I hadn’t been ashore for 14 days and so yesterday in Tampa I had 40 minutes for lunch in between meetings and immigration.

I decided rather than sit in a corner of my cabin, in my underpants, dribbling on myself …..I had better get off the ship. The last time I was in Tampa with the Carnival Legend there was bugger all to do close to the port. That has of course all changed with shops and restaurants within waddling distance………..and so I forced myself to get off the ship and go for lunch…….on my own…….because I have no friends….because I am Billy No Mates.

Solo dining is a lonely pursuit. But like many solo activities, once you get the technique right it has its own quiet rewards.

As you enter the restaurant your body language is vitally important. Gentlemen may choose to adopt a superior sideways tilt of the head that says, “I am a fascinating man of the world. Elsewhere are many, many women who want rumpy pumpy with me but I have told them to bugger off.”

Time plays tricks on the single diner. The gap between ordering and getting your food stretches into centuries. Ideally, you turn to your well-thumbed (if largely unread) Newsweek or Carnival Currents at this point, but more often than not you find your attention focused on a local real estate agent’s magazine which was available at the door and free.

You use these reading materials to shield your blankly staring eyes from the void of loneliness. But as soon as the food arrives you realize how pitifully few minutes it takes to actually eat a meal, without the distraction of conversation or laughter.

If you want to experience what it’s like to be stared at, don’t go to the extreme of auditioning for American Idol or walking down Promenade Deck dressed as vampire. Simply go to a restaurant on your own. I promise you it’s essentially the same feeling. The waitress smiles at you slightly too brightly and laughs at everything you say.

Other diners eye you suspiciously…………younger children may actually point and laugh.

Once I have read how much a three bedroom apartment goes for in Tampa I generally amuse myself with a spot of I Spy……… the couple who are both married to other people ……………. the wedding anniversary meal most likely to end in divorce.

Sometimes, there are people who do things during a meal that drive me crazy. A few weeks ago as you know I was on your Carnival Dream and I had a few dinners with important Carnival executives. One of them truly got on my nerves. Obviously I can’t name him…….yes I will go as far as to say it was a he………and the reason he got under my skin is that he spent the entire meal talking about work……..his work……..trying to impress the people seated with us that were at the top of the Carnival ladder. He did this with the help of a breadstick. Batting the air with a breadstick does not enhance your masculinity mate. Neither does pretending you’re a conductor and waving it in front of an invisible orchestra while you speak. No one should require a breadstick to communicate with authority. I bet he does it with a chopstick as well.

Anyway, there I sat ……..alone………missing my girls reminding myself how lucky I was not to be married to the lady on the table next to me who had ordered a drink that comes with a straw. Why is it that she thinks anyone wants to hear you consume those last few sips. Let them go. Or, order a new drink for God’s sake. There is no man who will find this attractive……….unless she’s looking for someone from France
Oh………I haven’t told you where I am had lunch……………it was (sorry Heidi) HOOTERS …….which is the nearest restaurant to the ship………….is Hooters………which meant I spent most of the meal playing a game of “Real Or Not Real.”

Time for today’s Q and A……….here we go.

Brian Asked:

In your replies concerning the best night for eating at the steakhouse during the 12/3 Dream sailing (not conflicting w/either CE in MDR), the incorrect itinerary was given. The replies reference the itinerary for a different sailing, San Juan, Nassau, etc. Can you please give your recommendation for the 12/3 sailing? Also, will the Dream offer the future cruise certificates?

John Says:
Hello Brian.

I am sure you saw my post apologizing for my cut and paste skills. Just in case you missed it….here it is again with the nights I would recommend you dine in the steakhouse.
FRI FUN DAY AT SEA – elegant night
SUN ANTIGUA 09:00 AM 06:00 PM – possible steak house
MON TORTOLA, BVI 07:00 AM 06:00 PM – possible steak house
TUE ST. THOMAS, USVI 07:00 AM 06:00 PM
WED SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO 07:00 AM 03:00 PM – elegant night 2
THU GRAND TURK 11:00 AM 07:00 PM

You also asked if the “Future Cruise Certificates” will be available on your Carnival Dream: As of now they are only selling them onboard the Carnival Liberty, Carnival Valor, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Splendor or Carnival Conquest. Hopefully they will be extended fleetwide soon. There are though plans to add your Carnival Dream to this list and hopefully this will be done by December 3.
Sorry about the earlier mistake.
See you soon and best wishes

Stef aka Hockey Addict Asked:
Hi John!!!!
(Please reply if you want too!)

So here it is Monday the 28th of September. It is so hard to believe that we just got off of the Carnival Fascination on Thursday! We had an amazing time again!!! We felt like we were home again sailing on her for the second time. Everything was just as it was. She looks like a brand new ship to me! She is very well taken care of!

I had written to you in hopes to be seated with our buddy Samson in the Dining room. I guess they didn’t get the message in time. But that’s OK… I know things happen! As soon as I got our sign and sail cards I saw we were assigned to the Sensation dining room. I had asked Samson which dining room he was in and he told me the Imagination. I thought maybe they moved him. So we went to see the Maitre D’. Maitre D’ Kaiyoz welcomed us with a warm friendly smile. I told him that he HAD to help us. That we were onboard again to see Samson and we HAD to be seated at his table! He told us to call him “K” and that he would see what he could do for us. He started poking around on his computer. He told us not a problem… that he had an opening available at his table for late seating! I wanted to kiss him! I wonder what he would have done if I did?

We made it into the dining room that night pretty quickly and the head waiters and assistant waiters were lined up against the wall to take people to their tables. DH and I walked past them all looking for Samson. There he was… it was perfect… he was talking to someone on his left so he was looking away from us…. I jumped in front of him and yelled SAMSON! He turned and looked and started screaming… too cool!! I said…. We’re at your table!!! He grabbed my hand and pulled me away towards our table with hubby in tow…. it was awesome!!! We were all giggling like school kids…. he didn’t realize it was the 19th and he said we made his day and he was so happy…. that made me even happier…. it was so good to see him again. He hadn’t changed a bit!

Samson’s assistant was Sueta. Let me tell you, they make a perfect team! Last time we were with Samson he was the assistant waiter. We were so proud of him as the head waiter. He did a really good job. He had both of his tables laughing all night long. On the nights they danced for us, all of the tables were watching our guys dance! They were great!

Our room steward was Winai and his assistant was Edwin… they were very nice, and did a perfect job of taking care of us. I was surprised with some new towel animals. They were adorable. Win said that he likes to make his own creations too.

Ooooo!! Felipe “woohoo” Couto….. He is now my official favorite CD!!! Sorry John, I haven’t sailed with you yet! He had us laughing until we were crying every time we saw him. You had asked before if we would sail for the CD… and now I can answer that if I was torn between 2 cruises and Felipe was the CD on one of them…. I would go with Felipe!

We had a wonderful time…. the only problem…. time went too fast! I wish we could slow the clock down while we are onboard! Wouldn’t that be nice?

I want to make sure that Miami knows that Samson, Sueta, Winai, Edwin, Maitre D’ K, Felipe and Lorraine in the piano bar made another cruise perfect for us. There is no way we will EVER try another cruise line because of them and all of the smiling faces on the Carnival Fascination! You guys are the BEST! Everyone welcomed us home…. and it felt like they really meant it!

OK I know I am going on and on…. I wish I could tell you more but I don’t want to bore the bloggers to tears!

