June 11, 2009 -

John Heald

I just finished a great book called Hellraisers. It tells the story of some of my favourite actors and Britain’s own rat pack…………..Peter O Toole, Richard Harris, Oliver Reed and Richard Burton. It tells of their love of acting and their greater love of drink accompanied by lashings of rumpy pumpy. I love reading books and I love seeing our passengers totally relaxed on Lido Deck reading their books while listening to the live music ………. it’s a great cruise icon and one that will surely always be with us. Or will it?

Well…….ummmmm…….no …….apparently not because Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator or Governator, has arrived onto the scene, sending piles of school books crashing to the floor. Next, he will set fire to them with his red laser eyes, and stamp on the ashes with his big metallic Skynet feet until every book is destroyed. In his typically robotic style, Arnold has terminated the textbook. Beginning next August, the internet-brainwashed children of California will get reference works for math and science online, while hand-held digital reading devices ………..which can store hundreds of books ……….. beckon in his future.

In the Governator’s opinion, textbooks are “outdated,” putting them on a par with other things that have served us perfectly well until now, such as cabins with the sinks in the bathroom, free steak at dinner and non Blue Ray Dolphin DVD systems.

But while online stuff may work out cheaper, and be easier to update, than big old books, what would school be without the chance to doodle a penis on Charles De Gaul’s face?

I am sure these electronic readers that store books are great but call me old fashioned ………… nothing can beat a dog-eared paperback in the bath or on a beach or sitting on your balcony on one of our ships. Ask someone on a world cruise on the Queen Victoria if they would prefer the 6,000 library books they have or a bunch of electronic gadgets to read from…………..or………………maybe it’s just me.

What really made the hairs on my bottom stand up was when I saw what Arnie did on the news clip. To demonstrate what he thought of books the governor picked up a few hefty reference books and said he could always use them “for the curls,” taking him back to his bodybuilding days. He should work on his judgment, rather than his muscles because I think books will be around long after his policies – and his movies – are forgotten ……. because he won’t “be back”……………..Terminator of books my arse.

It’s question time………………here we go.

Jim Forero Asked:
Hello John,
I am writing to inquire about Paul Santley.
He and I worked together many years ago for Discovery Cruise Line. I was happy to read on your blog that Paul is doing very well with Carnival Cruise Line and I see by your 2009 schedule that last month he was CD on the “Sensation”.
I was hoping to reconnect with Paul, but on the company website I couldn’t find an email address for passengers or friends to write to. So if you would be so kind as to give him my information I’d be extremely grateful or if you can give me Paul’s information.
Thank you,

John Says:
Hello Jim
Paul is one of the funniest people I have met and much like my old and much missed friend and Cruise Director Malcolm Kennedy……..Paul has a joke for every occasion. I will be happy to pass this onto Paul and I hope it reconnects your friendship.
Best wishes

AmItoobigfortheF1simulator Asked:
My nom de plume (sorry for going français on you) is truly the question I have for you to answer – is the F1 simulator big enough for a more than average American or must you be Kate Moss skinny to get into the device.
While we are on the Costa topic, does the Vespa work and can the passengers use it for jumping the shark? [Hopefully, I do not have to explain this comment/concept to you – if you need further explanation, google the term.]
Your humble friend and Kye’s

Uncle JustJon Asked:
Finally, a serious question for you to answer. Who will be Todd’s ACD on the Carnival Dream?
I hope that it will be Noorje – she was such a lovely complement to Todd when we said on the Carnival Legend. If she won’t be on the Carnival Dream, can you tell me where she is at these days.
Also, please tell Todd that Kathy & I, as well as Fifi and Coco, send our best the next time you see him.

John Says:
Hello Jon
Well luckily the F1 simulator has a much larger opening than the real F1 cars which you have to be supermodel thin to get into. I tried……..and failed……….bugger……so it may be a tight fit for you but I think you might just make it.

Todd’s ACD will not be Noortje. She is currently on the Carnival Liberty and I know Todd will miss working with her a lot. However, he will have James Dunn as his permanent ACD who many of you will know because of his catchphrase “hiyyyyyya” and he will also have Jaime with him for the start-up process. That’s a great team. I will be passing on your best family wishes to Todd who I just spent some time with in Italy.

