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November 17, 2008 -

John Heald

Karl Asked:
Hi John, who hopefully will reply…
We were on the original in the end not so official maiden voyage of the Splendor… You now the Baltic one wich in the end was the 4th cruise or something 🙂 We missed the special feeling, we missed the inuagural events, we missed the splashing of the bottle, we missed Angelina Jolie… hmmm you also missed her 😉

We are now thinking about joining the Dream for it’s hopefully real inaugural on sept. 21th 2009 … I now you already covered it a little, but is it sure to be the inaugural, will we be able to attend the inauguration ? Will it be something special to be on board this time ? I have to say that on the splendor altough the itinerary was great we didn’t feel special or in any way first time splendor cruises…

Hopefully you can shed some light on the things that are going to happend when the dream arrives. I hope Angelina is going to be there… Can you arrange a date ?

Do you have any clue on availability of cabins… 2 days ago 10 cabins in the category we were wanting to go for were free… at the moment only a guarantee is available … or maybe because we now the best cruise director of the world you can get us some free upgrades… to a suite 😉

Hope to hear from you…

Karl (The Netherlands)

John Says:
Hello Karl,

It feels such a long time ago since we were together on the Carnival Splendor. I can confirm that the inaugural of the Carnival Dream will be the cruise of Sept. 21, 2009. Inaugural cruises many years ago used to be full of many special features. I have to be very honest and say that now industry wide, outside of the naming ceremony itself most inaugural cruises are pretty much the same as every other voyage. The only difference is we do put a commemorative book in everyone’s cabin for them to take home. You see we want to make sure that every cruise feels special. It certainly will be special if Angelina Jolie was there and while I can’t promise you who will be there for the Dream, I’m sure the godmother will be someone worth a Dream or two. I was just in reservations as you will see from today’s videos and they did tell me that the cabins are pretty much sold out. So I do advise that you book SCHNELL. Ich kann nicht ein suite fur jou helpt but ich will hept viel verisings fur jou……beloaft. dooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeee
jai frinkyer

Lisa Asked:
John or Stephanie – please reply!
I have been looking at the excursions for the Bloggers cruise in February. If you look at excursions through your booking on, it only shows excursions for Cozumel. Is Progresso being replaced? If so, what port are we going to?

Thanks in advance for the information!


John Says:
Hello Lisa,

I am not sure about Progresso, while that is certainly the scheduled port of call along with Cozumel there may be a possibility of returning to Costa Maya. I don’t have any confirmation of this but I promise as soon as I do I will let everyone know. There will be plenty of time to book excursions and next week we will release details on the group excursion. Standby for information very soon. Thanks for reading the blog thingy.

Cheryl K Asked:
John Please Reply:
Ok, this is something I was thinking of that is something to discuss with the big guys while you are doing all your meetings. You need to suggest that Carnival give more credit for cruises over 7 days. When trying to get to VIP status I was extremely surprised to find that the number of days of the cruise you take does not matter. I was told that basically you get one credit for each cruise regardless of the number of days so a 3 or 4 day counts the same as a 12 or 14 day and that doesn’t seem fair, is that true? It appears so if I look at my cruise history online. Just a thought of something that would make people feel the longer cruises gained some additional benefit.

QE2 I was following on Cruise Critic since they had someone there. Sad day to see her go but what a farewell!

Mach had it right–if its not secured, its not a crime so enjoy…I’m just surprised that he found you!

Heidi how nice to hear from you and John did such a good job with the cut and paste thingy. I know that he misses you and Thingy and can’t wait to get home. Can you believe that he will be welcoming the Splendor to the US in a couple days and then he will soon be on his way home to you!
So glad you had your Mum with you. I was with my daughter for a lot of it as well as her husband traveled as well. It is amazing to see the baby moving and you can tell the head and arms and legs, I just don’t know how they can tell the sex but they do–they were right both times and the second time it was twins–one each! I’m so happy for you that things are going well. I’m looking forward to cruising with my grandchildren for the very first time on the Splendor in just another week. It will be a memorable week and John has helped to take care of things. We look forward to hearing from you after John is home as well. Take care of yourself and baby.

Jaime has such a cute writing style–its fun to read how someone much younger looks at things. She has done a great job blogging through bringing the Splendor to the US and I hope to have the chance to meet her and Goose when we get on next Friday!


John Says:
Hello Cheryl,

I am pleased to announce that we have a new Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Berra. He is a highly motivated and experienced asset to our company and I will certainly make sure I pass on your comments. They are well founded. The QE2 did get a wonderful farewell and the future is now in the hands of the youngest fleet of ships in the world Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and in 2010 the new Queen Elizabeth. Thank you for the kind words for Heidi and I and also for Jaime. I always look forward to your comments and I hope the blog brightens your day.


