Bought the T-Shirt

August 20, 2009 -

John Heald

I want to talk to you about T-shirts and somebody wants to talk to me about them as well.

Guest: Mr. ______ Ref: 840017667A
Cabin: ____ Booking#: ______ Added-Changed: 08/19/09 – 08/19/09

Gst spoke to GSA asking to meet with the cruise director John. Guest said that he had been embarrassed by another guest on a tour who was wearing a racist T-Shirt. Guest said that he and his family had been very upset by this and wants to speak to John.

Just when you think you have seen and heard everything in 23 years at sea, along comes something like this.

And so this morning as the ship docked in Tortola I met with the guest who was extremely pleasant and even insisted in paying for my skinny crapafrapacino thingy. And so we chatted about his experience. It turns out that the guest was on the Best of St. Thomas Tour and seated on the tour bus was an older man in his seventies wearing a T-shirt that allegedly said “CHANGE – IS ALL I HAVE LEFT WHEN OBAMA IS DONE” written in Russian-style communist writing. Worse still was his traveling companion who was wearing a T-shirt which allegedly had a photo of the president of the United States sporting a Hitler-style moustache…….which I must say is pretty disgusting.

Now the first thing that came to my mind here was that a seventy-year-old man should not be wearing any kind of T-shirt and the only thing worse than that is a seventy-year-old man  in a T-shirt whose T-shirt is tucked into his shorts. And the only thing in the world worse than a seventy year old man whose T-shirt is tucked into his shorts is a seventy-year-old man whose T-shirt is tucked into his shorts and who is also wearing sandals with long black socks.

Seriously though I can understand why this man was upset although it seems to me that the guests were making more of a political statement then a racial one. I also explained to the guest that obviously there was no way that I could control what other guests on the ship wear. I think he knew this and I also think that his half-hearted plea that the tour operator should not have allowed him on the excursion was also said purely out of frustration. Honestly………..I just think that this guest wanted someone to talk to.

This happens a lot………not the T-shirt thing although I have more to say about that in a moment ……no…………I mean the talking thing. If this guest had been staying at a hotel in Las Vegas or wandering around Epcot and had seen these two Republicans………did I get that right?……….they would have been Republicans?………..anyway, if he had seen these two chaps sitting at a table at Caesar’s Palace or standing in line for Space Mountain, would he have sort out the hotel manager or the resort director…….of course not. It’s a cruise ship thingy…………and I am not knocking this in any way…………it’s just a fact.

Anyway, after our coffee and our chat and my apology I left a much happier guest who as I said had just been happy to talk to someone. However, he had asked me a question that was bugging me…………..would we permit these guests to wear those T-shirts on board?

I guess the answer is yes. I mean in all the years I have been at sea I do not remember forbidding any guest to remove a T-shirt because it was offensive…..apart from a Royal Caribbean one obviously. But in all seriousness, I don’t think I have ever done that. So I e-mailed Ken Byrne our senior maitre d and his reply was the same… He has obviously enforced dress codes on elegant nights but would he or I ask a guest to remove a T Shirt as described above if a guest was seen wearing it around the ship…….probably not.

I love T-shirts and when I am home it’s all I wear………I mean it’s all I wear and although Heidi has got use to my thingy flapping around under the T-shirt it still shocks the mail man every time.

The T-shirt is the most popular day time thing to wear and we love it when we see people wearing Carnival logo wear. It does make me smile though when people wear T-shirts with a place they have visited on it, particularly if it’s the exotic-sounding place name of somewhere far, far away from where you are at the time. You must have noticed this. If you are in Venice, Italy you will note that absolutely nobody wears Venice slogans on their chest. It’s always somewhere else. Which is why I guess some people do think it’s alright to wear an RCI shirt on a Carnival ship and why one day I will walk onboard the Amibotheredthough of the Seas wearing a T-shirt that has a picture of a cow on it that simply says “I’m free on a Carnival ship.”

Guests and bloggers buy me T-shirts all the time and I have a wonderful collection but I have to say my favorite was given to me by blogger Cruising Grandma……it simply says ………… “Fat men are harder to kidnap”……………………brilliant.

Time for today’s questions……… we go.