Hopefully my diet which is continuing will allow me to fit in the F1 simulator the next time I sail Costa and I will race you.
Best to you and Mrs DefinatleywillfitintheF1simulator


Erin W. Asked:
Hey John (Please Reply) – Can’t wait to see the Dream live in NYC – I think she will be beautiful. I know I am late responding to the question about Cell Phone use but here is my 2 cents (and I expect change) – I have never been bothered with people using their phones onboard – I think most people find the prices a little high for idle chatting and want to escape from the real world. And have never seen anyone using the phone in the Formal Dining Areas or the Theaters. The writer stated she has come on a cruise to be in her “sanctum” but when you take a cruise you are essentially vacationing with 3000 other people and everyone’s definition of that is different. Other peoples ‘carefully or-castrated nirvana sanctum of fun and relaxation’ may include cell phones. Not to mention those people who are travelling away from young children, spouses and elderly parents. A cruise ship differs from airplanes in one other major way: size – When you are on a plane your have less than a foot between you and the person next to you and no where to go to get away from other people. The last ship I was on (the Glory) is 953 ft long – there are at least 3 floors where you can occupy at least ¾ of that length along with the best place for sanctum – the room!!
ANYWAY – on to my question(s) – I am on the Dream 2 day as you know and I am wondering how that voyage will differ from the other longer cruises (So far I have only been 7 days). Will there be a formal night? Will I leave my luggage with the porters and then put it out again the next night or can I carry it on? As we haven’t gone anywhere do we still need to clear customs? Will there be shows and live entertainment?? – You get the point – what should I expect? I am bringing a friend who has never cruised before – This will be her introduction to the world of cruising and of course what better line or ship to get her hooked with???
Patiently waiting for my next voyage,
Erin W.
P.S. – regarding the Dual naming ceremony – I think that you and the other commenter are both correct:
The Norwegian Star entered service at the end of 2001. She was originally intended to operate with Star Cruises under the name SuperStar Libra, but six months before delivery it was decided that the ship would be assigned to Star Cruises’ subsidiary, Norwegian Cruise Line. The vessel was christened at the Port of Miami in a dual ceremony with another new NCL vessel, constructed at Germany’s Lloyd Werft shipyard, the Norwegian Sun.

John Says:
Hello Erin
The last time I sailed into or out of New York was in 1997 onboard the Carnival Destiny and it remains one of the highlights of my cruising life. Carnival Dream really is stunning and I know she will be a star attraction when she arrives in the Big Apple. I happen to agree with you on the cell phone issue but I also understand the previous comments that showed concern about people shouting down the phone and disturbing their relaxation. But the reality is that this doesn’t happen because of the facts you stated above the most important being that there are places you can go onboard to keep the call private ….. you can’t on a plane. There is no hiding from the fact that the calls are also quite expensive so that also keeps them down to a minimum. However, I think most people appreciate the fact that being on a cruise ship, at sea, does not mean anymore that you are cut off from the rest of the world. We have cell phone coverage, internet and direct calls from the cabin………….my goodness how things have changed.

Now, onto your concerns about the two day cruise from New York. Well plans for this are still being ……ummmmm……….planned…… you know I sat here for a good minute or so and couldn’t think of another word to put there?……….bugger. If this cruise takes the form of many other two day cruises I have been on there will be a cruise casual night and an elegant night. You will see two of our brand new shows and experience as many of the activities we can throw at you in 48 hours. Now most people will carry on their own luggage unless the ladies have packed the same as they would for a 12-day cruise……….. personally I would pack just a carry on bag. There will be no customs or immigration as we won’t be calling at a port so debarkation will start immediately the ship returns to Manhattan. I will give you more details on this as and when I have it and please tell your friend that she will have a brilliant time…….I promise. Thanks for the clarification of the other dual naming ceremony. I looks like I may have not researched this enough.

It won’t be long before you see the Carnival Dream for yourself.

