There Is Magic In The Air

January 18, 2010 -

John Heald

This past Saturday, January 16, two people sailed on their Carnival Dream……………to celebrate their Honeymoon…….here is how Louise Chatell met the man of her dreams…….Jim Bettencourt ……..told in her own words……..oh………you might want to have a box of tissues ready.

Dear John

I thought you might like to know that my new husband and I will be sailing on the Dream on January 16th and how we met.

I was a 30 something single average looking gal from Phoenix. Dating just wasn’t my thing. I kept bumping into the same men at the same parties and church functions. I just thought marriage was never going to be an option for me.

In October 2008 my friend and I booked a last minute cruise on the Valor. That’s where I met Jim. We first bumped into each other at the Captain’s formal evening. Delta Airlines had left me luggageless, and I was dressed very strangely, especially for a formal night. I was in high spirits, though — how could you not be on a ship sailing the Caribbean Sea, dancing and having fun? When Jim’s head appeared out of nowhere on at the stools next to me at the wine bar, my stomach lurched, my heart beat heavy and fast, it was as if I had tunnel vision. I was for the very first time in my 37 years sick with love.

We started talking and it was as natural as could be. Jim was in the United States Army was serving on his second tour in Afghanistan during which he received the tragic news that his wife had died of a sudden and unexpected brain hemorage.

As we talked he looked sad and dare I say as lonely as I had felt many times in my life. He was on the boat with his brother and sister in law celebrating their honeymoon. We sat and we talked and I knew that this might be something special when he suggested that we both miss dinner and eat together at the Lido cafe. We spent the next 5 days locked into a vacation romance and when we said our goodbyes I felt as sad as I could ever remember.

We had promised to stay in touch and sure enough we e-mailed and called each other every day. Jim was now based in South Carolina and it was hard for him to get away from the base. Being a teacher I was able to have more vacation time and weekends off so I spent lots of time and money flying to see Jim as many times as I could.

One afternoon, I was teaching my 6th grade class when suddenly and without warning in walked Jim in full dress uniform. He apologized to the class and then knelt down on bended knee and asked me to marry him.

We were married on Christmas Eve and now live together in South Carolina where I start a teaching job in the spring. We are celebrating our honeymoon on the Dream and we are both so excited. Carnival helped us meet and fall in love and it is fitting that we should spend our honeymoon cruise on a Carnival boat as well.

We both enjoy your blog very much and I thought that you might like to hear that vacation romances do happen and sometimes like ours are very special.

Louise and Jim Bettencourt

Dear Louise and Jim
First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to write to us and for sharing such a beautiful and certainly a very personal story. It is so gratifying to read though because often these are stories that we at Carnival never get to hear about. It proves that the holiday romance is certainly alive and well on our fun for all ships.

I also believe in fate and it seems to me that fate brought you together and after the tragic loss of Jim’s wife he found you. Meanwhile, there you were, wandering lonely as a cloud and suddenly Jim came along and it was obvious that this was going to be a very special love affair because you both gave up the opportunity to eat lobster in the dining room and headed off to Lido and alternative, non-lobster eating dinner………….now that is love!

I want to wish you both a very happy time on your Carnival Dream and I hope you enjoy the little extras that I have arranged for you.

Congratulations and best wishes to you both and……oh yes………don’t miss the lobster this time.

John and all the bloggers.

What a fabulous story and so well written. It is a fact that this sort of thing probably happens a lot so it is wonderful to actually get to read about it. Holiday romances were few and far between for me. No surprise there I guess as girls ignored me at home so why should it be any different anywhere else. Still, there were a few exceptions. I’m not going to count Hannah, the 15-year-old German pen pal who kissed me on my 14th birthday only to arrive at our ensuing date at the local swimming pool unaware that her left nipple had escaped from her bikini. I’m not going to count it because romance should last longer than one kiss and not end in the girl running away in tears, furious that no one (me) had been brave enough to point out her wardrobe malfunction. I’m not going to count it, even though I think I still love Hannah.

My first proper, proper holiday romance took place in on vacation with my best mate Ugly Alan. Helen was a 19-year-old trainee nurse from Scotland. She was beautiful, funny and one whole year older than me, so I naturally assumed she wouldn’t be interested. I was going through the middle years of a big eared, gangly…….yes……before a beach ball implanted itself in my stomach I used to be gangly………and was going through a uncomfortable in my own skin phase (stole that phrase from Jim Berra our chief marketing officer) that all girls find easy to resist. I was also spending a lot of time playing the trombone. Trombones aren’t like guitars or saxophones ………….they repel the ladies.

One night after drinking heavily she kissed me passionately and that was when I fell in love for the first time in my life.

A day later she was gone………… back home to Scotland. I gave her my parents’ phone number and begged her to call me and meet me. She promised to call. Alone again. Grumpy. Depressed with only Ugly Alan and some 16-year-old French thing called Bridgette who was obviously as blind as a bat for company. I thought about sending Helen a text but realized I couldn’t because texts hadn’t been invented.

Every night for the rest of my holiday I spent all my money calling my Mum and Dad to see if Helen had called…….she hadn’t. I convinced myself that she’d lost the number and was frantically hiring private investigators to find me. The truth was though that that our passionate kiss and swapping of saliva was in fact…….sponsored by tequila………and I never saw her again.

Time for today’s questions……… we go.

Kathy M. Asked:
Hi John, Please reply

Well I guess I am not the only one that feels like you have abandoned the West Coast. Someone on cruise critic started a poll to find out how many people would go with you on a West Coast Cruise and the majority that have answered have said “YES, in a heart beat”. Only one said that they could not afford the airfare to the West Coast. See that is what I don’t understand, you have such a following on the West Coast and yet in all the time you have been a CD you have never cruised here, maybe you could say you are going to do it just one time, at least give us fans who do live on the West Coast the same opportunity that you give the fans of yours on the East Coast. Think of it this way to, why do you always put the extra expense of your fans on the West Coast to have to travel to see you, when you don’t require the same requirement of your East Coast fans. Face it John, you are not being fair one bit. I know you mean well, and I love you for that, but we would like to finally see you do a bloggers cruise on the West Coast and by what the people on cruise critic are saying, I am not the only one that feels this way.
Give my love to Heidi and Kye
Happy New Year John!!
Kathy M.

