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May 25, 2009 -

John Heald

Let’s start today’s blog with an amazing story about………….a bank. You remember banks don’t you? What with global warming, swine flu and Kye they might have slipped your mind. So, just to recap, they are quite big places – some of them have thousands and thousands of staff, even though they can only find one person to man the cashier’s windows at lunchtime. They’re where you put what little money you have left after the people who work there borrowed recklessly and invested fecklessly, causing the economy to go into free fall, people to lose their jobs, houses to be repossessed and the family pet to be roasted on the fire just to get something to eat.

Now that we have reacquainted ourselves with banks, we will recall that they are quite good at epic failure. This week, though, a bank actually made in error in someone’s favor. Leo Gao and Cara Young, a couple living in New Zealand, had applied to Westpac bank for a NZ$10,000 ($6,000) overdraft. Imagine their surprise when they found that Westpac had granted them the desired sum, but whacked on three zeros, leaving them with about six million extra dollars.

Now the honest vegetarian people with beards would have called the bank and just said “Hello Mr Banker, oops – you accidentally gave us an extra $6,000 bucks.” But the Young’s obviously eat meat and don’t have beards because they drew out all the money and have gone on the run allegedly to China, where presumably they are spending the money on cheap electronic goods and knock-off designer handbags…….and have changed their name from Leo Gao and Cara Young to a name dedicated to the Wespac Bank …….they are now called Mr and Mrs Fu King Yu The authorities are after them, which just goes to show that it is OK for bank chiefs to receive huge sums of money they haven’t earned and don’t deserve, but not their customers.

Anyway, I don’t know why you’d choose China over Brazil or Detroit. But who am I to say what madness might descend should you log on to your Internet banking account and discover vast amounts of money? I barely ever have more than three-figure sums in mine – but I have, however, had a lot of fun spending $6 million in my head……I bought an Aston Martin………for Kye……a pink one……….I bought the designer of the Norwegian Epic some laser eye treatment and a huge pair of glasses……..and after giving some to charity and buying a private jet to fly Heidi and Kye to join me whenever they wanted ….. I had just enough money left to buy a week for my mate Mr. Bentley and I at the Playboy Mansion.

Oh well, back to reality and time therefore to answer today’s questions……….here we go.

Melissa Jurgensen Asked:

John please reply.
I am curious, how is the decision made on which captain gets to command the new ships when they are launched? Does it depend on tenure with the company, job performance/experience, or is it just the luck of the draw to see whose schedule matches up with the launch date for a new ship?
Take care of those beautiful ladies, my friend! Looking forward to more Kye stories and pictures.

John Says:

Hello Melissa
Obviously careful thought goes into choosing who will be the master of a new ship. In days gone by it used to be the same captains that delivered all the new ships. For example I delivered the Carnival Fantasy (as a social host) and the Carnival Ecstasy and Carnival Sensation as cruise director with the same captain. His name was Rafael Gavino who has since retired. Then I brought out the next two ships the Carnival Imagination and the Carnival Destiny with Captain Giovanni Gallo who is now a vice president and based in Europe. However after the Carnival Triumph and for the most part different captain has been chosen ……….actually, let me test myself to see who I can remember.
Carnival Triumph – Captain Giovanni Gallo
Carnival Victory – Captain Salvatore Rassello
Carnival Spirit – Captain???………………anyone remember??
Carnival Pride – Captain ???……………bugger ?
Carnival Legend – Captain Claudio Cupisti
Carnival Miracle – Captain ??? – oh bugger again ??
Carnival Conquest – Captain Salvatore Rassello
Carnival Glory – Captain Carlo Queirolo
Carnival Valor – Captain Giovanni Cutugno
Carnival Liberty – Captain Marco Nogara
Carnival Freedom – Captain Orazio D’Aita
Carnival Splendor – Captain Giorgio Pagano
Carnival Dream – Captain Carlo Queirolo

These gentlemen were chosen based on experience and of course job performance and I am proud to say that all our Captains are the finest in the industry.
I hope this helps and thanks for the kind words
Best wishes

