Your Carnival Dream

September 22, 2009 -

John Heald

I hate roller coasters, rides of any kind and would rather have Captain Hook give me a rectal examination than go down the water slides on your Carnival Dream. However, I made a promise to you …………so I did.

Obviously I was aware of the “Oooh let’s put the fat cruise director down the slide” comical scenario that I was providing ……….but………rather surprising myself………I did it.

It was just me and our President and CEO Gerry Cahill who was another reason that I had agreed to uphold my promise. He insisted, stating that if I refused I would lose my title of Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador and instead become ………….his bitch.

So I did it.

Now the idea was that we use the racing slides. This is the one where you race against each other down long slides containing two huge camel humps. I should explain that Gerry is just about the most competitive man I have ever met. He hates to lose at anything….. business …….. sports ……. anything …………and had therefore bet me $1 that he would win.

Now I won’t mention Gerry’s age because that would be disrespectful but I will say that for a 58 year old man he is in remarkable shape. He arrived in his Hawaiian swim shorts and took off his T-shirt revealing a torso that many a younger man would be proud of. He then began stretching ………… touching his toes………and doing all that stuff that people who don’t sit on their arse eating chips and salsa and watching TV do. He was ready.

And so was I.

I arrived in my JC Penny Big Man’s shorts and had decided that I would keep my T-shirt on. I did this for two reasons. Firstly, I had read on Mr. Google that it would give me extra slickness and speed and secondly I kept my T-shirt on as I didn’t feel it was right that the housekeeping department……….. Should have to clean up multiple piles of vomit.

I also had a cunning plan to beat Gerry and that plan came in the form of………socks. Yes, not only was I going to be the first person ever down the slide but I would probably be the first and only person to do so wearing long beige socks. My theory was that if keeping my T-shirt on would give me extra traction then surely keeping my socks on would do the same. And so as Gerry stretched and warmed up………I bent down to pull my socks up and gently farted as I did so…………….Gerry was not amused.

By now a large crowd of Carnival crew members had gathered all armed with cameras and video cameras. The ship’s audio visual crew were there as was Peter the Hair all ready to capture the lanky streak of President and the fat blob of Cruise Director make history and be the first of thousands to use the WaterWorks.

And then it was time to go. So up the stairs we jogged………well Gerry jogged………I wheezed. Once there Gerry got down nimbly into the squat start position. It took me a few minutes to do the same remembering as I did so the last time I was in a position like this was when I went camping and had to crap in a bucket.

I could tell by the sheer determination in his eyes that Gerry wanted to win……..and win bad. He had a look steely resolve in his eyes that said “This race is mine……I am the man…….I am one with the slide.”

Meanwhile I had a look in my eyes that said “What the f**k am I doing here squatting down like a constipated baboon in a pair of beige socks.”

But then……….suddenly……..I changed. Suddenly I wanted to beat the lanky streak of President that looked upon this race as his and had no doubt that his pocket would be $1 richer in a few seconds time. ………..No…….I had to win…….I had to do this for me……for Kye……….for England.

And I called upon all my training from every sport or contest I had ever taken part in………and therefore I knew what I had to do……………………I had to cheat.

So I did.

I was supposed to say “three ….two………….one…………………..GO”

What I said was “three………two……………one”………….and as I said “one”…………I buggered off

Well, to be honest I am not sure who won. I got to the bottom first for sure but for some reason I stopped sliding while Gerry kept on going. The crowd cheered and I declared myself the winner even though I wasn’t sure if I was……………..but it didn’t matter because Gerry had some other news for me. We……..were going to do the monsters………the Drain Pipe………..and the Twister……I looked at him with my spaniel eyes hoping for some pity…….I got none………….I was going to do it………..I had no choice. The crowd bayed like Romans at the Coliseum………the Lanky Streak of president and the Blob Ambassador were doing the big ones.

And as I climbed the stairs all the way to the very top I again wondered…….why me?

And as I got ready to the gynormous twister…………….I had to admit…………I was pretty scared.

I did it though…….and then I did the Drainpipe………and all I can say is that Carnival should bottle the fun we had and sell it as an elixir of youth. The president of the most popular cruise line in the world screamed like a schoolboy as the Drainpipe ride accelerated him around the curved wall of a giant tube, then down and up the other side, and so on until we he was expelled giggling and gasping into the bowl.

Then I did it and I screamed even louder as it whisked me round and round into what the designers probably like to call a giant champagne glass but was more like being flushed into Shaquille O’Neal’s toilet…………….it was breathtaking……………truly breathtaking.

The view from the top is magnificent. You drink in the bright blue sky and sheer magnificence of the ship as though they were your final sight on earth. You are told to lie down, cross your ankles and fold your hands over your chest. It makes you feel as though you were already dead and being prepared for embalming. Certain in the knowledge that no one can survive such a drop, you relinquish all pain and earthly struggle. And then……………off you go.

Actually, I have little memory of the split-second before I emerged at the bottom blind with water having been forcibly sluiced through every orifice. But alive! I felt like a million dollars. And after I had climbed up again to do the DrainPipe I did it with eyes wide open and nose held shut, I could even enjoy the ride…………….and oh boy did I.

Unfortunately as you will see from the video which will be posted later this week I had a little problem on the way down which was captured on camera. I also want to say how amazing Gerry was to do this and how the sight of the President doing this energized the crew even more.

Using the Waterworks is something many would probably think is just for the kids and people who wear their baseball caps on backwards and listen to Eye Pods. It isn’t……… must have a go………you really must. If I can do it………….so can you because………………’s quite simply the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Here are some preview photos.












Tomorrow the blog will return to normal. I will answer 20 questions and post some belated photos of Kye.

Well, I have to admit I feel a bit down today. I have been building up to your Carnival Dream for weeks and weeks and now……….my Dream is over and I won’t see her until November. Today the ship is in Naples and as you all know I love cruising in Europe and therefore I am somewhat jealous of Todd being the CD of your Carnival Dream. However, I am also very proud of him and all the crew who worked so hard to get the ship ready to welcome the 3,800 guests who joined yesterday. ………3,800…………wow…….even typing that number is extraordinary…….3,800 guests plus 1400 crew…………..extraordinary.

Oh yes……..I knew I had meant to tell you something yesterday……….about life boat drill. It’s done a little differently on your Carnival Dream. We decided that rather line so many people up directly at the Muster Stations that we would make it more comfortable for you. So, on the Dream class the guests meet in various lounges including the main theatre, the Promenade Deck lounges and the dining rooms. Once their guests will listen to Todd talk about the procedures and that in a real emergency how guests should come here……….to their dedicated lounge and from there and if necessary the crew would lead them to the embarkation stations where they would board the lifeboats and life rafts.

One other change is that the guests no longer have to bring their life jackets to the drill. They remain in the cabins and during the drill the crew will demonstrate the correct and proper way to wear them.

It’s tough for me to find the words to describe all the new features, the sparkling decor and the fun that your Carnival Dream oozes from bow to stern. So, what I thought I would do is list some of my favorite areas and additions that make this ship incomparable.

Here we go.

In your quest for a genuine family vacation you may have tried cruise lines and hotels with kids’ clubs that promise paradise for parents and a good program of activities for the kids, but they never quite work out. The kids are usually adamant that they don’t want to be dumped in a dark, dingy playroom, full of molded plastic, staffed by bored students. But I am delighted to tell you that I have found a place where the elusive dream of a genuine family vacation becomes reality ………the Fun Ships of Carnival and in particular………your Carnival Dream. At Camp Carnival a huge space has been allotted to our junior cruisers. Supervision is constant, and they’re kept busy morning till night with games, fun and music — there’s hardly time to miss home or Mum and Dad. Located at the top of the ship this magnificent area along with the splash park will make sure that your Carnival Dream is the perfect place for kids to have fun……….loads of safe T-shirt making, ice cream eating, face painting, scavenger hunt taking, Fun Ship Freddy cuddling fun.

Over at Circle C a dance floor that changes shape and color when you step on it and loads of Playstationxboxes ready to thwart a whole army of zombies await the 12 – 14 year olds now the Circle C Club is located on Deck 4. Think of the Conquest class and the cigar bar and then that long corridor that leads past the conference room into the forward dining room. Well that’s where Circle C is and while Mums and Dads will be happy and content knowing that the Circle C staff is looking after the kids…….other cruisers will relish the fact that the kids are killing the zombies and enjoying making new friends away from the adult bars and entertainment areas on Promenade Deck 5………brilliant.

And if that’s good news for the Circle C aged kids it’s even better for the 15 – 17 year olds whose Club O2 space is in fact where the cigar bar was on the Destiny/Conquest/Splendor class ships. This means that we won’t have the sight of pants being worn round ankles to reveal butt cracks and the general mincing around of today’s teens. They will be doing this on deck 4 in a Club O2 facility that can only be described as astonishing.

You know society’s greatest fear is an ever changing thingy. Sometimes it is war, terrorism or disease. Thirty years ago, quite possibly it was sharks. Now there is a strong case for saying that it is teens. Not your teens. Everybody else’s. I know they dress differently, I know that they like to listen to music that sounds like it is being sung by a cat being castrated with a toothpick but they need and deserve a place to “hang” and “chill” and in our Club O2 facilities on the ships they certainly have a place where they can do what they want with their new friends called Brandon, Chanel and Porsche. They have events and activities and disco parties and…..well none of that matters really because they just want a place to call their own away from the Mum and Dad and their annoying younger brothers and sisters. And under the watchful eye of our Club O2 Directors they have such a place. And on your Carnival Dream they can do so in the most amazing facility for this age group at sea………oh how lucky today’s teens are……apart from the music ………..that’s crap.

What are you doing? Well. Right now I’m typing. I had a poo earlier. Later I may go to the Lido and watch something on the Seaside Theatre Big Screen. I ate lunch at the pasta bar. I like it there. Do you care? Apparently so. Twitter has become the hottest internet firm on the planet, simply by asking people that question…………what are you doing?

Then we have Facebook. Apparently teenagers no longer think social networking sites are cool and perhaps they will spend less time locked away in darkened bedrooms and more time carving out real friendships. Some feel that thanks to thingies like Facebook we are losing social skills. That may be the case, but it is also a reality and short of pulling the plug on the internet it is not going to change. By and large, families do not sit down and eat meals together any more. They do not play board games together. The kids spend their time on their laptops upstairs as Mum and Dad ponder what is going on in the lives of their children. However, extensive research by Carnival’s marketing beards showed that people of all ages enjoy social networking and not just people who listen to Pee Diddly and wear their pants lower than a snake’s bollocks. The beards then all got together at Carnival HQ and after 298 meetings decided that your Carnival Dream should have the first seagoing social network………it’s called Fun Hub. Terminals are located along the Promenade Deck and for those baggy-panted teens, they are located outside of the Club O2 and Circle C areas as well. Now, you can use the touchy feely screen to look at Capers, dining options, show times and so much more. It will contain free daily world news headlines and then, of course, you can sign up to the social networking site. Here you can leave messages for your friends and family telling them what you have done and what you are going to do. It’s a bit like Twitter ……… sea……….so we should call it Funitter………..or Funbook ……… or Funface. The way I see it being most used is as a chance for people to meet other people. Want to find someone who likes to dance…….leave a message on the Fun Hub. Want to meet fellow bridge players……leave a message on Fun Hub. Have a dedication for the Cruise Director’s Morning Show…….leave a message on Fun Hub. Are you 80 years old and want to meet a Latvian 22 year old for some rumpy pumpy………bugger off to a different website, please.

I also hope that guests will leave comments and reviews on their cruise. For example, is the tour you took in Venice the best thing you ever did. Leave a message on Fun Hub for the next set of guests to read. Did you think the steakhouse gave you the best meal you have ever had ………… leave a message on Fun Hub. The possibilities are endless. You can also connect to the internet which has the normal charge but the Fun Hub social networking and information stuff …………….. well that’s free……………..and that’s brilliant.

Of course, we all love kids – they’re a joy, aren’t they? – but even the most forbearing of us would sometimes like to find a spot in summer, when it’s really hot, that isn’t awash with howling infants in unlikely inflatable’s and shrieking preteens in Lady Ga Ga T-shirts. Somewhere that’s peaceful, relaxed, civilized … just plain grown-up……..ooh yes…..and a bit luxurious. Well, I have that place for you……it’s on your Carnival Dream…..and it’s called Serenity …………….and it’s ;located on two decks…………that’s a double decker slice of adults only luxury. It features oversized luxurious sun beds. Huge wicker chairs perfect for stretching out and having that afternoon nap. The furniture, the location and the fact that it’s strictly adults only means that this is a slice of heaven…..a quiet slice of heaven where the only sound you will hear is that of your own thoughts…….probably telling you that someone will come round soon to collect the entrance fee……….but unlike other cruise lines……..this slice of heaven……………is free. We have Serenity areas on our other ships………….but nothing like this. …… does exactly what the word Serenity means………it provides the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil………..we have a place reserved …………..just for you.

There has been much talk about this new area of the ship but having seen it in action the other night I can assure you all that talk was worth it………because it’s going to be one of the most popular areas onboard. The Cafe, the gelato station, the Mojito and Martini Bar and of course the indoor/outdoor areas make this brand new entertainment area very special. During the last few days we had Karaoke there as well as a brilliant Latin Band and all sorts of fun and games. The crew was acting as guests and even though we gave them multiple choices of what to see and do the Ocean Plaza was one of the most popular areas. This leads nicely onto the Lanai which of course is an area that allows you to walk all around deck 5 uninterrupted. I did this and it’s only when you have walked 360 degrees around the ship that you realize just how big she is. Obviously we have lots of outdoor seating on deck 5 as well with the port side allowing for smoking where as the starboard side is non-smoking. The ship will have to monitor this carefully. I had a cabin on deck 9 and even with lots of happy crew enjoying a night off I could not hear them at all with my balcony door closed. As I said, we will have to watch this closely. At the moment we will have the overhanging Jacuzzis on deck 5 (which are amazing by the way) close at 10 pm and we may need to make other changes as we go along. One thing I can tell you is that I sat on the balconies on decks 6 and upwards and each and every cabin allows for a gorgeous view of the sea when standing and a view of both sea and life on deck 5 when seated ……….the perfect combination.

All the favorites are there and we also welcome the Burrito Bar and the Pasta Bar which with its cooked to order menu and table service is bound to be a huge hit. The steakhouse is one of the most beautiful we have and look out for new menu items including two fantastic new appetizers and a gift at the end of the meal…….to go! Of course the dining rooms themselves are stunning and this leads me to say that in my honest and humble opinion your Carnival Dream is Joe Farcus’ greatest accomplishment and there is nowhere on the ship where opinion will be divided. It would be silly not to admit that this is so on other Carnival ships……..but not on your Carnival Dream………….she is bow to stern stunning.

I saw a preview of this and I have to apologize that I am nowhere near talented enough to describe the “wow” factor that this brings. There will be multiple laser shows on Lido Deck 10 and sitting on a darkened deck when suddenly the sky above explodes into more colors than Joseph had on his coat is something I never thought I would see on a Carnival ship…….or any ship for that matter. To the accompaniment of special made videos played on the Seaside Theatre Big Screen this is a remarkable event that will fascinate and entertain you in ways I cannot put into writing……….it’s a must see.