John Says:
Hello Kathy M

I know that we have discussed this before here on the blog thingy and realize that you are very passionate about the blog and Carnival and dare I say it…… And I thank you so very much for being so. You are correct that during my years as a Cruise Director I have not spent anytime on the West Coast and that as you said is not fair. In my defense I will say that before I became Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador I had no say which ship I was assigned to and even now I can really on suggest where I would like to go. However, that does not take away the fact that I need to spend more time on the west coast. I am currently working on the next Bloggers Cruise and maybe I need to hold a second one on the west coast. I promise I will give this much consideration. I will also be sailing on the Carnival Spirit at the end of this year so this should hopefully give us a chance to be together. Thank you again and I will write more on this subject soon.
Best wishes

Elizabeth Asked:
Hi John, (Please Reply)

I hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year! 🙂

This is the first time I have written you but I’ve always enjoyed reading your blogs. My family and I recently returned from the Christmas cruise aboard the Carnival Dream and I wanted to tell you about the fun time we had…although, I don’t think I can sum up everything. 🙂

As always, the crew and staff were wonderful. 🙂 The ship is absolutely beautiful and the holiday decorations and music put everyone in the Christmas spirit. This was our first holiday cruise and we plan on doing it again next year.

I have been on 4 cruises, all with Carnival, and there was 30 people in our group, including a few children. We all enjoyed the different activities aboard the ship such as the cooking demonstrations, shopping, holiday show, and miniature golf. Camp Carnival offered plenty of activities for the kids in our group.

I can’t name 1 favorite part of the cruise because it was ALL fantastic. Exploring the ship was a lot of fun and the promenade deck was one of my favorite locations on the ship. The Serenity deck was a great retreat to relax and enjoy some quiet time. It was a great time had by all. 🙂

At the end of the week, I completed my comment card and gave recognition to pretty much everyone, whose name I could recall, but I forgot one individual who was extremely helpful one day. I would LOVE to give praise to this particular individual. I would like to inform his supervisor of his hard work but I do not know his name. Could you PLEASE email me and let me know how I can identify this crew member? If need be, I can let you know what particular area he works and what country he is from…I remember that much. 😉

Thanks Again and Best Wishes to You and Your Family!!!

John Says:
Hello Elizabeth

It’s always a pleasure to welcome first time readers and posters and thank you for your very kind words for me and my family. It sounds like your Carnival Dream vacation was superb and your review summed up all that is brilliant about our flag ship. I would be very happy to help you praise this particular crew member who you forgot to mention on the comment card. Can you please send me more details? I need his department or his job position and if you know anything else about him. Please send this to me here on the blog thingy and I will see what we can do.

Meanwhile I hope you continue to enjoy the blog thingy and my best wishes to you and the family.

Stacey Asked:
John (**PLEASE REPLY**),

Quick question. Can you tell me which nationality each of the Carnival vessels is designated to host? I was speaking with Ryan on the Glory regarding the 550 Germans that were onboard, and he said that the Glory is the “German” ship that all the travel agents and such try to steer German passengers to (because it always has German speaking staff onboard, etc.).
I find this quite fascinating. Can you expand on it for me?

John Says:
Hello Stacey

What an excellent question. Carnival does have a good representation across Europe and while many Europeans will sail on AIDA (German) Costa (Italian, French, Spanish) and P&O (UK) many Europeans like to experience what they perceive as the “American Market” and therefore book a Carnival cruise. In the case that you mentioned we have had a few larger groups of Germans sail on the Carnival Glory. This was booked through a very large German travel agent called “TUI.” They advertise a cruise in Germany and then they book as a large group. We then make sure that we have sufficient German speaking staff at the Guest Services Desk to accommodate them. However, they won’t have German speaking dining room staff or a German speaking stateroom steward and the entire entertainment program continues in English……. well …………..American.

And they love it……………even though they may not understand everything they have a fantastic time. Each ship, each cruise, will have a number of European and International guests. However, the only other ship that has special contingencies for this will be a ship sailing out of San Juan where offer more of a Latin flavor with Latin music and entertainment. The San Juan ships also have a large number of British guests sailing. They join in Barbados following a pre-cruise stay there and we offer a good old British breakfast for them. That’s eggs, sausages, bacon, fried bread, baked beans and black pudding …………mmmmmm.

All of our ships have Guest Service Associates who are able to speak a whole number of languages so overall we are able to look after our guests and in cases like the larger German groups we translate the Carnival Capers into German for them.

Hope this helps answer your question.
Best wishes

Linda Asked:
John, Please reply–or perhaps one of the 343 Stephanies can–

I always enjoy learning more about the various CDs, Captains and other crew members through the interviews you do with them (and their letters or postings to you). Seems like those could be easier to find either by listing them as links on the side of the homepage or if we need to look using the search engine then having each entry in turn opening to that reference and having the reference highlighted in yellow. This would make it easier to locate! Thanks and enjoy your time at home. Sandra and I are heading back out in February and will be on the Victory this time meeting Karl and his merry band of entertainers. Linda

John Says:
Hello Linda

That is indeed a very good idea. A few months ago I posted interviews with all the Cruise Directors and a few Captains and Chief Engineers as well. This year I will be aiming to interview all the Captains of the fleet and any of our new Cruise Directors. I will therefore ask one of the 343 Stephanies to make a file thingy for this one I start and keep them available for you all to read. Don’t forget to stop by where you will find regular blogs from Captain Scala and Captain Cutugno.

Best wishes and have a great time on the Carnival Victory.

Wayne Tkach Asked:
Hi John. Please reply.

Have been a fan of your blog for about a year now but never have had a decent question to ask, but do have one now. We will be on the Carnival Dream with you on the January 30 sailing returning to Port Canaveral on February 6th, with our flight leaving Orlando at 3pm. What are the transportation options available from the ship to the airport so we can get there in plenty of time for an international flight home?

Have really enjoyed your humour and stories and your life experiences and possibly getting a chance to shake your hand during our holiday. Our first experience with you as CD was back in September of 1995 aboard the Carnival Imagination, our honeymoon cruise, when we enjoyed your bedtime story, so much so that we purchased that tape and have viewed it a number of times over the years, you had commented on the tape that it was one your best ever. We love a cruising holiday, but have only been four times, twice on Carnival (Imagination and Valor) and twice on NCL, Pride of America in Hawaii in 2008, like you say, not that pretty on the outside but very nice on the inside. We enjoy the free style dining very much and although it was an open seating arrangement we loved our servers so much that they wanted us back every night so we always had our reserved table every night (eight to twelve of us) with our great serving staff, pretty good service. We are not the kind of people that complain, we have nothing but good things to say about all of the cruises we’ve been on, just enjoy that fact that we are away from home, somewhere warm for awhile, as say this as it is -19C outside and going down to -33C tomorrow night new years eve, just hope its not windy. Yes those are about normal average temperatures here for this time of year. I can relate to your health issues also since I am too a somewhat well fed diabetic that struggles to keep fit, maybe we can meet up on the top deck some night and toss some old rotten eggs at the mall of the seas in St, Maarten or St. Thomas.

Cheers for now, wishing you and your family a very happy new year.

