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June 2, 2009 -

John Heald

Dreams can be exciting things……like the one I had last night about Catherine Zeta Jones dressed all in leather and a bucket of whipped cream. Dreams can also be horribly frightening as well like the one had which was exactly the same except Catherine Zeta Jones had been replaced by Judge Judy.

Also…..why is it that when anyone has a bad dream they feel compelled to talk about it? As soon as I hear: “I had the worst dream last night,” I know it’s my cue to ask what happened. What follows is a strange story that makes no sense and has no point. I would never admit to anyone that while I was in a deep sleep I dreamed of covering her Judgeness in whipped cream.

And of course whoever had the dream is expecting me to be as interested in it as they are. If I’m barely able to pay attention to the details of things that happen in their real life. What makes them think I’ll give two shiny shites about things that happen when they’re floating and flying? But even if you don’t ask what happened, they’ll tell you anyway. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being around people who have vivid dreams, it’s that they love to share them. Why? Because it felt so real. For the person who didn’t experience it, it’s boring.

Listening to someone who actually climbed the bloody wall on the Paytoeat of the Seas would be more appealing.

I say all of this because I watched a program last night about what dreams mean.

They had a live phone-in where people would tell a panel of bearded vegetarian experts who would try and explain what each dream meant……what a load of bollocks. One man called and started his conversation with “You won’t believe what I dreamt last night.”

“I DO believe it,” I shouted at the. TV, “because it’s a sodding DREAM. You could tell me you chopped your own bollocks off, cooked them on a George Foreman Grill, fed them to George W. Bush who then vomited them back up in one of the 100 square foot cabins on the Epic thingy……. And you know what? I’d believe you!”

The worst is when someone is telling you a dream and you don’t know they are telling you a dream until halfway through the story. Heidi once told me that she had coffee with Boris Becker who had given her two tickets for Wimbledon……wow, I punched the air and was just about to hug my wife when she told me it was dream. I thought about telling her to bugger off but then I would have stayed with the tennis theme and would have required “new balls.”

But Dreams can come true…….and today I got to board your Carnival Dream. I have been joined by Carnival President and CEO Gerry Cahill, VP of Cruise Programming Roger Blum and a host of Carnival executives, as well as Todd Wittmer who will have the honor of being her cruise director.
I asked Roger Blum if like me he still gets that feeling of total excitement and wonderment in a shipyard…….after all he has been involved in new build projects since the Holiday back in 1985.

This is what Roger replied: “One of the most exciting parts of this business is seeing what it takes to build one of these giant ships, but to be honest, for me it’s even more exciting when our crew arrives, and we bring the ship to life!”

Well, the crew won’t arrive until the end of August and today believe it or not the ship is astonishingly quiet as it’s a public holiday here in Italy and all the shipbuilders have buggered off. I am not sure what holiday it is as Italy has more than any other European country. Maybe they are celebrating St. Pasta or it could be that there eccentric Prime Minister Silvio Bellasconi decided just to give every Italian a day off to shout at each other about whose mama’s tomato sauce was the best.

But it was a good thing because the ship was quiet. There were no workers hammering, drilling and painting leaving all of us to walk around open mouthed as we took in the astonishing Carnival Dream

My hotel has no Internet and I have no time so I will be writing a special Dream blog when I get home describing all the areas and featured in full. This also means that I won’t be answering questions this week which I sincerely apologize for but I promise will answer every single one next week with an extra blog just answering questions…..please forgive me.

Tomorrow we have the rest of the ship to see and no doubt our jaws will be dropping again.

Here are today’s photos and I will write about all you are seeing later this week.

But for now ……Dream on!











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