One quick question…. I know you mentioned what your schedule was going to be like for 2010 in one of the blog thingies… but I can’t find it and there isn’t a link on the side for 2010 yet…. could you please tell me again? I am about to have a heart attack…. hubby said we could do a 7 day cruise next year… which he said “no way” to before because he needed a day or two to relax before going back to work. I want to see where you will be and see if it’s possible to sail with you. I also have to wait a bit to see what Samson’s next contract will be for the end of 2010! It would be awesome if I could cruise with both of you!

Thank you again for your blog thingy and all that you do! Also, thank you again for trying to set us up in the dining room.

John Says:
Hello Stef

And I want to start by saying a huge thank you for this amazing review. I did e-mail the Maitre D requesting you dine with Samson but I guess it got through the cracks…….sorry about that. I am glad you got eat there though, he seems quite the star and I will make sure that your words of praise for him as well as Sueta, Winai, Edwin, Maitre D’ K, Felipe and Lorraine reach the right people. I have not had the pleasure of seeing Felipe as CD but you are not the first person to tell me what a brilliant one he is and I am very proud of him.

I did post my schedule for 2010 and here it is again.


I have not included the 2010 bloggers cruise as we are still discussing this at the moment and will let you know the plans for this soon. If hubby would let you sail with me next year on a seven-day ship……….well…………that would be just brilliant.

Thanks again for that super review and everything we try to convey our crew to be was met and exceeded by the team on the Carnival Fascination.

Best wishes to you and hubby and hope to see you next year

Bobby Asked:

I don’t know if you received my first 2 messages but, we booked the Carnival Dream for June 05, 2010. I was wanting to know if there was any way possible that my sister and her kids can come on the ship for a few hours, I know there is a no visitor’s policy but I wish we could take a tour of the ship with my sister and brother in law to help sway them to book with us if not this year next year.

Wanted to know if you can be of any help, we live just 30 min. from the port. I always read the blog and I am a big fan of yours. I hope you will be on there when we go. My sister and the kid’s wishes they can go but they can’t afford the 4 of them yet.

By the way we booked on the spa deck. What special amenities will we get with the room?
Hope to talk to you soon

John Says:
Hello Bobby

Thanks for taking the time to write. First, the not so good news. The current security regulations that Carnival Cruise Lines are following does not permit visitors of sailing guests to board the ship. Hopefully, this may change by the time you sail next year and I will certainly arrange this for you if these protocols are lifted.

Now the great news. Here are the special amenities that come with a Spa Cabin on your Carnival Dream.

Carnival Dream Cloud 9 Spa Special Offerings
Guests in Spa accommodations will have exclusive entry access to the adjacent Cloud 9 Spa facilities and will receive a wide array of special offerings including priority Spa appointments, unlimited use of the Thermal Suite and Thalasotherapy Pool, complimentary fitness classes and upgraded in-stateroom amenities.
Carnival Dream Spa Amenities

Note: Only 1st and 2nd guests in the Spa stateroom will receive the access and amenities; 3rd and 4th guests booked in Spa staterooms and suites are not entitled to spa access and amenities.
Amenities and offerings available to all the Spa accommodations include the following;
• Welcome Reception/Ritual
• Priority spa appointments for reservations made by 6:00pm on Embarkation day (as stated in the Welcome Letter).
• Unlimited access to Thermal Suites:
• Laconium
• Tepidarium
• Oriental Steam Bath
• Aroma Steam Bath
• Unlimited access to Thalassotherapy Pool:
• Detoxify, unwind and revitalize your body in a pool which is gently heated to body temperature.
• Ideal for alleviating arthritic pain, soothing sore muscles and offering relief for sport injuries.
• Two complimentary fitness classes per person (Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi)
• Spa-branded bathrobes and slippers for use during the cruise
• Cloud 9 Spa Carnival Products in Stateroom:
• Elemis Carnival Shampoo and Conditioner
• Elemis Carnival Sharp Shower Gel and Vitamin Rich Body Lotion
• One hand and one body Elemis Carnival Soap Disk

Wow, that sounds amazing doesn’t it? I know that just reading the above will have you very excited about the cruise and let’s hope we can get your family to see this incomparable vessel as well. Drop me a line a month before you sail.
Best wishes

Irene Garner Asked:
Dear John….Please reply
Ooops…I think I hit the wrong button…sorry.

I am thinking of taking a Hawaiian cruise, but after checking the website for the shore excursions offered, I cannot see any beach excursions.

I just got back from a Carribean cruise and I loved the beach excursions. I know there are great beaches in Hawaii as I was there a few years ago. I know it’s early to view all excursions as the earliest cruise I can see is next April, but do you know if there are beach excursions offered on Carnival cruises to Hawaii?
Thanks…Irene (still hooked on cruising)

John Says:
Hello Irene

Just like Alaska, I have never been to Hawaii. I am sure that there must be some beach excursions so I have sent an e-mail request to the shore excursion department to see what we have to offer. As soon as they tell me I will let you know.

Hope you stay hooked on cruising with Carnival.

Best wishes

Sharona Asked:
I know you miss “your girls,” but I also feel like you probably love being back on the sea! I wanted to give you a lot of leeway on this because I know you will be buys on-board ship. Can you please help us arrange a Cruise Critic meet and greet for our sailing on the Carnival Glory leaving October 31st? Thank you very much!

John Says:
Hello Sharona

It will be a pleasure to assist you and the Cruise Critic group for your sailing on the Carnival Glory. I will ask the ship to arrange this sometime on the first sea day afternoon and for Ryan to add this to the “today at a glance” section of the Carnival Capers.

Hope you all have a brilliant time.
Best wishes and thanks for the kind words.

Marie Asked:
Hello Mr. Heald, I call you Mr. as we have not yet met. So it may be a bit forward of me to use your first name. We were wondering, since you have been on the Wonderful Dream, where might a person and say 50-100 of her new found friends have a Sail Away Party. (I think we have about 65 Cabins booked so far, but not every one will make it to the sail away party) The plan is to meet somewhere (Aft) just after “the Drill”. Can you give us an idea of what aft deck we might presume to take over (have a corner of) My Sister and I are in charge of the Dream Catchers Sail Away Party (Yikes 😮 ) on our Cruise Critic Cruise, Feb 20th. We so would love for it to be a special event. If you have any Ideas on this, that would be wonderful, if you think you could Drop in on the Sail Away Party and say hello to this wonderful group of goofs that would be beyond anything I could ask…But as you can see I just did 😮 ) So please when you get a moment, drop me an e-mail, stating what you think I might be able to pull off. I know you think it is early, But it is never too early to plan. I have the Dream Feb, The Spirit Sept, and I just started to gather friends to do the Liberty Jan 2011. So far, I only have one cruise under my belt (Spirit Nov 2008) and I don’t want to vacation any other way!

I know you have many requests…I hope this one makes it to your list of things you can do. Mostly the advice on what deck would be best is what I would love to hear about, and I will re request a visit from you at the Sail Away Party in Feb. One other thing, do you know who will be the CD on the Sept, 7 2010 Glacier Bay Cruise on the Spirit? Just wondering…OK now I will go away 😮 )

Thank you in advance for you help, and your time. Sincerely Marie Koval, Dream Catcher Cruise Feb 2010

John Says:
Hello Marie
Please……..call me John. I am sitting here at 7:15 am, in my underpants, writing to you so “Mr.” seems a little formal. The Cruise Critic group you are putting together seems like it is growing and there are lots of lounges on your Carnival Dream that will be perfect for a meet and greet. There is a huge conference room that can be dived into three separate areas, the piano bar, the back lounges and many other areas we can use. Please send me a final count in early January and I will make sure the Cruise Director………that’s me ………. takes care of this for you. Let me look at the final count and I will then make sure we give you the best possible location.