Cathy R. Asked:
Hi, John, (Please answer)
I was wondering if you could answer a question for me and the rest of my group. We are booked on the Carnival Conquest for 11/8/09. There are 10 cabins booked in our group and among those will be several children.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting answers about the pools on Carnivals ships. I have seen on various message boards people insisting that the aft pools are adult only pools. I have read every bit of information that I can find, and nothing mentions an adult only pool. I talked to the groups department and the girl told me that as far as she can tell there are no adult only pools. Yet, still, there are people insisting that the aft pools are adult only and that it just isn’t always enforced. I know that there are adult-only hot tubs and that the new upgrades on the fantasy class ships have the adult serenity area. But I seen nothing indicating adult only pools. I would think that, since the aft pool on the Conquest is the pool with the sliding cover for bad weather that it would not be fair if the weather was bad and the children could not swim, but the adults could.

I would appreciate a definite answer to this question. Is there a way to e-mail the ship if this is something that is different from ship to ship?

Joh Says:
Hello Cathy
Thanks for taking the time to write and I am sure you and your family are looking forward to your Carnival Splendor cruise. Let’s talk about the pools. The aft pools are family pools and not adults only however the aft whirlpools are indeed only for adults. The aft pools never have been adult only so I am sorry to say that the information you received was not quite correct. The aft whirlpool rule of adults only is indeed enforced but as you said, it would not be good policy to ban children from any of the pools and this does apply to every ship in the fleet.

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions before you cruise please let me know.
Best wishes to you all

lizzielady Asked:
John, Please reply
I’m really looking forward to the Blogger’s Cruise in December. I sent an email as suggested (8/03), but have not received a reply/receipt with a confirmation of acceptance. Need I worry? I did make a copy of my “sent mail.” Will this suffice on board the ship if there is any mix-up?
Thanks, Carolyn—can’t wait until Dec.!!!!!

John Says:
Hello Lizzielady
There is no need to worry. I checked with one of 343 Stephanies (one of them left to become a nun) and your group is now listed as part of the bloggers group. I look forward therefore to seeing you very soon on your Carnival Dream and all of the bloggers events.
Best wishes

Susan Gilleland Asked:
John (Please Reply),
First off, I want to say how very much I have been enjoying your blog, and how much I appreciate your willingness to share these wonderful bits of your life with all of us. I’d also like to say that I am indeed one of the dreaded “Carnival Cheerleaders” much criticized on Cruise Critic. I love Carnival, and I can’t imagine a better way to vacation. I’ll be on the Fantasy (11th time on that one ship alone) next month celebrating 13 years with my husband, and celebrating the end of an era as well, as the Fantasy will be leaving our fair city of New Orleans and heading for Mobile. I look forward to sailing on the Triumph in November, but I will indeed miss seeing the Fantasy pass my house by as it sails down the river.

Now, onto my reason for writing you. I write to Guest Relations after every cruise to let them know about the staff and crew who made our vacation extra enjoyable. That being said, there are two Carnival employees to whom I want extra recognition to go, and I would like to know the best people to contact in order to make sure these wonderful people are given the credit they deserve.

First off, I want to send special recognition to my PVP, Paul Saunders. He has been such a wonderful and important part of each and every cruise we have planned over the past several years, and I cannot express to you how much we appreciate the wonderful service he has provided. After booking 8 or so cruises with him, and having friends and family book their cruises with him, I consider him a friend, and an extended part of our family. Paul always calls me to inform me of sales and specials, and he handles any special needs we may have. In addition, Paul has called to check in with me after news of tropical storms or hurricanes in our area. He has called me when he noticed a post on Cruise Critic about my son’s asthma flaring up just before a cruise. He has called me to ask about my health when on a previous call I mentioned being ill. I have never experienced such caring and consideration from someone whose job is assisting customers over the phone – it’s remarkable, and quite frankly, Paul is a very big part of the reason we keep booking Carnival cruises. I’ve dealt with a few other PVP’s before I ended up with Paul, and I can’t express to you the extent to which his level of customer service exceeds all the others. I would like to know who I can write to within Carnival Corporation in order to personally express my gratitude.