John Says:
Hello Wayne

I am very glad to hear that you will be with me for my first cruise on our Carnival Dream. Please can you leave me a note at the Guest Services Desk as soon as you board. Just say “we are here” and leave your cabin number would you………..I want to make you a star………….I will provide the eggs. You can purchase shuttle bus tickets from the ship back to Orlando Airport from onboard plus there are taxi and independent bus operators available outside of the terminal building should you prefer. I hope the weather is indeed sunny and regardless I know we will all have a wonderful time together.
See you soon.
Best wishes.

Brenda Waddington Asked:

Hi John, I recently returned from seeing my daughter who is working as a hairdresser on the Valor. I would like to say how impressed I was with everything. We had expected a “Butlins at Sea”, but we found a lovely ship with something for everyone. We were a little disappointed with the Steakhouse, but mainly because the standard of food and choices in the main dining room were so good! We were also amazed to hear that there were about 900 under 18s on the ship – the younger ones were so unobtrusive that the clubs must have been doing an excellent job.

My question is about tipping. I know that in the Spa they don’t get a wage, and if they don’t get clients they end up owing their employer money!

How does it work with Carnival staff? Is their share of the tips their wage, or do they get a good basic plus the auto-tips? We gave personal tips as well as the auto-tip, but would like to know for future reference. Thanks

John Says:
Hello Brenda

I am glad you got to visit your daughter who I am sure you must be very proud of. Our salons are operated by an independent contractor called Steiner who is responsible for the pay structure of their employees. All Carnival staff including the dining room waiters and your stateroom steward all receive a salary from Carnival Cruise Lines. Their salaries are compensated by the gratuities left by guests of course as is the case in most restaurants and hotels in North America. For my non UK friends I should explain that Brenda’s reference to Butlins is something truly British. It’s a holiday camp…….and…….well…….I really can’t think of an American or Canadian equivalent. However, while these camps are a massive success they certainly can’t compare to the fun for all ships of Carnival……as you discovered.

So thank you for taking the time to write and I hope you had a wonderful time and most of all I hope you got to spend some valuable family time with your hard working daughter.
Best wishes to all

Katiel53 Asked:
John, (Please reply)

I can’t imagine someone’s complaining because the staff couldn’t speak proper English. I’m sure it would be interesting for him to go to a foreign country where English is not spoken and see what it feels like to try to speak the foreign language.

Once when I went to Paris I tried to find a store to order a bottle of wine. I had a French/English dictionary and the word for wine is vin. You won’t believe how I pronounced a simple word like that. No one knew what I was trying to say until I showed them the word in the dictionary. Oh, vin (like bin). I felt like a fool, but I was finally able to get my bottle of wine.
I think the employees on cruise ships do a great job in speaking English. I know sometimes it’s hard to understand them, but our language isn’t that easy to speak either.

As far as having a service at Christmas, if I were on a cruise, I would like to have either a midnight Mass or a service on Christmas Day. I guess I am old school in that Christ is the reason for Christmas. My dad would never go on a cruise at Christmas if he weren’t able to go to a service. Then again, he is 96 and is quite religious.

I think there are many retired priests and ministers who would be willing to do a service or services if offered a free cruise or perhaps a lower priced one. JMO.
Frank & Gerri

John Says:
Hello Frank and Gerri

I must admit that I was surprised that someone would say that they would never cruise with us again due to the fact that the staff did not speak sufficient English. Your point of visiting a foreign country is therefore well made. I can tell you that this year we are all going to work harder to try and have more religious services onboard. As I have said before this is an area where we must improve on and your suggestions prove that this is something that our guests want. I hope to have more news on this soon. Thanks again and best wishes to you both.

Vivienne Paige Asked:
Hi John, Please reply

I am so tired of reading about, and listening to people (passengers) who make frivolous complaints. This is the main reason why I always ask to be seated alone. I have been on many cruises, dating back to the ‘Mardi Gras’ (yes I’m ancient) and, of course, I always celebrate my birthday by being on a Carnival Cruise (4 of which were on the Glory). For my next birthday, I will be on the Dream, Feb: 13th sailing date, and, so help me, if I hear anyone within earshot complain, I will demand that they be forced to “walk the plank”.

The man who complained about the fine staff who, in his opinion, were not English speaking, must have a vocabulary that is not extensive, or he would never have resorted to the ugly language that he used in his comments to you.

Yes!! I would love a chapel on board. They had them on the earlier ships. I was told that there is one on board the Dream. Is this true?
My regards to you and yours,

John Says:
Hello Vivienne

I see that you will be traveling alone when you celebrate your birthday on your Carnival Dream. Please would you leave me a note at the Guest Services Desk and that way we can talk and …………. I can send you a little birthday something. Thank you for your kind words of support and I will do all I can to make sure I speak good English during your cruise.
Best wishes and see you soon

That’s all for today.

Normally at this point I say “and there will be more tomorrow”…………..but with your very kind permission……………there won’t be.

You see, I am leaving my girls on Friday and would like to have three days off to spend with them, my Mum and Dad and of course pack and get ready for four months away. I know I am letting a lot of you down by doing this but I owe it to my family to spend the last three days here with them………..rather than in my underpants………..on the lap top thingy.

Now obviously there will be no more days off once I reach your Carnival Dream. I have a one week handover with Todd and starting this coming Monday 24th there will be full daily blogs as usual. I will write a raspberry blog from the plane on Friday which one of the 343 Stephanies will post when I land. Hopefully my flight will be uneventful and not include any exploding underpants………….apart from mine of course.

Next week I will also be unveiling the new look Carnival Capers which will have a new name as well. And then come Monday the 30th I will of course be the CD and will share with you my daily experiences and the comments of our guests. So, please allow me these few days and next week I will answer double sets of questions to get myself caught up with your requests. Thank you all so much on behalf of myself and the girls.

Talking of your Carnival Dream I wanted you to read this note that I was sent by some Dutch friends of myself and Heidi who recently sailed on the Carnival Splendor.

This is what Mr and Mrs B to say.

“So we had lunch with the notary who was on the cruise (young couple with 3 kids) the 18th of Dec on the Oasis of the Sea. They had the experience but will go in the future again with Carnival. There is no feeling with the sea he said, there are so many attractions. Many bars and many were not full! You have to pay a lot extra’s in some restaurants, sushi bars etc. Employees of Carnival much friendlier than on Oasis. He said the sheets on the bed of Carnival much better. Re: the park he said you are not making a cruise to walk in a park. On a cruise you want to have the feeling with the sea and not a park; the food was good, there was in the afternoon a big salad buffet which was very popular. The shows were also good. So all together a big plus for Carnival and I wanted to let you know.”

I posted this not to point out the negative aspects of the Oasis of the Seas….. well….. maybe a little bit……but more importantly to highlight what Carnival offers at extraordinary value for money.