The 2010 CD schedule is being finalized and as soon as it is of course I will make sure I post it here on the blog. It seems they you have a lot to look forward to in 2010 and I am glad that I will get to share the ship with you.

Best wishes

Brian P Asked:
John (Please Respond Before Oct 18th)

Hi John, I want to thank you for your time on this blog. I can’t even imagine how many messages you get from here in one day. I look forward to reading it everyday and especially reading peoples comments and your responses.

I’m so glad Carnival has started to offer “your choice” dining. That is one thing I prefer about your sister line Princess, as I don’t like having to be at diner at a precise time. I also like that with your choice you can always get a table for two. Now that Carnival offers it I plan on booking future cruises on Carnival. I currently have two cruises booked, one is on the Carnival Legend and the other is on Carnival Valor. Of course on the Legend I have your choice dining, but on the Valor it is not yet offered.

On that note, I wanted to see if you could get my partner and I a table for two on the Valor sailing on Oct 18th. I really would appreciate it as my partner will be celebrating his 39th birthday during the cruise. I already plan on booking the behind the scenes tour as soon as we get on, as I thought that would be a top notch birthday gift.

Thanks for your help,

John Says:
Hello Brian

I am happy to find that you enjoy a daily read of the blog thingy and as long as there are people like you, I will continue to write and try and help as many people as I possibly can. I hope you read the Anytime Blog I wrote recently in which I featured just why so many people like you love the fact that we now offer Anytime Dining.

I have sent a request to my friend Pablo the Maitre D on the Carnival Valor to see what he can do regarding your table request. Have a brilliant birthday cruise and enjoy the Behind the Fun tour.

Best wishes

Ann Marie Scott Asked:
John, (please reply)

Kye is such a beautiful baby girl. Enjoy your time with her.

We will be joining you on Sunday on the Legend and are so excited you will be our CD.This will be my 12th cruise in 4 years and finally will have the honor to meet you.(all on Carnival, of course)!! I will be celebrating my 50th bday, my husbands 51st and our 29th Anniversary. I ordered a cake during early seating on Sunday night. Is there anyway you can have (I hope Yusef) wish my husband a Happy Birthday & Anniversary after dinner. If it is not allowed I understand. I am just proud to have him as my husband and would like to make it special. Is there anything you would like from New York, I would be more than happy to oblige. See you on Sunday!
Ann Marie Scott

John Says:
Hello Ann Marie
Oh bugger – bugger – bugger.

I just read this and you have just disembarked the ship. Did you write me a Dear John letter while you were onboard? I can’t remember, I read and answered so many. I hope you had a wonderful time and I am so very sorry that I got this message after the fact. Bugger, bugger, bugger. Best wishes and a belated happy birthday to you both………..bugger.

Tony T. Asked:
Greetings John: (Please respond)

I have just seen on Cruise Critic that CCL has released the Halloween schedule for 2009. I am on the 10/10 sailing of the Freedom and see that we are not included on this list. In previous years, CCL has done Halloween parties for most of the month of October. Why has it been changed this year? We cruise at this time of the year every year and one of the main reasons is to enjoy the Halloween party. We are extremely disappointed in this news as our costumes have already been purchased for this year’s event. (Rather expensive). Please tell me this list that has been posted is incorrect, and we will in-fact have a Halloween party on the 10/10 Freedom sailing. Can we talk Wee Jimmy into it?
You can reply in private if you wish.
One very, very sad Platinum Family.
Tony and Karrie T.

John Says:
Hello Tony and Karrie

Well, I am so sorry but I have no good news for you with regards to Halloween. This year we are celebrating two weeks before the 31st and not the entire month as we have done before. I know you are very disappointed about this and I wish there was something I could do to make it up to you. I will see if a little gift to you from me may bring a smile to your face.
Have a fantastic time

Best wishes to the family

Deborah Asked:
Hi John – I have a strange question that maybe one of Carnival’s technical people can answer.
Pam and I will be on the Carnival TA, which is 16 days away from our family. So we wanted to stand by the white chairs behind the swimming pool on the Lido deck and have our families see us through the WEB CAM. How often is the signal updated? I have been watching the Lido deck for the inaugural sailing and I have calculated about a 6 min. between camera changes. Can the tech heads advise how long we should stand by the chairs to get our faces on the Web Cam for our Mom’s to see us?

I know this is a strange question. We really want our Moms to be able to see us and know that we are having a good time!!! I hope someone can give us a good answer!!

I hope your last few days with Heidi and Kye were great. Pretty soon, they will be able to come with you. Safe travels.

All the best,
Deborah (Debs)

John Says:
Hello Deborah

This is something I am surprised more people don’t do as it’s pretty cool. Anyway, I spoke with the Audio Visual Manager Radu who tells me the camera is set to update every 8 minutes. So, bearing in mind the time difference, let your family know what time to look and if you stand there 16 minutes before they should get two great chances to see you waving etc.

I hope you have fun and I will see you in Bermuda
Best wishes

Host Mach from Cruise Critic Asked:
Hello, John!!

Oh, I forgot, please respond! The only reason I do that is because I want everyone to see this as I sing the praises of the staff of the Carnival Conquest.

As you know, our Cruisin’ with the Crazies group just returned from a week on board the Conquest. To say that it was a fabulous cruise would be a gross understatement. Everyone was blown away by the wonderful time we had. I didn’t hear one negative comment from any of our nearly 300 members.

First, Kyle Post, our CD was wonderful. He met me shortly after embarkation at our hospitality desk to make sure that everything was going as planned and he kept in contact for the entire cruise. Everyone sang Kyle’s praises. His assistant, Marcello, was equally as important and did a fantastic job of ensuring that the fun never stopped.

The Groups Coordinator did a brilliant job of taking care of our venues for both the Meet & Mingle (there were 156 of us there!!!) and our group cocktail party. Many kudos to her for her efforts.

The wait staff for our section in the Monet dining room were the best I’ve ever witnessed. Iputu, our waiter, and Rolando, his assistant almost instantly became dear to all of us. Wonderful humour (spelled correctly…) amazing service and so much personality that they had to carry about the excess in buckets. The Crazies adopted them. They’re part of our family now. Every evening, after dinner, they would mug for the cameras, chat and simply make us feel at home. These two deserve any bonus, raise, promotion or whatever they can get. They were simple BRILLIANT!

The magician who visited our table on several evenings was astonishing. The close up magic was the best I’ve ever seen. What a worthy addition to the entertainment staff!!!

I could go on and on, and indeed I do in my Cruise Critic review of the sailing, but suffice it to say that at the Meet & Mingle we decided that we have to do it again. Therefore, Cruisin’ With The Crazies Too will sail next September 26 on board the Carnival Conquest. We had people on board asking how they could become Crazies!!

Thank you, John, for your help in getting the few issues that we had taken care of. It meant the world to us.

In my mind, there is no doubt that the ship, the staff and the crew of the Carnival Conquest are the best in the fleet.

Ciao, my friend!