I only got to see one show. It’s called Dancin’ In the Street…….it features acrobats and specialty dancers and effects that like the lasers are something that will have the hairs on your bottom standing on end. I don’t want to talk too much about the show because it is full of surprises I don’t want to spoil for future guests………but I will say it’s the most contemporary show we have ever done…….I will also say it’s the best show we have ever done and when you consider shows like Vroom, Big Easy and Ticket To Ride……that’s a mighty bold statement. ……especially as I haven’t seen Extreme Country and the Motown R & B show yet. Your Carnival Dream also features the Comedy Club where three times a night you can laugh until it hurts watching Al Ernst, Happy Cole and their colleagues in our very own comedy club. These shows will be held in the aft lounge which is one of Joe’s most beautiful ever. The entertainment on your Carnival Dream is top draw………and then some.

I visited all the cabin configurations and while I am a huge fan of the cove balconies which on the crossing from the shipyard to Rome gave for classic and unique views of the Med……. there is no doubt that the star attraction will be the five-berth deluxe double bathroom family staterooms. Having two bathrooms is a luxury anywhere but on a cruise ship and with Mum and Dad and the kids coming of a day at WaterWorks and all needing to get ready for dinner at the same time……….it’s a Gerry Cahill-inspired godsend. I stood in the half bath and it was a very comfortable place for a shower and behind the other door the toilet and full shower stall meant that if Heidi and Kye and been with me it would have been easy for Heidi to wash and shower herself and then do the same with Kye leaving me to read the entire Carnival Dream book that’s placed in the cabin while sitting on the toilet and ridding myself of the Mongolian Wok I had for lunch…….and me and the smell of Szechuan would have been enclosed in our own private world. There has never been so many choices when it comes to cabins and there truly is one for every demographic.

I know we have touched on this and it brought forward many comments. I know, like the Miami Dolphins, I am never going to win………but I do think that here we have got as close to we ever have in getting it right. There is no Cigar Bar…….OK…….that of course had me a little upset but ……..I can go out on Deck 5 and have a cigar if I want to on the port side of the Ocean Plaza. The Casino…….well you already know about that……and I still think that this will provide the best of both worlds. The Piano Bar is also mostly non-smoking with smoking not allowed around the piano……which by the way brought a hoot of joy from the entertainers scheduled to work there. You can smoke at the outer sofa and chair areas again allowing hopefully keeping smokers and non-smokers as happy as can be.

Well, time has nearly run away with me and I have not had time to mention that your Carnival Dream has the most gorgeous atrium in the fleet. I haven’t had time to write about the fantastic deck spaces on deck 10 or that the aft part of Lido deck is by far the most fabulous looking we have ever had. There was no mention of the massive conference facility that makes group bookings here so easy with the room being able to divide itself up into three different rooms. I didn’t have time to tell you about the live music, the deck parties or the shopping facilities and purpose built art gallery. There was no time to tell you about the dance club and its bed-style seating complete with lacy curtains or that the disco also has an outside seating area for late night kissing and ….?

There is just time to mention one more thing that will make your Carnival Dream extra special. One more iconic feature that can actually be found on all the Carnival ships……the crew …………. the Dream team is fantastic.

There is so much more I could tell you and you will read many more reviews about this ship once my friends Anita Dunham Potter, Gene Sloan and their colleagues invade the ship in New York. Their reviews will be professionally written and full of adjectives I could never use and I urge you to read them as their columns will no doubt do the ship justice.

I will though say this…..I have worked for Carnival Cruise Lines for 22 years. We are saying goodbye to our oldest ship and my first ever ship the Holiday next month. When I look back at what that ship offered and how breathtaking it was for me and you to walk up her gangway, never……..never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine a ship like this. Yes, there are and will be bigger. Yes, there will be much heralding and praise that biggest is best.

But……..let me say this……and not just as a Carnival employee but just as someone who has been at sea for the best part of his life. The Carnival Dream is the best ship we have ever built ……… and she should be…….she must be……..a ship that you should sail on………..she truly is …….. absolutely brilliant……..and for the last time I simply say……………..have you booked yet?

Here are the last of the photos

Club O2



Crimson Restaurant



Lido Aft Deck



Photo Gallery

Play Room

Serenity Deck








Oh, one thing that Carnival did get wrong. The cruise director cabin is on deck 5. You can walk all the way around deck 5 including past the CD cabin which means you can see into the cabin and see what the CD is doing. So, a message to anyone who is sailing in February and March when I am CD…….sorry if you see me in my underpants.

Your friend

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  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you for sharing! She looks so beautiful! I can’t wait to board!

  2. Debbie Moore says:

    This looks glorious! Thanks for writing such a detail-rich blog!

    I hope to get to the Dream soon. Have 2 cruises planned for 2010, so I expect it won’t be before 2011 🙁

    Love the Serenity Deck!!! And will even do the water slides!!!

  3. Donna Mrozla says:

    I really don’t know how to do this but we are excited to have you as a CD on our Legend sailing of Oct 4th, Had no idea you would be there but it’s thrilling for us it will be our 15th cruise with Carnival and we have enjoyed them all. We are peons from North Dakota where all the food comes from. Never recognized on a cruise as people think we are (who Knows) . It was a lucky break for us that you are the CD . We are 79 and 85 andholding. My husband had lung cancer and copd and we travel with the necessary stuff this will probably be our last harrah (sp) We look forward to you and consisder ourselves special to have happened on this cruise I think our first cruise years ago had you and the great bedtime story you told. Anyway we had asked for a dining for two and hopefully they will assign it. I love people but it’s hard for him to hear and breathe so we have to go that route now. Please don’t discount us since we are from North Dakota and are so proud of it. I do watch your blog and you have the most beautiful daughter be so grateful for you blessings we have seven children and many grandkids and greatgrandkids and children are a blessings enjoy you beautiful Kye and cherish the memories you have with her. We look forward to hopefully at least saying hi on the Legend on October 4th sailing.

  4. Donna Mrozla says:

    left a wrong e-mail address hope it goes through


  6. Cindy56 says:

    Fabulous pictures! Hopefully I will cruise on her one day………

  7. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    Beautiful pictures and what fun you had with all the wonderful Carnival folks!!!

    Can’t wait to see the Dream in person!!!

    Enjoy your time back home with Heidi and Kye.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  8. Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    I agree with your statement that this is by far the best of Joe Farcus’s design work. I have not seen one area that I would question. The Carnival Dream is about as perfect as any ship I have ever seen. Cudos Joe, you nailed it!
    Seeing the pictures of Gerry and you screaming like a little schoolgirl in the tidy bowl slide, all I could think of was “BUCKLE UP BUTTERCUP!”
    Enjoy your quick stop with the ladies before you have to jet off again.
    All the best to you and your!
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy

  9. Ashley says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the pictures!

  10. Kathy M. says:

    Dear John,

    Please Reply,

    All I have to say about the Carnival Dream is “WOW” what a beautiful ship. She is definitely one of a kind and none of the other new ships from any of the other lines will be a beautiful as the Dream. Now it makes me wonder how they are going to have to top this ship when the Carnival Magic comes out in a couple of years.

    I waited all day for the second video to be shown but it never was posted. Maybe you could do that.

    Give a kiss to Kye and say Hi to Heidi, but most of all have fun with your girls during the next 5 days.

    Best Wishes,
    From your #1 Bloggy Thinggy Fan

    BTW (by the way) you wanted to know what SIL means, it is Sister in Law, BIL means Brother in Law, MIL means Mother in Law and FIL means Father in Law. Hope this helps.

  11. John, I can see it will be any thing goes when the two of us races on the water slides on BC3. If you will cheat when you race your boss I know I will be in for an all out water wars when we go at it. As you know I have a few pounds on you so I will be checking your pockets for lead weights. Plus now I know about your secret weapon, the socks. So bring it on.

    BIG ED

  12. Cameron says:

    WOW! John beutiful PICS! Of our Dream. You kept your promise of going down the slides and go down the slides you did! Its invigorating to see you and Gerry Cahill at your ages to look like young kids. Yes I have booked my Dream for Feb. 2010.

  13. Beautiful photos John!! I am even more excited about seeing the Dream in person next Saturday!

    Looking forward to more videos!


  14. Bobby says:

    Hi John
    Please Reply
    Thanks for this GREAT blog..Yes!! I booked yesterday for a June 5 cruise for my parents and I.
    John we live about 15 miles from the port in Melbourne. Do you ever give tours of the ship? We sure would like to see it. Please tell me that you will be cruise director for our cruise in June.
    Thanks again John for all your info.

  15. Beth Flynn says:

    John, this post has me drooling. We already have a b2b booked next yr on the Liberty. We have 6 other cabins going with us. But I was still sorely tempted to cancel & book on the Dream. Oh well it may not be until 2011, but I will start saving my pennies today!!!

  16. LadyJag says:

    Dear John,
    You are so brave! I HATE roller coasters and any other rides that give me air in my stomach. I’d sooner plunge to my death by leaping off the top of the ship than take the plunge and ride the Twister. LOL!
    My daughter is really excited, though! We sail in May, and by then she will probably be tall enough to ride. She is a real dare devil when it comes to fast rides. (My hubby is thrilled that he finally has someone to ride with!)
    Thanks for the details on the Carnival Dream. Another area you forgot to describe was the Cloud 9 spa, with it’s saunas and thelossotherapy (sp?) pool. That’s ok, though. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to experience it for myself after we drop our bags in our spa cabin. 🙂

  17. retirementman says:

    John, this blog was incredible. The photos of you and the president ( who by the way does look very healthy) coming down the different slides was unbelievable. I wasn’t planning on going on the slides but seeing you taking that challenge has given me the enthusiasm to want to slide,slide and more slide.
    Everything in the blog was fantastic but what made me feel the best was the changing of the drills.Thank you.
    On Jan 23rd when I’m aboard the Carnival Dream I guarentee I will not even look at you in your shorts in the CD room. Well maybe a little.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  18. stella garofalo says:

    I am sailing on the Dream on 1/30/10. I hope that you will be our CD. We enjoyed you on previous cruises with my sisters. Hopefully, my husband will get to experience the same fun.

  19. Deby says:

    Thanks for all the updates John. I like how they are doing the drills on the Carnival Dream. Just got off the Princess cruise and they did the drill that way. It makes much more sense to me- except we did have to take our life jackets with us.
    And they did use some humor to keep us entertained until the actual drill started.
    Loved the Ultimate Ship Tour- the 40 minutes we got to spend on the bridge was the highlight of any cruise. We were following the Carnival Triumph back to New York- so on the bridge we had a great view of her.
    Looking forward to the photos of Kye.

  20. Larry says:

    Great pictures. Thats worth a 10hr drive for me. Can’t wait to get there and meet you in person.

  21. kiciaski says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for all the pictures and info about our Carnival Dream. Can’t wait to be on her!

    Did you get stuck on the water slide? You took your socks off. Who won?

    We’ll have to come by your cabin and knock on the door in February. Hope Heidi and Kye are with you.

    Enjoy your short time at home before you come to Miami. Have a safe and uneventful flight over.

    George and Linda

  22. Alex G. says:

    John Please Reply,

    First of all spectacular photos of the Dre— Carnival Dream!!! I’m so excited that I’m telling everyone about this. Right now, my friend’s parents are on a cruise onboard a “Something Of The Seas” and I told my friend to let them know if they see the Dr– Carnival Dream in one of their ports to take some photos as they are in the Mediterranean region.

    My question is about the Fun Hub so you’ll probably need one of the 343 Stephanies on this one. Now I understand how it works and all, but my concern is security. Sure, anyone could post whatever, but is this system moderated by the group of Stephanies? Does material posted on Fun Hub need approval before being published? Just like how comments on your blog need approval. I’m hoping that they keep a watchful eye on this for the exact reason of some people only using it for “rumpy pumpy” hookups and other trouble……

    Moving on, I am being totally serious when I say this but the other night I actually had a dream that I was on the Carnival Dream sailing with my family and friends and meeting you. I sure hope this dream becomes a reality!

    All the best,
    Alex G.

  23. Canuck Cruiser says:


    OUTSTANDING!!!! Thanks for the pictures.
    Please Please Please……………some pictures of the aft cabins and the gorgeous view that will be ours in January 2010!!!!

    B&D from Canada

  24. David Stubblebine says:


    Please reply as you get the chance.

    I have been following your Dream blog for some time but this is the first time I have submitted an item. I am already booked on the Dream’s repositioning cruise departing Oct 27 and I am filled with anticipation!

    My question has to do with when the Dream passes Gibraltar, if you know. My amateur navigation tells me the time and distance between Malaga and Las Palmas requires a steady steam of 20 knots with no time for sightseeing. That being the case, I also estimate the Dream will pass Gibraltar at about 8PM on Nov 1, an hour and a half past sunset. There’s a full moon that night but it should be fairly dark nonetheless. Are you aware of any adjustments or other measures Carnival may be taking to let us see this wonder of the natural world while we’re there? This will probably be the only time in my life I will get to Gibraltar, I’d like to see it.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the Dream!

    -Dave S

  25. Clair says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of the Carnival Dream!

    I’m glad to hear that the muster drill on the Carnival Dream is being done differently. Sounds like Carnival is trying out the way Princess does muster drill.


  26. Michele MARAGNI says:

    Hi John
    How wonderful going on the water slides! what fun! Loved the pictures! your blog was hysterical, I’m still laughing! after that I bet you feel you could conquer the world , ha! ha! you not only did wonderful, on the slides, you looked wonderful!!!!! Looking forward to seeing more pictues of Kye, and of finally meeting you personally on Dec 3rd!!!! Hugs!!! Michele & Mom(Eleanor)

  27. Christie says:


    Could someone throw a beach towel on one of those chairs with an umbrella by the pool to save the chair for me? I’m going to book on the Dream as soon as I sort out a date with my Carnival PVP. What a beautiful ship.

    To be a bit more serious… I just got off the Liberty on September 19. I had a wonderful trip. I traveled solo and really just wanted to relax and get away from everybody and everything. I think I had a vague thought that going on a cruise I’d have a great experience but not an once in a lifetime experience like I’d have at a landbased resort. I was wrong. I’ve traveled to most of the highest rated and most expensive hotels and resorts in the United States. On the Liberty, I received better service, ate more delicious food, and was more entertained than any other vacation I’ve taken. The bedding top quality and very soft. The activities were well organized and fun. I felt totally safe (a big issue for a girl traveling alone). The only difference was that my room was smaller than at a regular hotel (my fault, I should have upgraded to a bigger room). A very quick story; as a single career girl I sometimes eat out alone on business trips or after a late night in the office. These dinners are expense account meals so I usually pick fancy places. I live in Washington, DC. We have a good selection of foodie restaurants. I can’t tell you the number of times, as a solo diner I’ve been seated at the proverbial wobbly table in a corner and then basically ignored for three or four courses. On the Liberty, it never happened. I had the anytime dining in the Silver Dining Room. I asked for a table alone. I got one. The first night, my water glass went unfilled for a bit. All the other tables cups were literally overflowing. I thought well I guess somethings never change. The maitre d’ (Alex?) noticed. I saw him speak to the server. Within seconds my glass was refilled. The server said that basically Alex reminded him that on the Liberty all the guests are treated equally well. The rest of the week I was received the best restaurant service of my life, my courses were served at the correct intrevals, my wine and water glasses were filed, and I wasn’t seated at the worst table in the house. The maitre d’ could give lessons to Michel Richard and the crew at Citronelle. It was a really small thing but the attention to detail and the clear evidence that the comfort and enjoyment of the guests was a top priority made a big difference to me. I noticed and it set the tone for my whole week.

    Sorry for the long winded story. You should be proud of the whole Liberty crew family.

    Happy and safe sailing,

    PS: Your boy Butch did an excellent job. He seemed very sincere and to be having a really good time himself. I think everybody really responded to his spunk and sense of fun and a good time. Carnival is lucky to have him as team member. I found myself in my office this afternoon (door closed) trying to remember all the steps from his disco class.