Leroy P Bedwetter Asked:

Please Reply
Dear John:
Me and the little lady, Patti Pat, want to congratulate you on the arrival of your little one. We knows what it is like when a the new one finally arrives cause we got 6 little Bedwetters stompin’ around our double wide.
Anyways, I and Patti Pat (I call her PP for short) have our 14th cruise scheduled July 4 on the Liberty. One of the Platinum perks is tender boarding priority. How do we take advantage of that there perk? On the other ships we been on, they did not even provide this here perk. It either needs to be consistent on all ships or no longer listed as a perk. Me and PP has been to that there Half Moon Cay before. Cause it is almost as pretty as a mornin’ in the backwoods of Kentucky, we wants to take advantage of the perk and be ones of the first ones on the island. Heck, I even went and bought a new Speedo to shows off my fine bod. Can yous get this fixed before our cruise??
Your friend,
Leroy P. Bedwetter

John Says:

Hello Leroy
Hello Mr Bedwetter. I think I may be a long lost British cousin of yours…at least I was up until the age of 14. Anyway, yes as a Platinum Guest you are indeed entitled to priority tender embarkation in all the ports where this service is used. I have never heard of a ship not offering this and I would hope that it is indeed consistent. Maybe some other platinum bloggers would confirm if this is the true because if there is a problem I need to fix it.

Anyway Leroy, you and PP Bedwetter simply need to go to the Guest Services Desk as and when you are ready to disembark and a staff member will take you from there directly to your tender. You do not need to get a tender ticket, etc. but please do go the Guest Services desk in the lobby before going to the tender. You will then proceed directly ashore.

I hope you Bedwetters have fun in Half Moon Cay and of course DEPENDS somewhat on the weather

Best wishes

Jackie Asked:

Hi John, please reply
Hope things are a little easier for daddy and mummy with the help of the grandmas… She is a beautiful baby and will be loved a lot by all of us…Look forward to new pics daily. Thank You for the updates.
Stu and I are collectors of the pins as well as many others are. We are booked on the bloggers cruise aboard the Dream in Nov. Even if we can get one pin per cabin that would work for us. Our cabin is —. Please see what you can do for us.

John Says:

Hello Jackie
I am so glad you have been enjoying photos of Kye and thanks for the kind words. I hope to be able to tell you that the pins will be available fleetwide from the gift shops so please don’t worry. I am sure by the time you sail on the Carnival Dream we have this all sorted and of course I will keep you informed. I will see you in November for the Bloggers Cruise where I know you will love the gifts that I will be sending to your cabin. See you soon and best wishes to you all

JAS1178 Asked:

You mention that you will be on Freedom in Late July…just visiting or CD? Do you have definitive dates?
Blessings on you, Heidi, and Kye!

John Says:

Hello Jas1178
I join the Carnival Freedom on July 20th and will remain there until August 28th when Weeeeeeeeee Jimmy will take over as the ship’s permanent cruise director. I hope therefore I get to meet you on-board


Dan Polulak Asked:

John Please Reply!
I had sent you a message a couple of weeks ago about my trip to Italy, however I am sure with Kye you have been very busy, below is the original email I had sent you. Please let me know if you might be able to help me out!

Hello John,
Congratulations first of all with your new “thingie” on the way, I am sure this will add new life to your already successful family and blog! In case you do not remember me, my name is Dan Polulak and I was previously a Club O2 Director serving 2 years with Carnival – a company that I am still passionate about. I worked onboard the Miracle, Liberty and Inspiration from June 2006-March 2008.