Second, as our eleventh, and probably final, Fantasy cruise approaches, I want to say that we miss Big Tex more than I can say, and that we haven’t yet found a cruise director who can even begin to fill his (dancing) shoes. That being said, there is a superstar in the making on board the Fantasy, and his name is Brandon. He was on our last few cruises, and I sincerely hope he is still on the ship in September when we sail. Brandon was more visible around the ship than the current cruise director, and he was always smiling, friendly, and funny. He made a big impression on us throughout the cruise, and I believe he would make a phenomenal cruise director. I’m not sure if that’s his goal, but if it is, I’d like the powers to be to take note that many people wish he was in fact the cruise director NOW! I’ve seen this sentiment echoed on the Cruise Critic boards, so I am indeed not alone. I don’t know if you’re the go-to guy on this issue, or if there is someone else to whom I can write. Please do let me know.

Thank you again for all you do, and I hope we’ll be lucky enough to cruise with you at some point in the near future.
Susan Gilleland

John Says:
Hello Susan
Please never ever apologize for being a Carnival cheerleader. We appreciate you and all the thousands of people who are proud to shout out loud that Carnival Cruise Lines offers the best value for money cruise vacations in the world. And if anyone on Cruise Critic doesn’t like that tell them to bugger off………and just say “am I bothered though” ………try that………….it feels good.

I know many of you Carnival Fantasy fans over there in the Big Easy will miss her very much but I am sure you will fall in love with one of my favorite ships, the Carnival Triumph.  The words you have written for Paul are wonderful and I am so glad that you took the time to write them. Paul has provided me with some great photos of his adventures which I posted recently on the blog thingy and the ones of Half Moon Cay were amazing. I will make sure both he and his supervisor gets to read what a difference he has made to your pre cruise experience.

I have heard all about Brandon and just how great an assistant cruise director he is. He will be with you in September and again I will make sure that everyone who needs to know how great he is reads your words of praise. I know you will miss Big Tex who is now the cruise director of the Carnival Valor and doing a wonderful job. Your CD will be the lovely Risa Barnes who will make sure you continue to enjoy the Carnival experience. She is a terrific lady and nobody cares about the guests more.

Please would you do me a favor and send me a reminder before you cruise posting your name and cabin number. I would like to send you a gift for being such a Carnival loyalist and for putting up with those who criticize you for being so……….idiots.
Best wishes

Jackie S. Asked:
Hi John-
Please Reply.
First, I just wanted to say that I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog over the past couple of months. My husband, Brad, and I are preparing for our first cruise by ourselves (went on RCCL with his family before we were married) on the Carnival Glory on 8/22. We are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary, which was in June, but we couldn’t take time off until August. It will be my first time sailing with Carnival since I was a 19-year-old with my parents on the Fascination in ‘98-’99 (New Year’s Cruise). I am so excited and have been reading your blog and cruise critic obsessively. You always make me laugh aloud!

Anyhow, I was looking at the schedule of cruise directors that you had posted awhile back, and I see that James Charlton, the asst. director, will be the cruise director while Ryan is on vacation. What can you tell me about James? I am looking forward to having a good time with him and the rest of the crew!

Kye is simply beautiful, and I loved her blog from last Friday! What a smarty-pants! 😉
Hope to sail with you as our CD one day.
~Jackie S.

John Says:
Hello Jackie S
I am so happy that you have chosen to sail on your 5th anniversary onboard the Carnival Glory. You will love the ship and you will also truly enjoy your Cruise Director James Charlton. He has more energy than 100 Energizer Bunny things. Now, I don’t know much else about him but I have asked him to send in his photo and bio so that we can all learn more about him.  I know that you will love him though because the reports are that he is indeed a rising star.

I am glad you like the blog and the laughs it brings you and thanks so much for those beautiful words about Kye.

I will be back to you about James and I hope you get to see this before you sail.
Have a brilliant time
Best wishes

Kimberlee Drayton Asked:
Please reply….
I have booked my immediate family and some friends as well as my in laws on the Miracle Western Caribbean departing 12/14/09. Here is my problem, my in-laws have always sailed Royal Caribbean. They live eat and breathe everything Royal Caribbean! The mistake they made was letting me plan our cruise! I love Carnival, I love the service the food and the value. My father in law was a self made man who is very very talented and interesting to talk to. But he does sometimes set his mind that he is right. I really wanted to impress him with Carnival and I was wondering if there is any way we could get seated at the Captains Table or Officers Table one night. This is a very special cruise for me as my husband recently retired from the US Air Force and we never had a honeymoon. We will be renewing our vows on this cruise and if my in laws are unhappy it will take away from the experience. I know a million requests come to you but I hope you will be able to help me.
Best regards
Ps I love love love your blog, We were stationed in England for 10 years and miss it terribly.