  28. I enjoyed all those wonderful pictures, and can hardly wait to explore her and my cove balcony on the TA. Watched with interest your trip from Trieste to Civitavecchia…Did you enjoy that little circle around Stromboli? You may just have inspired me to go down the waterslides…all of them. Carolyn

  29. Sharon (ssbarrie) says:

    Thanks John
    For the update and pics. Only 4 more weeks and then Chris & I will be sailing on the Dream. Still wish you were the CD, but maybe on the Magic! Your video blogs are the best. Enjoy your time with your girls. Hope to see you in Bermuda

  30. Annie says:

    John I wanted to take the time to tell you just how much I enjoyed last week on the Fantasy.I am now VIP with Carnival so embarkation was a breeze and all the workers at the port were nice as usual. On this cruise it was just us ladies(3 generations) and we had originally booked an inside room but my daughter has a wee problem with clostrophobia so we decided to upgrade to an OV which my PVP George took care of for me. Our room steward,Justo ,was great and I can truthfully say he never called us by name but his English wasn’t that good but his ability to keep a room clean and in order was!The food was great as always both in the buffet and the dining room and the service we got in the dining room this time was lacking and our waiter never asked our names so therefore never called us by name. The maitre d was great and I would attempt to spell his name but I know I wouldn’t do it justice but we were in the Celebration and he was the one that wore the blinking glasses every night.But this is the part I wanted you to know Kevin Noonan is one awesome CD! That was my 11th cruise with Carnival and I can truthfully say I have had none any better than he was!He really gives 100% to his job and I would like for you to let him know how much we enjoyed sailing with him. Also instead of having the captain’s cocktail party we had what Mrs Penny from New Orleans called the Captain’s walk-a-bout and it was so much better and more personal!I think it is a great way to seperate the ones who only came for free drinks and the ones whom really wanted to meet and shake the captains hand.I will be sailing on the Holiday for her last cruise and sure hope to see you if not I am also booked on the Bloggers#3 and will definately see you there! Take care of that beautiful baby and give Heidi my best!Take care and God Bless

  31. LisaK says:

    Phenomenal…canNOT wait for December 3rd.

    Lisa and George

  32. Hi John,
    Holy cow! What’s with the socks going down the slide?! 🙂

    Wow, Dream looks great! Love the orange umbrellas on the pool deck. Serenity area is where I’ll be!


  33. Lexi says:

    John what a treat the Dream is! I got to briefly catch a few glimpses of her in April on our way to Croatia! I can not wait for Jan. We plan to only get off in Cozumel and Costa Maya. I am dying to go down the waterslides! The pools are salt water? Are any am TV shows doing anything when she gets to NYC?

  34. English Tim says:

    What a fantastic ship and thanks for the tour, John.

    My wife and I are booked with the ‘Crazies’ in 2010. We can’t wait.

    Look forward to the video of you in the champagne glass!

  35. The webcam is up! I wanna get on this “Dream” I’v had!

  36. Mark Wheaton says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures of the Serinity area… we have been waiting very impatiently to see this area.

    Absolutely cannot wait to get there for our week!!!

    Thanks again…

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Marks right about the serinity area. We were on Dream in June of 2010. And that was our favorite part of the ship.

  37. Mort13ers says:


  38. Linda in PA says:

    Buckle Up Buttercup!

  39. DianeCruzin2 says:


    I can sum the Carnival Dream up in one word



  40. Justin (PLEASE REPLY) says:

    AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the update!! Glad to hear you will be the CD in FEB does that include the voyage starting on FEB 20th?

  41. Larry says:


    John, WILL YOU STOP IT!!!!!! If you don’t stop raving about the Dream, I will not be able to get a wink of sleep until our cruise in February. Every night when I go to sleep, I just keep thinking of all the fun things we will be doing when on the Carnival Dream and I am wound tighter than …. I don’t know what!!! Anyhow, we are booked and are soooooooooo anxious.

    I had asked you this once before, but I don’t think you understood my question. I want to know what time you do the bedtime story and if you do it only one time per cruise. We don’t want to miss it and are hoping beyond hope that it is not only done at a late night show. In case the answer to that question is “yes, it is done late night,” could you please find it in your heart to perform it at an early show too? Please answer as a lot of people are interested. Thanks!!!

  42. trs007 says:

    No cigar bar? John, it’s bad enough that cigar smoking on CCL is even more restricted than cigarette smoking and now this????

    As awesome as this ship may be, there will be no DREAM in my future.

  43. Frank and Bridie Rist says:

    Awesome photos. Hey theres an idea for a new carnival activity Beat the cruise director on the water slide! Glad your home also I know those two ladies missed you. We’d love to some photos of the Cabins and the Kids Club.

    Big Fans as allways,
    Frank and Bridie

  44. zannett says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to sail w/you in December. The Serenity area looks amazing and I just packed a king size sheet to “save” one of those wicker loungers (lol).

    I was so excited to read the new procedure for the muster drill (hopefully it will become fleetwide). That dreaded drill seems to interfere w/sailing off most of our trips. This will be a HUGE benefit for my parents (and others who find the stairs difficult).

    Looking forward to seeing some more pics, especially the spa!

  45. Marie Wolff says:

    John: Great blog and congratulations on doing the slides. You did yourself and Kye and England proud. We are booked on the Carnival Miracle for December 6th, and, will probably book the Carnival Dream while onboard. I do not post all the time, but, I do read all the time. Your blog rocks. Enjoy the best time with your ladies.

  46. Menard says:

    Nice looking site you have – are you having fun with it? It’s interesting and well worth the time to visit.

  47. CindyInPA says:

    Hi John,
    I haven’t posted on here is a while but faithfully read each and every blog post. Thanks so much for all the pictures and videos. You keep me laughing and in good spirits even when I’m having a bummer day. I can’t wait to sail on the Dream on May 15th! Always glad to hear about Heidi and Kye also, give them my best. I have written to you regarding my son to the email address you had responded from previously, hopefully it came through.

    Again, thanks for all the inside info and all the humor that you bring to us each day.

    Cindy & Kevin Billet
    York, PA

  48. Sarah Hathaway says:

    John – PLEASE REPLY:

    We will be leaving on the Conquest on Sunday, September 27th and we’d like to be on the Newlywed Game. You told me to write you the week before we left and remind you. Our names are Andrew & Sarah Hathaway and we got married last Saturday! Thanks so much!


  49. Ivana says:

    Just one more week, John….and I will live my Dream. Hope the weather holds up and it’s still nice and sunny for my twelve days. Will miss you :o)
    Sending love to you, Heidi & Kye.

  50. Josh Thompson says:

    Why not put some pots with plants and palm trees on the ship! Especially the Serenity could use some plants in pots to make a more relaxing atmosphere! Please read this John! And tell me what you think!! Thankkss

  51. Fred says:

    Looking forward to being on her in December..

  52. dwa76 says:

    Hi John!
    Great pictures and descriptions.
    I loved that you went on all the slides. That’s great.
    I hope I can make the Dream journey soon.
    Take care!

  53. mrsogni says:

    Spectacular John!!! We and about 20+ of our dear Cruise Critic friends will be sailing on the Transatlantic to New York. Your blog has been a source of enjoyment and information for our upcoming journey. We only wish you were sailing with us!! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication.

  54. Royce & Jackie says:

    We will be on the cruise from Rome to Rome and then Rome to NewYork Oct 15 2009. We are looking forward to a beautiful ship and all of the fun things on it.

  55. BlueyzCT says:

    That looked like awesome fun!!! Am so glad we happened upon your blog. We booked for April 17, 2010 for my daughter’s final Spring Break in high school. Yeah Heather!!!! We only hope at some point in our cruise future we are lucky enough to have you as our CD. Thank you for being so brave and entertaining (as well as revving our excitement levels up with the fab pics).

    God Bless!!

    J, H & H~A :o)

  56. jeff smith says:

    Hey John,
    First time on your Blog, won’t be the last!!! Loved the pics, what a ship! We booked our cruise aboard the Dream in July 2010 on monday. Can’t wait!!! Keep the pics coming.
    Cruising in 297 days Yea!!! Jeff

  57. Lillian & Al Mattes says:

    We’re sailing in November. Can’t wait. Ship looks absolutely magnificent.

  58. Peg Dunbar says:

    What a fabulous blog today, you really out did your self John. From the fun ride down the slide to the fabulous picture. I am sure all the pax are very sad that you are not their CD. You are not the Senior CD for nothing, you are brilliant 😀

    No, I have not booked the Dream, she is not going to Europe next year 🙁

    Keep smiling John, you truly are one of the good guys.

    My best to Heidi and Kye.

  59. Tanya says:

    So Awesome! We can’t wait to sail on The Dream next September. Seems like so long from now. My kids are drooling over the water slides. Thanks for posting all the great details! She sounds fabulous!

    Nicely done on the slides John. Good for you:-)

  60. Felix & Renee says:

    we have watched the dream from a skeleton to it’s now finished product state. The pictures of its birth and the updates were nice but your recent pictures take the cake. we’ve been booked since last year when we sailed on the miracle.
    we can’t wait to board the dream on November 15th. see you in New York

  61. Annette says:

    The Dream is beautiful.
    I worked for 2 contracts of Carnival Cruise Lines & met my husband to be.
    I am from Australia & he is from Panama.
    Since we live in Australia now, our DREAM is to have our wedding & honeymoon on the DREAM & take it back to where it all started from.
    Even though we have a fantastic life together on land & have so for the past 4 years, seeing a ship like the DREAM makes it sooooooo tempting to go there to work, oh well only one can DREAM i guess.

  62. Tom& Sharon says:

    We can’t wait until October,27th.Just beautiful and huge,great pictures.Meet you in Civitavecchia to board for the transatlantic to New York!!!!!!!

  63. Gary and Dorothy says:

    Thanks for the great pictures and all the good information. We are booked for the 12 Dec cruise out of Port Canaveral and are sooooo looking forward to it.

  64. Cindy Bickford says:

    Can’t wait to cruise the Dream. We are sailing in Feb 2010. This will be our fourth cruise with Carnival. We try to do a new ship each time. Looks like we will have soooooo much fun. Hope to see you the.

  65. Ann Wood says:

    Great blog..I can not wait to board this ship Nov 15th ..

  66. Herb Larson says:

    I did not see any stateroom pictures.
    Will you be sending some?

  67. Amy and Donavan says:

    We are so excited…..even more so after viewing these wonderful pictures, we are booked for March of 2010 which will be our 18 year wedding Anniversary! WE COULDN’T THINK OF A BETTER BUNCH OF PEOPLE TO SPEND IT WITH. bye for now, but here is to looking forward for time to fly by. 🙂

  68. Charlene says:

    Why did Carnival do away witht the topless deck. My husband and I have been on 8 Carnival cruises and we totally enjoyed sunbathing up there. The last cruise we were on, the Miracle, last year we were very disappointed because we could no longer sunbathe on the topless deck because it no longer exsisted.

    We have reservations for a back to back starting on June 12th, 2010, for our 40th anniversary. Does the Serinity deck have any topless bathing allowed?


  69. Adam -N- Melissa says:

    What a better time, to go on a Carnival cruise ship…than in November 2009. It’s right before Thanksgiving!! So….there is a lot to be thankful for! There is an awesome, living, breathing dream out there….and it’s soon to be my anniversary gift to my finance….our 9th year together as one. I love her…..
    This is our 7th anniversary cruise together, and it’s always spent with Carnival. You guys and gals always make our time spent with you, very special..
    from the Casino…. to the restaurant, and the room…to the room steward on each Carnival ship, we ever been on…..I have to say, I’m awaiting our anniversary Dream in November 2009.
    Thanks so much for being there Carnival!!, you can always count on us, as best customers.
    See ya soon!!

    Adam -N- Melissa NYC

  70. Andre Johnson says:

    Very nicely done…Im already booked with my group for the summer of ’10…John, too bad you could be on the Dream as CD because you made the cruise this summer on the Freedom. Me and my family didnt laugh so hard in our lives especially when the BIG GIRL knocked you on the floor in one of the shoes and rode you like you were a horse…Ha…PRICELESS and all on video…Hope to see you on another cruise…Thanks for the good times….

  71. Janice and Ernie VanWagoner says:

    OMG!! Were on the Dream in July 3rd, 2010. Now that I’ve seen you going down the slides and drain pipe, I cannot wait !. Thank you for the great pictures, looks and sounds like a blast!
    Counting down the days until our Dream comes

    Jan and Ernie in Georgia

  72. Alexa Betts Basinger says:

    Thank you for the excellent descriptions! Our “from Maui to the Med” Dream starts on October 15th and we can’t wait to get the flying part of the journey over with and relax in Serenity.
    Aloha from Rex and Alexa Basinger.

  73. Randy says:

    Wow! We have 17 couples (The Warped Dogs and Dogettes) coming from MI at the end of Feb 2010 to escape winter on the Dream. 11 have never been on a cruise and this ship is sure to impress them. I have only been on 5 and seeing these pictures has me impressed! 155 days, but who is counting.

    Your awesome pictures are not winning favor with the kids we are leaving behind this time. There are some sad faces. Maybe next year Gerrit, Abby, Ashley and Meagan. The kids stuff looks fantastic.

    We love your blog.

  74. lea says:

    WOW!!! We cant wait to see the Dream in person. Booked in June and counting the days! It looks as beautiful as in my dreams! The ecstasy, triumph and miracle were awesome and we know the Dream will be too!!!

  75. Angelo&Rose says:

    Beautiful boat, can’t waite to sail across Atlantic,maiden voyage to New York on oct. 27

  76. Doreen Mullen says:

    My husband and I have been dreaming about taking our kids on a cruise for years. I knew as soon as I saw the name “Dream”, I had found our ship. She’s beautiful! We’re booked in August 2010 and can’t wait!

  77. Aldona Chew says:

    Angelo and Rose we know how excited you are as OUR DREAM will soon become a reality when we join you on the DREAM Oct 27th–we are very excited–what a beautiful ship! Hope we see you on the ship

  78. Klafrance says:

    I can not wait! I have been waiting for months for your blogs and pics. So great I have a booking in January 9 and then again with friends in November 28 2010. Please keep the pics coming and update everyday!!!!!

  79. John My daughter Corrin who is 29 this year will be with us on 3rd Dec. you need to take her on the dance floor I bet you will not last the whole dance with this one, she has special needs but at first you would not know it. John if your staff could involve her in any activitys I would be in your debt.
    Then there might be a chance I could join in an activity with the wife. Oh just a though if Todd is looking for a wife the Corrin would be the one. I would consider offering a bribe as well.

  80. Kay/Joe says:

    Beautiful ship, can’t wait till it pulls in to it’s “home” port, Port Canaveral, FL. see you on Dec 3, and hey, the crack about the Miami Dolphins, never say never, there is always the 1st time. untill then…..

  81. RobbinB says:

    My family and I are boarding on Oct 3. Can hardly wait! Any body else from Virginia sailing? First time in Europe.

  82. RobbinB says:

    My family and I are sailing on the Dream Oct 3. What a beautiful ship. Can hardly wait. First trip to Europe. Anybody else from Virginia sailing?

  83. anna says:

    I saw Dream on Thu, Sep. 24th in Dubrovnik (CRO), when driving back to Poland from my holidays. She is awesome and huuuuge!! I’ve never thought of spending my holidays in this way (sailing on such a Dream :)), but when I saw her, and now I found so many interesting infos about her… Hope to have opportunity to sail on Dream one day! 🙂

    And it’s so nice to read the blog about her 🙂

  84. Susie says:


    Thanks for the pics!! Who is going to be on the Dream for the 9 days cruise leaving Dec 3rd, 2009 out of Port Canaveral?