I won’t harp on about the Carnival staff being more friendly and the extras you have to pay on the other ship because…………..that would be unprofessional…………wouldn’t it. But I think you would all agree………….it does make for very interesting reading……….doesn’t it?

I know our chocolate melting cake is massively popular on our ships and it seems that the down under in Australia they have their own version. It’s called the Chocolate Warming Volcano cake and the wonderful people at P&O Cruises Australia have placed the recipe for this on their blog. And as I know many of you out there are chocolate worshippers…… is the link to chocolate heaven.

Warm Chocolate Volcano, Chocolate Sauce, 6 Portions

* 250 grams dark chocolate, chopped
* 100 grams unsalted butter, cubed
* 2 pieces eggs, at room temperature
* 2 pieces egg yolks, at room temperature
* 55 grams caster sugar
* 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour, sifted
* Unsweetened chocolate powder, to dust

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 C. Brush 6 x 185 ml (6oz.) ramekins with melted butter. Place on a baking tray.
2. Combine 2/3 of the chocolate and butter in a small sauce pan over low heat. Stir frequently until the chocolate and butter have melted and the mixture is smooth, remove from heat.
3. Beat the whole eggs, egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale. Add the chocolate mixture and flour and use a large metal spoon or spatula to fold in until evenly combined.
4. Divide the mixture evenly amongst the ramekins. Stick a small quantity of chocolate into the center. Bake for 12 minutes until puddings have risen almost to the top of the ramekins. There are slightly underdone.
5. To serve, turn the puddings out onto serving plates. Dust with cocoa powder and serve with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate sauce.

Last week I shared some great photos of the float out of the Queen Elizabeth. They were superb but the video truly shows how extraordinary this ship is and how she already proudly wears the royal standard.

Have a look at

I will bring you more from around the corporation next week but please check out to discover a wonderful world of behind the scenes cruising.

Well, that’s about all for today……..except just one thing………….it’s time to bring you some Magic into your lives.

So, as you can see I am very excited and I am sure you are as happy as an Irishman is when he hears the words “open bar.”

My thanks to our Super Spy PA 007 who is now hunkered down in his or her cubicle making sure that he or she is not discovered as the one who leaked me this information?

Now, the fact that I have broken the news on this a day earlier will no doubt not best please some at Carnival and that strange feeling in the seat of my pants will no doubt be Gerry Cahill’s foot in my arse. However, I know that many, many of you having been wanting to experience the thrill of cruising to Europe and the comfort of doing so and returning each day to the service and fun of a Carnival ship that you all love.

As you know, I spent two seasons sailing in the Grand Med and over the next few months I will be looking back at some of the highlights. Sailing into Venice is incomparable and the splendor of this city on the water should and must be on everyone’s bucket list.

When I visited Dubrovnik, Croatia for the first time I had a huge surprise having had no idea what to expect. Sitting above the tanzanite blue waters of the Adriatic in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is arguably the best-preserved walled city in Europe and, ironically, that’s partly because of a war. Just a decade ago, those walls were under siege, pounded by Serbian artillery. Restoration was badly needed, and UNESCO stepped in but their funding came with strings attached: the character of the city was to be strictly preserved; facades would remain un-modernized, and shop signs barely visible. And it’s worked…………….Dubrovnik today is more splendid than ever before as our past passengers who sailed there on the Carnival Liberty and Carnival Freedom will tell you.

The main draw is the old town, a medieval fortress that was rebuilt in the baroque style after a violent earthquake in the 17th century. Freed of all motorized traffic, its pale limestone buildings, topped with their distinctive terracotta tiles, look so perfect that, from certain angles, the whole city resembles a film set. This was a place that our guests would return to the ship from all bar none saying it was a place they would never forget.

Naples……how do you describe Naples? It can be majestic and sometimes grubby monument to Italian industry with a chaotic sense of fun. Noisy………yep. Beautiful……..well parts are definitely that and of course Naples has one of the loveliest locations in the entire country of Italy. Most of our guests use Naples as a gateway to Capri. If Naples is gritty and real, Capri is a picture perfect magic (appropriate) island. You can catch the funicular up the hillside and remembering to look up to admire the spectacular views. The main square, Piazza Umberto I, is where you will find the Pradaversachearmani clad big spenders and where you can spot the Clooneys, Jolie’s Fox’s and of course George Hamilton at the Vila Verdi restaurant.

Then there is Sorrento, the Amalfi coast and the chance to explore Vesuvius. For some of our previous passengers the highlight was eating a pizza……… Naples. Neapolitans claim it was invented here and vie with Rome for pole pizza position. The Neapolitan version has a soft doughy base, while in Rome it is thin and crispy…………..I wonder who truly has the best.

Talking of Rome you will see that for the Carnival Magic we have switched home ports from Chittiavecchia………….Chivietervecia……….Chaviterveccea……….from the port just outside of Rome to Barcelona, more of which we will talk about in a moment.

This of course allows us to use the port of the place I can’t spell to transport our lucky Carnival Magic guests into the eternal city of Rome for a full day exploring the Coliseum, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps and so very much more. And while Rome and Naples fight for the best pizza in Italy both are the outright leader of the title “We Hate Pedestrians” and if you visit either place and intend crossing the road……… advice………….wear brown pants.

As I mentioned Barcelona is the new home port and the air travel options from the United States, Canada and Europe are excellent. The ride from the airport to the ship should take you about 40 minutes.

I haven’t had time today to talk about Livorno and the chance to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa or explore the stunning countryside under the Tuscan sun. Nor have I time to talk about the one and only Monte Carlo or the wonders of Sicily……oh and some place called Marseilles …………… which is in France!

I can tell you that the Carnival Magic will have all that your Carnival Dream has and some new and exciting features such as ………….bugger……..I have run out of time and will have to tell you about them another day. Mico Cascais, our vice president of shore excursions is as we speak putting together a fantastic program together to allow you to view these ports of call and I will tell you more about that soon.

While we do know her home port as yet we do know that our time in Europe on the Carnival Liberty, Carnival Freedom and Carnival Splendor provide jaw dropping experiences for all our guests and I want you to experience this immense thrill as well.

If you are a past Carnival guest you now have from January 19 to January 25 to use your past guest number and call to book this unforgettable experience………at a brilliant and exclusive price. Oh…….and if anyone wants to know who the Cruise Director is going to be…….that would me. There is nothing…..short of having a close up view of Megan Fox’s bottom ………that I would rather do. And……………..I hope some of you will be coming with me.

A brand new Carnival ship……….Europe……..and the chance for us to be together ………… now that’s Magic!

Your friends
John, Heidi and Kye

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  2. Hi john,

    I have my credit card ready to book Carnival Magic. Hopefully one of the sailings will Magically line up for Elizabeth’s birthday and we also are thinking of the crossing.