Best wishes until then

Brittany Asked:
Dear John – Please Reply
We are just back from an AMAZING cruise on the Conquest. Before I begin anything I want to thank you 1000 times for the table you gave us for two. We enjoyed it very much and it was in a great location. Our waiters were amazing! Actually on the first formal night, we requested a Lobster to share but our head waiter forgot and apologized and come our last night on the cruise, he presented us both with special made lobster and shrimp, which was the best tasting I had ever had.
The entire crew onboard the Conquest was friendly and spoke to us by name whenever possible. Carnival has a real gem on their hands in the form of Chris the CD and his entertainment staff; they were funny and entertaining the entire cruise. They found activates to keep us all happy. My favorite was the Live TV trivia which was broadcasted on the Lido screen, in the rooms and in the main lounge live and interactive for everyone! The assistant CD, I’m sorry I can’t remember his name but it began with an ‘M’ was my favorite as well has new comer Charlie who’s first week it was.
Our room steward Putu, did a great job all week, always had towels, room spotless. He ever wrote us and handwritten thank you note at the end of the cruise, we of course wrote him one back and tipped him nicely because he deserved the thank you!
The food…Oh my goodness the FOOD! I can honestly say, it was the BEST food we have had out of our few cruises. Everywhere we got food from, room service, deli, lido, sur mer, dining room all were AMAZING! I’m not a chocolate person, but I tired melting cake for the first time, it was okay to me but the Bitter and Blanc? THAT should be the carnival signature! I had it once and craved it the rest of the cruise! I can’t wait until our next cruise to have it again!
I feel as if I’m getting long winded here so I’ll speed it up and get to my questions. We enjoyed Jamaica and Grand Cayman. We went on the Margaritaville excursion in Jamaica, the beach was fantastic but yes we were bothered quite a few times for Jet Ski rides, glass bottom boats and parasailing. We said no each time, and Margaritaville doe shave a sign that say they do not recommend you do any of these things. There is a place right next door and the people on the beach try to get you over there were you pay $30 for a straw hut like umbrella. Some people did do this, we did not. We were told the cost by one of the Margaritaville workers, when we almost wondered over. I wish there was a way they can stop people from wondering on there part of the beach and offering unwanted things and such but I assume the beach is public and there is nothing that can be done. We did the sting ray, hell and turtle farm in Grand Cayman. LOVED every second, though we did not last very long with the string rays. Also tender process was very easy and painless and well as debarking in Jamaica; however upon return to the ship in Jamaica one of the dock workers slammed my mothers bag down after it was scanned and she obviously had heavy breakable items inside. I don’t know what her problem was but he co workers noticed and gave her looks as if she was crazy, seemed as if it wasn’t the first time and hopefully she got reprimanded or something.
As I said we had a great cruise, the best yet, and my only question is, we forgot to drop our comment cards in the boxes before we left the ship. Is it okay that we mail them off the to home office in Miami? We gave rave reviews to all of course and our only thing was that they are no longer giving clean DOD glasses. My mom went to the casino bar to get a drink in her glass and she started to make it and didn’t clean the glass until asked nor get a clean glass. I understand with the DOD card you only get one glass, but we feel we shouldn’t have had to ask for the glass to be clean as it should have been standard.
Anyway sorry for the long review. Thanks once again for everyday and hopefully we can get to cruise with you one day!

John Says:
Hello Brittany
Oops…………you did it again………you made me smile. What a brilliant review of your cruise and I am proud of all the staff and crew you mentioned from Chris Jefferson who continues to be one of the very best CD’s we have ever had to Putu and the dining room staff it seems that they all exceeded your expectations.

I am so glad that the table for two was enjoyable and that you both got to spend some quality time together. I was disappointed to read about the DOD glass situation and the beauty of the blog reviews is that we can act upon your suggestions and comments immediately. That’s why I always encourage bloggers to write their honest reviews here so that I can instantly react to areas we need to improve on and pass on the praise for our superb crew. I will go ahead and do just that with your review and I shouldn’t worry about the comment cards because your review gives an outstanding report on your voyage and I thank you so very much for taking the time to write.

Best wishes to you both

Bobby Asked:
Hi John please reply. I just got of my cruise on the Valor on Sunday. And it was excellent. It was our best cruise yet. We enjoyed Big Tex as our cruise director. I told him that I always read the blog then write to you. He says you’re a nice guy. Anyways we really enjoyed the Balcony. The fish and chips was excellent, I found it the second day we were on. All the staff was excellent especially Danielle (Danny) was great. So was Allison. The embarkation went smooth we were on within 15 mins getting there. And we were among the first to get off. We were thinking of taking another cruise within next year or 2011 with our whole family. Thank you so much for getting us early dining and also thank you for the window seat at dining. We were in the Washington dining room.
We enjoyed it

John Says:
Hello Bobby
And here is another great review and one I truly enjoyed reading because it again highlighted another one of our cruise directors and our fun entertainment staff.
I am glad everything worked out with your dining and I am glad I could help and my thanks to the maitre d for taking care of this.

I will pass on your comments to the vessel and hope you are ready to book another Fun Ship cruise very soon.
Best wishes

Frank and Bridie Rist Asked:
Hi John please respond,
We just love the photos of the Dream but can we see some cabins? Oh The Suites also. We sent you some things for Kye wasn’t sure if you got them? One was a beautiful pink “Princess in Training” outfit.
Big Fans as Always,
Frank and Bridie

John Says:
Hello Frank and Bridie
We just received the wonderful gifts you sent for Kye which produced lots of “ahhhhhhs” from Heidi. That was so kind of you and we are truly thankful……the little pink thing was gorgeous.