  85. Kathe says:

    My husband and I are cruising on the Dream 2/27/2010. It is our first cruise and our 30th anniversary. I devour all information on the ship. I enjoyed your blog, lots of exciting info. I can hardly wait to board! It will truly be a Dream for us.

  86. Kaperino says:

    As always, when I turn to “the blog” my face lights up! Thanks for the stories and pictures of the Dream. We can hardly wait for her. Serenity is going to be a very popular place. Plan on parking my husband on one of the “dream seats “with an anniversary beverage and plant 23 big ones on him for this voyage! ( maybe two more for the years before the marriage!)

    She is so sweet, I may have to book her again next year!

    Love to you, Heidi and Kye,

  87. Paulette says:

    I’m on the 10/27 sailing across….I get more excited everyday….what a beauty she is…..can’t wait…Paulette

  88. Paula says:

    You have whetted our appetites. Jan. 23rd here we come. I can’t wait.

  89. Kay & Wayne says:

    We sail from Rome on Oct. 3 – really looking forward to it. The Dream looks like a dream. First time on Carnival line, hear lots of good stuff about them. See you Saturday!!!
    Kay & Wayne (from Ontario, Canada)

  90. Rocco says:

    Anybody sailing November 23 out of New york, we are from Montreal Canada………………….

  91. Karen says:

    Dear John – Thank you so much for all of the information and pictures of the Carnival Dream. We can’t wait to sail on her Feb 20,2010. We are also as excitied that we get to have you as our cruise director. Be forwarned that my daughters have already geared up to challenge you to a waterslide contest. So if you see a 8 and 10 year old in bathing suits with socks coming at you with a crazed look in their eyes you better run! Thanks again see you in February – Karen

  92. Mary says:

    John: We will sailing Dec. 12, 2009 on Dream. I have a question I hope you can answer. There are 3 couples and we all have “Cove” balcony rooms. What is a Cove balcony? Is there a divider between the balconies? Can this divider be opened like we did last Dec. on Legend. Thanks for any information.

  93. Joy says:

    Gorgeous pictures! 230 days til I cruise the Dream and I can’t wait!!!

  94. Mary says:

    We have booked DREAM for Dec. 12. Have “Cove” balcony rooms. Not sure what they are. Is there a divider between rooms that can be opened? What makes them a cove balcony?

  95. sallie says:

    Looks FABULOUS! Can’t wait!

  96. Peggy Potter says:

    My Husband and I just returned 9/26 after sailing on the Liberty. What a beautiful ship and What a great cruise director, Butch Begovitch is only second to you. He made the cruise so much fun, he has a contagious, happy, friendly, personality and he is absolutely the second best. This was our 9th cruise, twice with you and none can compare to you or Butch.
    I don’t know that this is the forum to brag about him, so you don’t have to publish this I just want you to Know we liked Butch and he deserves to be bragged about, and with you being his boss- you are tagged. Seriously he deserves and big hand and if you weren’t the Senior Cruise Director then he should be.

    Thanks for you time and attention to this matter-We love Carnival and we love you and Butch
    Sincerely, Peggy

  97. Hey everyone! This is Cliff and Crystal and WE are scheduled to board the Carnival Dream on Dec.12,2009! Which happens to be MY Birthday!!! My man is soooooo Sweet but not that sweet! HAHA. Anyway we will be looking forward to having a Wonderful time like Always being that this will be our 9th cruise on Carnival. This year in the beginning we were on the MIRACLE at the end of the year We will fulfill our DREAM on the DREAM!!!! Will holla at you all when we Return!
    C & C

  98. Beverly (PA) says:

    I’ve convinced my group (26+ of us – family members that have been cruising together for the past twelve years) that this is the year to try Carnival. We’ve decided the Carnival Dream is the one for us and we are going to book for August 2010 (wish it was sooner). Our travel agent has informed us that the Dream is closed to groups. Why is that?

  99. Moose and Leta says:

    WOW! What great pictures and tales. We are sailing from Port Canaveral in Dec. and cannot wait. Our kids loved the pictures of the slides and the races. They are 17 and 13 and that is a definite highlight for them. Thanks for sharing!

  100. Shelly & Eric Van Wagoner says:

    Thanks for the photo updates!! Ship looks awesome. Can’t wait to board June 26, 2010. 13 cabins “Shelly’s Group” celebrating our son and his friends high school graduation. Can’t wait til June

  101. Hi John,
    We all loved the pictures of the Dream! She’s a beauty! You got us “dreaming” of booking very soon with her. The kids loved the pictures of the slide-and cannot wait to see the video of you going down in your socks! Kevin wanted to ask “How you doin?” he loved your show on the Freedom this past summer! He has his trophy in his room, and can’t wait to meet you. Unfortunately, you left the gangway before we departed that morning. We just loved the Freedom, and having you as our CD made it even better. Keep sending us the pictures-and we want to know when your schedule is coming out for next year? We want to be on one of your ships for sure!!! Will you be on the Dream next summer? Please let us know! Thanks again! Paulette, Stephen, Kyle, and Kevin

  102. Marion says:

    194 more days till I leave on this beautiful ship with my best friend and her husband.
    I was supposed to be with my husband but do to unforseen circumstances.. I shall be sailing alone. Which is all right with me!!!
    Thank you John for the report, and the comedy, and looking forward to the second part of the video!

  103. Mary says:


    What’s a Cove Balcony. We have one on dream, sailing Dec. 12, 2009.


  104. dede/rod says:

    thanks for the heads up on the dream,we’ll be sailing in july 2010. we sail every 2 years with carnival, can’t wait. thank you John.Rod,Dede,Jasmine and Rj

  105. dede/rod says:

    we can’t wait for the dream in July 2010. We cruise every 2 years with carnival and honestly it just keep getting better. thanks John for the info . Rod,Dede,Jasmine and RJ

  106. 1stTimeCruiser says:

    Dear John,

    Thanks for all the great pictures and videos! My fiance and I will be sailing on the Dream Jan. 30, 2010. My best friend and his fiance will be getting married aboard the Dream! We look forward to it, and I send our group a text message every day…130 days!, 129 days!………its only 124 days!!!

    Hope to see you on board!!!

  107. Alisha (jaylyn's mom) says:

    I love the pic…. Can not wait till we cruise on THE DREAM it will be my sons 1st time on a cruise and we both can not wait we are counting down time… January 9,2010 to January 16,2010 is when we set sail.. woohoo… Hope to see you there if you coming make sure you bring the FUN 🙂

  108. Sophia says:

    I am really looking forward to this new ship. My family and friends are already booked for the Nov. 13th cruise to nowhere on the Carnival Dream. While planning our 4th cruise, not including the cruises to nowhere, we saw the new ship. We just had to try it out as soon as everyone schedule coincide. We are also planning a huge family cruise next year Aug, 2010 to celebrate a 30th and a 2nd wedding anniversary. Can’t wait.

  109. Isabel Petrie says:

    Hi John
    Great Photo’s ..My Husband Robert and I (Isabel) will be on the dream ship for her maiden crossing..Oct 2009 to New York..This will be our first cruise and our first vacation ever…My husband has never flown or been on a ship or Plane…Can’t tell you how excited we both are..
    I was hoping to hear about how the ship is doing on the first leg of her beginnings…will hope that all is well and hoping to meet our fellow cruisers and to finally see what all the fun and excitement everyone has told me about cruisiing…See you on Oct 27th 2009 and if anyone can send any packing tips ..I have never been away home for more that a couple days…Now how does one pack for 21 dAYS?

  110. i cant wait to set sail on her next spring break!!!! :))) i am stayin on the lido deck it looks sooooo spectacular i get on the website everyday!!!! i just love carnival cruises! :))

  111. Vatrece Newsom says:

    Hi John. My husband and I got married onboard the Freedom on August 15th. That was your last trip before going over to the Dream. We were in the marriage show and we were the last couple that you interviewed (remember my husband mounted “Trigger the horse”? lolololol). We had such a great time. We have booked a family trip aboard the Dream on June 12th. All of my in-laws remember you from cruises past, and we can’t wait to have you as our cruise director again. TTFN and see ya soon!

  112. Gloria says:

    You are hilarious!

  113. Stacey says:

    Can someone please tell me how tall you have to be to ride the water slides? I’m hoping my 5 year old will be tall enough in January. He actually chose this ship because of the cool slides.

  114. johnny says:

    hi john, just wondering is their a slash park for the children on the dream,and are you going to be the cruise director for december

  115. judy says:

    Thanks for great pics and details. I’ll miss you in your underwear as i’m sailing May 8th on the Dream LOL. It looks beautiful. I might try the slides even though i’m 62. Got to get brave enough.

  116. John:

    I had the wonderful experience of sailing on the Ecstasy with family and friends in the late 90’s. You were the cruise director at that time and we never laughed so hard listening to the “Bedtime Story”. Your sense of humor and love of Carnival made our cruise a very memorable experience. As a travel agent my only wish is that all my clients can experience your “fun” but you can’t be on every ship, obviously. Carnival is lucky to have you. Thank you for such wonderful memories. I am still laughing as I read this blog about your “race” down the slides. You have a wonderful talent to make people laugh. Keep up the good work! Hope to see you on another sailing!–Carolyn

  117. Mary Gross says:

    Can’t wait until Dec. 12th. Sailing on Dream.


  118. Theresa says:

    Hi John
    I was just informed that the casino on the Dream is going to be, for the most part, non smoking. I cruise with the Superbowl Cruise out of Cleveland Ohio in February and I think this may be an issue. We are about 1300++ and like out boose and smoke. Can you give me the details of the area we are allowed to smoke in the casino? Loe your blog. Thanks for your response.

  119. scott & judy says:


  120. Pat says:

    Can’t wait to sail October 15, 2009.

  121. Rod & Juanita says:

    Hi John, thanks for the wonderful pics…..I loved your beige socks….you are one funny man. We are cruising on the Dream, Dec. 03, it our 11th cruise with Carnival (23 cruises in all). We love our Carnival cruises most of all. My husband loves to celebrate his birthday on a Carnival ship, so we’re excited about this cruise on the “Dream”….she is one Beautiful ship. We booked a “Cove” cabin because it’s total different and so close to the sound of the ocean. You will always be our favorite CD. Thanks again, Juanita

  122. Darren says:

    Beautiful pictures I can’t wait to get on board!

  123. Haresh says:

    I love the pic…. Can not wait till we cruise on THE DREAM it will be my family of 21 people on our 10th cruise and we all can’t wait to be on the Dream on December 19.2009 when we set sail.. Hope to have a lot of fun on board

  124. Haresh says:


  125. David & Melody says:

    Hey John!

    Thanks for the update and beautiful pictures. We will be sailing with you on the Valentine’s Day Dream Cruise 2010. If you must be in your underwear, please make sure they are the appropriate tacky boxers with hearts and cupids. We’ll be sure to show you some love if we pass by ; )

  126. Mary Gross says:


    Forgot to say “thanks” for the great pictures and your very funny details of the Dream. You are so funny.

    Was wondering if anyone else is sailing on Dec. 12th.

    Love your blog.

  127. Charles & Mrs. says:

    Thanks for the pictures and video. We will be sailing on the Dream July 2010. We can’t wait.

  128. Tracey Schwarz says:

    Hi John: Now that we have seen this site, we are thinking about going on the Dream in 2010. The last cruise we took was on the Valor. We remember you and Dick Little. Hope to see you in 2010

  129. Hi John: Now that we have seen your blog, we are thinking about booking in 2010 on the Dream. Last time we were on a cruise we were on the Valor and remember you and Dick Little. Hope to see you in 2010.

  130. Hi John: now that we have seen your blog, we are thinking about going on the Dream in 2010. The last cruise we were on was the Valor. We remember you and Dick Little. Hope to see you in 2010.
    Tracey & George

  131. Hi, we are so very excited to cruise on the Dream, boarding in Port Canaveral on December 26th. This is a double whammy for us, we have this year celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and this is our big treat, but add to that the fact that our daughter is part of the Camp Carnival Team on the Dream, we could not ask for a better way of celebrating not only our special anniversary but also the dawn of 2010.

    Incredibly excited. Thanks for the great info!

    Sandra and Rob downie

  132. Charles & Mrs. says:

    We will be sailing this wonderful ship July 2010. We can’t wait. Will be watching for more updates.
    Charles and the lovely Mrs.

  133. Bob & Yvonne says:

    John, Thanks for the wonderful description of your slide(s) experiences, now I have to go down them – Yvonne says if you can do it, so can I! I tried to say that you’re a lot younger than me but that hasn’t worked! We’re booked on Oct. 15th out of Rome, and if I survive, again on March 27th out of Port Canaveral. Having sailed on many Carnival (and her sister lines) ships, we’re looking forward to the Dream. Look for the big kids in the line for the slides, that’ll be Yvonne dragging me! Bob & Yvonne (oldtimers from The Villages)

  134. Hi John,

    Loved your roller coaster ride!!! Thank you for your blog… I am thrilled to say that I am sailing on the Dream this November (15th) — need I say that I can’t wait? This is a real “dream” trip celebrating my husband’s retirement (40 years) — we love Carnival, our first sailing was on the Victory and we’ve loved every sailing since then!

    Rosemary & Jim

  135. Cynthia says:

    WOW…I’m excited. We are sailing on January 9th. This will be our first cruise ever and we’re happy that we were able to sail on the Dream. I’ve been on military orders and we haven’t been to get away for a real vacation in three years. We’re taking our daughters (21 and 18) with us. Our 21-year-old will be graduating from the University of the Arts in May with a BFA in dance. Her goal is to become a performer on a cruise ship. Any chance of her getting an audition while we’re on the cruise? We would love for her to be able to talk to other entertainers and get an idea of what life on a cruise ship is like!
    Again…thanks – and I love the socks!

  136. Eric says:

    Beautiful blog. If you have some “live” pitcutes (after the Dream launched) I’d love to see them in future blogs. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  137. Kim & Wallace says:

    Hi John,
    You are one funny guy. Your blog is very informative. We are booked to sail with you on Nov. 15 from NY. There was no way we could miss sailing on the Dream this close to home. We love cruising with carnival, we always have so much fun. see you soon.

  138. Shawn says:

    only 10 days until we board the Dream…We can’t wait..We are so very excited. See you soon…

  139. Kerry says:

    I was so glad to hear you say that the deluxe family rooms are great. I wondered if it was really worth it.

    Can’t wait! Less than six weeks to go. We’ll be on her maiden voyage out of her new home port on Dec. 3!!!

    Keep the bloggin’ comin’


  140. Crystal says:

    This ship truly is a dream!! I can’t wait until I can board. It completely amazes me. Absolutely beautiful.

  141. Charles & Mrs. says:

    We will be sailing this wonderful ship in July 2010. Can’t wait to start the enjoyment.

  142. nick & tory says:

    we are sailing on dec 26th anybody else?

  143. Michael J. says:

    I have cruised 8 times with Carnival, just returned in Sept. on the Conquest. I am looking forward to cruising on the Dream Funship. Thanks Carnival.

  144. Kelvio G says:

    Thanks John! Great Pictures! Cannot wait to cruise on the Dream with friends and family in June!
    Kelvio G

  145. STACEY says:

    HI! I keep looking at the pictures that are now here. The slides look fantastic! I keep looking and I just keep torturing myself. I cannot wait to board the Dream! I cruised on the Victory and that was the best time I ever had. I am hoping the Dream cruise is even better! I am looking forword to any and all updates and pictures to come!