    It seems like just yesterday when Elizabeth and I were on a Carnival Dream Grand Med cruise and crossing. It was GREAT! (and Carnival Freedom Inaugural before that, and…)



  3. nanetteali says:

    YAY!!!! Carnival in Europe! Perfect!! Just perfect like our cruise on The Carnival Freedom with you. I hope I have money then 🙂

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    It IS a kind of MAGIC in 2011!!! Europe!!! And the ports of call!!! WONDERFUL!!!

    Thank you for spilling the beans PA007!!! You’re a doll!!! 🙂 And John, thank you for putting it here for us!!!

  5. flipflopcruisequeen says:

    What wonderful news for all of us that Carnival will be returning to Europe, but especially for you so that you can be closer to your girls! Are you going to be there from the first sailing? Just wanting to make sure that you will be there so that we can book the grand med sailing when you will be on board. There will NEVER be another cruise director like you! My kids have heard me sing your praises for years now, and I can’t wait to book us all a trip on the Magic, both so they can meet you, but also so that they can visit the wonderful ports in Europe. My family always knows when I am reading your blog as I am usually laughing out loud at your comments.
    Congrats to Louise and Jim on their marriage and knowing that they will have the best ever honeymoon on their Carnival Dream, where hopefully even more dreams will come true.
    Thanks again for the great news, and the video blog. Great to hear Heidi in the background.

  6. Frank & Bridie says:

    John enjoy your time Off. We will see you soon. We love hearing kye in the background of the video. That is so cool about the magic!

    Big Fans as Allways,
    Frank and Bridie

  7. Jeri Green says:

    Fantastic! We were on the Carnival Liberty with you on two cruises out of Rome. Both were great and I’m more than ready to go again. We’ll have to figure in the money situation and the pet sitting for our animals – always a concern! Fingers are crossed.
    Have a safe and unenventful flight back to the USA. Jeri and Larry

  8. Peggy Lindsay-Brousseau says:

    Hi John,
    Enjoy your last few days with your girls and Mum & Dad! I sent you a real old fashion letter which should be there before you leave.
    Let me know that you recieved the letter/pictures.
    Love to you all, Peggy

  9. Triplett says:

    I am so glad to hear news about the Magic! I loved my Christmas cruise on the Dream. Hopefully I will get booked [:
    I was very touched by the story about Louise and Jim. I am 18 and it reminded me of my relationship. I met my boyfriend on Carnival Connections & later met at the port before boarding the Carnival Destiny. Those five days were the best of both our lives. It has been the best 6 months I have had with him. Despite the distance, we are still going strong & our love grows evryday. I live in Florida & he lives in Maryland. I thank Carnival everyday for bringing me together with my love. The Carnival Destiny showed us both what our Destiny is.
    Maybe we can get to go on the Magic one day [:

  10. Irene Garner says:

    Dear John,

    You probably won’t get around to answering this email before February 5th, so I am putting this out to all other cruisers who have already sailed the Carnival Dream, and visited Mahogany Bay at Isla Roatan.

    This morning I booked a cruise on the Carnival Dream for myself and my grandson, and we are sailing on February 6th, only 18 days from now. I have been to Isla Roatan before, but that was before Mahogany Bay was complete. We took an excursion to Tabyana Beach, which was wonderful, but it took a 30 minute van ride to get there, and a rickety old bus on the way back.

    What I would like to know is how close is Mahogany Bay to where the ship docks? Is it close enough to walk, or do we have to take a taxi, or is that new chair lift easily accessible?

    Thanks everyone, and I can’t believe I will actually get to meet John on this cruise.

    Bye for now….Irene (hooked on cruising)

  11. LadyJag (Laura) says:

    Awesome! Thanks, John! Thanks, PA007!

    Europe is not in the cards for me yet, but I’m excited for all those who can take advantage of the opportunity.


  12. Dear John, Heidi and Kye!
    I could hear Kye cooing in the background..
    OH YEAH!
    Naples, Pompeii, Venice, the places I missed thanks to American Airlines in 2007.. BArcelona that’s Cool. Gonna start saving my $$$$$$….
    WHHOOO WHHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks PA007 & John ,One and All
    The Tuckers in Florida
    Elizabeth & Arnold

  13. Terri says:

    *happy dancing*

    I am so happy Carnival will be back in Europe!

    Oh, how I want to be one of the 12-day cruises!!!!! This is GREAT news!!!

  14. Janet says:

    Dear John,
    As you said in the video, we too have been waiting for Carnival to go back to Europe! We had a great time on the Splendor in the Baltic and have wanted to go on a Grand Med cruise. Carnival had the best itinerary of, dare I say, any other cruise line. And to have YOU as the cruise director!!! We so much enjoyed your humor in the Baltic. We were afraid we might not get to sail with you again. A new ship, the Grand Med, and John Heald – what more could we want!!! P.S We will be on the Spirit in June for an Alaskan crusie and I see we will just be missing you there. Oh well, see you in Europe!

  15. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    Woo hoo…John…

    great news indeed.

    We won’t be able to book that quickly (Jan 19th – 25th) …. since I having surgery tomorrow and will be “out of commission” for several weeks…

    but we will be booking our Magical European Tour. It is to be Josh’s college graduation present.

    We can’t wait.

    Enjoy these next few days with your precious ladies. We heard Kye in the background of the video and she sounded adorable.

    Hope Heidi is feeling better…

    I will not be posting for awhile…but will catch up in a couple of weeks!!!

    Safe travels !!!!!

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  16. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear PA007,
    You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear John,
    I had my fingers and toes crossed while reading the entire blog hoping that it was going to be the special announcement. Now to save enough money in today economy.
    I know I won’t be able to take advantage of the special past guest fare but oh well. EUROPE!
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy Enslow

  17. kiciaski says:

    Great news John,

    We’ll be booking soon.

    Enjoy your time at home and don’t worry about the blog for a few days. There’s time enough for that when you’re back on the ship.


  18. Susan says:

    Why must you tempt me with such extraordinary itineraries when I don’t know my schedule that far in advance! Why do you do this to me? I wish I could book it, Europe on a cruise sounds lovely. But I don’t know my vacation for 2011. I wish I were retired so I could just pack up and go, but I’m only 24, I have a long time to retirement.