I am going to be posting photos of the Carnival Dream cabins in the next few weeks. They were still being decorated and furnished and with all the dust, scaffolding etc in them I thought I would wait until they were complete before I showed them to you all.
Thank you once again and look forward to seeing you soon
Best wishes

Cheri bolchoz Asked:
John Please reply
Hope you are enjoying being a new daddy (I am sure you are)
Pictures of the Dream are great.
We are 3 weeks from sailing on the Carnival Fascination on July 2nd for my 50th birthday. You wanted me to let you know. We are in Cabin —
Have you talked with Chris yet? Is he back to work full time? Just checking on the shipment of the ornaments.
Thank you for all that you do. Please tell Todd hello for us. Michael said we have to keep with tradition & book the Dream on Todd’s last cruise before he goes on a vacation. You need to try & let me know when that might be in 2010
Take care
Love to Heidi & Kye
Cheri & Michael

John Says:
Hello Cheri
I am glad that everyone seems to have enjoyed the photos of the Carnival Dream and I will be posting some more next week. You probably saw yesterday that Chris is indeed back in the office and it’s wonderful to have him home and we can now mail your items to you. Have a great time on the Carnival Fascination and give my best please to Trevor the CD. He is a great chap and you are in for a brilliant time. Please write when you get home and my best wishes to you and Michael with thanks also for the kind words for Heidi and Kye

GarettsNana Asked:
John Please Reply
My grandson Garett (AKA Bob) is super disappointed that you won’t be able to do the Carnival Spirit to Alaska with us. Even though he understands that you can’t grant every wish, he was crossing his fingers that you would be aboard.
To cushion the blow a little, is there any way you can send a short note to him in our cabin? He would be on top of the world and feel like he is the most important passenger on board. He is loves it that Carnival refers to him as Master.
I overheard him telling someone last week that he was friends with THE Brand Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines, he was quite impressed with himself that he has such influential friends, lol.
If you can pull it off on such short notice, here is the information. Master Garett W (AKA Bob), Carnival Spirit, June 24th sailing, cabin .

John Says:
Hello GarettsNana
I am so sorry to disappoint young Garrett. I for one wish I could be spending a few months on the Carnival Spirit as I have never been to Alaska and I also would have loved to have met him. I will be honoured to send him a letter and a little gift because he is indeed……….a VIP guest. Have a great time and I know he and you will enjoy the brilliant sights of the last frontier and enjoy so very much the antics of Chris “Bubba” Roberts and his entertainment staff.

Best wishes to you and all the family

Janet Asked:
Please reply.
This is the only blog I read. It is a treat; my husband and I meet at the computer nightly and have a few laughs with you!
Seems like there is an awful lot of work to be done for the Dream to be ready in time! Is it guaranteed to be finished? Is it on schedule at this time?
Can you tell us anything about what to expect for Halloween on the Transatlantic Cruise?
Also, we have heard about it being a special cruise for fire-fighters and others. Is there an event here that you can tell us about, or was that something privately arranged?

John Says:
Hello Janet
I am honoured indeed that you and your husband take the time to read my daily mutterings and that sometimes it brings a smile into your life and I will do my best to continue to do this for as long as I can.

It’s strange but a few years ago I visited the Carnival Freedom at about the same time as I did the Carnival Dream last week and I thought the same as you and one or two others ….. “will she be finished on schedule?” But since then I have learned to appreciate that on the home stretch the workers at the Fincantieri shipyard move into overdrive and during the next few weeks the finishing touches will start to take shape, the furniture and art will be in place and on time and as per schedule this years most anticipated cruise ship will be ready to give our guests a Carnival………dream voyage.

On the crossing from Europe to New York there is a group sailing that will be honoring police officers, firefighters and service personnel. I am still hoping to join for part of the voyage so I can add my words of respect and praise. Hopefully the lady who is organizing this can add more information for you and if you wish to be involved I am sure she would be honoured to have you.