  146. Curtis says:

    Just got back from the Dream…. It was a wonderful ship I tried all of the waterslides and they were a blast. We enjoyed the dream very much it was a pleasure to be one of the 1st to sail on it. by the way Todd and his gang did a wonderful job. I am looking forward to sailing the dream again

  147. Nakiia H says:

    Great pics of the Dream, can’t wait to get on in Nov when it comes to NY. Too bad I will not be able slide in the winter, but it looks fab.

  148. Sue Z says:

    Thanks for the great Pics. Anyone know what the weather will be like when crossing the Atlanic. Counting down the days until Oct 27.
    Can’t wait to see all the friends we haven’t met yet. This trip is truely a Dream.
    Any one on the flight from Newark to Munich then on to Rome on Oct 26?

  149. t west says:

    Hi john, i went on line to book our cruise and saw how wonderful the Dream looked and decided to book on the Dream in february. So put on your best drawers because i’m coming for a look see! And by the way i’ll be the one staring.

  150. Timmy Blackwell says:

    Thanks alot for the Pictures. My Wife and I will be boarding on The Dream on April 10, 2010. We are havin our 10th Annivsary. We can’t wait to get on The Dream.

  151. Bruce & Debbie Warnock says:

    Hi John,

    We are booked for Jan 16th and look forward to another great Carnival cruise, our 12th. I know Dream is fantastic, but so were Freedom, Liberty and Splendor.

    It will be nice to be back onboard Carnival!

  152. Diane Fellows says:

    Thank you so much for the pics and details! We are so excited and will be on the Jan 16th cruise! Only 101 days…but who’s counting!

  153. lisa says:

    is the mineral pool in serenity free to use or is there a charge? can you walk the entire deck, from front to back of the ship on deck 11?

  154. The pictures are awesome. Thank you so much. We are booked on the Trans Atlantic voyage and Halloween cruise Oct. 27. I already can’t sleep anticipating the trip. We’re spending a couple of days prior in Rome and this will be an adventure of a lifetime. It’s our 5th Carnival Cruise and out 20th wedding anniversary. Is anyone else on the Oct 24 flight from Atlanta to Rome?

  155. Helena says:

    I can not wait till I have my “Dream” cruise on May 1, 2010. It will be my 12th cruise on Carnival. The pictures of the ship look absolutely beautiful and quite possibly the best ship ever. Sorry to hear John won’t be the CD but I know that whoever is there will be awesome as per usual. See you soon.

  156. Helena says:

    What an awesome ship! I can hardly wait till my “Dream” cruise on May 1,2010. This will be my 12th Carnival cruise in 5 years. Sorry John won’t be our CD but I’m sure Todd will be great. Such high standards are kept for the chief fun giver. Looks like John and Gerry had a great time on the slides, guess I’ll have to try when I am there.

  157. Dee says:

    John, My family and I traveled on the Freedom when it first came out in Feb.o8′. We loved your humor. January of this year (09) we traveled the new Splendor. We missed you on that ship. We are now going to sail the DREAM this November 09′ and hope it’s you as our CD.. We have stayed in contact with some Camp Carnival Staff and we are so excited that we will see them again soon. We miss them and so greatful to have this opportunity to travel with some of the same staff as last time. Our kids are so thrilled that they will already “know” who will be taking good care of them. We can’t get enough of this beautiful fleet! Keep bringin’em on John, just let us know what ship you go to next, we really looked forward to seeing you on the Splendor(OOPS< that's when Kye came along-lol) Never have laughed so hard til we met you!!!! You should be very proud of the wonderful job you have done and continue to do for Carnival. You are the reason why most people sail!!! Kiss the ladies…

  158. Ron and Jo Ann says:

    Thanks for the great info on the ship we have booked for May 1, 2010 can not wait. This will be 14th cruise with Carnival and we loved every one but the Dream look wonderful. We have a small group going and I know we will have a great time.

  159. Chris and Chris says:

    We can’t wait to start this dream. It looks like so much fun. We will be sailing February 20, 2010 with a group of about 25.

  160. Kathy and Andy says:

    We have already booked a crusie for the dream in febuary we are looking forward to seeing her. This is our 9th cruise. The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for making it so both smokers and non smokers feel comfortable. We are smokers and we always cruise with alot of friends some do and some do not smoke.

    See you in Feb.

  161. Shannan says:

    Dear John

    Please reply!!!

    Hi John,
    Great blog about the Dream. I am hoping you can help us. A group of us are booked for 9/11/2010 and we have deck 8 aft cabins. We are hearing that there is a problem with the deck plans not showing the right type of cabins. Could you please tell me which cabin on deck 8 is the actual aft wrap, is it 8473 or 8469? Reservations are in question until this question is answered.
    Help from anyone who knows for sure what the aft wrap cabin # is would be appreciated!!!!!

    Thanks, and keep up the great blogs!

  162. Fran & Cindy says:

    We have been on 18 Carnival ships and we are booked for Nov. 15th 2009 out of NYC on the Dream. Can’t wait to board and see all the exciting things this new ship will bring with her.

  163. Virginia Anderson says:

    Hi John,

    Love your blog! Hubby and I board the Dream 10/15/09 out of New York. Do you know if there will be a wine tasting on board or cocktail seminar? How are they handling the captains party I have heard discounts on drinks instead of free ones?

  164. Betty Sample says:

    Me and my family and several friends of ours are booked on the Dream for May 15, 2010 and we cannot wait. It will be my daughter and husbands 10th wedding anniversary, my husband and mine anniversary, and my grandson and son in law and husbands birthday. So we are all celebrating. My husband and I have cruised on Carnival many times but this will be my daughter and son in laws first cruise since they went on their honeymoon. Right now there is 9 of us booked but I think that number will grow.

  165. pat hendrix says:


  166. Dan and Di says:

    Hi John, My Wife and I are From Brisbane Australia, and made the trip especially to go on the Carnival Legend on the week of the 4-11th October 2009. We had a fantastic time, and can’t wait to plan our next trip on another Carnival Cruise. Many thanks for such laughs and good times.

  167. Helen, Bettie, Joyce says:

    Hi John, My friends and I can’t wait, we have
    booked for Sept. 11, 2010 from Port Canaveral.
    We are so excited. This will be my 5th cruise, Bettie’s 10th, Joyce 4th and wehave enjoyed everyone of them, but I believe this one will take the cake. It is such a beautiful ship.We have decided we are not going to get off the ship at any of the ports, we want to stay on and enjoy all the activities that are on board. Many thanks, can’t wait.

  168. Martha Russ says:

    Thanks for the Waterworks blog. I wasn’t going to try it, but if you can do it, in your slightly enlarged shape, I can do it too. Beautiful photos of the ship. Can’t wait for my cruise on May 8, 2010, for our 20th wedding anniversary.

  169. Amalia Claffey says:

    Hi John:

    We have enjoyed all the pictures, blogs, etc. and all the information you have given us during the past year. Thank you.

    In only one month (November 13th) we will be on the “Dream”. We are anxiously looking forward to seeing how gorgeous and magnificent she really is. Let us know about any celebration they are planning in New York for her maiden voyage there. We can’t wait for the day!!!

    Amalia & Phil

  170. Cathy Claflin says:

    What a beautiful ship I can’t wait until our cruise on May 8th 2010.

  171. Thanks for all the pic’s. We are booked for May 8, 2010 and can’t wait. This will be our 8th cruise but I feel this one will be the best of them all. This will be our first time in a balcony room. It would be great to see some pics of the balcony staterooms. Please! Thanks Carnival for always giving us a time to remember each and every time we sail with you.

  172. Bo says:

    Great pictures,can’t wait to see her in person.

  173. Sharon & Mike says:

    Can’t wait to board the Dream, first time cruisers!!
    Great way to celebrate our Anniversary!!

  174. Bobbie S Biro says:

    My Mum got me started cruising back in ’99 and have been cruising with her ever since. When we found out that the Carnival Dream would be sailing out of Pt Canverial, we booked the 12 Dec cruise.

    Unfortunately she will not cruising with me as she passed away in August. So, I am cruising alone and in memory of her. Going to do all the things we planned.

    Have been watching the building and the work to make this ship the best I have ever seen.

    Can’t wait to come aboard!

  175. Theresa says:

    Hi John
    I love your blog!!!! I did have a questin regarding the “smoking” policy on the Dream. I undrstand there is only going to be a small section of the casino for smokers….can you elaborate please. Can’t wait to meet you on the “Super Bowl” Cruise in February.

  176. Isabel&Lenny says:

    Beautiful pictures, can’t wait october 27, going on
    my second transatlantic. See you soon!!!!!!!!!


  177. Isabel&Lenny says:

    Beautiful pictures, can’t wait october 27,going on my second transatlantic. See you soon!!!!!!!!


  178. Eddie says:

    Awesome photos. can’t wait to cruise at the end of January. I’m bringing some newcomers with!

  179. SOLOMON says:

    cant wait for 2010 the DREAM is awesome

  180. Paul & Shana says:

    We have been on several of your beautiful ships. My question is: Will the adult Serenity area truly be reserved for adults? On the previous ships we have been on there was no supervision. See everyone on the 19th of December!

  181. Calon says:

    The dining room looks absolutely beautiful. Will the ships maitre’d be enforcing the dress code within? For my family nothing ruins the fine dining experience like the people who dine in the dining room in jeans, shorts and t-shirts (especially on formal nights). This is unfair to the rest of us who go out of the way to pay good money & follow the rules when you give others a pass. You should either enforce the code or eliminate it for everyone. If I feel that the maitre’d isn’t in control of his dining room, we withhold his tip.

  182. Esther & Richard says:

    We just sailed on Glory again. Loved it. And are excited to be on Dream, Dec 3rd, 9 day, from Pt. Canaveral. Anyone else sailing that date?

  183. Debbie says:

    hi ..enjoyed reading your blog ..we’re taking our 3rd & hopefuly not last ! cruise on the Dream this march ..we always travel with a wonderful group of friends & this promises to be one of our best trips ever!i’m wondering if i’ll have the nerve to try the waterslide .. lol ..i’ll have a few months to give it due consideration ..

  184. The ship looks awesome. We are booked for August 21-28 2010 and can’t wait.

  185. Becca & Louis says:

    We’re booked on the Carnival Dream for the Jan. 2, 2010 cruise out of Port Canaveral, and we’re so excited. Thanks for posting the new pictures! We can’t wait for what will be our third cruise with Carnival!

  186. Tracey & Eric says:

    Absolutely stunning! We are first time cruisers leaving Port Canaveral 12/26/09 and we can’t wait! Can’t Dream of a better way to ring in the New Year!

  187. Walt & Judi says:

    WOW…………we are booked for the 9 day on 12/3/09 and couldn’t be more excited. The excitement was already there but we just finished reading and looking at pictures…can’t wait! This will be our 11th Carnival cruise. Thanks for all the great info.

  188. Cindy says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in your undies in February, John. I’m bringing another “new to cruising” friend who I’m sure will LOVE Carnival as much as I do!

  189. PRAKASH KAMAL says:


  190. Ed Candelmo says:

    We will see you on Febuary 20th John. We were on the Valor 3/1-3/8 with you as our CD. I was Garth Brooks and my mother-in-law Becky’s boyfriend Ken was Elvis in legends show. We had a great time. We still watch our video of the talent show and bedtime stories from that cruise. I wonder if your worst nightmare Mary will be back.

  191. Nelita says:

    We are going on the Dream 3/6/10. We are
    celebrating my 65th birthday. I am so excited to
    be on this BEAUTIFUL ship. This will be my
    15th cruise but the first time on a new ship. My
    family and friends are coming with me and I know
    it will be very special after seeing all the beautiful

  192. Dear John,

    Wishing ya were aboard when they name the Godmother and have the Bell Ringer at the Official Naming Ceremony in Manhattan Borough of NYC, NY (coming to Town ) in November 2009 A.D..

    Any heads up on the Lady whom it is?

    WE are going abaord for the first NYC/FL Home Port(s) Cruise 11/15-11/23/2009 A.D.

    Are they going to have a normal and well Embarkation Lunch served in the MDR ( Main Dining Room ) ?

    Which one (MDR) ?

    Having nice prepared foods displayed and served so well sets CCL/CUK :NYSE / LSE apart from the other Cruise Lines.

    Especially the laggard ones…

    All the Best,

    Jonathan R. DeMallie

    PS: God Speed!

  193. Josh Thompson says:

    Carnival dream is an amazing ship!! But, Carnival is going to have to watch their rivals closely in the next year, Norwegian Cruise lines and Royal Caribbean have some massive plans! If Carnival continues to build the Carnival Magic with the same layout as the Carnival Dream, they are going to follow behind in competition heavily! Carnival needs to work with Fincantieri and create a ship that will blow away competition! I mean, this is Carnival! You can only expect the best from Carnival.

  194. Tommy Lyons says:

    I heard about a comedy club on the Dream but I have not seen anything in much detail about it. I was on the Glory and they had comedians several nights. There were four diffrent comedians and a host called the Fun Dude, he was really funny. Will there be a dedicated club by itself or will it share a room with another activity like on the glory? Will it be decorated with a comedy theem with all the comedians pictures? Will it be like the comedy clubs on land with a host and several comedians like on the glory? I would love to know all the details about the club host and comedians, for I am a comedy club regular and my friends and I are very excited about having a comedy club to enjoy on the Dream.

  195. Big Ed says:

    Josh Thompson

    Carnival’s Dream and Magic are the largest ships I would want to go on. The behemoth of the seas might be a nice ship to be on when it’s half empty. No way I would want to be on it when it’s anywhere near fully booked. Can you just see 6000 guest embarking and disembarking at one time. How about tendering that many guest off the ship to go to the ports that it’s to big for the piers. Don’t even think of all the extra chances of a medical problem causing a ship to change course to get someone off the ship, missing ports of call.


    BIG ED

  196. Paul says:

    Scheduled for departure Jan. 23, cann’t wait. We have been checking out the progress regularly sincewe first booked in Feb. love the progress it making and it seems like it will never get here. Looking forward to going to the serenity area for some fun and relaxing. This is our second try with Carnival hope it is better than our first one. That one was disappointing, but with a new ship our expetation are high. Hopefully this will be one of many on carnival.

  197. Terri B says:

    So looking forward to the 9 day eastern Caribbean cruise on the “Dream”.
    We set sail Dec 03.
    My husband and I along with our daughters 16 @ 13 will be sailing for very the first time.
    Thanks so much for sharing pics and your thoughts. We are even more excited.
    Getting away from the Canadian temps will be a treat in itself!

  198. paul says:

    I was just on the Dream as of Oct 3 to 14 what a wonderful ship to be on i love i can’t wait to go back on it again


  199. Dee says:

    Looking forward to our sailing the Dream from NYC. Nov. 23rd 09′!! Hope to see you there John!!!

  200. Dear John,


    I saw the Dream had to go up and do a U-turn too.

    God-Speed to youall and those aboard!

    All the best,

    Jonathan R. DeMallie

  201. Mary says:

    We are booked for a March cruise. Now where did you say your cabin would be? Don’t want to miss you in those shorts! Ha! We can’t wait. I keep going to the Dream on the Carnival site, and it looks gorgeous. Hope to meet you on board. Happy sailing until then.

  202. MaryAnn says:

    Dear John,

    We sailed with you on the Liberty in 2005 (Italy). You were so hilarious that I woke up early to watch your morning show!

    I hope you have that when we sail on your Blogger’s Cruise on December 3.

    We are in a suite and can’t wait to meet you in person.

    All the best,

    Mary Ann & Brent Larkin

  203. Ed and Gail Blakeslee says:

    We have had our reservation on Dream since Sept.08. Can’t wait for December 3, 2009 when we will sail on her. Great photo’s. It will be our 52nd Anniversary.