John Says:
Hello Kim
This is a bit like The Miami Heat vs. The New York Knicks or England vs. Australia at cricket or Tyson vs. Holyfield or the French vs. Everyone who hates them which is of course everyone who isn’t French. Carnival vs. Royal Caribbean…you vs. the in- laws ……….a titanic struggle where only one will survive.

Joking aside, there is nothing to worry about because the amazing value for money that a Carnival cruise provides along with the brilliant service and never-ending fun will for sure bring the in laws over from the dark side.

I will do my best with your request but the captain’s table is never easy to influence. However, I would ask that you remind me two weeks before your cruise and I will do whatever I can to make sure your father in law has an amazing experience and that the Carnival Empire will strike back.

Don’t worry Kimberlee…………if he starts talking about climbing walls just remember ……. use the fun Kimberlee…………use the fun.
Best wishes
Obee One Johnobe

Dobiemom Asked:
Please reply
John, I only just found your blog thingy AFTER I sailed on the Elation in January. I am addicted! I love your humor and colloquialisms (rumpy pumpy, arse, bugger). Your stories are just too funny. I can’t believe how nice you can be to some people that I would like to slap/strangle (like the kids who vandalized the scooters).
Did I read that you have never sailed to Alaska? I would like to request that you consider sailing (either as a guest with your girls or as the CD) on the Carnival Spirit 6/1/2010. I will be traveling with a large family group and would love to meet you.

Please say hello to Heidi and Kye, and I know you’ll see them in person soon. Take care!

John Says:
Hello Dobiemom
Do you have a doberman? Thanks so much for those wonderful words of support for the blog thingy and I hope that you continue to read as often as you can. Alaska is indeed somewhere I have never sailed to and it is indeed one of the places that I am considering next year. I would love to see it for myself and I know Heidi and Kye would love it as well and it would give me chance to apologize in person to all the polar bears whose homes my Range Rover has melted.

Thanks again for taking the time to write and I send my best wishes to you and the family

Slickabrina Asked:
Please reply….
Hello John! Let me first say thank you for all the “question answering” you do for us bloggers. I can only imagine what a juggling act life can be for you at times!

We will be sailing on the Carnival Legend on 10/18. We have all excursions decided on except Belize. Would it be possible to find out why the Private Island excursion is not being offered on our sailing? It comes up under the all excursion listing for Belize but when you click the link to book, it does not appear for our sailing. Could this be a glitch in the system?
Many thanks,

John Says:
Hello Colleen
I am sorry to say that after a recent inspection by our director of shore excursions, the island was found not to be up to our standards to continue to take guests there. This means the tour has been postponed until further notice while we give the operator a chance to improve and reach the high standards we expect and demand for all the companies who operate our excursions. I know this may be disappointing but please don’t worry. Belize has so many fantastic excursion opportunities. Please have a read on and if you have any questions as to which one may be best for you please let me know and I will be happy to assist you. I remain at your service and thanks so much for your kind words of support.
Best wishes

Princess Lori Asked:
John, please reply.
Loved the blog this morning!
I can’t believe the progress on The Carnival Dream. It is amazing how fast the construction is progressing.
Very happy to read the ill guest is recovering. Kudos to Carnival for their compassion and quick thinking.
The best value for your money, definitely sells Carnival to me! And all this talk of dry dock upgrades has me itching to see pictures of the upgraded Carnival Miracle. Any chance you could slap on a few photos? We sail in January and just need a “quick fix” to tide us over.
Take care, John.

John Says:
Hello Lori
I will indeed slap on a few photos of the Carnival Miracle and you can look out for those very soon. I will work on that and meanwhile please let me say thank you for taking the time to write about the same thing that everyone is talking about…….the exceptional value for money that a Carnival vacation provides.
Best wishes to you and the family

KevinandPatty Asked:
John please relpy,
I do not want anything for free, nor do I want you to do anything for me. Since everyone and their brother seem to be asking you to do something for them instead of doing it themselves, I just want to know if when we sail on the carnival Freedom on 9/12 if it is still permitted to go to the Materde(?) upon embarking and requesting a table for two, (as I said this is not a request for you to do anything) as I am hoping that this means there will be no one in line when we get on the ship?!!!
Thank you in advance, (for your not doing anything).