John Says:
Hello Host Mach
Just a quick word to say thanks to you for this great review. It is easy to see why the crew of the Carnival Conquest is constantly rated so highly by guests and why we love sailing out of Galveston. I have made sure that the ship and the Miami office get to see these amazing words of praise. Thanks again for sharing them with us all.

Best wishes to you and Stitch

Ben (Homer) Asked:
Hi John, Please reply…

My wife Mary and I are going on the Dream on Dec 3rd. I want to honor Mary, and our 27 years of marriage by singing a song to her named, (When I Said I do by Clint Black… I have been practicing this song intently to get it right. I would like to sing it at the Kareoke Bar or at the main lounge. Does the ship have this song in the que, or can I bring my own on my ipod… Can you make this happen? It would mean a lot to me, and I know it would make Mary happy. We have always cruised on Carnival, and with no one else because Carnival is the best why go any where else. Can you make this happen…?
Thanks… Homer

John Says:
Hello Ben (Homer).

You old romantic stud muffin you. It sounds like you have quite the surprise for your wife and your 27 years of marriage together. I am 99% certain we have the song and have e–mailed Mouna, your Carnival Dream Karaoke Host, to see if we have this song. I am sure we can make this happen and unless you hear from me otherwise consider it so.

Best wishes and keep practicing.

Kathy M. Asked:
Hi John,
Please Reply,

I was just on Cruise Critic and some are wondering why the Carnival Splendor is leaving the port in Cabo San Lucas at 3:00PM. When the Carnival Pride was there we left around 7:00PM because I remember the Sunset, it was beautiful. So would mind asking some that wear the beards why the ship is leaving so early in the afternoon now. It really does not give the passengers much time in Cabo.

John Says:
Hello Ben

That’s a great question. The people with beards tell me that the Spirit-class is a much faster ship than the Splendor class. However, I don’t think the Carnival Pride ever left Cabo at 7 pm. My records show that it was a 7 am arrival and a 4 pm departure……one hour different to the Carnival Splendor. However, there was a 10 pm departure for Puerta Vallarta …….but not Cabo San Lucas.

I hope this clears that up and if you have a follow up mate please let me know.
Best wishes

Lisa Asked:

It seems you have boarded the Carnival Leg End in time for the Goth Cruise on October 11 2009. Coincidence? Or are you secretly practicing in black underpants to dance The Time Warp with us? Be sure to program it into your Kye Pod (as they should all be called), and perhaps I’ll see you at the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening onboard.

John Says:
Hello Lisa

Are you a Goth? I hope so because honestly………..I haven’t a bloody (pardon the vampire joke) what one is or what one has to do to be one. I do know that you and your group are here and I will do my best to make sure you have a bloody good time. See you soon and I am off now to eat a clove or 10 of garlic.

Best wishes

Michelle (Please Reply) Asked:
I have a simple question. Are the doors on the Dream made of Metal so magnets will stick to them?

John Says:
Hello Michelle

Yes indeed, metal doors are waiting for you on your Carnival Dream. Have a magnetic cruise.

Best wishes

Chris Asked:
John – Please reply,

I plan to purchase a Behind the Fun tour for my parents when we cruise on the Dream on 12/3. Is the tour always held on the last day or do you know which day it will be held on our sailing? THANKS

John Says:
Hello Chris

The Behind the Fun Tour went really well yesterday here on the Carnival Legend and it was my first time actually seeing it. It got rave reviews from the guests I spoke to. The tour is already underway on your Carnival Dream and I know it will be available when you sail with us on December 3rd. However, at the moment I am not sure what day Todd intends to schedule it for. If the last day of the cruise is a sea day then usually it is held then. However, we have a port day as our last day so I will ask Todd what his intentions are and let you know. It is something I highly recommend.

Best wishes

Kathy M. Asked:
Hi John,
Please Reply,

Concerning your cigars, can you put in a claim for them; it would seem that you should be able to.
You asked me to let you know of the dates that I would like to sail on the Carnival Spirit with you and I have chosen either Oct 27, 2010 or November 28, 2010. Please let me know if you will be on board either of these dates.

I have also put in a tracer on the gift that I sent to Kye, but they said it will take a couple of weeks since it went overseas, so I will let you know when I hear something. I did insure it, so if it is lost, I will get her another one.

Give my love to Heidi and Kye.
Your #1 bloggy thinggy fan
Kathy M.

John Says:
Hello Kathy M

I will be on the Carnival Spirit for both those voyages. At least, that is the plan but as you may have seen my schedule is never 100% definite. However, it is my full intention to be on the Carnival Spirit and I hope I can see you there and say a personal thank you for the beautiful gift you have sent Kye.

Best wishes to you and the family

Jeanette Asked:
John, I hope the message about getting back to Miguel (Black Pearl restaurant Maitre’d) and reminding him my email inbox is waiting for an email from him with attached photos….
Jeanette Raichel

Yes, I am serious, he said he would and, I want to hear from that dear sweet man, and his protege on the Liberty *BG*

Thanks John and the champagne was damn good….

John Says:
Hello Jeanette

I did indeed send the message to Miguel and I am sure by now he has written to you. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Best wishes

That’s all for today. I am up to questions posted on September 30 now which means I am only 12 days behind…………12 days…………bugger.

Debarkation was very smooth today with close to 900 opting for the self assist program. We started at 7:20 am and were done by 9:15 am. I have to say………..and I do so with respect………..that the officials here in Tampa are considerably more understanding than some of their colleagues down in South Florida.

Let’s do the news.

And we start with something for the Canadians. You know, when Heidi and I look back on the many places we have visited we always have very fond memories of our time on the Carnival Triumph and our visits to Nova Scotia. I think I told you about that when I was chatting about my love of lobster a few blogs ago and I think I may have mentioned the amazing greeting the ship always received from the locals. Well, it seems that tradition of wonderful welcomes has continued because here is a link thingy about lobster ice cream……yes ice cream………..and some spectacular photos of the Queen Victoria ………. oh and people from Maine may want to read this to. Here is Alistair – Entertainment Director of the Queen Victoria …………lucky sod.


The Carnival Virtual Book Of Dreams contest was very popular and now the votes have been counted and there is one very excited winner……..here’s Vance to tell you all about her.

Eight-Year-Old from Egg Harbor Township, N.J., Winner of Carnival’s Virtual Book of Dreams Contest

Congratulations to Hailee who I look forward to seeing on board her Carnival Dream.

Just before we start on this week, here are a few letters from last week including one with a job offer for our President, Gerry “the slide” Cahill.




And now, here is the news about voyage LE7101109

Under 2 Years 9
2-5 Years 31
6-8 Years 41
9-11 Years 53
12-14 Years 51
15-17 Years 49
18-20 Years 36

And of course we have the 155 Vampires………sorry…….Goths………that’s the last time I will make fun of them………..OK, that’s bollocks……….but I must say so far they seem very nice creatures of the dead………sorry…………people. They certainly won’t be seeing much of the sun as they have private events every night starting at midnight until sunrise, when they run back to their cabins and hang upside down from the closet door until the sun goes down. There will be more about them later.

Let’s take a break and turn things over to Heidi.

Hello everybody.
First of all, thank you for your understanding of us not posting any more photos of our little girl.

I know John mentioned me getting a “telling off “for taking a photo of Kye’s first time in the pool.