  204. Ed and Gail Blakeslee says:

    We will be sailing on Dream on Dec.3, 2009. Great photo’s.

  205. mario moreno says:

    I think that carnival has to give the guest the sailing pin, other wise carnival has to sell it onboard. It important for a guest, it is the collector item. My memories items. Think on it

  206. mario moreno says:

    I think that carnival has to give the guest the sailing pin, other wise carnival has to sell it onboard. It is important for a guest, it is a collector item. My memories items. Think on it

  207. Laura says:

    My fiance and I are going on the April 10th sail and we absolutely can not wait, it will be my first cruise and will be our HONEYMOON…can’t wait to make our “dreams” come true!

  208. Tamara Sigond says:

    Sad to hear you won’t be our Cruise Director again. Enjoyed our 2 other cruises on the Legend with you. But we’re very excited to be celebrating our 10 Anniversary aboard the Carnival Dream, our first cruise was our honeymoon aboard the paradise, Now this will be our 8th! The ship looks gorgeous. 16 days to go and will be there!

  209. Donna E says:

    The kids, hubby & I are very excited to see you November 23!

  210. Ric B says:

    We leave on the Dream on Jan. 8th of 2010. This will be our (my wife and I) 5th cruise with Carnival and can’t wait to get aboard the Dream.
    We will also be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.
    Looking forward to a great and memorable cruise.

  211. Gaetano says:

    Well, well, my wife and kids are so excited for our very first family vacation. This will be our first cruise. We will be boarding in April 10. We have been searching and searching for a cruise. Thanks to my brother-in-law who cruises all the time and told me about this new ship the DREAM. So I had to make him jelouse and book the There is not a day that goes bye that my wife and I don’t chat about the Dream. Looking forward to hear all the great news from everyone who has already been on it.. TO ALL WHO IS BOARDING ON APRIL 10, 2010. ITS GOING TO BE A BLAST BECAUSE I AM ON THE SHIP.. SEE YOU ALL THEN. CIAO CIAO

  212. Kevin says:

    I booked the 2 day cruise out of New York (Nov 13th) for my wife’s 40th and bringing along 4 other couples of our closest friends. My Wife has NO IDEA where I am taking her or who will be there!

    We are all looking forward to seeing the New Ship (it looks Amazing!!) and having a great time!!

  213. Esther & Richard says:

    We are very excited to be sailing on another new Carnival ship. We sailed on Glory when she was new & returned again this past Sept. Also have sailed Pride & Legend & the 1, the only, Fantasy. Had great times. Only disappointment is not being able to book a suite. We booked April 1st, but they were gone. We are spoiled, but sure the balcony stateroom on deck 8 will be fine. See everyone 12/03/09..

  214. Karen says:

    We just got off the Legend and now can’t wait to book the Dream! We had the last cruise with John on the Legend and he is wonderful! I know they will be missing him! You should have seen the costumes for Halloween! The boys were there in all their splendor! So much fun!

  215. Lisa Patterson says:

    We will be sailing the Dream on Dec 12th 2009 can’t wait counting the days. Mary Gross you asked if anyone else was sailing that date so i am letting you know that we are.

  216. Jim and Robin Rambeau says:

    We are on the Dec 3, 2009 9 day cruise. My 60th birthday, our 10 wedding anniversary and my official retirement cruise. Dont know if you will be aboard or not. We hope so as you were the cruise director on our honeymoon cruise. loved the “bed time story”

    Jim and robin

  217. Mary Gross says:

    Lisa Patterson. So glad someone else has acknowleged they are sailing on Dec. 12th. A lot of folks are sailing the week before us. We can compare notes when we return. I’ll look for your name on the computers they will set up for passengers to use. Maybe we can meet. I will be with my hubby and two sisters. Can’t wait. Won’t be long.

    Miss your blogs John. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on “DREAM”

    Mary Gross

  218. B&B says:

    Just returned from the Legend on Nov.1st!
    Had a great time as six of us went cruisin’ together!
    Lovely ports; the weather couldn’t have been better;the food was scrumptious; the entertainment was first class!
    Halloween was fun–especially John’s costume!
    Four of us are booked for Hawaii in April.
    So looking forward to another cruise.
    Thanks John for the entertainment and hope that we’ll see you again!

  219. Elaine says:

    Can not wait till Febuary 20th, 2010, there are 30 of us going. Had to rent a bus to get us all over there from Lake Wales, Fl area. See you all soon.

  220. Lisa Patterson says:

    Mary Gross that would be nice, i will be traveling with my hubby and two sons ages 24 yrs and 3 yrs. lol yes i started over and am loving every minute of it. My hubby and i went on the splendor last year and took all of our children except one who is in the marines and was deployed at the time and is deployed now. God Bless Them All! I hope we do meet on the ship.

  221. Faye says:

    My husband wanted to make it on all of Carnival’s fleet but we now have health issues with the clock ticking…..This is just a beautiful ship and I hope we get to sail on her soon. We have done 3 carnival cruises and always mark time until we can plan the next one!

  222. Sam G says:

    John, Sailing on the Dream, March 13th.
    Question on the video screen outside and it’s usage. I am an avid collector of concert DVD’s. I have hundreds. I would love to bring some of my best to show. Would this be possible? The thought of watching a concert on the deck at night sounds awesome!

  223. Rebecca Hutt says:

    My family and I (a group of 5), are setting sea out of New York in 18 days, on November 23rd-December 1st, on the Carnival Dream. I am 12 and I have been on 3 cruises (this cruise making it 4) and I swear that I have never been any more excited then I am right now to get on this cruise! Basketball, internet, library, Circle “C”, pools, water parks, water slide, awesome cabins, shows and much more! A DREAM is deffently coming true for me!!

  224. Peter says:

    Better hope that they have fixed the foul odor problem by the time this ship reaches the U.S.

  225. Mary Ann Larkin says:

    WE will be on the December 3 sailing of the Dream. I believe that cruise is a John Heald Bloggers Cruise.

    Is this correct?

    Mary Ann

  226. Walker says:

    Wow! Cool blog! My mom said that next summer, wecan go on the seven day eastern carribbean cruise on the dream! I can’t wait! I check back back on this website everyday for more info.! Wow!

  227. Morgan says:

    We are sailing the DREAM on Nov. 15th and are so excited. My husband and I are both previous Carnival cruisers but this is our first cruise together since getting married in 2007. He is 60 & I am 56 so all our trips so far have been visiting and meeting our mutual kids and other family members. This is OUR trip!! We have looked at every area of the new ship and are so excited and really looking forward to another amazing Carnival experience!
    Thanks for the great blog – we could feel your pain on the water slide and the pictures were great!

    Kathy Morgan

  228. Phil Baumann says:

    Hi John:
    Amalia Claffey and I will be on OUR “DREAM”
    this Friday Nov. 13th.
    In 2006, we were on the Victory and heard a fantastic night club group the “BESTSELLERS”.
    We would like to know if you or any Carnival cruisers, know them. Are they still with Carnival, and what ship are they on?

  229. Tasha says:

    We can’t wait to get on this ship … going out of Port Canaveral in April of 2010. Love the pics —Please keep them coming. This is our 2nd cruise with Carnival.

  230. Michelle says:

    We can not wait! I was scared to death to cruise We did though…on the Imagination and had a GREAT time. Now as a family surprise for my husband’s 40th birthday, the 4 of us are returning for our DREAM vacation….. We have so much to be greatful for….me with a life threatening illness, I was really not supposed to make it this far and with a wonderful husband on his birthday and my two beautiful children I AM READY for the time of our life!!!!
    How can I do something special for him on the ship for his birthday to acknowledge how special he is?
    See you Nov 23!

  231. Don and Laura says:

    Thanks for all of the great information and updates! We’re boarding this Sunday (15 Nov) and then we’re booked with 3 cabins for the family at the end of Aug in 2010.

    Can’t wait to bring back pictures and stories from next week’s cruise for our parents/kids who will be going with us next summer. Looking forward to seeing our fellow cruisers in a few days!

  232. kristie says:

    going over christmas with our family we are sooooo excited

  233. Dee says:

    We are sailing this Sunday Nove. 15th on the Carnival Dream. It is our first vacation alone in 25 or so years! I am so excited and can’t wait!

  234. Kristen Patrick says:

    I stand in awe of you, in “all your” splendor! Determine to win to be a champion. Honesty is our destiny… determine to win…

  235. Diane Chieffo says:

    Thanks for the wonderful descriptions of the Dream. I’ve always said that the anticipation of something good is usually better than the actual thing – and I’m really enjoying this anticipation. Your blogs have enhanced my enjoyment 10 fold!! My husband and I will be taking our first cruise for our 49th anniversary on 11/23/09. I can hardly wait.


  236. Issy says:

    omg!! only 5 more days till we board the Dream!! this will be my very first cruise and I can not wait!! I am giddy with excitement!! I will try to post when I return to share all the glorious adventures that were had by all!

    bon voyage!!!

  237. Terri says:

    Hey, Issy
    please be sure to post when you get back as I set sail on the “Dream” Dec 03 for my first cruise. You must tell me what to do on that ship and what to eat ect. I am “giddy” for you!
    Have a fun trip

  238. Nicola McCormick says:

    Love reading the blog. We have just watched the naming ceremony on the web and enjoyed seeing a taster of the entertainment available on The Dream. We have booked The Dream for July 17th and were wondering if children are allowed into the shows? Our daughter will be 6 when we sail.

  239. Dorene says:

    Going on Dream in May 2010. Can’t wait! Do we know who the cruise director will be then?

  240. I can not wait to cruise on “The Dream”, this ship appears to be the best ship at sea and I want to be apart of this “Dream”. I have been with Carnival Cruise Line for a while (1990), and I am so happy that you have added a lovely ship to your fleet.

  241. I am so happy that Carnival has added another lovely lady to her fleet, and I can not wait to sail on the “Dream”. I have been with the Carnval Cruise Line over 15 years and I can not wait until July of 2010 to sail away on the “Dream”.

  242. Linda says:

    We’ll see you on the 12th of December! This will be our 5th cruise and we are so excited to be sailing on the Dream for this one!

  243. Steve says:

    December 3rd can’t get here quick enough. See ya then!

  244. Bobbie S Biro says:

    Just watched the Dream Port Canveral and it was fantastic! Can’t wait until the 12th of December.

  245. MaryAnn says:

    Hey Steve,

    We will be on the December 3 cruise also.

    Anyone want to meet at the pool bar after the lifeboat drill?

    Mary Ann/Cleveland

  246. Amalia Claffey says:

    Amalia Claffey and Philip Baumann

    We cruised on the “Dream” on November 13th. We had a great time! The ship was amazing and so were the shows. Can’t wait until we’re on the “Glory” next September 11th.

  247. Sharon says:

    We are booked on the February 27, 2010 Dream. We were soooooo excited to find out that you will be the CD on that ship. We were with you a couple of years ago on the Freedom. Can’t wait to see you again.

  248. Steve says:

    I’ll be there. My wife and I will be drinking Miller Lite. We’ll be easy to spot.

  249. brandyn gorbulja says:

    Love the pic

  250. rickey coffey says:

    I would like to know if the carnival dream going back to the rome in the month november of 2011 for a 16 day cruise.

    Thank you
    Rickey coffey

  251. Diane says:

    Can’t wait to see the new Carnival Dream Ship on the 3rd. This will be our 8th cruise. Anyone going from ND or MN? See you there!

  252. Patti & Karl says:

    Only a few weeks left before our back to back cruises on the Dream on Jan 16 and Jan 23. It is the only way to cruise, you don’t miss anything. Can’t wait. See you then.

  253. Felix Hicks says:

    My wife and i just got back today from our cruise aboard the Carnival Dream and boy i can tell you it’s a cruise to remember. The food was great and the shows were awesome especially the new ones that were developed specially for the Dream. The crew were great & very friendly. You might want to try the big screen theatre on the Lido. They even broadcast the sunday football games and concerts.
    For those of you who like a little peace and quiet try Serenity. We loved it. They even have a hammock up there. The casino is great as well. someone even won the slot jackpot of $8000.00 on saturday night and the cruise director name Todd and the Captain will keep you in stitches.
    Those of you who like to have fun try the Newlywed and not so newlywed game.
    I hope i have enlightened those of you who are about to sail on the Dream as you have never been on a ship like this before. and before i forget each port we pulled into was great we were treated like royalty by the locals. when we pulled into port canaveral we were met by a marching band. The same in Nassau and Freeport. This was done as part of the celebration those ports were having since it was the first time the Dream had done a caribbean voyage.
    I hope you have fun and i look forward to reading some of your post when you return. By the way i always cruise on carnival.

  254. David Lewis says:


    We have over 100 family members and friends booked on the “Dream” Eastern Carribean Jan. 16th. We have a small problem, and a soluation, but it seem not to be getting any responce from Carnival. The problem is we have some of our family and friends listed as confrimed Early dining and they desire Late dining and we have others who desire Early and are confrimed late. I know you all have a policy on placing people depending on the date of final payment but this is matter just moving the people and every one will be happy. Our travel agent has been in contact with her Carnival Rep and the latest is now we may not know unitl the week before we sail. I would think it would be a very easy fix and 1oo customers are happy.

    I can provide additional info when you or a rep from Carnival responds to this email. Thank you and we are looking forward to our time on the “Dream”.

  255. julie m forbes says:

    thank you for sharing the pictures of the dream cant wait to cruise the dream with my familey in july JULIE M FORBES

  256. rickey coffey says:

    I would like to know if the carnival dream is going to rome in the month of november of 2011 on a 16 day cruise.

    thank you
    rickey coffey

    I had been on the carnival line this year on the new ship, the splendor wish sell on october 11, 2009. this is a beautful ship and i really enjoy this ship.
    Please contact me as soon as possibly on my email.

  257. JL&Sandy says:

    My wife,daughter,her husband, four grandchildern and my self will be on the Dream on April the 20th.We have been on 12 cruises and can’t wait to see Dream, and the kids on the water slides!! 114days to go

  258. Terri Bough says:

    I just finished reading Linda Hartwick blog that came in my e-mail. I see it has been removed from this site now?

    I sail on the “Dream” Next Thursday. I sure hope the issues Linda mentioned are fixed. Her complaints have me very concerned!
    This is our first cruise. I would hate to have the issues Linda had….eeeeks

  259. Morgan says:

    My husband and I sailed on the Dream from the 15th to the 23rd out of NYC. It was a wonderful trip. We’ve both sailed Carnival before and this is an amazing ship, and crew. We had amazing service in the dining room, and our room steward never missed a beat. We even tipped them extra at the end of our stay.
    My husband and I are quiet people so we did not participate in a great deal of the activities, but there was certainly a great deal to do. I think if you read the comment made by the previous guest there are some clues as to why she expressed some dissatisfaction. She “whined” to Ken about wanting to be entertained. What adult expects to be entertained every minute.

    Todd was also our cruise director and he did a wonderful job. I cannot imagine trying to keep over 3,000 people happy and don’t believe it could be done by anyone or any one company. Our cabin was beautiful, the food plentiful and an amazing variety. If I went on another 30 cruises I would never expect Todd to remember my name….it’s impossible with that many passengers and that many ships. I would expect Todd’s job to be keeping the cruise running smoothly and passengers entertained. He’s not there to be my best friend.

