the police request. So right now I’m heading for a ride in a helicopter to shoot my part in the commercial. There will be an update from me later this evening.

Thanks for your patience and thank you for your time.


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