  19. Ah John, I am so happy that you will be on that side of the big pond in order to be with Heidi and Kye. But also sad that I won’t be able to cruise with you after that. I do hope you will continue to do the Blogger’s cruise on this side of the pond, so all us that will not fly will get to see you at least once a year. I speak not only for Don and myself, but I’m sure also for Big Ed and Pat. So I told Don, I guess we will have to cruise with John all that we can this year…………. well you know the rest.
    Since you are taking the rest of the week off to spend time with your girls and your Mum and Dad let me tell you early


    What a wonderful birthday present Carnival gave you, granted your wish to be close to your girls.
    Carolyn and Don

  20. Julie Turner says:

    Hi John,

    My husband and I will be sailing on the DREAM March 27th with our 3 children. We have sailed on Carnival before and love it! The kids are so excited! In addition we have decided to bring along my parents to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday. Our decision to bring my parents was made because they have NEVER been on a cruise! My parents have always been there for us including when our son was born with Spina Bifida. ( a condition which effects the nerves in the spine ) I couldn’t think of any better gift for my father than to enjoy the DREAM on a week long cruise. Could you tell me if there is any type of special birthday celebration onboard?! I want this to be the best vacation ever for my parents! I love them so much and could go on for hours about how much they have done for me in my life! Thanks so much!

    Julie- Cleveland, Ohio

  21. wonderful news john!!! just wonderful. i know you must be so happy too!

    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for responding to my previous comment. Just to refresh your mind, I wrote to you about praising a crew member on the Carnival Dream who’s name I did not get to write down on my comment card. Also, my family and I sailed on the Dream for Christmas. You asked me to provide more details about the crew member and I remember that he wore a white uniform, so he’s probably an officer, and I mainly saw him on the Lido Deck. Oh yeah, I remember that he is from Serbia. 🙂

    Thanks for your help and I hope to sail on the Carnival Magic with you!!!

    Best Wishes!!!

  23. bugs says:

    Yippee, Europe !! Had a ball on Liberty a few years ago in Europe. Had hoped to return on Liberty again. That was not to be, but seems there is some Magic in the air. Thanks Carnival & thanks John for the info. I was excited waiting for this announcement, your excitement adds to the great anticipation for these cruises to begin.

  24. Marty Paul says:

    John (Please reply);

    First of all, congratulations on the announcement that the Carnival Magic will stay in Europe and homeport out of Barcelona! Most importantly, as the CD, it will enable you to stay close to your girls!

    John, in your blog today announcing this, you mention the Carnival Liberty, Carnival Freedom and Carnival Splendor more than once, that have sailed the Grand Med. Don’t forget us pioneering Carnival “Dreamers” that were on one of the ship’s first 3 sailings, in the Med. Jeanne and I were on the 3rd (Oct 15, 2009) sailing, in which we missed Barcelona due to 70 mph winds and 40 ft seas! However, Carnival more than made it up to us with an extra over-night port stay in Monaco. We may have to book the Carnival Magic, so we can make up Barcelona!

    I agree with you 100% on your assessments of the Grand Med ports. It was amazing that it seemed every port had there own versionof pizza and while all a bit different, they were all fantastic in their own unique way. Dubrovnik, Croatia also had wonderful pizza.

    We did 3 days/nights post-cruise in Rome. What a life experience (almost life-ending as a pedestrian)! I kept telling Jeanne (my fiance) to keep her head on a swivel when leaving the sidewalk and trying to cross the streets in Rome. Heck, sometimes even the sidewalks we not safe, as mopeds & scooters routinely jumped onto the sidewalks to gain an advantage! I knew we were in “trouble” when I saw that the gas stations in Rome were built into the 1st floor of a bulding with the gas pumps on the sidewalks! Space seems to be of a premium in Rome. Another indicator were all the Smart cars, of which, I thought was hilarious when they would park the Smart cars in a tight spot with the front (or rear) bumper perpendicular to the curb, and the car still didn’t stick out into the street!

    As you can see, your description of these Grand Med cruises and Rome, brought back some memories. It was a fanatastic cruise on a beautiful, brand new ship…and, I’m sure Carnival will “up the ante” with her new sister the Carnival Magic. By the way, does Carnival and Disney have some kind of weird agreement on ship names? You build the Carnival Dream, Mickey Mouse builds the Disney Dream; Mickey built the Disney Magic, now Carnival is building the Carnival Magic. If this trend continues, the 3rd Dream class ship will probably be named the Carnival Wonder…

    Sorry, went off on a tangent. Just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate Carnival and yourself on the new ship being positioned in Europe. A smart move by Carnival, as the ship is being built over there in Italy, so she’ll already be right there as soon as she is “born” (launched). And, I’m sure it will be easy for your girls to make the short flight to Barcelona and regularly sail with you on the Carnival Magic.

    Happy New Year John & family & to the entire Carnival family!

    Marty & Jeanne

  25. Whoooooo..whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!Carnival in Europe!!! Cant’ wait and soooooo looking forward to it. Also, wanted to mention that I make an awesome Warm Chocolate Melting Cake with a bit of peanut butter in each cake. Chocolate and peanut butter….Mmmmm…..Let me know if you want the recipe for Heidi.:-)

  26. LisaK says:

    John, (please reply)

    This is fabulous news. Any chance they will do any special British Isles cruises? That’s our dream cruise. However, if that’s not planned, we will likely see you in Barcelona.

    Enjoy the rest of the week with Heidi and Kye. And, safe travels back to the US.

    Lisa and George Kilmartin

  27. Clair says:

    Hi John,

    Enjoy the next few days at home with your family. Hope your flight on Friday in an uneventful one.


  28. Ileana says:

    Can’t wait for the itinerary for the Magic. Just was on the Dream Christmas sailing. The Cloud 9 Spa and the beds are best. Getting ready to book the Splendor for the summer. And maybe the Dream again. Ready for the Magic. Is the Magic coming out May 2011? When are you starting the bookings.

  29. Ken Z says:

    Hi John, (Please Reply)

    I’ve been a fan of the blog for awhile and get a laugh or a few while reading your stories especially those that begin with “… I’m typing this while in my underpants…”. I wanted to write to ask if you can spread a little of your magic for my parents and I on our next cruise on the Carnival Splendor sailing February 7th, 2010. We’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday and my parents 51st wedding anniversary and we want this to be a very special occasion which is why we decided to go for the gusto and book suites. Our goal is to make this a very memorable event one we can share with our family and friends. .

    Thank you for your funny and witty blog.

  30. MattInSoCal says:


    Nice news about the Carnival Magic. I actually heard it a couple of days ago… but that’s not what this is about.

    It’s fantastic that you are finally going to get to come to the West Coast when you are on the Carnival Spirit later this year. I have a suggestion for you: Perhaps you can make BC4 (or 4.5) on the Carnival Spirit on the September 7 sailing. This is the last Alaskan sailing of the season. The cruise ends in Vancouver, B.C.. From there the next cruise goes to Hawaii, then the next from Hawaii to San Diego. If you just happen to be on the ship then you can get those ports under your belt before you head off to Europe! Just a suggestion… please show us West Coast bloggers some love!