    We had room service each morning, went to the gym to work out, took advantage of the amazing spa services, ate wonderful food, and enjoyed the fact that we had an opportunity to sail on an amazing ship. If you go expecting perfection, then you will be disappointed. If you go expecting to have a great time, if you want a great crew who will go above and beyond to be sure you have their best, if you just want to have fun – I have no doubt your cruise will be an amazing experience. Read all the positive reports on this blog, and leave Linda’s alone – she sounds like a lonely woman.

  260. Darlene says:

    We just returned from our first cruise and it was FABULOUS!!! All the people on the cruise were great. My husband had a lot of fun with the trivia games and Amy and Deeda were great!!! The food was excellent and thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. My hopes are that we will do this again on another ship soon. The only thing I can say that I didn’t enjoy was the coming home back to reality!!! and the boat rocking so much on the second to last night due to high winds and high waves but luckily we were in the lower rooms so didn’t feel them as much at night. The comedians and shows were excellent. One other down fall I think is the pricing of alcoholic drinks on board. It was great when they had a l hours farewell party with free wine and champagne that was great!! Should do that more often during the week. Room service food was excellent especially the sirloin and brie, and mozzerrella and portabella mushrooms give them a try. Once again it was a great vacation and first cruise!!! Been back a week and ready to go again!!!

  261. Terri Bough says:


    Thanks so much for your input. That does make me feel better. Bon Voyage…we fly out on Wed!

    p.s. how can one remember so many names? That was to much to expect. I totally agree with you on that point.

  262. James and Tracey Kirch says:

    John, (Please Reply)
    We just came back from our honeymoon on the Carnival Dream on Nov. 15-23. This was my husbands first cruise and my 2nd (1st was with another cruise line.)
    Boarding the boat seemed to be total chaos in the NY Terminal.. me and my husband are both patient people and were just laughing when they called zone 5 and people with zone 15 were arguing with the guy to let them pass.
    We had a couples massage on Monday morning, which was great but afterwards we were getting a sales pitch to buy lotions after we politely said no once, she continued to recommend the lotions, the girl was pleasant but after we said no once shouldn’t it have been enough?
    The biggest disappointment was on Wednesday in Port Carnival 1. because the boat was leaning to one side we could not take a shower before our excursion because the water would not drain and no one ever heard of this problem before. When we came back no one ever informed us that it was fixed we sort of tried it and noticed no flood. 2. 2nd is that we planned an excursion for the Wildlife Pontoon, we decided on this excursion before the cruise because the website explained the pontoon and mentioned going to cocoa village afterwards, I was a little shocked when we went back to the boat. I went to the guest services desk to have the girl look into a book and say no, no shopping after that excursion it is not in the book, we then went to fun hub and I pulled up the description on the website. Shore excursions desk was closed so I went back to guest services and they told me they couldn’t help.. go to shore excursions. We never got down when they were open. We didnt want our good time to stop because we had to complain to shore excursions.

    Leaving the ship was easy but our luggage was mixed with other zones and took forever to find our bags.

    Our CD Todd was great and our Steward Suphol was incredible. The food was excellent and we loved all the choices, just wish room service had more choices. We spent most of our time in the casino and Piano Bar Vince was awesome and kept the room singing along.. the comedians were the funniest..

    If you can please let me know about that excursion that would be greatly appreciated.

    Tracey and James Kirch

  263. Jenn says:

    My fiance and I will be sailing on the dream for our honeymoon July 31st and I am SO excited!!! It looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  264. Kathe says:

    I have been watching the Dream grow for sometime now. My husband and I are taking our very first cruise on the Dream in Feb. 2010. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary. She is so beautiful and I can hardly wait to board. Thanks for the blogs and updates.

    Kathe & Pete Steves
    Dana, North Carolina

  265. eric says:

    we just went on a cruise with the Liberty 10/10/09,
    but we realy wanted to know how teh DREAM would be like .So we will join you for a cruise saturday 12 december.See you then.
    Eric and Monica from Barcelona Spain!!!!!!!

  266. aaron says:

    i am so excited to board the ship i am going this october to Mexico

  267. Josie says:

    My husband and I just came back from our Dream cruise on the 2nd. It was a fabulous cruise. The Ship is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
    The staff is very friendly. I had lots of fun in Caliente, and the Piano Bar. My husband was thrilled you could smoke. I liked the ideas of the Laser Light shows on Lido deck. and having a Micheal Jackson tribute hour was cool in Caliente. My feet still hurt from dancing. Our room was great, balcony was awesome. It rained for a few days of the trip but there were plenty of activities. And who doesn’t love the towel animals to greet you when you get back to your room, it’s like they are sitting there just waiting for you going…”look at me, Look at me ” so cute. I must say the food is non-stop the drinks are great but a bit pricey. Serenity was beautiful and let’s not forget the slides TWISTER AND DRAINPIPE soooo cool. Thanks Carnival this is my first time on it and i don’t think it will be my last.

  268. Trina Villa says:

    I went on a cruise the Dream on Nov 13 for the Weekend from New York City with my husband and it was beautiful. Now we can’t wait to go again on Aug 21, 2010. A group of 22 people that include friends and family members are going and we can’t wait to go. Only 260 day’s from now to go.

  269. Terri Bough says:

    Just got home today from the 9 day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the dream.
    This was our first cruise ever and it was fantastic. I am already booking another one for the Western Caribbean on the Legend.
    There were a few glitches on this trip…a late start, elevators down, and lets not forget the mess up which prevented us from docking at San Juan. Baggage claim was a nightmare. We were #2 and yet one of our bags was found on #19 and OMG they got all the 6 and 9s messed up. I will do the self walk off next time and take my own bags
    Yes, these were a drag but….the good still out weighed the bad and I have to say that Carnival took full responsibility (monetarily) and was very humble about their mistakes.
    My husband and I as well as our 2 teenage daughters had a fab time. This ship is spectacular. Truly a 5 star on the sea! Thanks to all who made our trip so enjoyable. Pls see the comedy shows….hilarious!
    Just my humble opinion…Loved the Dream! Cannot wait till March 2011..booked!

  270. Terri Bough says:

    Just got back from cruising on the dream. This was our very first cruise. My husband and I and 2 teen age daughters had a wonderful time.
    There were a few glitches on this cruise. Late start,elevators broke down for a couple hours with people stuck in them and unfortunately we did not get to San Juan due to improper measurements…the dream simply did not fit.
    The luggage claim was a bit of a nightmare. We were #2 luggage claim yet after searching for a missing piece it was found at #19. Do not even get me started on the mix ups between #6 and 9.
    Despite these issues we had an amazing time. Carnival was very apologetic and we were all given monetary reimbursement for the San Juan issue.
    The other issues had no impact on me besides the luggage UGH!
    I know I posted a few complaints but really I was just being honest. We were very understanding about it all and loved cruising so much that I just booked another cruise on the legend for March 2011….time to save save save and diet diet diet…my clothes do not fit..ohhh the food! YUMMO!

  271. Bridget says:

    Just returned from the 9 day cruise. Beautiful ship, great crew. Loved it all.

  272. Beverley & Clint, Marie & Berkley says:


    My husband, Clint and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on the Carnival Sensation on November 4th. Now we are preparing for our annual Christmas cruise with our friends Marie and Berkley. We all love Carnival and we are looking forward to sailing the Carnival Dream. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! See you soon.

  273. Denise Mortimer says:

    Ship looks fantastic. Can’t wait to be on it on January 16TH 2010. We love Carnival. Thanks for building a great ship!!!

  274. Carl Cousins says:

    We have booked the New Year Cruise for Dec 26th / Jan 2nd. 2009 Looking forward to a beautiful ship.
    We have been on 19 cruises but never to the ports scheduled for the New Years cruise. This will be our second new year cruise with Carnival. What a great time we had. After reading the reviews of past passengers on the Dream we can’t wait to see this “mother of all ships” C YA aboard.

  275. Heather and Joey says:

    We will be on the Dream Dec. 26th. It’s our first cruise and we are extremely excited! Can’t wait to see the new ship!!

  276. scott and judy says:


  277. Mike says:

    13 of us headed on the Dream on the 26th. Great way to spend Holidays with the family!

  278. Josie Fletcher says:

    Thanks for the details on the Dream. My husband and I are booked to cruise on the Dream Feb 27, 2010. Did you say you’d be sailing on the Dream Feb? I hope so. I cruised on the Triumph in 2001 when you were the CD. That was the best time ever!

  279. Paul & Karen says:

    13 Days to go and counting. We’ll be on tghe Dream Jan 2nd as soon as the doors open. Driving down from Amelia Island in tghe AM and taking advantage of every inch of the Dream.
    Paul & Karen Werling

  280. Paul & Karen says:

    Is it true that I will have internet access from my balcony room while on the Dream? Or is it only accessible from the Hub rooms? Also, is anyone aware of the cost?

    Thank you, Paul

  281. JOE&PAT FOSTER says:

    we are spending christmas in the snow of north carolina and much looking forward to our cruise jan 2, 2010. the ship looks beautiful.

  282. Trina Villa says:

    240 days to go on the Dream with my family…08/21/2010

  283. Vic says:


    I am an experienced Carnival cruiser, and am getting a little concerned with the comments on the Dream, on which I am booked on 15 May 2010.


    1. Is the entire casino non-smoking, or are there sections allowing smoking and sections for non-smoking?

    2. Are there any plans to address to traffic flow in and around the Lido buffet. There are a myriad of complaints, even for the overall positive feedback left by some, about the congestion around the buffet.

    3. Granted this is a new ship and possibly and experienced crew, how are you planning to address the service issues in the main dining area addressed by so many passengers?

    I look forward to hearing from you. I am concerned enough that I am considering re-booking on another cruise ship. So, I hope you have some good feedback to provide.

    Best regards,


  284. Larry & Karen says:

    We’ve been looking for the perfect cruise to celebrate my 60th birthday in Dec. 2010. It looks like the Carnival Dream will be ship. I’ve looked at other new ships just coming out, but the Dream sounds and looks like the one we want to go on. Other ships are tooooo big. This is will our 11th cruise with Carnival and we love the extra treatment for Platinum members (priority embarkation/debarkation, concierge services, treats in the room, etc.) Won’t go to another cruise line because of these extras!!! Will be booking 2 cabins and can’t wait.

  285. Glenn & Kelli says:

    We are dreaming of our 3rd cruise …. on the DREAM …. we set sail on May 22, 2010 along with my brother and his wife and kids …. this will be our third time on Carnival and we are really looking forward to it!! We sailed on the Conquest (newest ship at the time) and then the Valor (newest ship at that time) and now we will be sailing on the newest ship again …. we are pretty lucky to be able to get aboard these awesome floating cities.

  286. Mildred A. Perkins says:

    Planning to sail 2 January on Dream for seven days. Need emergency number for relatives as many are asking how would we contact you in case of an emergency during the cruise. Have checked all information provided and cannot find a number.
    What telephone number would they call?
    Sincerely Yours,
    Mildred A. Perkins
    Seasoned traveler of the seas.

  287. Elizabeth Holt says:

    Wow! What a beautiful ship. This is only my second cruise and I am really excited. 207 days to go. My friend and I are traveling together. I convinced her we needed a balcony and convinced her to try the new cove balcony. I have not found any pictures of the coves. Please post one.

  288. will u not post more suff? ive been waiting for new pictures for weeks please update faster!!!!!

  289. Hi John,
    My group and I can not wait to visit the Carnival Dream February 20, 2010. The pictures and updates on Carnival seem awesome. We are extremely excited to set sail on the Carnival Dream. My question to you is, who will be performing at the Piano Bar on the Dream? Thank you for your time.

  290. John Wibbenmeyer says:

    I have put together a group of about 20 people who will be sailing on February 27, 2010. most of us have sailed with Carnival before and are very excited about our upcoming adventure. Your blog has only heightened our expectations.

    I sincerely hope that you are still the CD for our excursion. Thank you for your work.

  291. angie says:

    ohh i am soo excited. i will be onboard in 66 days. i am so excited to get to see all carnival dream and what she has to offer. i will be cruising with about 30 members of my family.

  292. JoAnn Belmonte says:

    We are platinum on Carnival. My husband spent $2500.00 for a balcony cabin on the 9 nite sailing of the Dream out of Port Canaveral. It was its first sailing out of this port. He booked the cruise because it had a port stop in San Juan, where all of his family lives. The ship was unable to dock there due to the design of the ship. Duh! shouldn’t someone have know this ahead of time! This ship is the same design of the Carnival Glory. Just more cabins, but no more passenger space. A big disappointment. Our refrig quit working the 2nd nite out and they had no replacements. We could hear deck chairs being pushed around on the deck above even late into the evening. All in all a big disappointment. The ship is no better than the Glory and cost much more…..Beware!!!! Look for it to be renamed the Carnival Nightmare.

  293. 1stTimeCruiser says:

    21 days and counting!!!! Anyone else sailing 1/30???

  294. erin says:

    hi im erin from carnival freedom, you were our cruise director and we were wondering if we could meet up with you so my grandma and brother could meet you we will be cruising april 10th and cant wait to see this ship

  295. Mary Ann Larkin says:

    Hi, To to all you who are planning a Dream Cruise…John Heald will NOT be the cruise director. He only sailed with us on the blogger’s cruise in December. Todd is the cruise director now.

    John may join the ship again later in Spring if Todd bring out the new Carnival Magic.

    Please don’t be disappointed because John may not be on the Dream and is definitely not on it now.

  296. Chickk :D says:

    This is awsome. I can’t wait to get on this!

  297. Diane Toro says:


    I was on the Carnival Dream from January 2-9, 2010. The staff is experienced. Most are brought from other ships. I did not experience any jams on the lido deck, and I spent a majority of my time there. The casino is half smoking half not, and they make sure you do not smell the smoke on the non-smoking side and barely even on the smoking side. It was a wonderful experience, and such a huge ship that I was unable to do lots of activities that I was looking forward to. I definately reccommend the Dream if you want to experience an amazing vaction!

  298. Paulnashtn says:

    Just would like to know who will be at the Piano Bar

  299. Paulnashtn says:

    Re: previous comment– dates Mar 6-13

  300. Vic says:


    Thanks for the follow-up. Its truly appreciated that you took the time to address my note.

    I normally review criticisms in the light they are forwarded, and discount the “picky” internalized things to a single complaint or area of cruise operations for obvious issues with which we are not concerned. But DREAM has had consistent tones of adverse complaints. And ones which MIRACLE, GLORY and PRIDE, all of which we sailed, have not had consistently. We loved each of our cruises on these three ships. But, unlike DREAM, overall these ships receive four or five stars from most reviewers. DREAM is not fairly this well at all. Examples:

    Lido Deck Pool Time – Relaxing: A biggie for us. Pools on DREAM are cited as small, not any bigger than ships with 60 percent the tonnage of DREAM, and 1,000 less passengers. That is not good. Pools will be crowded then. Were they crowded, and could folks get into the pools without feeling cramped?

    Food: Loved the food no matter where we ate on Miracle, Pride and Glory. Food on DREAM consistently cited as late to the table, not prepared as ordered, and not warm. This would be bad. It is evidence of an inexperienced crew, over-worked staff with too many tables/passengers to serve, and kitchen operations needing improvement. So why is DREAM getting so many criticisms?

    Lines: All cruise ships have lines at specific times… no surprise there. Sometimes you have to deal with this matter given high tempo meal times. But the Lido Deck on DREAM is cited for 30 mins to 45 mins in waiting in these lines. Longest wait we ever had on Carnival before was ten minutes, which is by no means a qualifier for any complaints. I wait longer than that at Fast Food places at times. So why so long on DREAM as many have experienced?