I recently got back from a cruise on a Glory in which I visited some friends and I must say that I am still very impressed with the Entertainment department. While I am slightly disappointed with Club O2 now being part of Camp Carnival, it’s more the fact how close Entertainment was for teens, rather then a youth program. I trust that those in charge are working hard to keep Club O2 as successful as it was in the past. Glory’s entertainment was excellent, especially the new introduction of Just Rock and Justin Illusion- both amazing production shows! I have seen almost every Carnival production show in the fleet, and these two are now my favorite. I can also assure you that Butch is doing very well in his new position; the guests loved him as Cruise Director.
As I mentioned before, even though I am no longer with Carnival, I still consider them a huge part of my life. Currently I am a Resort and Hospitality Management major at Florida Gulf Coast University, and can’t wait for the day I complete my degree so I can continue a career with Carnival. This summer I have been given a once in a lifetime chance to study abroad on Semester at Sea onboard the M/V Explorer visiting 8 different countries in Europe and Africa. During this I will also be taking all undergraduate classes. I hear this experience is life changing and I have been preparing for this exciting journey for the past year.
One stop of my trip is in Italy, and it has always been a dream of mine to visit a shipyard and tour a ship being built. What more of a dream it would be to visit the Carnival Dream while it is being built! I am spending 5 days in Italy from July 1st-5th 2009, and plan on touring Venice. It is my understanding that Fincantieri shipyard where the Dream is being constructed is fairly close to Venice, and I would do anything to be able to tour a ship that is being constructed. I had an idea; with you being so busy with your blog and the new “thingie”, you might not have a chance to report on the process of the Dream for your blog! Would you be interested in having me do a piece for your blog on the Dreams progress in exchange for helping me arrange a ship construction tour at Fincantieri?
I previously have written articles for Cruisemates.com as their teen host prior to my employment with Carnival. During my employment I also wrote two articles for Currents magazine for past guests. My cruise travel writing experience has been published in Florida Travel and Lifestyles magazine, and I was even quoted in the New York Times! I would love to add writing for your blog to my resume, all while fulfilling my dream- of touring the Dream!
I depart on my trip on June 13th but will have email capabilities during my journey. I understand that my timing might not be the best, as the new thingie will consume most of that for a while! However, if you there is anyone that you could pass my letter on to help an ole’ crew member out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you ahead of time, and good luck!
Dan Polulak

John Says:

Hello Dan
Great to hear from you and thanks firstly for the kind words for the family. Thank you also for your hard work and we hope you enjoyed your time as a Club O2 director. The program continues to empress and has recently been named as the best teen program at sea by Porthole Magazine. Thanks also for mentioning Carnival’s shows which continue to set the standard in the industry. I always like to hear that one of the young people I nurtured has become a fantastic CD and in Butch’s case the words of praise are constant and I am very proud of him.

Congratulations on your upcoming Semester at Sea……..what a brilliant opportunity to study and see the world at the same time you are a very lucky chap. Enjoy every minute.
I truly wish I could get you permission to enter the shipyard but I am sorry to say security rules and regulations are very tight and they have a strict no visitor policy. However, if you are ever in a port with the ship after it is launched I will be happy to arrange a visit for you as she really is a must see vessel.

Keep writing. It seems that you have done so for Cruisemates.com and got yourself quoted in a prestigious newspaper and if you feel that you have time and you want to send me a review of your amazing journey this summer we would love to share it with the thousands of readers here on the blog thingy.

I wish you continuing success and hope to hear more from you soon.

Best wishes


John (Please reply) 
I have a couple of questions, one of which I asked a few days ago, but haven’t seen answered and probably I am rushing you.
I am interested in the private island tour in Belize when we go on Glory 10/17. I see it posted as an excursion, but when I go to book it, I am not allowed to do so. Is it because it isn’t offered on Glory or is it because it can only be booked onboard? I have heard that Carnival is no longer doing this tour (Bannister Island) but others on Cruise Critic have posted that they are going there.
My second question is one that is driving me crazy. It is about tipping. I have to admit I spend too much time reading Cruise Critic and one person in particular, always tells people to remove their auto-tips because Carnival takes a percentage of the tips kind of like a service charge. He is even telling people to remove them THE MORNING OF DEBARKATION.
Others have posted that if one removes the auto-tip, the person, i.e., steward, waiter has to explain what he/she did to have the tips removed. If the answer is nothing, and the person has been tipped in cash, that money has to be turned into the “pool”. The person who tells people to remove the tips says Carnival never knows if the person receives cash and no one asks so he/she gets the full tip.
I just don’t like to see people not get paid for the week. I know there are many people who remove tips and say they will pay in cash, and they may–$5 to the steward etc.
I would like to know what the policy is. I don’t want to keep defending the tipping policy in vain.
I would love to see the tips become a non-removable service charge. Hotels charge them and people pay them. NCL does this and unless something is reported when it happens, the charge can’t be removed. It doesn’t even get removed then unless nothing can be done to fix the problem.
I’d love to see the same on Carnival. I get upset with people trying/succeeding in (to) removing them.
Thanks for your help in answering this. I do plan to post your answer on Cruise Critic to quell the naysayers.
Gerri & Frank