At least I snapped one before the lifeguard had time to get down from his umpire chair 🙂

I then put the camera with the towel on the side of the pool and was told that it had to go in the locker in the changing room; it was not supposed to be in the pool area…….what has the world come to?

Well, here we are, the leaves are changing colour, it’s getting colder and Kye needs more layers.

In a few days she will be 5 months old. Everybody who has children tells me to enjoy every minute as “they grow up so fast”

And it is so true. She is rolling over and lifts her head up and looks up with that cheeky little face as if to say: ” Look at me, aren’t I clever?” Yes, she is, she is the cleverest (is that a word), the prettiest and the best baby in the world because she is ours. Nothing can prepare you for the sleepless nights, the tiredness and the amount of washing but at the same time………I wish they can bottle the feeling you get when you wake up and see that smiling face next to you. I would give everybody who is sad and unhappy a bottle and cheer them up for life!

I started giving Kye some Baby Rice late afternoons as she is a hungry little thingy. She has gone from waking up a few times during the night to only waking up once. She now sleeps in her “big” bed and she looks sooo small in there but she can stretch her arms out and have a lot more space.

We swim regularly with other mums and their babies and we started something called Baby Sensory. For anyone out there with a little one, I highly recommend it. It won many awards and Kye loves it. I am sure they do it in the US as a lot of the songs and rhymes are American (lucky for me as I am more familiar with them after working for Camp Carnival than with the British ones). They also teach you basic sign language which I find very interesting and always wanted to learn.

Take a look at the British based website but I am sure there is an American one.


I have to say, being a mum is fun and I sometimes feel guilty that I am not working……this is the best job in the world and between the cappuccino’s, the lunches, the walks, the swims etc. there is little time left for anything else.

Yesterday we went to a wedding of friends of ours. Beverley used to be a Dance Captain and her now husband Pierluigi is a (very handsome, sorry John) Staff Captain who will return to the Valor at the end of the month so anyone sailing on the Carnival Valor in November, you can congratulate him on getting married. Kye looked gorgeous in her little pink and cream outfit, wearing Baby Dior shoes……well, she had them on her feet for about 10 minutes and half an hour later the socks came off too. She is like her Daddy, never cold and pushes every blanket I cover her with off in seconds.

She loved all the attention and sat with Christopher Alan Graves (who many of you know from his beautiful voice on board the ships) while I was having my dinner. Our other table mates were Haste and Karen and their beautiful daughters Lily and Rose. I am sure some of you will remember Haste and Karen, they were a Cruise Director / Assistant couple like John and myself. It was so nice to catch up and had lots to talk about. Through it all, Kye napped, smiled and was her usual happy self.

This weekend we will spend some time with Suedrip (John’s sister) as she is over from Hong Kong for a few days and of course we are going for lunch at John’s mum and Dad on Sunday afternoon as that has become sort of a tradition. (A very tasty one as John’s mum is a great cook!)

Well, that was a little update from our busy life. Missing John is not getting any easier to say the least but we are looking forward to our first Christmas together as a family, which sounds pretty good!

Thank you for everything you write and send us and for your wonderful friendship.
Heidi & Kye

You know, we were both so disappointed that we had to stop posting photos of Kye. I really want to explain more but I can’t as the place where her photos were placed on a website belonging to a famous company who were in search for child models. They had received the photos and placed them on their website without our permission. Luckily the person who did this gave the organizers my name and the blog and e-mail addresses.

They contacted me and you can imagine my shock. Now, I know that it was probably someone reading this now and that your intentions were good but………well……….you can imagine how upset we both were and where our minds went after that. Anyway……….just thought I should explain what happened.

Let’s move on and have a look at a photo taken by a blogger (Joe Stone) in Miami ……….it shows the Carnival ……..ummmm……….I think the Carnival Destiny……….sailing past the Miami skyline.

Carnival Legend

This got me thinking. What’s your favorite photo of a Carnival or Carnival Corporation ship? Please send us yours and we will post them here on the blog thingy………or at least I think we can………….Stephanie – can we do this?

Hello Bloggers. Of Course we can. Send an email titled Ship Photo to socialnetworking@carnival.com with the photo attached and I will take it from there.

Well, the welcome aboard show was very interesting indeed and I will be sharing photos and some character stories with you tomorrow. It’s now 12:45am and time for bed. It’s been a long day of debarkation, dining alone, meetings, announcements, paper work, blogging shows and trying to avoid being bitten in the neck by a vampire.

One last thing from last week. A guest stopped me to say what a great cruise it was and I knew there was going to be a but ……..and there was……….he said “When are you going to get a decent news station like Fox and dump the Communist News Network.” It took me a moment to realize he was talking about CNN……a station he seemed to have bugger all nice things to say about.

I told him I would pass his thoughts on but I think I am right in saying that with the package of TV network channels Carnival exclusively provides our guests, the only news station that we currently air here on Carnival Legend is Stalin’s favourite…….CNN International.

Anyway, I was thinking about this as I sit here now, in my underpants, ready to say goodnight. That’s because CNN are now playing a story about drunken pilots. One pilot had poured vodka into his Starbucks coffee cup. Another had to be driven to the airport because he wasn’t sober enough to drive on his own. How is it that my hemorrhoid cream gets confiscated but the person flying the bloody plane can get through as intoxicated as vampire who has bitten Paris Hilton’s neck.

I changed channels and found E Entertainment thingy. Halle Berry was revealing that at one point, she thought about suicide…….I’m wondering what the thought was that entered her head that stopped her. Maybe it was………….. What am I doing? I’m rich………I’m hot……….and Carnival’s Senior Cruise Director wants to have rumpy pumpy with me.

I turned the TV off and thought about the Goth group………..and I remembered I needed to do something before I went to bed…………..back in a minute…….got to put something on the cabin door.


Vampire my arse.

Your Fiend

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Look, friends — there are a few things you should remember before you comment. The space below is for you to post your comments about the post I've just written above. Now, while I may not be able to reply to your comment below, I do sit in my underpants almost every morning and read everything that is here. So feel free to comment on the comments and then if someone wants to comment on the comment to the comment then go ahead as well. Please be courteous, unless the poster is French...........then you can say whatever you want.

43 Responses to The Blog With So Much In it That I Couldn't Find A Title I Liked

  1. Host Mach from Cruise Critic says:

    How great to hear from Heidi and Kye!! Five months?? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her birth!! Time flies when you’re cruising, I guess!!

    Tell me… is there any such thing as a funny Goth? Are they Goths or Geeth? Dunno… Will we have any pictures?

    I think that my all time favorite picture of a Carnival ship is the Triumph punching through that 35 foot wave off the coast of Canada while you were on the bridge. I’ll never forget all the controversy that picture created on Cruise Critic… folks claiming it was Photoshopped, etc. Then I saw a picture of your dad’s den with that very same picture hanging on the wall. No need to say more.

    Please pass along my howdies to your lovely girls.

    All the best, my friend!!!


    Host Mach

  2. Tony Dunn says:

    John, just to say thanks for such at great trip. I have been on four (4) previous cruises with Carnival and out of those cruises, my wife and I had only two (2) cruises that left a great memory in the ole minds. Our first two cruises and especially yours, on the Legend. My wife and I had never had laugh so much and purely enjoyed an entertainment director as you, John. You gave life back to Carnival. We both loved your afternoon TV shows. Best I enjoyed was with “Bob” gentleman from China and Dick and his wife Ms. Little… I have told many of my friends here at home of your shows and how much you brought a little giggle and laughter into our lives. If I could only fine an entertainment director like you, John on every cruise I would live on Carnival.