    Sewage Smell: This is a first. Never smelled any adverse odors on any cruise before. This is a consistent person was nice enough to say “only when the wind was blowing from a certain direction”. Well, as we all know, there should be no sewer ..ever on a cruise ship. I have been aboard over 50 Navy vessels, and three cruise ships, and never smelled such a thing. How could this be an issue on a brand new ship like DREAM?
    Carnival either needs to address the frequency at which restrooms are thoroughly cleaned, or readdress the entire “system” and how it is designed.

    Again, thanks, and hopefully John or others can join in as well as needed to address specific areas of interest/concern. We are booked in a suite for the first time, and really look forward to a memorable experience, as our other Carnival Cruises, not one which we wish we could forget.

    Best regards, and thanks,


  301. Diane Perchinske says:

    Hi John,

    Sailed on the Dream 11/23/09 for 8 days with my grandson (2nd time for him as we were on the Splendor last Nov.) Have also sailed on the Glory and I enjoy Carnival lines very much. The ship was absolutely beautifull and oh so big. Our room (balcony) was at the very end on 7 so did a lot of walking to get to the middle. Our room was great as were the crew members. Two friends from the Splendor were working in the casino so was great to be with them every nite plus my friends son was running the comedy club. All in all it was a great time and we are looking forward to the Majic coming out in 2011. Loved your pictures on the slide. Take Care

  302. CALLY D says:

    my sailing date is 8/14/10 family of 5.
    we plan on visting atlantis water park, but the price is little high to vist $120 for adults and $100 kids. PRICE TAG $540 A LOT OF MONEY FOR A 4HR VIST. IS IT GOOD THING TO DO?

  303. Trina Villa says:

    215 day’s to go on the Dream a group of 22 people that include friands and family members are going and we can’t wait to go. We are going to have fun.

  304. Mary Ann says:

    Hi, our family wants to try a cruise. We’ve never been anywhere except a few places in Canada. Would you think the Dream ship would be good for a family with a 15 and 13 year old. Would they have enough to do on the ship?

  305. Nancy says:

    Just booked our cruise on the Dream for Sept.2010,can’t wait! This will be our 6th cruise with Carnival. It is a Anniverary/ Birthday gift to my great husband. We are never dissappointed with Carnival’s ships and their amazing staff,they turely are the BEST!

  306. Kaitlyn says:

    Thank You John for sharing the pictures of Carnival Dream. My mom and I plaining to sail of The Carnival Dream this November. I saw your You Tube viedo sliding down the wather slides. Thats was so fun to see you having a great time.

  307. Mark Burgin says:

    We are really getting excited about our 4th cruise with carnival. The “Dream” is exactly where we want to spend Valentines Day. As well as, celebrate the big “50”. See you Feb. 13, 2010.

  308. Tina Hearn says:

    Interested in know why Carnival is choosing to
    not have Caribbean music playing on lido like they
    did in the past. That was one of the things we loved about cruising, as it brightened the mood!
    I understand now, it’s just various venues on the
    big screen. The screen is great, maybe project the
    band playing!

  309. Jody Barilotti says:

    Woo Hoo! Ten more days and I will be cruising on the Dream. I am looking forward to standing on deck 5 and spotting John in his underwear! I will be on the supercruise in February! This is our 7th Suprcruise and our 4th cruise with Carnival. I love the carnival ships! And the more I read about this ship, the more excited I get. Our cousins are coming with us this year (their first cruise) and I glad that it will be on a brand new ship! John, I enjoyed your blog, I think you’re uts and you and I are going to get along famously. Look for me, I’ll be the one in the thong with the matching socks!!

  310. David & Sue Pilotte says:

    Hi John We loved your comments and pics. We will be going on our first ever cruise on Feb 27 on the Dream. Hope you are our CD. You and my hubby could be twins…We are booked on 7C and have a cove balcony…Do you think we should upgrade??? How far away are we from Pools, We are now thinking we should have gotten a stateroom with seating right outside on the deck??? But we surely want the balcony and ocean view?? What do you think?? We are in our 60’s don’t want to be were there are alot of “kids” …We love them but want peace and serenty…Is there a pool on the adult only deck??

    Thanks for your response can’t wait to see you and the dream…We are soooo excited…coming from the White Mts way up North In NH this is a dream come true for us..

  311. My wife and I just returned from a cruise on the Dream Jan.9th.I have to say that we were very disapointed.Our Stateroom was on the first deck right over the propelers or screws what ever they may be called.Every time we pulled in to port or left Port the bed would vibrate so bad I
    thought the props were coming in our room thru the deck.The poolside service I thought was very poor understanding the weather wasn’t that great not being your fault.But there should have been better poolside service.I must say the ship is beautiful the shows were excellent and the dining was good.I belong to a VFW post in NH and there were a large group of us that had planned on a cruise aboard the Dream in Oct.But I could not in all Honesty Tell the group to plan on cruising aboard the Dream because of our experiance.My wife and I had planned on sailing aboard the Miracle out of New York on may 30th with my Daughter and Son In Law but after my Dream experiance I am afraid of a repeat.This was my first time on Carnival Cruise lines My Previous
    cruises have been with Royal Carribean
    an always have been very Good.I have read all the dfferent messages from the people and most of them were good for the Dream.I do agree with one gentleman that said big isn’t always good.I wish I could be writing a better letter to you but with the money it cost me to Sail on the Dream my wife and I are very disappointed.Sincerly Yours Don Thompson

  312. Jenny Vieck says:

    Just booked our cruise for the Carnival Dream in December, a whole year to look forward to yet another Carnival Cruise – they are always great!

  313. Karen Caruso says:


    I date back to the Carnival my honeymoon(divorced now but) I have been how many of your cruises! I’m in charge again of getting a group together my best friend is turning 50 ( 25 again) Feb 12 2011, I can’t wait like a kid in a candy store, and her and her husband has never been on one, besides a Navy ship! I know you will make this a memoriable trip always do I have never been let down!

  314. Terri says:

    My family and I sailed on the “Dream” in December. I thought I would take the time to address some of the criticism I have been reading. Just going to put my 2 cents in.

    I have read that people had concerns about the pool area being crowded. I however did not find this to be the case. It was a bit hard to get a chair right around the pool but the pool itself was never crowded. The aft pool of course had much less people in that area.

    As for the buffet line ups. I will say that the line ups at prime times was long but did move quickly, waiting no more then 10 mins. However, if you are interested in the Mongolian (delicious) expect to wait longer. The food is cooked in front of you so this does take considerably longer. I would highly recommend the pasta bar….FABULOUS!

    We had the later dining and our service was perfect. The food came out quickly and was hot. Never did we have to send anything back.

    There is smoking in the casino but it was limited to only a specific area. The ventilation was great as I barely noticed the smell in the NON smoking section. The piano bar on the other hand was very smokey therefore I avoided even going there.

    We had no issues with our stateroom at all.

    Elevator lineups were noticeable but I was on vacation and not in a hurry to go anywhere.

    Sewage smell….. ok so this was an issue and frankly it was gross. This could always be smelled in the adult area. It made lounging in that area unpleasant. This DOES need to be addressed.

    The only other negative issue was the baggage claim when leaving the ship. We were assigned number 2 which meant that our luggage was on the even side. After 40 mins searching for one missing bag I found it on the odd side. Thank goodness I went over there to check. I cannot tell how many pieces of luggage were placed in the wrong location. The 6s and 9s were a mess! Apparently, the personal cannot tell the difference between 6 and 9….this was a disaster.

    Overall, we had a fabulous vacation. Loved it so much that I have 2 more cruises booked.


  315. Maribeth and Lou says:

    After meeting you last summer on the Freedom and having a terric time we knew our son made the right choice taking a job with Carnival. He is a videographer. You emailed him from your phone with a picture of us. He has finished his contract on the Fantasy, Has been on the Glory for a few weeks and will now be joining you on the Dream in a few days. A dream come true for him. We hope to see you again soon on the Dream!!

  316. Nancy says:

    Cannot wait to float on the Dream! Sept 2010.We are celebrating my Husband’s 60th Birthday.We have never been disappointed with Carnival’s great service!

  317. LeAnn Cerra says:

    thanks for the great laugh…loved reading your comments and looking at all the great footage of the “Dream”…just booked our cruise last night…don’t think I’ve been this excited about a vacation in a long time…counting the days down as we speak…see you all soon!

  318. Jeanette Giles says:

    Looking forward to being part of the Dream on July 17th 2010

  319. Jeanette Giles says:

    July 17th I will be part of the Dream.

  320. Trina Villa says:

    188 Day’s more to go on the Dream 08/21/2010.

  321. Sam says:

    Hey John,

    I think you were the Cruise Director on Freedom when I sailed on her May 2007. That cruise was the most fun of the 4 Carnival cruises I’ve been on. Thanks. Freedom was Carnival’s newest ship at the time. Now you’re on Dream, now Carnival’s newst ship. Are you always on Carnival’s newest ship? Keep up the good work!

  322. Don Figurski says:

    Just wanted to thank you for a great cruise. Never
    had a chance to say hi onboard but you made the
    cruise the best time we ever had. We’ll never forget
    Mary asking you to save her or her throwing you down
    like a feather. That’s the hardest I’ve ever laughed.
    Hope your healing. Please keep us advised as to
    your future travels. Would like very much to be on
    our next cruise that your in charge of. thanks again.
    Don & Maryann

  323. Carol says:

    On Feb. 6 my two sisters and I shared the Dream experience. We sailed 7 days to Mexico with you. We loved the ship.The entertainment was exceptional. I saw your bedtime story and although it was hilarious at the time although I worried that the woman you called Mary hurt you. I hope you had no ill effects from her tossing you around on stage. I have only two complaints . One is the lack of food choices between lunch and the late sitting for dinner. I was always wanting a light snack like fruit salad or a couple of cookies mid afternoon and All I ever Found was grill, pizza and although ice cream is good I don’t want it everyday. My other complaint is I want my past guest pin for the Dream because I do collect them. Is there any way for me to get one. I can understand that the company wants to save money and not give them out for free, but they should at least be available for guests who are willing to pay for them

    • daniel fortado says:

      hay john i was on the dream march 3rd 2010 it was the best time of my life with iowa and stinking creek im going on the glory in june when it departs from boston and would love it if you were the cruse director please reply to this

  324. Louise Matthews says:

    HI , I am not sure if this is in the right place.

    We are not sailing until 01/01/2011. We re travelling from Australia for this cruise. I was wondering if you would kindly clarify something that I have read. Another cruiser has commented that if you take the late seating for dinner that you miss the shows. I am sure that is not right, but would like to know in time so we could change our dinner seating preferences.

    We are also staying in a GS suite on Empress Deck – could you please point me in the direction of non rendered images of this room type.

    Love the blog – it helps to build our excitement. Well done.


  325. Mary Gorss says:

    Hi Future Dream Cruiser:

    You will love this ship. She is very large but not hard to get around. The Cove Balcony was super and all food very good except not too happy with food up on Lido. Shows are great. Casino was just okay. Not enough smoking area and not enough machines. Most nights could not get on anything…even in non-smoking. Very small casino. The bar is great. Love the large screen on Lido for different shows. Sad that there is no more mid-night buffet. Love the makeup mirror in bathroom, and getting the Cove balcony for only $50 per person for the week…upgrade from Ocean view. Well worth it. Embark and Debark was smooth. Lots of parking. We parked right in front (got there early) and did not park in the garage. Severe rain and high seas kept us from going into Belize but had a ball in the new area of Roatan…this is now my favorite island for beach and relaxing. Hope the shopping improves but the beach is wonderful, bars are wonderful and the food. Open dinning is a grand idea. We took late sitting because there was 6 of us but had great service. Sailed Dec. 12 to Dec. 19, 2009 and the Xmas decorations were great. Did not really care for the cruise director that much….needed John. Anyone scheduled to sail on this ship will love it. It’s a real treat. Have fun.

  326. Wow – what you do is so amazing – keep up the good work ! And the fun !

  327. Wow, what you do is so amazing – keep up the good work ! So much fun !

  328. Fun Dad says:

    I am looking foward to April 2011 when I will be on the Dream for my 70th Birthday providing my son the Fun Dude is still on the Dream. I wish I could have been there when you were the CD. My son said he really enjoyed working with you. Do you know where you will be April 9th through the 16th? I hope to meet you some day.

  329. Joshua Partridge says:

    I FEEL ROBBED!!!!! We just got home today and saw this show this WEEK!!! but still hilarious keep doing it.

  330. Wow! I would love to try this CarnivalDream! Very interesting! great photos too!

  331. Pam says:

    In my research for our cruise on the Dream this Nov. I stumbled accross your blog. I have read about you on CC many times before, but never *actually* read YOUR words. I have to say THANK YOU to you. You work soooo hard and keep an admirable, and quite witty, attitude to the THRONGS of questions and comments thrown your way. I appreciate your photo’s and insights on the Dream, look forward to reading more good stuff from you!

  332. Julie says:

    The Dream is absolutely wonderful. We sailed 7/23/11 and had the best time. I still can’t believe that all those people complained. I guess I should be able to because it was probably some of the rude people we ran into. I do not know why people think it is necessary to drop pizza, ice cream and drinks on the floor and just leave it!! My first cruise was wonderful and I just wish it had not ended!!! Loved the Captain, Staff and crew!!!!

  333. Connie Keel says:

    Hi John,
    just finished reading your stories & details about Carnival Dream.I hope you maybe back in March 2012.I have had the pleasure of sailing with you 3 times.You are our all time fav….Can you tell me who maybe playing in the panio bar? One of our places to hang out (after our show of course).You do manage to get some great talent .Hope to see you again..

  334. Jennifer Goldberg says:


    Enjoying the blog and I read that this was the place to request a Chef’s table reservation. We would love to secure a reservation for two (Jennifer and Paul Goldberg) on any date but January 3.

  335. Awesome read, and thanks for the pictures. Can’t wait to try this myself!

  336. Sandy Johnson says:

    I’m so glad I found this, we cruise on the Dream Feb. 11, 2012 and I was getting a little nervous with everything else going on. This made me so excited….thank you for sharing

    • Brenda says:

      Looks wonderful. Two more weeks (Mar.4) I’ll be on board with mother and daughter in tow!! Thanks for the blog, I love it!!

  337. Risa Schimmel says:

    Hi John! We’re sailing on the Dream next Sunday, June 9, 2012. Over the past 2 months we’ve met 60 people (yes 60!) on the boards, and every Saturday at 4 pm EST we’ve had Dream Sail away parties – watching Port Canaveral’s live streaming web cam while having live chats on facebook. We all can’t wait to meet face-to-face and have planned quite a few activities for our group – including a group water slide (hence our name Sippin’ Sliders since we will need liquid courage.) We have had a few questions we hope you (or one of your magicians) can answer:

    1. We have lots of June birthdays – my 50th & my son’s 6th (no Grandma jokes please) are just two; and, graduations. We are having a formal M&G on Sunday…how do we get a celebration cake for all of us to share?

    2. We’d love to know which Comedians are scheduled to perform the week of June 9-16, 2012?

    3. What are Camp Carnival evening hours for 6year old and up? (Do we need to schedule baby sitters?)

    Thanks for your answers!!


  338. Debra Leitner says:

    I am concerned having cabins on deck 6 on the dream. They appear to be right above the spas on deck 5. How intusive will that be? I want to prepare everyone.

  339. Arianna says:

    I am quite surprised at the profanity in this article. I thought carnival was a family cruise line; so why add profanity to an article based off of that?

  340. anna says:

    Hello. I just read your article and I must say it is hilarious!! I am going on the Dream on Sept 28 with my mom and some of my brothers and sisters. There will be seven of us all together. I will forward this article to them…it was both informative and funny! Thank you very much!!

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