John Says:

Hello Gerri and Frank
My apologies for the late reply but I was a bit lazy on Saturday ……….actually I suddenly realized how tired I was following the first week that Kye has been with us………but let me see if I can answer your questions now.

The private island tour is available during your Carnival Glory cruise. I am not sure why it cannot be booked online and I have asked our technical department to look into this for you. Please therefore try again in a few days and if you still have a problem let me know and I will have the ship hold the tickets you require.

I love Cruise Critic and it is without doubt the most important source of information (after this blog of course) 🙂 for passengers to see and hear what is happening. However, as on all public sites and with all subjects………one or two ……..and I mean……….a tiny, miniscule, amoeba sized minority of people who write on them are ……… ummm …………… well……….bonkers. Carnival does not……..I repeat not……….take a percentage of the tips and to suggest such a thing is outrageous……….. and the only reason I would suggest that the gentlemen is writing this is because he may possibly have had a concern onboard a ship…….. or he is just a grumpy sod ……..you know………the type that has a free lunch in the mall by walking round the food court 20 times taking the free samples.

Seriously though, if you have good service, keep the tips on and they will be given 100% to the brilliant people who provide that service.

There really is no defending of our tipping policy needed but thank you so much for doing so. Every crew member works hard and every crew member is paid a salary by the company but of course as is general in the service industry ….tipping does supplement their pay.

The best advice I can give you is go with an open mind and not one influenced by others……..and then……..once you see the wonderful and fun service you will receive………the removing the tips will be the last thing on your mind. I am sure Host Mach from Cruise Critic will post this for you and please keep reading Cruise Critic because the vast majority of people who write there are wonderful fountains of knowledge. I remain at your service……..but there is no need to tip ………. unless you have an Aston Martin going spare.


Duane Smith

John, please reply
Hey John, you do have a beautiful daughter, but she must look more like Heidi than you because she has a little, cute, pug nose.
We were on the Splendor on the trip north when she was born and didn’t know until we got home that she had arrived. Thought maybe she might have come on the 11th, which is my wife’s birthday that we celebrated while cruising.
Is there a way I can send you an audio file (mp3) for you to listen to? We had cabin — on the Splendor and this was the sounds we had most of the seven evenings while we were trying to go to sleep. In case you are not aware, this cabin is above the El Morocco lounge and it sounded like we were inside a base drum with someone beating it as hard as they could. The floor was vibrating and it was hard to even lie on a pillow without my ear drums vibrating.
We were surprised the first night when the music started but thought we might get used to it. Then the next night I heard that there were technical difficulties and the sound only lasted for a little while early on. After the fourth night, when the band played Latin music and was the loudest of all, we complained and were told they could move us to an inside cabin. No one would come up to hear the problem. Now, we booked the cruise 14 months ago so paid top dollar for an aft balcony and did not want an inside.
After complaining a couple of times, they did give us 100 OBC and told us we would get 15% off our next cruise. We do not feel this is satisfactory but if nothing more can be done, I want you to be aware of the problem. I don’t think an above average cabin should have been put above a noisy lounge, right above the stage.
We have been on 8 cruises, 5 on Carnival in the last 3 and a half years and do plan to cruise Carnival again. In fact, we did buy 4 of the future cruise certificates.
If you haven’t heard the sounds to which I am referring, let me know where I can send the mp3 file. And when listening to it, you need to have more than a Blackberry’s speakers as the bass won’t come through on them.
Thanks for listening.