    In closing, God bless you for making both my wife and feel so good. Hopefully our paths my cross again in future cruises. Keep the world laughing and the world will laugh with you.

    Tony & Memory Dunn

  3. Peg Dunbar says:

    Fabulous blog today John. Thank you for putting Heidi’s post about her and your precious Kye in. It sounds like she is doing very well and growing very fast. I can not imagine how much all of you miss each other. But soon you will be together again.

    It is going to be fun reading your thoughts of the Goth group. I have to say I have never met anyone that was uh, Goth. On our cruise to Hawaii on the Spirit we had a group of cross dressers. Very interesting. They dressed as men during the day and at night they dressed as women. I met one of them, Rachel/Jim. We had an interesting chat. He was in the Talent Show and not only looked great but played the guitar and sang. I remember one night Mike and I were in the bar. In came a group of them and there was one guy/gal that had legs I would kill to have. They really looked good in all their fine clothes.

    Keep smiling John, you truly are one of the good guys.

    My best to Heidi and your precious Kye.

  4. Frank & Bridie says:

    John , I still don’t understand or better yet agree with… What is so worth a bolocking about taking photos of… GASP …your own daughter…… How tragic… Parents tht actually wan’t to take photos of there child… Now what is this world coming too??
    The Garlic thing is funny. We’ll darn if you get off the ship once your here in port canaveral call us, you won’t eat alone and we’re 15 minutes away.

    Big Fans as Allways,
    Frank and Bridie

  5. Carolyn says:

    Hi John:

    I am booked in cabin 8473 on the Dream and read your response to Dave about this cabin not being a wrap around as shown on the Carnival deck plan. I had my TA talk to Carnival who said it is indeed a wrap around. From the pictures of the Dream, the cabin door is in the back of the ship and not on the side.
    Have you had any other responses from the Hotel Manager regarding this issue?
    Thank you for addressing this and warm regards to beautiful Heidi & Kye.

  6. jetskier says:

    Hi John,
    Here is a photo I took in Cozumel of the Holiday docked at the International pier Sept 2008. I have blown the photo up to a 20″x 30″ poster that I will have everyone sign on the last sailing.
    (Stephanie, here is the link to the photo)

    Thanks to you and Chris P. for letting Brad Tassell be the comedian onboard. He will have dinner with us and a couple of other folks on Elegant night. Everyone is getting excited and looking forward to being on the ship.

    We also have several folks that are sailing the last sailing of the Holiday and then 3 days later sailing the first sailing of the Fantasy out of Mobile. I was looking forward to sailing with Risa for the first time but it seems there is a CD conference and she wont be onboard. If you remember, she was suppose to be on the Fantasy for the Blogger’s cruise but got pulled for a charter. But Noonan is a great guy, so it will still be fun.


  7. Big Ed says:

    John, Hooters is a “family” neighborhood bar. Those women are wearing more then most women wear on the Lido deck. But I must say the “real or not real” game is fun to play in both places. I’ve never seen a “wardrobe malfuction” at a Hooters but I’ve seen it happen on the Lido deck. Yes, even male “wardrobe malfuction” and that’s bad for my eyes.

    BIG ED

    Ps I do like the wings at Hooters.

  8. nanetteali says:

    Hi Billy No mates…..pleaseeeeee 🙂
    Love the garlic thingy. It seems you are headed to a interesting week.

    Heidi!!!! HI!!!
    Miss Kye’s pics. She is going to be so different the next time we see her….sigh
    Don’t you ever feel guilty about not “working” you are doing the most important job in the world and the most rewarding. I know from experience it’s the hardest. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Up to this day (and you know my kids) I don’t regret for a minute staying with them for 10 years while they were little.
    John you are doing a great job also..Kye is lucky. 🙂
    Muchos huggos

  9. Ashley says:

    Glad to hear from Heidi and Kye and that they’re doing well. I can’t believe she’s 5 months old already!

    Here’s my favorite picture of my favorite ship, the Carnival Celebration. I took it during her last few months in the fleet.


  10. Mike Jurgensen says:

    Great to hear from Heidi and how well Kye is doing. I wish you all the very best. I can sympathize with you about lunch alone. Due to the nature of my job, I do it often. You get used to it. Garlic! ;-)) I wish I knew how to send a picture to the blog. I have a great picture I took of the Destiny on my July cruise. Maybe I’ll figure it out.

  11. Ronda says:

    John (reply please)

    I am sailing on the Inspiration on October 19th with my husband, daughter, son, mother, father, sister, and brother. We are all looking forward to this cruise, but one of the big reasons is that we will finally be able to celebrate my children’s birthdays this year. My two kids share a birthday on August 14th, but this year, when my son turned 1 and my daughter turned 6, we were in the hospital with my son. He has spent a little over 3 months in hospitals since he was born, including his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Birthday. Is there anyway to do something special for my kids? My whole family has been so supportive throughout all of the hospitalizations, going back to the 5 when I was pregnant with him, and the birthday (or lack thereof) was just kind of a huge blow to us all. We decided then that we were going to wait and celevrate with the kids while we are on the cruise. They are both just great kids, and have both been through a lot lately. If you know of something special we can do while on board, please let me know.


  12. flipflopcruisequeen says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful update on Kye’s and your lives! We really do miss the weekly photos of Kye, but definately understand your reasoning in not posting them any more. We will just have to see her in person, which means you need to start traveling with John.
    Have a great time with Suedrip and John’s mum and dad!
    Thanks again for writing!

  13. mary says:


    You know you have lots of friends. Remember when you got off the plane a couple of weeks ago and Tom and Jane were there to greet you? I’ll bet if they knew you were coming off the ship for lunch, they would have been there at the port to join you for lunch. They live in Clearwater and probably would jump at the chance to have lunch with you. So would a lot of others I’m sure.


  14. Kathy Kroll says:

    To Kathy M. from Kathy K !

    When we were on the Carnival Pride in 2004 we left Cabo at 3 pm. It was Puerta Vallarta (sp?) that we stayed until 7…maybe even a little later. We would liked to have stayed in Cabo longer.

    “Hooters” is the ONLY close restaurant ?? Hummm

    Kathy and Paul ( Lee Paul )

  15. Michelle mann says:

    Morning what a great blog, i must try and stop this habit of getting up in the morning and before i do anything else i read your blog! Lovely to hear from Heidi and Kye. I laughed so much at your experience of dining alone, yesterday i watched Fraser and it was about him going out to eat alone…so funny, just like you described.
    Like Heidi says getting colder here now, the leaves from the whole street keep blowing onto my porch…which means i have to sweep them up everyday when i could spend more time reading the blog. Anyway off to get my broom,

    bye for now
    michelle and gangx

  16. Gary Woollam says:

    Hi John
    Has been great reading your blog.Find it great getting a British angle on something so American as Carnival ! So may not get a chance to read any more . . .
    We leave the UK tomorrow for Sunday’s Legend sailing.
    Will see you then.

    ps I have this vision of you in your cabin typing your blog. If I said Jim Royale (me arse and all that)….apart from the beard . . . Lol

  17. dwa76 says:

    Hi John!
    Garlic…good move. I hope it works 🙂
    I loved that Carnival Destiny picture out of Miami. So pretty.
    Its wonderful to hear from Heidi and it sounds like Kye is having a great time growing up.
    Glad you were finally able to go ashore for a little bit. Get your land legs back under you.
    Take care!