Senda Asked:
I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now, and I’m one of you more than 1,000 friends on Facebook! :o)
My husband, Don and I (and a couple other friends from our church) are cruising on The Splendor leaving on November 29 (17 more days-but who’s counting?) and was wondering if you could tell me who the CD will be? I was hoping it would be you…
Cheers to you, Heidi and Thingy,

John Says:
Hello Senda,

Hello my friend from Facebook. I really should pay more attention and I am sorry if I have been remise in replying to you. You will have a wonderful cruise on the Carnival Splendor and your cruise director will be a young man called Goose who will make sure you have a fantastic cruise vacation.

Love to hear from you soon
Glen Bennett Asked:
Hi John,
Best Wishes Heidi and Stephanie….
John, still lovin the blog even through the transition. I do have one itch tho that’s not bein scratched. I used to love to read about the guests that did or said crazy things. The incident reports that U added were stg I looked forward to, daily.

I’m not trying to add to Jaime’s list but is it possible to get a few of these a week? Maybe not just from Jaime?

All the same, faithful reader… not goin anywhere!

John Says:
Hello Glen,

I will be happy to do this for you so look out for them in the weeks to come.


Capt Bill Asked:
John, Please reply
I have to say that Linda (DJ’s MOM) hit it right on the Head about the bolg. My Feeling exactly. Please keep up the good work. and for those who have served and are serving thank you for remembering us.

Are you still comming to Boston on Sunday, and will you have time to meet? if Not or youare going to be too tired, No Worries, I completely understand. I know what it is like to travel like you have been over the last couple of weeks.

If you haven’t already talked to the people in charge of promotions about Jamie and promoting her to a higher position with in the company, I suggest you do before yuo loose her to some other
cruise company. we kow they read your Bolg to steal ideas and I am sure they won’t even hesitate to steal personal as good as Jamie.

I was looking back at some old pictures I have of the Carnival Destiny when she came to Boston oh so many years ago, (I remember it being rainy) If I can get them scanned into the computer thingy I will send you copies of them. Was Heidi with you on that trip? I have a picture of a girl who looks like her but I don;t think it was.

Take care Hello to Stephine , Heidi and Desk, (My wife just shook her head when I told her the Babies name) and let’s not forget Jammie,

Your Friend In a COLD Boston (by the way the weather should be good Mondayt and Tuesday, But Cold)

Capt Bill

John Says:
Hello Capt,

Please no need to thank me for honouring those who have and are serving. We owe you all so much. Jaime is a fantastic kid and the world is her oyster. I wish I had time to meet you in Boston, however at this point I don’t have time for anything accept good old work. However I hope one day we will meet.



Allan Carrie Asked:
(Please reply)
Hello John… I’ve been reading your blog thingy since July when we booked our first cruise for the Nov 30th sailing on the FREEDOM. Would you tell me who the Cruise Director will be? We are only a few weeks away, and I can hardly contain myself.

Thanks in advance.

John Says:
Hello Allan,

Thanks so much for reading the blog. You sound very excited about your Carnival Freedom cruise and a chance to meet one of our very best CD’s, Todd. Have a fantastic time and I wish I could be there with you.

Catrin Asked:
John, (please reply)
I may not post often, but my husband and I have been faithfully reading your blog daily…. it is one of the MUST Reads daily!
I am glad we have had the priviledge of cruising with you… not once, but twice…. for I can hear your voice when I read what you have written….. your wierd humor and wonderful take on things is so entertaining!

As far as Tea and Coffee go… I am a tea girl, but not real tea.. just a good ole cup of Lipton Tea for me. BUT imagine my horror when I found out my 10 yr old has discovered Coffee! On a recent trip to Boston, I asked Matthew what he got with his spending money….. Clam Chowder and Starbucks Coffee – Yikes!

We have just booked our 9th cruise on Carnival – on the Pride in April… on her brief stop in Miami before she heads to Baltimore.. and this will be our first AFT Balcony – I hope they are as special as others claim they are!
I am going to have to Keep Matthew away from the Specialty Coffee Bar… I can see him getting chummy with the Barista!

Quick Question…. just being curious here….. just how many Cigar Cutters have you recieved since you blogged about your terrible experience at the airport? Of course I wanted to buy one too, but I read that others beat me to it!

Hang in there at those meetings, you will be home with Heidi and Thingy before you know it!

John Says:
Hello Catrin,

Clam chowder and coffee sounds like a great combination to me. Congratulations on booking your 9th Carnival cruise and I promise you the aft balconies truly do give you the best views you could possibly imagine. Have a wonderful vacation and I’m glad you enjoy my silly humour.


Tracy Asked:
hi john hate to bother u but we are cruiseing dec 1 to the 5th on imagination my son is very picky he loves grilled cheese please could u get that on the menu and breakfeast he eats it for breakfeast in a i guess a jr suite i read something about a breakfest menu. whats that? do we get a 24 hour menu? ty so much if u could get grilled cheese on the menu. ty

John Says:
Hello Tracy,

I am sure we can ask the matire’d for a grilled cheese sandwich for your son. Please ask your matire’d, mention me and the blog and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help.




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