John Says:

Hello Smitty
I am happy that Kye has Heidi’s nose. Mine looks like an eagle’s from the side so Kye is one luck lady. I am aware of some of the noise concerns from the cabin you were in and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. When I was a cruise director, we would adjust the musicians hours should this type of situation occur and I know Duncan the hotel director will have been keeping a close eye on this situation as well. Often, we hear no negative comments from people who may retire late at night but that is not always the answer. I am sure the ship did the best they could and would have moved you if a cabin had been available but reading your comment it seems that you feel we could do better. So, as you continue to be a valuable Carnival guest, please allow me to send your comments to one of our vice presidents for their consideration. There is no need to send an audio file as your comments will be documented on the vessel. I need you to allow me a few days to follow up on this and if you have not been contacted by the end of this week I would appreciate you letting me know.

I have hopes that despite this concern you enjoyed your cruise and I will do all I can to make sure you stay a loyal Carnival customer.

Please send my best to your family and thanks again for the kind words for mine
Best wishes

Mark Asked:

John Please reply
Earlier you had provided me a destination advice for my 30th wedding anniversary (my wife is Dutch too – she keeps me in line…wooden shoes hurt!) Venice was your suggestion, and I am hoping Carnival will be going there in April/May 2011. We have a Carnival PVP, Deborah Walston, she is marvellous and we are very happy with Deborah, but for our 30th, we will be using Airmiles and will have to use their travel agency. They do use Carnival and seems to be their exclusive cruise line (I could be wrong).
How can I ensure that this trip in 2011 is credited towards being a past guest as cruise number four? Do you know if they will be able to utilize my Past Guest number?
Is there a way that Deborah can assist and get any credit…? (I believe the answer will be no unfortunately)?
And lastly, may I suggest a possible new excursion (maybe a niche thing) how about Carnival partners with local tour guides provide a Carnival photographer, take a tour the local city or countryside of the island in question. The Photographer could help passengers get the best shot by showing them how to frame the shot, help with exposure etc and show them some tricks of the trade while actually on site. The tour guide can provide the historical, cultural, geographical information thingy as the go along. If you like the idea you can use it free of charge…all I ask for is a ship on a stick! I am the guy that keeps bugging you about getting one of the Carnival photographers to give us some tips and tricks, if not here on the blog thingy, perhaps it can also be looked at as one of the on board events? Carnival has second to none multimedia equipment on board every ship and it would be quite easy to present a slide show along with an interactive session with passengers…Maybe boring and might appeal to us geeky older folks. I am getting so disappointed and being told it’s not the camera…it’s the…well I want pictures that look good and records the best times we ever had and that is Cruisin!

John Says:

Hello Mark
I agree – a kick up the bottom from a pair of clogs is not a nice experience, we should swap notes sometime. Ok, well yes, I too am very hopeful that in 2011 you will once again see the Carnival smokestack in Europe. While I have no definite knowledge of this I would say that hope does spring eternal. If you decided to book this cruise on whatever ship then I will make sure that it is put towards your past cruise count. What a brilliant idea. You are right………taking a tour accompanied by a professional photographer who could teach the guests how best to film the wonderful sights they see would be fantastic. I have not forgotten about your request for tips on taking photos ……. OK……. that’s actually bollocks ………because I did forget for which I apologize but I won’t again and I will now speak to our top photographer Radu whose photos I often feature here on the blog and I will have an interview with him very, very soon……..sorry again for the delay.
I will also follow up on this idea with Roberta Jacoby, our senior vice president of hotel operations and Mico Cascais, who is the vice president of tour operations, both of whom I know will be very interested in this great idea which………I will pretend is mine and therefore take full credit for…………kidding.

I will let you know what they say and once again thanks for taking the time to post.
Hope to sail with you in Europe
Best wishes

That’s all for today and for those who need me to reply to their comments please make sure you mark it with those words……..John, please reply.