John Asked:
Hello Kevin and Patty
I know this is a very touchy subject with some right now and the simple answer to your question is yes. The maitre d will be on hand during embarkation in the forward dining room so guests can request table changes, etc.

However……..let me say this. If you would like me to see if I can help with this I would be honored to try. I have absolutely no problems in doing so……’s your choice but if you would like me to please send me the details.
Best wishes to you both

Greg Asked:
John-Please Reply
Sir John,
I really enjoy reading your very open and honest comments. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I’m taking a cruise on the Conquest for my honeymoon in October. I’d like to surprise my bride with something special on the ship. I’ve looked under the services section for treats and was wondering what you would suggest. This will be my second trip on the Conquest and her first-ever cruise. Any suggestions you have would be very much appreciated.

John Says:
Hello Greg
Thanks for the kind words of support mate and may I suggest that once onboard you book a romantic table for two at our Steakhouse. It is an exceptional place for dinner and at $30 a head the price is astonishing as the food is incomparable. That night you can buy roses from onboard and have them delivered to your stateroom. This can be done through the Formalities shop on Deck 5 forward. Then after dinner take your new wife for a walk under the Caribbean stars and then go back to the room for some rumpy pumpy. If you need help with that………please let me know.

Happy Honeymoon and if you remember maybe you can remind me a couple of weeks before you sail so I can send you a little something
Best wishes

That’s all for today. Once again, please may I remind you…..hold on …let me find the caps lock thingy………OK…………PLEASE REMEMBER TO START YOUR POSTINGS WITH “JOHN PLEASE REPLY” IF YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER YOU.  I see some of our new readers are not and it makes it so much easier for me to pick out the questions that need a reply to……….thanks.

I just read the comments from yesterday’s blog and will talk about the subject most of them refer to in a moment ………….but first let me have a chat with Jenifer.

Jennifer Allen Asked:
hey! how are you? I just want you to know how much it is a pleasure to be corresponding with you via your blog. I am a Carnival activist, enthusiast, loyalist and every other ‘ist’ out there! *smiles* I also have a bit of concern that maybe you can help me with. I will be going on my 6th Carnival Cruise on the Freedom on July31st 2010. I will be traveling with a group. I am concerned that my loyalty is not viewed the same on Carnival as it is on other cruise ships like Royal Caribbean. I will not receive any real ‘recognition’ or ‘gifts’ until my 10th cruise, whereas on RCI after your 5th cruise you start seeing major differences in treatment. Is Carnival working on changing this especially since they have cut back on many other things? I am just concerned and your response would be very well appreciated. thanks in advance

John Says:
Hello Jennifer
I know I am answering a comment that wasn’t marked for me to reply to but I see that you did in fact ask a question. Let me start by saying what an honor it is for me to write to a Carnival “ist” and thank you for proudly telling us how much you enjoy the Fun Ship experience.

I wanted to let you know that there are currently no plans to change our loyalty program and that the brilliant rewards given at Platinum level continue to start at 10 cruises. However, this is the perfect scenario as to why at times it is good that I have this blog thingy so that I can answer questions like this. Now, I have no idea what benefits RCI gives to guests at 5 cruises but I know they don’t include a free steak in the dining room or complimentary room service should you get the munchies after midnight.  What I do know is that we value you being a Carnival “ist” and it would be my pleasure to send you something to make your 6th cruise even more special. So, let me say once again a huge thank you to you and everyone who supports Carnival and I promise, once you reach the promised land of 10 cruises you will become an even bigger “ist.”

Thanks so much for the kind words and I will continue to do my best to bring a smile or two to you each day.
Best wishes

OK, here are today’s photos of your Carnival Dream featuring the Ocean Plaza.