    Even if that doesn’t work out for you, I would like to know when you will be joining us on the Carnival Spirit. It would be great to have you for our New Year’s Eve cruise!

    ~ MattInSoCal

  31. Big Ed says:

    Bloggers have you helped John pick the next Bloggers Cruise. Below is the present standings from the poll on my blog. If you have not yet voted for your preferences go to my blog a select them.

    When would you like BC4?

    Fall 43% (42 votes)
    Winter 31% (30 votes)
    Summer 16% (16 votes)
    Spring 9% (9 votes)
    Total Votes: 97

    Leaving from where?

    East coast 57% (54 votes)
    Gulf coast 24% (23 votes)
    West coast 19% (18 votes)
    Total Votes: 95

    What class Carnival ship?

    Spirit class 33% (33 votes)
    Conquest class 30% (30 votes)
    Dream class 22% (22 votes)
    Fantasy class 9% (9 votes)
    Other class 7% (7 votes)
    Total Votes: 101

    BIG Ed

  32. Rus Franklin says:

    Thank you so much for this news, John. The Grand Med cruise is where we first sailed with you, where we met Butch the first time in Venice (St. Mark’s Square), where our son got engaged on the Isle of Capri, and where I first uttered those romantic, immortal words, “Who’s your DADDY?” Your description of Dubrovnik was absolutely accurate, and yet still inadequate, as there are no words to properly describe the beauty of that city paved in marble polished by the sandals of the ancients for thousands of years. And the people–so wonderful and warm! I honestly considered not returning home, as the experience and the opportunity were so amazing! Maybe next time I won’t!

    John, please take the next few days to pamper your ladies, with our blessing. We love you, and will pray for your safe travels until we meet again, hopefully before, but most definitely in 2011.

    Rus & eight-a, Nina, ten-a Franklin

  33. dwa76 says:

    Hi John!
    Congrats on the big announcement and hopefully this will be the start of the recovery trend in the industry that more companies will go back to Europe.
    Looking forward to having you back onboard.
    Take care!

  34. Cheryl says:

    I am soooo excited! I have wanted to go back since the Liberty and now I will! Yippee!

  35. debbie browning says:

    John please reply

    I have just put the phone down to Carnival UK they said I was the first to book the Carnival Magic. I am so looking forward to seeing you. I am now counting down the days


  36. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    I was so excited about the news I forgot the rest of the blog and you asked our permission to miss a few days to spend with your ladies before flying off to the US. Heidi is the one who is letting us borrow you for months at a time I think we can stand a few days. Well just barely.
    Thanks Heidi and Kye,
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy Enslow
    Happy Birthday Johnny Sparkles

  37. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear Irene Gardner,
    The Mahogany Bay was featured in pictures on one of John’s previous blogs. There were lots of pictures and the Beach is within site of the boat. You could walk but for five dollars each you get unlimited use of the chairlift. The visitors center has several restraurants and shops where you can by drinks and snacks, and jewelry. There are also pictures on the carnival news section.
    Have a great cruise.
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy Enslow

  38. Mocha Joe says:

    Very glad to see Carnival is back in Europe. Slightly saddened that Greece is not on any itineraries (Athens or Mykonos) … but thankful for what we have.

  39. Mary says:

    Answer for Irene Garner:

    You asked about Mahoney Bay in Roatan. Even though I have not been there, I have read about it and seen the gorgeous pictures.

    Mahoney Bay is the port in Roatan where all Carnival Corp. ships will dock at. There is a beach with lounge chairs ( free of charge ), shops and restaurants, all within minutes from the ship. You can also take a ski lift ride ( $5.00pp unlimited all day pass ) to get to the beach.

    Have you ever been to Grand Turk on any of the Carnival Corp. ships? I hear it is very similar. If so, you will love Mahoney Bay as Grand Turk is one of our favorite ports!

    Hope this helps.


  40. Mary (Mrs. Shy ) says:

    Dear John,

    Great news about the Magic…both for the passengers and for you! I see that Carnival has not announced the Transatlantic voyage yet. Perhaps because the US homeport has either not been determined yet or Carnival is not ready to announce it. When do you think we will hear about the TA itinerary? Sounds like it will be Oct.28, 2011 as that is presently the end of the last Mediterrean cruise announced. The TA on the Magic is the one I am looking forward to. We would have loved to have booked the inaugural cruise from Venice to Barcelona but hubby’s 60th is on May 2nd and we will need to stay home to celebrate with family and friends. You may say, bring them all but since that is not logistically possible, we will look forward to the TA in October ( guessing the date, of course ).

    By the time you read this, you will have been the CD on the Carnival Dream for awhile so hope you are enjoying it and looking forward to your girls joining you.

    “The Shy One”

  41. Mary (Mrs. Shy ) says:


    Please add please reply to my previous post. I clicked on send and forgot the please reply. I would like John to post it on the blog with an answer.

    Thank you so much,

  42. Stephanie, Paul and AJ says:


    This is good news…it is my dream to take AJ for high school graduation in June of 2012. Wouldnt cruise in Europe with any other line!


  43. joyce geraci says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Magic news. When I called my TA, he wondered how I got the news before he did. I told him that it pays to have friends in high places. Gig & I are booked for the May 10,2011 sailing. Looking forward to seeing you then.
    I believe!

    Enjoy these last few days with your family. And remember, being in Europe soon on the Magic, you can see them much more often. I’m so happy for all three of you.

  44. Susan says:


    Fantastic News can’t wait for Carnival to come back to Europe. I will definately be booking so see you next year. Although I do have a Carnival fix this year on the Miracle in May.

    Susan from the West Midlands

  45. truffles68 says:


    Thanks so much for the fantastic news ! I have been looking sooooooooo forward to another trip to Europe. We cruised with you in the med. on Freedom. Last year we did Ruby Princess !
    I just booked 2 staterooms on Magic !
    See you ! Thank you !!!

  46. truffles68 says:

    Hello John !
    Thank you for the exciting news !
    I am absolutely thrilled with Magic going to Europe.
    I just booked 2 staterooms on Magic.
    I look forward to seeing you again on the med. cruise. We were with you on Freedom in Europe.