Please stop by and have a look at http://www.justincohen.co.uk/ who writes from the P&O ship Ventura. You may remember that her godmother was the Queen ……. well …….she was at the time of course and I refer to Dame Helen Mirren. Well, as you will see the ship is one year old and Dame Helen did not forget and sent a very special message to the ship as you will see from his blog. It is obvious that dames such as Helen Mirren and Judy Dench who was the godmother for the Carnival Legend are in a class of their own.

With no disrespect to other godmothers it seems that they never forget the honour of performing the naming ceremony and therefore never forget the anniversary of that special date………………and I think that is just brilliant.

I am not quite sure why I am adding this next bit to the blog but as always I do try and share with you what is happening in my life. Late last night I watched a very disturbing TV program.

I watched a this documentary because it was about one of my teen crush idols …… Farrah Fawcett, whom red blooded men of a certain age will remember as one of Charlie’s Angels, is dying of bowel cancer. She certainly merits profound sympathy as a fellow human being who is now close to the surrender that is coming to us all in the end. I was about to write that it appears she is having a quite horrible death; but there is no “seems” about it. She has elected to suffer graphically in front of the cameras, and to experience this most appalling of illnesses in the living rooms of millions …… I am sure she is doing this to make people aware about cancer but to see her in graphic detail living through her illness I had to think to myself………..was this reality TV gone one step to far. I know television always looks for something that is extreme and to share it with the world …….. but in this case I wish they had not……..it was in my humble opinion a case when the door should be closed, and we should walk quietly away……….I will be thinking of her.

When I think of Alaska I think of three things. The Carnival Spirit, polar bears all of which must truly hate me and ………Sarah Palin. What happened to her by the way? One minute she is on every news channel every day and after the election loss she seems to have buggered off. I actually liked her and if she had Vance, Tim or Jennifer from our public relations department they would have surely told the governor of Alaska …… don’t put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Palin. Especially if she’s a pregnant teenager with an on-off boyfriend and the world’s media zooming in on her bump.

But Sarah Palin didn’t seem to have that much sense. And by turning her family into the cast of a The Bold and the Restless style soap opera, she destroyed her credibility both as a mother and as any sort of political brain.

I remember the ex-boyfriend and self-proclaimed redneck who announced that he might seek custody of his son. Not in a private chat with her parents and the lawyers. But live on air to Larry “Suspenders” King and millions of viewers. Sarah Palin forgot the number one rule of hockey moms everywhere. Never expose your team’s vulnerabilities. The savviest politicians capitalize on their children only in the most scripted photo-shoots ……….why do you think the White House puppy gets more air time than the Obama girls?

I can remember when I first saw her – all white teeth and sexy glasses and hair scrunched up in a bun like some teenager’s mom fantasy. She was so… in charge… and so… sure of herself I couldn’t get enough of her. I spent hours surfing the channels to find some pundit talking about her or somebody showing footage of her looking spookily sexy while shaking hands with a crowd. But now she is gone yet her state remains one of the most popular cruise vacations. I guess many years ago that an Alaskan voyage was just for old people……..and their parents ………but those days are long gone as people of all ages flock to see the Last Frontier……….and see it from a cruise ship.

I even heard that our friends from Bare Necessities have in the past chartered a ship to Alaska and I would think that walking around the deck of a ship looking at glaciers must take a lot of courage. It is no wonder that a passing vessel looked at hundreds of naked people blue from the cold and thought the ship had in fact been chartered………by Smurfs.

I would love to cruise there. I have never had the chance and it would be great to see all that amazing wildlife……or the wildlife that me and my Range Rover haven’t slaughtered that is. I hear on some of our excursions you get to see wolves. I would think that would be kind of dangerous but they say that in Alaska humans and wolves live happily together. True, but that’s because in Alaska most people have a hunting rifle with them.

Anyway, lets move on to the reason I am talking about Alaska and that is because once again the Carnival Spirit has begun her Alaskan season and it is as popular as ever.