Best wishes to you and the family

Canuck Cruiser Asked:
Hey John,
I asked this question on a previous entry but it may have been overlooked.
I am about to book our January cruise on the DREAM and can you tell me if you or TODD will be the CD. You are both great but it will finally give us a chance to meet you as we sailed with TODD two cruises ago.
Please advise……………….I may have a favour to ask to surprise my dear wife again…….she’ll never see this one coming as I freaked her out when Todd asked us to be part of the Newlywed game. More on that later.
That’s all from the unusually cool (and I mean weather-wise) city of Stratford.
B&D from Canada
PS— great looking kid……good thing she takes after her mother. LOL

John Says:
Hello B and D
I am joining the Carnival Dream in mid January; in fact the new cruise director schedule is now posted to the right of the blog thingy. I am not sure when in January you are sailing but there is a chance that we will finally get to meet and I will do all I can to make sure you have a brilliant time. Kye does indeed look like her Mum …….she is very lucky.
Stay warm and my best wishes to you all

Stef aka Hockey Addict Says:
Hi John….
(Please reply when you get a chance… no hurry)
I have a couple questions….
Please tell me about Felipe Couto, CD on the Fascination in September. I haven’t heard you mention him before. Last year we had Trevor and didn’t see him at all onboard except for the shows. He was very nice and funny, don’t get me wrong. But being our first cruise I just thought I would see him more after reading Cruise Critic… it seemed they were around the ship more often! Maybe I watched too many episodes of “The Love Boat” before we left too!
My second question… my husband and I are going to be moving to SC soon. I REALLY don’t want to do it…. I won’t get into it because it’s really upsetting me…. BUT… I looked on Carnivals site and it seems that the Glory and the Triumph are in Charleston. Well…. the only sailings they show are…..
November 2, 2009
May 24, 2010 and November 1, 2010
Why? Why aren’t there more sailings? What am I missing? Why don’t they sail there year round? Is business that bad there?
Can’t wait to see your 2010 schedule to see if it’s possible to sail with you!
Please let us see more Kye, Heidi and John pictures or videos! I know that we all would like to see more! Thanks for the Kye updates too… they are awesome!
Thanks for the Dream photo’s too! I hope to make it on her soon!
And finally thanks for making me smile again… I needed it!

John Says:
Hello Stef
Thanks for the question which allows me to mention that the job of the cruise director has changed a lot since Julie McCoy and her clip board strolled the decks of the Love Boat. However the principals of the job have not changed and a CD must as much as possible be visible both on stage, in the guest areas and on the in cabin TV’s. Now Felipe joined Heidi and I some years ago for a one of social host college and he passed with flying colors. He is from Brazil and has gallons of energy and you will without doubt see him all over the ship. Please let me know your thoughts when and if you sail with him.

I am sorry that your pending move is upsetting you and I wish there was something I could do to help make you feel better. It seems that you are putting your wishes behind others and that makes you a very special person. Charleston is a great port and we would love to sail more from there but there are restrictions on where we can go and also the port facilities are rather limited for our large ships on a regular basis. The people though are as friendly as you can ever meet and don’t rule out the possibility of more Charleston voyages in the future.

I am glad you liked the photos of Kye and I will be thinking of you in the days ahead as you make your move down south
Best wishes to you all

Louisiana Joe & Sue Asked:
John Please reply
First of all Congrats on the birth of Kye. She is beautiful and we enjoy seeing her on the videos you post on the blog.
We met in February on the Fantasy Bloggers Cruise. We spoke to you in the auditorium (we are pictured with you in your Blog photos) and discussed that our son (never cruised) would like to get married on the Fantasy. The wedding will be July 25th on the Fantasy. We have 9 rooms booked and most are first time cruisers who hear how much we enjoy cruising. In trying to get everything finished I am speaking to various Carnival reps in different departments. One person stated that the Wedding couple plus 2 more rooms could be ready when we board. The men are all renting the tuxedos on the ship so they will need rooms to get dressed. We are now confused because another Carnival rep stated that only the Wedding couple plus 1 additional room can be ready when we board. I explained the need for the additional room and the conflicting info. Now she states that it will be up to the ship if they will have the second additional room ready. John, can you please help to have the additional room ready. I want this day to be stress free and a day they will never forget.
I (Susan D. Szush) have cruised 20 times with Carnival & have another one booked November 10 on the Fantasy and also the Triumph on January 9, 2010. I am also a Stock Holder in Carnival Cruise Lines and encouraged many people to sail Carnival. That is how much I believe in and enjoy Carnival Cruise Lines.
Group Booking #
S Wedding Group
Derek S & Emily T
Perry & Susan
This next room I would like your assistance with is
Corey & Sheila
Any assistance you can do would be great. Again thank you and looking forward to seeing the Blog Group again.