  18. Big Ed says:

    John & Carnival, PLEASE REPLY

    You will see from the list below FOX NEWS has the top 10 cable news programs. So why can’t we get it as the Carnival news channel in our cabins or on the BIG screen???? (BIG screen only for important breaking news) Almost all these shows outscore all others added together in there time slots.

    (2Q 2009)


    BIG ED

  19. John,
    There was no need for you to dine alone in Tampa. Next time you are in Tampa email us and we will be more than happy to meet you and take you out for lunch. It woud be our pleasure. If you don’t remember us we met you on the Ruby Princess and I had a cigar cutter for you.
    Tim and Diane

  20. TIM says:

    Please reply,

    What is going on, on the Cruise to Nowhere on November 13 on board the Carnival Dream.? We are booked but know nothing of what’s in store for that weekend. Any info would be great.

  21. Norie Berndt says:

    Hi John,
    This is the first time I’ve written but I’m a big fan of your blog and of Carnival. I have a job now that allows me to sail often on Carnival and I love it. In my previous life, I was a corporate cog for a large Fortune 500 company and traveled alone for much of the year. I know what it feels like to dine alone in a strange city. Sometimes it’s refreshing to spend some time alone with a cocktail or 3 and a good book. But other times you feel that all eyes are on you and if you accidently dribble something on yourself the whole restaurant will break out in a fit of laughter.

    I live in the Tampa Bay area and just want to offer that the next time you would like to dine in Tampa, I’d be honored to accompany you. I don’t know if I would be as entertaining as a game of Are They Real but I’ll try.

    ~Your Friend at Sea~

  22. Deborah Rosato says:


    John – below is the group list for the Steak House reservation for some of the “Transatlantic Dreamers” cruise critic group.
    If you need my excel spread sheet, of the names/cabin numbers and total count, please advise where I should send. I have told the group that I will re-confirm the reservation with the Steak House 24 or 48 hrs prior, depending on what the Steak House would prefer, just in case there are any cancellations – just let me know.

    Regarding our Meet & Greet – that has already been arranged – Thank you and Thank Todd – I was advised via email that we can meet in the Burgundy Lounge 10/28 from 11am – 3pm with Bar Staff – YEA!! Please let Todd know that I did respond to the email with my booking number to confirm – I’m still waiting a confirmation email. We would love to invite Todd to stop in and say HI!! Also, please remind him to post this in the Capers for those CC members, who don’t read our roll call on a daily basis and might have missed the date. – Thank you!!! ((((hugs)))) for all of you!!
    Please let me know if I need to send any further information to confirm both the Steak House dinner and the Meet &Greet in the Burgundy Lounge.

    8 more work days and I’m off to Rome – Can’t wait to say Hi to you in Bermuda – You are the best!!

    All my best to you, Heidi and Kye,

    Deborah (Debs)

  23. Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    Have a Bloddy Good Cruise this week with the Goth folks. Just remember they are the same as you were when you were fresh and young and full of rebellion. I bet you had a Beatle cut and wore those stupid boots and even wore a Neru jacket. Are parents thought the same thing about us then. “Why on earth would you want to dress like that for.” I personally perferred the tie die T-Shirts and cutoffs, with a pair of harachi sandals. LOL
    I will try to forward the fav pic of the Carnival Freedom from the Bloggers Cruise and our Mexican Riveria Cruise on the Carnival Spirit.
    As someone has done a clean up and I can’t find the message from the 343 Stephanies telling me where to send the pictures to.
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy Enslow

  24. Martin Jones says:

    We sail on the DREAM in 14 days, Rome to New York. After watching your water slide show, I can’t wait to try it. I was glad to see that I will be able to use it, I am 6’5″ and weigh 245lbs. We have been following her construction and launch and can’t wait (but have to) to see her up close and try out all of the new facilities. My wife who is scared of heights has even said that she will get into the overwater tubs.
    We really enjiy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  25. Sherry says:

    (Please reply). I was just curious if you knew if Ken will be the Maitre’d on the Dream’s Christmas sailing – Dec 19-26. We met him on the Dream and were in his dining room, we would love to know if he will be onboard then. If so we would like to try and get our group of 10 assigned to his dining room. Thanks!!!!

  26. LorrieB says:


    I am going to be cruising on the Conquest November 8-15, 2009, with my mother. This will be her first cruise since I was 5 and that was ummmmm….. more years than I am willing to admit. Anyway, I want this cruise to be the best of her life as she just turned 75.

    My question to you is this….. my mother is mobility challenged. I have been told that we can get priority boarding due to her handicap. I’ve called Carnival but haven’t been given any definitive answer. What do we need to do? How many of us need to limp? Do any of us need a patch over our eye? Just kidding about the patch. Anyway, I know that my mother will be unable to stand in line waiting to board yet do not want to seem pushy. What is your suggestion? Also, I want to surprise her with a massage on our Jamaica port day. Will I be able to get this done on a port day?

    I love your bloggy thingy and really hope that you can help me. I want to make this cruise the best time of my mother’s life. It is a gift from me to her and the time together I will cherish for years to come.

    If you need her name or booking number, I have both.

    Again…. PLEASE, OH, PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!

  27. Marie says:

    Oh John, I can call you that now that I know you answer these questions in your underwear…Thank You for posting my question to you, as at least now I know you get them. I thought I had stated what I needed to know, but the answer you put forth was to a question someone else might have asked, but not mine? I did pass that information to our CC Group Leader though. I am only a groupy of hers :o) and in charge of a SAIL AWAY PARTY, as the ship leaves port. Not the Meet and Greet. I am looking for an OUTDOOR Aft area, to watch the shore get smaller and smaller and smaller, for about 100 people. Do you have a hidden away aft area that we can use, if so don’t post it here or it won’t be hidden away any longer LOL. but seriously if you could find a place that will be available for that first afternoon, just after the drill, I would love to know where to tell my 50-100 Dream Catchers to meet, AFT OUTDOORS
    You can reply on the Blog Thingy or just e-mail me, either way I am one happy camper, oh no not camper, Cruiser. PS I have someone trying to get this same answer from you this coming week, as she is lucky enough to cruise with you. If you get this before the Oct 18th sailing and you remember this note. Give Cathy a great big hug, she will be so surprised. (If you post this on the Blog Thingy please don’t add Cathy’s last name)
    We will be having a cabin crawl, slide races, bar hop, sail away, meet and greet, scavenger hunt, cocktail party, slot pull, Pajama/Birthday/Anniversary deck party. This is only the plan for Sea days, this is all being organized buy our CC Group leader, along with some of us groupies. Be looking for us :o), You are invited to everything, but You may just think about running…Kidding, you will love us!
    Thanks again, I can’t wait for our turn to Catch the Dream with you as our CD. 2/20/2010

  28. Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    I found the message that the bearded ones tried to hide from me and if you want others to send pictures for your blog they need to send them to socialnetworking@carnival.com with the subject “FOR JOHN”S BLOG” then it is up to the 343 Stephanies to attach the pictures to your blog thingy.
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy Enslow

  29. Dear John,

    We just got home to LA after cruising with you on Carnival “Legend”, and had a great time. We very much enjoyed your TV shows and timely announcements on PA. If you recall, I sent you 3-4 letters during the cruise, and a picture of chips & guacamole, along with a few jokes. You were quite the sport, and had fun with each. Overall, I must say you went out of your way to not only ensure all passengers had a great vacation experience, but to appease 2-3 irate passengers who unfortunately gave you and the ship’s staff a hard time (lady with her 14-yr old son, demanding he be allowed to sing in adult talent show; man angry over recognizing/honoring military vets) ; you deserve a ‘well done’ on all fronts.