So, lets find out what’s going on up there……..or down there ……depending on where you are now…….by checking in with my old mate and the ship’s Cruise Director Chris ” “Bubba, I love The waffle House” Roberts………here he is

May 25, 2009

Congrats John & Greetings from Alaska!

Not much to report, but wanted to share some pics. The Spirit has gotten off to a great start with it’s Alaska 2009 season. The weather has been fantastic in the past three weeks. We have already had more sunshine these first three cruises than what we had all last season so we are off to exciting start. We are about half way through our first south bound cruise of the season on our way down to Vancouver.

Our first cruise after Hawaii was the Glacier Bay run, then we did our north bound cruise up to Whittier, AK and once we get back down to Vancouver, we will continue the North and South bound through most of the Season. Looking forward to getting into the groove of having a regular run after being in transition for the past two months.

I have been out today with my assistant Marky Marc showing him around Juneau. This has been his first experience working in Alaska so it is fun to see it again through someone else’s eyes. Today after a short walk around down town Juneau, Marc, Paul(shore ex manager) and myself went out on a flight seeing trip on the Mendenhall Glacier. Doing it via helicopter is amazing.

I have been up there loads of times and it never gets old. Every time I fly in a Helicopter I just want to learn how to fly one. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

The Staff and I had some fun going out to the Gold Creek Salmon Bake in Juneau. A truly Alaskan style BBQ with all the Wild Alaskan Salmon you can eat.



Everyone had a great time and we even roasted some marsh mellows over and open fire.

I also wanted to include some pics of our trip through College Fjord and Prince William Sound.

Looking down College Fjord.


Even all of our crew come up to check out the scenery.


Captain Donato & some of our Senior Officers are checking out the wildlife.


Our Ship’s Naturalist Dirk looking out and addressing the guests over the public address system to give them some background on the area.


Cruising in Alaska is something special and I am so glad to be back. I hope to see you up here in the last frontier.

Be well,


Well, I am sure that has wet the appetite of many and if you would like a chance to sail on the Carnival Spirit and see Alaska for yourself well have a look at our carnival.com web page link thingy……..her it is http://www.carnival.com/cms/fun/destination/Alaska/ of course this is Bubba’s last year with us before he retires and as cruise directors come and go Chris will be one that I personally will miss very much. That’s why before the end of his cruise directing life and to see Alaska for myself and for the blog……..I intend to sail with Chris very soon.

Today I changed my third diaper……..not my own you understand…….Kye’s. The first two went quite well but yesterday was a different story. Kye, we had all gone to my Mum and Dad’s for Sunday lunch. During desert (homemade raspberry trifle and custard) Heidi said she could smell something bad. Now, normally my arse would get the blame for this but since my daughters arrival my arse has been allowed out on patrol. Anyway, it was obvious that Kye had done a “whoppsie” as my Mum calls it and eager to show off and show my parents that I was a good Dad I volunteered to change her…….also because I couldn’t have any of the trifle.

Anyway I was changing her and saw that as she done the smelliest liquid poo ever!! Heidi told me to wait 5 minutes because she hadn’t probably finished ….but did I listen ……….did I bollocks!

I had undone her nappy to take a look and with that she fired out the biggest squirt of yellow liquid you could ever imagine. It went flying past and hit the side table/lamp/sofa and was dripping all down the walls…….and what really got me pissed of was ….. it was my fault. While I stood there with poo oozing into my hair everyone cooed over Kye while I got a bollocking……well I wasn’t having any of that so I simply mentioned that the poo was exactly the same colour and texture of the custard in the trifle and that was their dessert ………ruined………..good!

Well, today is a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK and while we celebrate the start of summer I understand that in North America it is a public holiday as well ……… Memorial Day. So, it seems right that we finish today with a tribute to the men and women who have served and are serving today. We remember then, that because of the sacrifice of the men and women whose names are recorded on memorials in Washington and near the beaches of Normandy and who protect us today from all that would harm us……….. we can continue to enjoy the freedom we hold so dear.

Your friends
John, Heidi and Kye

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.