John Says:
Hello Joe and Sue

Please don’t worry. I know how stressful arranging a wedding can be and therefore I want you to relax in the knowledge that the ship’s brilliant staff will make sure everything is ready for you. I will make sure they know what’s happening and ask them to have the rooms ready for your arrival. All will be well and let me take this opportunity to wish the happy couple well and I hope the day is one you will always remember.
Best wishes

That’s all for now and I will be answering more questions tomorrow……..I have almost caught up now.

I hope you have all been enjoying the photos of your Carnival Dream and there will be more over the next few weeks as the work continues. I had previously posted a press release about the Carnival Dream shows and I thought I would follow this up with an interview on video with Roger Blum, our vice president of cruise programming who also serves as the producer of our award-winning shows.

Roger has a rich heritage with Carnival having been part of this great company for more than 30 years. He worked his way up from bar waiter to purser to chief purser. He then went shoreside and started the hotel director training program as well as being responsible for organizing our shore excursion program, the contracts with many of our home ports and has been involved operationally in many of the company’s major projects. Roger is now responsible for all the on board entertainment including our lavish main theatre shows, variety acts, music and the cruise directors and entertainment staff. Here we are then in the very noisy lobby of the Carnival Dream talking about the entertainment on your Carnival Dream.

Thanks, Roger. So as you heard we will be featuring shows dedicated to the world of country music, the heart of Motown and one that will show off the amazing dancing and acrobatic skills of Fun Force. I can’t wait to see them and my thanks to Roger for taking the time to make that little video thingy.

One of the most popular of our new family activities is Laser tag which I got to see first hand on the Carnival Valor. Well the Laser Tag Arena can now be found on three other ships: Carnival Elation, Carnival Conquest and next week Carnival Victory. If you are sailing on one of those ships make sure you give it a try. It’s not just for teenagers who ware their pants so low you can see their underpants …….nope…….this is fun for the whole family.

I have to mention something that is on my mind, after all that’s what this blog is for isn’t it? You see I truly think that we have the best group of cruise directors we have had for many a year…………..I mean Todd, Goose, Tex, Stu, Chris J, Bubba, Butch, Wee Jimmy, Trevor, Paul, Risa, Steve, Juggling Steve, Skippy, Jen, Ryan , Felipe, Karl with a K, Brent, Bronson, Malcolm, Lenny, and anyone I have missed out (I should have gone and copied the names from the schedule but I cant be asked) to whom I apologize.

Anyway, I can understand that one or two have changed their names to allow for a better stage name. One CD has the last name “Glasscock”……….I can understand therefore why he changed his name………and no…….I can’t tell you who this person is. Butch……one of our rising stars has changed his name to Butch and it works brilliantly for him……..even his Mum calls him Butch now. When I first saw Ralph I immediately called him Wee Jimmy. This was based on a variety double act here in the UK called the Krankies ( ) as I thought he looked like the Wee Jimmy character………and the name stuck and now its his calling card.

Stage names and nicknames for CD’s are fun but what I cannot understand is when one tries to change their accent. I can’t be too specific here but we have one CD who has made it known that they are changing their regional accent to a southern American one…….and they are about as southern as a Canadian moose. I have already told this CD that changing your accent is like using tinted contact lenses……pointless, odd and everyone can always tell.

I guess after swimming with dolphins, one of the most romantic thoughts when it comes to the animal kingdom is horseback riding along a deserted beach. I have never quite seen the fascination in horses. I have friends who keep them and despite the recession and the fact that they have had to re-mortgage their house and sell their children for medical experiments, their beloved horses remain. They need new shoes every two days …………. not unlike my wife and when I suggested about turning them into glue they looked at me as though I was a complete bastard. I was going to mention to my horseist friends that they had disproved the theory that when you fall off a horse you should get straight back on again. Because having done that Mrs Horseist promptly fell off a second time. They had to mash her food for a while but she’s better now.

Anyway, I am sure I’m in the minority because everyone it seems has this riding on a horse on the beach thing going on. Well, you can do this in some of our ports of call. The most famous is Chukka Cove in Ocho Rios and now there is one to rival this great excursion …………and it takes place in paradise……………or Half Moon Cay as it’s known.

Here are some photos from our PVP mate Paul of guests and horses having fun together on the beautiful beach.








There…………….I am sure you all looked at the horses at dreamed of riding them on the golden sand and through the tanzanite-colored water………..unless you are French in which case you are looking at these horses and thinking…………ooh la la………..lunch !

Your friends
John, Heidi and Kye

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.