Ocean Plaza 1

Ocean Plaza 2

Ocean Plaza 3

Ocean Plaza 4

Ocean Plaza 5

Ocean Plaza 6

Ocean Plaza 7

Ocean Plaza 8

Ocean Plaza 9

Ocean Plaza 10

Ocean Plaza 11

There is definitely going to be a battle between the atrium and the Ocean Plaza to see who wins the title of “most popular area on the ship”……and the winner is ……… you ………………….our guests………………..have you booked yet?

Once again the weather is beautiful again today here in Tortola and again I have been reminding the guests how blessed we have been considering what the weather may have been following the near visit of tropical storms Bitch and Bastard.  There have been no more comments about us missing Antigua and as I said…….I think we may…….have turned this one around.

It’s a busy day for me with handover stuff for Wee Jimmy to complete, two repeaters parties to host and of course the evening’s entertainment as well. I also attended a wedding this morning as well. I decided to go because I felt so sorry for  Ryan and Samantha. They had planned to arranged to get married in Antigua and Lamberts Beach but obviously this was not now going to be possible. And so the brilliant folks at Carnival, along with the ship board team here, arranged for the service to be carried out in Tortola. It was last minute but when I went down to the International Lounge where the reception was being held I was thrilled to see smiles all round. Both Ryan and Samantha are in the U.S Army. Ryan is in the infantry and Samantha is a medic. They met while on active service in Iraq three years ago and it was an honor to meet them and their families on this their special day.

I guess after all those young people have been through and what they have seen, missing a port and having to re-arrange their wedding plans seems trivial and puts things very much into perspective.

They had 25 family members there and I was asked by the best man to say a few words……so I did.

“Ryan, don’t do it”…….I cried………. “Save yourself. Marriage is bollocks, it’s absolutely awful. At least female spiders are kind enough to eat their husband when they’ve finished having rumpy pumpy with him. Sam will be far less compassionate,” I declared. The female of the human species choose to nag their husbands, with death arriving only years ………..sometimes decades later.

Of course I was joking. I think marriage is wonderful. However, I have learned a thing or two during my time of blissful wedded bliss that I thought Ryan should be aware of.

Samantha likes to talk. Ideally, she will like talking to you, but she will also talk at you if necessary. To a woman, talking is the most important aspect of a relationship. And, unlike rumpy pumpy, a woman’s ability and desire to talk does not diminish with the years. If anything, it increases.

Rules, I’m warning you, will be introduced to create a culture of conversation. If you’re not careful, eating dinner in front of the television (unless it’s dancing with the Bloody Stars or Despicable Housewives) will be banned. Returning from work, finding a dark corner and rocking back and forth, muttering to yourself, will be permitted only after a how-was-your-day exchange of not less than 50 minutes. Trying to adopt your own rules for the grounds upon which interaction takes place……e,g. after watching Monday Night Football………going to the bar with your mates…….after rumpy pumpy…… is pointless. You will lose in the end, and the longer you resist, the more painful it will be. Resistance, my young, idealistic friends, is futile, and this applies not only to conversation, but to all things marital.

If, for instance, your wife wants to eat more healthily, it means you will have to eat more healthily, too. Accept that you are going to have to eat vegetables. This will make her very happy. When she is very happy, your life is much, much easier. And you can always do a McDonald’s Drive Thru when she’s at yoga. If she thinks you drive too fast, you do.

If she insists it would be quicker to stop and ask directions, she’s right and you never are …..remember that ……… unless you want the nagging to start. And nobody wants that. Ryan I said……So, the secret to a successful marriage has nothing to do with sickness, health, poverty or death. It’s simply to give in early. Your life Ryan I said …… is over.

OK, that’s about all for today. Tomorrow we will go behind the scenes onboard your Carnival Dream and feature photos of the galley.

But now……….it’s time to celebrate because I just saw that the Carnival stock has climbed above $30 again and that means there is light at the end of the credit crunch tunnel and that means I can maybe sell some stock and buy an Aston Martin….. yippee……..come on everyone……..let’s celebrate…..don’t be shy …………join me …………take off your underpants and swing them round and round your head ……….. while jumping up and sown singing “Hey Micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Micky.”…………yippee…this is fun……..woo hoo…..……”Hey Micky you’re so fine, you’re so” …………..oh bollocks.

I just remembered. I have a baby now….I guess I have to keep the stock as an investment for Kye……….oh well………….time to put my underpants back on………bugger.

Your friend

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.