  47. Alexandra says:

    So exciting about the Magic. I wsh I could book that one! I might get the TA for our 10th Aniv if I am lucky. Also just returned from the Dream. The weather was not so great when we boarded the ship. Lets say it was bone chilling cold. 34 and pouring down rain. By Monday in Cozumel it was 65. In Cozumel we did the Manatee tour at Chankanab and it was fantastic. You got to feed them, pet them, kiss them, and swim with them. Not offered on board but it was still wonderful. My husband is from Croatia and he met so many wonderful crew on board from Croatia. We have been to Dubrovnik and hope to go next year when we are there. The comedy club is great and I hope it will go fleet wide. The behind the fun tour was amazing. The head chef is brilliant. I was so pleased to get a plate of strawberries. That is my embarkation ritual. I order a plate full of them. The dinning room anytime dinning was not nearly as good as it was on the Legend I think we may go back to regular dinning. It took over 10 minutes just to be greated after sitting down one night. Ok we are little bit picky. Husband was a waiter on Majesty of the Seas for 7 years. The food on the Lido was fantastic. We tried every venue onthe Lido. Did the 40 minute wait for Mongolian Wok. No Barbque by the Liani I guess the weather had to do with that. Only Dream pins were sold in the gift shop no other ships. The hot tubs were not always working. Usually they go down at night on other cruise lines but never during the day when it is crowded. Would have been nice to have a cover for them and one by the main pool too. The ship was absolutely the best Carnival ship out there and so easy to navigate. We can not wait to go back!

  48. Melissa Ramsay says:

    Hi John- I know you replied to me about a question I asked and you said you would get back to me about rates for the destiny I was booked on 1/7/10 and believe I replied how well it went, and I will have you know I have just booked the Destiny again and will be leaving in 2 weeks 2/4/10. This will be my platinum cruise!!!! I have a favor to ask, I had a wonderful time in the Galaxy dining room table 111 with our waiter Ricky. I would love to be seated there again, this time I am bringing my son who is 11 instead of all the girls, but would love it if I could have the same seats. If you could set this up for me that would be great!!!



  49. kiciaski says:

    Hi John,

    Just to say we booked the Carnival Magic for May 22, 2011 since it had a couple of different ports. See you and Ken there.


  50. Kaitlyn says:

    John- I’m plaining to go on The Dream this November for my birthday with my mom. I can’t wait to sail The Carnival Dream.

  51. MSQPON - Jo Myerly says:

    Hi John, I am thrilled that the Magic is going to Europe and you are going to be the cruise director. But and this is a big but to me I am so disappointed in the itinerary. This is the same trip I took on the Liberty and Freedom and Splendor. Even the past guest discounts aren’t so special. I want to go places I have never been to before. We did the Northern Europe and St Petersburg cruises on the Splendor. Carnival took me places I never thought I would get to see and places I hadn’t been to in ages. I got to ride the London Eye and spend the day in Paris. The 24 days we spent in Europe were wonderful. Take me to Australia again or to Egypt. I have never been to Africa. Take me there. There are places in Europe I would love to go back to. Come on guys show a little imagination.


  52. Kathie Mauldin says:

    John, please reply, My husband and I are interested in the transatlantic cruise on the Magic. We were on the transatlantic Dream cruise it was one of the best cruises we have ever taken. We want to repeat the experience along with the 3 other couples we were cruising with. I have called Carnival but was not able to get any info. We wanted to take advantage of the pass guess savings. Thanks for any info you can give me.

  53. Linda says:

    Happy Birthday! Congratulations to Carnival; I’m delighted we’re returning to Europe and I know you’re DELIGHTED to be bringing out the Carnival Magic as cruise director!

  54. Michelle mann says:

    Hi John

    Just to wish you a happy birthday, enjoy your special day, have a lovely time.
    Good luck with the flight on friday have a safe journey.
    Oh Yes and also we are BOOKED june 19 2011 Magic here we come, going to be celebrating my 50th (OMG) and my sons 21st (lucky sod), see you onboard


  55. Rev Barb in Canada says:

    Hi John

    Very happy to hear there will be a change to the Capers. We noticed while sailing on our Carnival Dream in January that Capers were impossible for my husband to read as he has vision issues due to diabetes. The print was small and too light for him. We cruise because this gives him more independance than land-based vacations (among the million ways to have fun on board Carnival), but he found he depended on me to find out what was going on around the ship. The Fun Hubs were also not visually accessible to him – at least we didn’t see an option to increase the print size. If you might take that into consideration in the new design we would be even more delighted platinum guests!

    However, Todd made it all okay through his well-timed and very well-spoken announcements through the day.

    All the best – looking forward to seeing you and your girls on the Dream on 20 Feb!

    Rev Barb

  56. Kathy M. says:

    Hi John,

    I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I told you a long time ago that the Carnival Magic would be put in Europe. Like I said what better way for Carnival to start up again in Europe then with a brand new ship. I just could not see the men with the beards bringing a new ship to the states to only send one back to Europe.

    I am happy that you will get to be the Cruise Director, but will that be full time all year round, like some CD’s are doing now. I am also happy that you will finally be closer to your two girls and it won’t be so far for them to fly to be with you.

    BTW, John please don’t worry about the blog for the next few days, family should always come first and foremost.

    Give my love to Heidi and Kye,
    From your #1 Bloggy Thinggy Fan
    Kathy M.

  57. Stephen says:

    Please Reply.

    Just a short email John, thanks again for making our trip on the Valor last year even more memorable. Me and my sister are going to be on the Carnival Splendor in July around Mexico and are departing on the 11th, the day of the World Cup Final. Do you think they will be showing the final in one of the bars onboard John, if not, could you pull some strings for me so I can hopefully watch England lift the world cup. Thanks again,


    Ste from Liverpool

  58. Tim says:

    Hi John,
    First time posting on here… I hope you actually read it!!! My lovely wife & I booked the Magic the day it came available. We’re doing a B2B starting with the 9 day on June 3rd, 2011 and then the 12 day immediately following. We’re so excited that you will be CD on this B2B… 21 Days of magic & John!!! 🙂

    Not sure if you’re CD on our Dream sailing this Saturday (Jan 23rd) or not, or if it’s a week long hand over, but I’d love to meet you if you are on board. You’ll likely not read this in time though. We’ll be in cabin 12217. I’ll be the big guy walking around with the Transatlantic Dreamers white T-Shirt on. Hopefully we get a chance to meet you and say hello…

    Thanks John…

  59. Jennifer says:

    (I’m not sure this posted the first time I tried it, since the moving circle thingy never disappeared [on the mobile version of this Blog].)

    Hello, John Heald.


    I’m writing to remind you three weeks before my cruise, as you requested when I asked for help several months ago. My cruise begins three weeks from this Sunday; it begins on February 14.

    I’m sailing on the Carnival Glory with my service dog for my disabilities. For her canned food and my own disability-related items I need a refrigerator in my cabin that is set to regular refrigerator temperature (not warmer, or her meat/fish will spoil when the cans are in there for up to four days and my items won’t be palatable, and not overly frigid or her royal dogness will refuse to eat the too-cold food [and I have no way to quickly warm it on the ship, of course]).

    I’m in cabin 7440 (with the A Matter of the Heart group) and if you could pull some strings to be sure this happens for me, I’d be forever grateful.

    Thank you very much! I hope you have/had a lovely time with your family.

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