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November 6, 2008 -

John Heald

Theresa Asked:
Theresa (reply pls)
I hope some day to meet you. I enjoyed every minute of the day in Philly and wish you would do one in Chicago so that I could gather my gf group friends for a day out there. You won’t be sorry at all. Oh well, that may not happen, but some day, some time in the future I will have a chance to meet you.

Out of curiosity – where did all the candy go that was in the pinata… to CHOP, St. Christopher’s, to the neighborhood children who may not have tricker or treated due to the craziness in Philly on Halloween aka the Phillies’ victory parade!!!

Have a great time on Destiny. I love the assistant CD guy from Canada – he’s the best. Find out why they don’t have a repeat cruisers party though and find out why we didn’t get pins on the October 16th voyage. I cruise this ship again May 14th and that’s just six and a half months away!!! Don’t pack a lot of clothes at all; this was the most laidback cruise I’d ever done and I loved it even if it was with my husband and granddaughter. Give Jacque and Emina hugs from Faith for me. Faith (and Cole and Maya too) miss them. I’m still playing CC at home!

Don’t get too sunburned and how lucky those Destiny cruisers are to have you coming onboard….

John Says:
Hello Theresa,
I love Chicago and it would be brilliant to host a Funville event in the windy city, especially as I would get to meet you and your girlfriends. We are currently arranging for all the candy to be given to charity and as soon as those arrangements are confirmed I will let everyone know. It was great of you to write in and I hope you will keep writing comments when you have the time. My best to you and all your girlfriends.

TicaFabi Asked:
John please reply : )
Dear John,
You mentioned in a reply to what Nanni posted that Costa wasn’t sailing in the Baltic … “The only reason I haven’t mentioned them is that they are not cruising the Baltic …”, but they actually do, from May till September with 4 different ships (Mediterranea, Magica, Atlantica, and Marina), or am I mistaken?? : )
I have traveled a lot on Costa and twice on Carnival (Caribbean+Med, both times with you as a CD), and also think that Carnival and Costa are very similar.

Greetings from Germany,

ps. a picture of the pinata was in the Brazilian newspapers on Monday!

John Says:
Hello Thais,
How wonderful that you are writing from Germany. You are correct that Costa will be sailing to the Baltic in 2009. They are a brilliant cruise line and I am sure your experiences on there will have been memorable. Carnival guests have a little more in common with those from Princess only in the sense that their ships are mostly English speaking and therefore it makes sense to put those guests who have been canceled off the Carnival Liberty on a Princess ship. Thank you for taking the time to write and one of the highlights of the Baltic seasons were our visits to Warnemude and we thank you and your fellow citizens for their wonderful hospitality.


Robin in New York Asked:
John–please answer–
Are you really friends with Kevin McKidd? Oh my goodness–please convey to him that he has a major fan in me. Tell him I hate that they canceled Journeyman, I thought it was a great show, but I love his new role on Grey’s Anatomy. I feel like a fangirl here, not a 51 year old woman, but he is a great actor–can you send him to me (even though I don’t know what Bruce would think….)?

John Says:
Hello Robin,

Yes, I am indeed very good friends with your crush. I have known him for many years and always knew he would go onto great things even though he is one ugly sod. I will pass on your kind words and maybe I can persuade him to go on the blogger’s cruise. My best to you and the family. I wish someone would have a crush on me.


Jake Silverberg Asked:
For next reply session, please reply.
HI John,
I was just curiose if you knew why the paradise, elation, and Spirirt class are the only ships in the carnival fleet whith Azipod’s. I’m not sure if the other ships have rudders, but if soI thought that azipod’s made the ship easier to manuver. As you know I would like to become a captain one day, so i would like to learn,.
thanks, JAKE S.

John Says:

Hello mate and before I forget continuing congratulations for your blog. You asked about the Azipod’s which do increase efficiency and make the ship more maneuverable. In their day they were at the cutting edge and you’re right by saying they can be found on the Carnival Paradise, Elation and all the Spirit class ships. I think you would make a brilliant captain and why don’t you put together 10 questions you would like to ask and I will choose a captain to have them answer. We will then post those on the blog. How about that?

Agent Dotski Asked:
John, please reply
John, as you know I’m a travel agent. I had a group on the Freedom that was to sail the Grand Med next summer and unfortuanately those itineraries were cancelled as well. It was extremely dissappointing yes but unfortunately business decisions have to be made and the greater good considered. Stinks, but what can you do…!

Well, midday yesterday I called into the wonderful reservations staff at Carnival for a quote for a client. I already knew about the Liberty and knew that they had no doubt be bombarded by clients and agents alike who were upset and demanding options and answers. When Cynthia answered, she did so with the usual chipper Carnival voice but you could tell that there was an underlying tone that the day hadn’t been a peachy one so far. So the first comment out of my mouth was “I’m not calling about the Liberty, I’m calling to send another guest on a great vacation”. The frustrated tone vanished. Human nature has us looking for someone to blame when something doesn’t go as planned. Unfortunately, the res agents, as the first point of contact are the hardest hit. As if they single handedly made this happen!
Cynthia was great and as usual went above and beyond for me. The quote that I sought was actually for the sailing that I am heading out on on the 15th of Nov on the Glory (18 days…YAY!!!). While speaking to her, we noticed a pricing difference between mine and my clients and long story short, Cynthia did a bit of magic and now has one heck of a happy agent on her hands. I made sure that she knew that she was appreciated and she had managed to move a company that was already “top shelf” in my books, up yet another notch! She asked that I do her a favour in return…have a great time! Alrighty then!! By the end of the call the frustration was gone and we were both joking and laughing….Carnival style! I hope all of the res agents got at least one similar call yesterday when the news was launched. Anyway, this got me thinking (yikes!). While onboard, we get to shake the hands and say thank you to those who make our vacation special. But is there anything more general where we can publicly say thanks to those on and OFF the ships so that we can also have the opportunity to thank those who helped along the way to get there? Something maybe on the site like “Did a member of our team make your day?” (with a copy sent to the hero of course!). Cynthia made my day yesterday and I want the world to know it! There are many others that do not specifically work ON the ship – you meet quite a few at the embarkation/debarkation port alone so I’m sure other agents and guests have similar stories that they would like to share. Just a thought….



John Says:
Dear Dot,

There are many unsung hero’s in this great company and you have just mentioned one of them.Your elegant words were wonderful to read and how great of you to take the time to write them. I will be posting your comments on the blog today plus I will be copying the vice president of reservations personally on this. Thank you for your support and any time you need anything the entire company will be here for you. Thank you again for the taking the time to write.

Best Wishes,

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.