    I wanted to ask, do you want me to list the new ship name ideas we came up with here, or submit on comment cards to CCL in MIA?

    Thanks for your enthusiasm, good cheer and attention to detail onboard “Legend”. We’ll be back, hopefully on “Dream” when it enters service. My 7-yr old son (Arsenal FC fan & ‘Marble Arch’ pronouncer) can’t wait.

    Enjoy Grand Cayman today; we loved it last week.

    Kind Regards,

    Ed & Michelle Price
    Los Angeles,CA,USA

  30. Mike and Janette says:

    Don’t you ever think about eating alone again in Tampa. You keep this e-mail address and give me a 15 minute notice and not only will you have someone to eat with, I will even pick up the tab.
    Even better if its at hooters 🙂


  31. Jeanette says:


    YES! Miguel did reply…I wasn’t sure if he would, but he did!!! Now to keep it going. He is a very dear, sweet man, and kinda cute…not as cute as the other……

    Cloud 9 Spa–oh my, I must say, I LOVED it! I did have the spa suite on the Splendor, but a regular balcony cbin would have done, but hey, I was turning 40, might as well go all out!
    The thalassopool is wonderful, and the steam rooms were amazing!!!! I am almost temped to only book Spa category cabins, for sure on the Dream I will (Sept 2010). I think I spent more time and money in the spa than anywhere else….

    As for being alone, well, I too do pretty well everything solo or alone and I am used to the “dead” time before, during and after. I am somewhat complex and seem to let the fun/extroverted side of me out when I cruise and then lock it away when I get back home to keep my mind and body safe…..As for the comment on Halley Berry wanting to end it all, been there done that and the prospect of a better day/life seems to make the difference. Life isn’t always great or happy, but take it one day at a time and go from there…..

  32. ajluck says:

    Ben Homer:

    If you have that song on your MP3….be sure to bring it just in case….


    So good to hear from you again. Your outting with Kye sounded delightful. Sounds like the past 5 months have been wonderful.


    I know Chris Roberts marriage is soon…so we want to send he and his new bride to be the VERY best.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  33. TXLadyDi says:

    Thanks so much to Heidi for the lovely update. We understand about Miss Kye’s photos, you just keep the little princess safe. All her Aunties and Uncles still love hearing about Kye!

    I ran across a group of Goths at Six Flags of Texas amusement park a few years ago. As they were so outrageously dressed, I stared at them. Know what one of them said?? “What are you looking at?” I kid you not, they dress in a way to get attention, then don’t want people to stare?? WTH?

    Luv and Hugs,

  34. Peggy Brousseau says:

    Hi John,
    First of all it was wonderful to hear from Heidi…
    We will be sailing with you on the Carnival Dream December 3rd, 2009. Have not seen you since our very first Carnival Cruise on the Carnival Glory. We still love the Bedtime Story! You were a large part of our returning to Canival again and agian. This will be our seventh cruise (all with Carnival!)
    I was wondering how I could find out about our dinning placement, as we sailing just the two of us. Would be nice to sit with some other cruisers.
    Thank you for your time and attention,
    Fondly, Peggy

  35. Sheryl says:

    John Please reply-
    I keep reading posts on Cruise Critic about people who get handicapped cabins because of the larger size, even though they are able bodied. Then , someone who is disabled, like myself comes along and will be told that those cabins are unavailable. I know it is Carnival’s “policy” to relocate people if truly handicapped persons need the cabin, but how often, in reality, does that happen?
    Can’t Carnival come up with a better system to stop TAs, PVPs, etc. from selling those cabins unless the cruisers are truly disabled? I know that there is a Special Needs form that I have to fill out before I sail. However, anyone could fill one of those out and send it in to Carnival. It’s not proof of a handicap.
    I understand that Carnival does not want to sail with any cabins that are empty, so maybe if they waited until shortly before sailing, they could then sell any handicapped cabins that have not been taken.
    Just needed to vent! Thanks, John.

  36. David Johnson says:


    My wife and I, along with our son and one of his friends were the FACINATION Sept. 19-23. We would like to echo Stef’s accolades for Samson and Sueta in the Imagination Dining room. They are great together. This was our first cruise and it was great. I am somewhat of a pro photographer and had the expensive camera with me. I took some photos of them in the dining room as there were working and also when they were showing off. I had some prints made on the photo deck and gave them copies. They had never had that happen before. They seemed impressed that I took the time and made the effort to do that for them.

    David and Carolyn Johnson, Joseph Johnson II and Janet Kennedy.

  37. Roxianne & Lon says:


    We were in Tampa (and on the Legend) this past May and I must say you were incorrect when saying Hooters is the closest restaurant to the ship. Bennigan’s is actually the closest restaurant to the ship (people were on the terrace waving at us when we left port). The food is terrible, but that is irrevelant when discussing distance.


  38. Roxianne & Lon says:


    If you want a news channel that broadcasts all opinions, keep CNN. If you want a Republican centered, Obama/Democrat bashing news channel then you want Fox. I say keep CNN, this way you get both sides of the story.


  39. Linda Hernacki says:

    For Roxianne, There are NO MORE Bennigans in Florida, the entire Florida chain closed up about 6 mos. ago, hence John’s trip to Hooters. Linda

  40. Linda says:

    It was great hearing from you Heidi! Sounds like Kye is still keeping you busy which is always a good thing with John being away.

    And John, I agree with Roxianne; keep CNN.

  41. Ben (Homer) says:


    Thanks so much for replying to my message. That means a lot to me.. Do you have Mouna’s Email address so I can touch base? I want this to go off without a hitch, and suprise Mary.. Thanks.

  42. Janice & Harvet says:

    Please reply…..

    John, So sorry to read that the only place you found to eat at in Tampa was Hooters. Now, I admit, we BOTH like it but there are so many more charming places. So…the next time you “land” & are hankering for a great place to eat, please give us a call! We will meet you at the Port (we live about 15 minutes away) and take you to a GREAT place to eat & drink & get you back to the ship on time. Plus it would be great if you could smuggle me on board and tell everyone that I was your sister. 🙂 I’ll be glad to email you our home & cell numbers..we’d LOVE to meet you and would be honored to take you out to eat..our treat!

    One other thing..we sailed on the Legend in Sept, loved it, and have now converted back to CCL fans, instead of RCCL. (We are avid cruisers, take at least two a year (and no, we’re not retired) and can’t think of a better vacation.) We had such a great time & Jen was fabulous as the CD and the Legend was beautiful. We’re already trying to decide our next cruise…Dream or one with you as the CD.

    Take care,
    Harvey & Janice

  43. Emily says:

    Hey John! After spending way way too much time on cruise critic, I found you’re going to be the cruise director for our honeymoon cruise on the Legend November 8, 2009. Between getting married and going on my first cruise, I’m so excited I can’t contain myself, and now that I’ve found you’re our cruise director, I’m even more excited (if that is possible). Just wanted to say hi and share my excitement. See you in a few weeks!!!

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