The Candy Man

November 9, 2008 -

John Heald

It was quite a sight. 8000 pounds of candy pouring from the belly of the Worlds Largest Piñata. There were approximately 300 paid film extras who didn’t need much direction as when the candy fell they rushed forward, arms open wide ready to embrace Mr. M&M and Mrs. Tootsie Roll.

On a serious note I should mention that having 300 people charging toward the candy was a sight to see……….and that was in a controlled environment.

Imagine what thousands of people doing that would have resulted in……….it does not bear thinking about.

So, what happens to the candy now? Well, it will be boxed up and divided between these charities:

PHILABUNDANCE – biggest hunger relief organization in Philadelphia.

YMCA – they have 11 different locations in the area.

RONALD McDONALD HOUSE – they provide comfortable and affordable accommodation for families with seriously ill kids.

TRAVELERS AID FAMILY RESIDENCE – providing shelter for families

DIGNITY HOUSING – Also providing shelter for families

So, there you go. Providing candy to those less fortunate makes this event extra special and I am proud to have been back here today to share in this special event.

It was a difficult time last week when the event was canceled and I apologize one more time to everyone who left disappointed.

However, we left today having broken a world record……..the second in 7 days……….we have two commercials in the can which will debut soon……and in the next few days the Candy Man will come calling and some young people will get some special treats which we hope will brighten their day.

Here is a look at what happened.


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